I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 90

Chapter 90

The limp-legged Mu QianQian fell into her savior’s arms, but as the familiar medicinal scent entered her nose, she stared up at his face instantly. The scent was somewhat similar to the scent of the man from her nightmare!

But what entered her sight was HeLian ZiJin, who was dressed fully in white, as usual. His bright obsidian eyes glowed on his perfectly striking face, easily mesmerizing any woman who laid their eyes upon him.

They’re as black as the night sky, with no hint of red at all! She thought with delight, convinced that he wasn’t the man who had tortured her in her nightmares!

Mu QianQian let out a deep breath of relief, her tension leaving her body before she realized that they’re standing too close to each other, while blushing from the pleasant scent from his body.

She tugged onto his sleeves, somewhat trying to remind him that he can let go of her now, only to be ignored entirely by the man.

He made his way towards the table with a bowl of medicine in one hand and Mu QianQian in the other.

“How long have I slept?” She asked as soon as he helped her onto a chair.

“About twenty four hours.”

“Twenty four…” She gasped out in shock, almost falling out from her chair.

He gazed down at her shocked expressions grimly, To think that she could actually face me so normally even after everything that has happened…

It was somewhat surprising, even to him, as he had expected her to throw a tantrum or make a huge fuss right after she woke up.

But still, it’s better this way, for he disliked noise and would always prefer the silence.

“Drink the medicine.” He said expressionlessly before pushing the bowl of medicine towards her.

“Again?” She pouted her lush lips together unhappily, “But I’m not sick.”

“Your body is too weak, it gets exhausted too quickly.” She has fainted far too many times throughout the day as he bedded her, how can he continue enjoying her to his heart’s content if she doesn’t strengthen up her body?

“Or perhaps.,. you’re afraid that I will stop teaching you the moment you admitted that you’re sick?” He continued slowly, after a slight pause.

She had always been a confident woman, no matter what she did, she was independent and had the utmost confidence in herself.

But now, she would speak to him carefully, so afraid of behind rejected, even to the point of flattering him, if only to convince him to not abandon her halfway through the training.

He had to admit that this new weak and dependence woman, was much more appealing and adorable than the previous her.

His eyes and words softened without his realization, “Drink your medicine, I won’t go back on my words.”

“Really?” Her eyes lit up brightly at his words of confirmation, not knowing that her current expression was torturous to him.

HeLian ZiJin clenched his hands tightly into fists as he stared at her cheery face, he had almost lost control of himself watching her like this, to the point that he had to forc down the urge to throw her onto the table and take her instantly!

How can someone be such an idiot, but at the same time, be so adorable that it hurts?

Had she forgotten about their time yesterday? He wouldn’t mind reminding her once more, or as many times needed to carve the memory into her bones.

Translator’s Note:
👀👀👀 So I’ve been watching documentaries about psychopaths and I really think this man is one 🤣

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  1. This guy is scary! I think you’re right, he sounds like a psychopath. The men are all kinda psycho though. 😜

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