I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 93

Chapter 93

The thick musky scent of masculinity surrounded her as his burning breath showered her face, it was so hot that her cheeks were flushed bright scarlet instantly.

He was too close for comfort, as she could hear his frantic heartbeat beating against his strong chest, but his body was stiff, and his eyes were burning with rage.

She knew instantly that her words had angered him, how could she had forgotten! He was a high and mighty prince, someone who was used to rejecting others, but could never tolerate it when their advances were rejected in turn.

They were alike, both Dong JingMo and him, as both were narcissistic, bratty, selfish and rude!

No, wait! Both were more than that, they were arrogant to the core, and unable to take no for an answer.

Mu QianQian kept her eyes slightly down-casted as she rolled her eyes, What difference does the two make? They’re just two horrible misogynists!

“How dare you lose focus even now!” His deep cold voice sounded at her ears as he growled at her in annoyance before picking her up from the table and tossing her towards his bed.

Hence, the unfortunate Mu QianQian fell head-first onto the rock-hard bed, for this prince preferred a solid bed rather than a soft one, specifically a bed made entirely from jade.

“XuanYuan LianCheng, are you trying to get me killed?” She muttered softly as her eyesight went blurry from the crash, her head was in so much pain from the impact that she wondered if she had a concussion.

He paused slightly at her words before gazing down at her in shock, it had never occurred to him that his bed was rock solid and that it could hurt her.

Come to think of it, I had thrown her towards a bed three times…

The first one occurred in a bedroom in the Queen Dowager’s residence, he had thrown her onto a bed, too, but that bed was covered in thick layers of sheets, and she was suffering from a strong aphrodisiac poison, hence she had not felt any pain from the impact.

The second time was when she had begged him to send her back to Dong JingMo’s side, and he had done so, just as she had wished, but he had thrown her onto Dong JingMo’s bed instantly as soon as they had arrived. She had not felt pain too, as she had been wrapped in a thick layer of blanket.

But this time, his lack of thought had caused her a lot of pain, and the pain was obvious from the look on her face.

He moved towards the bed and took a seat on the edge softly before instinctively placing his huge hand onto her head, he was not sure what had overcome his senses, but he knew that he could not bear to see her like this.

Her pain quickly subsided as his warm hands rubbed her head gently, soothing the vanishing pain tenderly. In fact, it was so comfortable that a soft sigh escaped from her lips as she enjoyed the touch.

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