I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 92

Chapter 92

Mu QianQian blinked at him in confusion, “Why?”

His face darkened immediately at the lack of warmth in her questioning gaze, “I said, come here.”

She flinched at the sudden chill in his voice as she stood up immediately while keeping her eyes downcast, they were already inches away from each other, so why does he need her to go over? But still, it would be unwise and idiotic to anger him at this moment.

She took a step closer to him, their bodies almost touching as she pondered through her words, but before she voice make even a noise, he had reached out and grabbed her on the wrist firmly, and with a strong pull, she fell headfirst into his arms.

She struggled in shock, her mind not registering on her current situation as she yelped out in panic, “Wha-?”

“Don’t move.” He growled deeply as he wrapped an arm around her waist while holding her firmly on her shoulders with the other, keeping her locked in position before reaching down towards her slender neck and giving her a soft nibble.

She stared at him in horror, C…could it be? Could it be that he had acquired feelings for her? But it’s still bright outside, and he was famous for his hatred for her, so why had he suddenly developed an interest in her??

There was nothing she could do, she could not push against him as she did not want to anger the crazed man by dirtying his garments with her medicine, but in her hesitation, he had raised his head from her neck and clamped his lips tightly onto hers.

She yelped out in shock as she pushed against his chest, no longer able to give any thoughts to his so called “OCD”, “L…Let go of me, XuanYuan LianCheng, let go of me!!”

She was shaking her head from side to side in a desperate attempt to escape from the forced intimation, but he was awfully skilled at searching for her lips, always clamping and suckling onto it no matter where she go.

But what shocked her more than the kiss itself, was the fact she had not found the kiss unbearable, it was pleasant, in fact.

Her only fear was that something bad would happen if they kept this up, and that Dong JingMo might kill her if he found out that she had taken yet another man.

“Let go! M…Mmph! XuanYuan LianCheng, d…don’t be like this, let go of me!” She screamed out in fear.

Finally, after what felt like forever, he raised his head away from her lips and stared deeply into her eyes, “Wasn’t it your wish to be kissed by me? Why are you struggling and refusing it now that I’m willing to give you one?”

He hated it when women pretend to be pure and innocent, refusing a man’s advances on the outside but still a whore deep within.

He frowned unhappily at her before releasing her from his tight grip.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian had crawled back from him immediately as soon as he had released her from his tight embrace, “I have lost all memories from before, and I am no longer the person from the past. Now, I…”

She hesitated and gulped back her words before she could admit that she was no longer interested in him, and that the woman from before was already long gone, but still, she did not intend to hurt him with her cruel words, “I… The only person in my heart right now is Dong JingMo, I…”

“What did you say?”

There were words that you should never say to a man, and it was exactly what she had said. XuanYuan LianCheng had stood up from his seat and loomed over her figure furiously upon hearing her words.

“Repeat your words, now.” He growled in rage.

Mu QianQian stared at him in fear as she continued moving backwards, stopping only when her back had reached the wall.

“I…It was a joke, really, I…I wasn’t serious, I…” Her words shook as her body did upon his intimidating figure.

But it was already too late, as the huge and intimidating figure had already pushed against her, pressing her tightly against the wall.

Translator’s Note:
I have to apologize for the lack of updates for the past week, as I have been having diarrhea for 3 days straight ever since I returned to my own country from the Italy trip. My 3 days had basically been diarrhea -> rest -> diarrhea -> rest constantly and all I could do was take naps whenever I’m not in the toilet…

On a side note, Italy was awesome!! We went to Rome, Venice and Milan, everything was so beautiful and classy!! But the things there were super expensive because they were in euro sigh (4 times my country’s currency), but other than that, I’ve truly enjoyed the trip!!

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