I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 94

Chapter 94

Inner Qi is such a cheat, to think that you can even use it as a pain-killer! Mu QianQian was filled with envy, and without a second thought, she sat up and raised her eyes to meet his.

“Little ChengCheng, won’t you teach me Inner Qi?” Her eyes were wide with excitement, with no hint of fear at all.

She felt as if she was truly a shameless slut, she had just been kissed forcefully by this man, but it had took her less than a few seconds to adapt and speak to this man calmly… It was as if… she no longer minded their harassment…

Perhaps it’s because they had treated me so horribly that a forced kiss meant nothing to me anymore? She wondered curiously to herself, But truth be told, there was not much way for her to keep hold her pride with these men, as pride could be the death of her.

XuanYuan LianCheng froze instantly upon hearing her words before quickly removing his palm from her head, “Why would you wish to learn so many things?” Was the QingGong she learned from HeLian ZiJin insufficient? What exactly is she planning to do?

Mu QianQian crawled over to him before kneeling beside him like a tamed kitten while keeping their eyes in contact, “It just looked too convenient, my head had been hurting a while ago and with just a few rubs, the pain is gone entirely! If you teach it to me, I’ll be able to cure myself with just a few rubs.”

“But what is there to rub, since I’ll be helping you do it?” XuanYuan LianCheng pursed his lips tightly together as he glanced down at her face.

What is this line of thought? Is he implying that I’ll only be injured when he’s around? But it’s not like he could stay with me twenty-four hours a day, right? What if I get injured when he’s not around?

“Could it be that you could not bear to even share the Inner Qi Arts? Such a stingy man!” She muttered softly, before regretting it almost instantly as his eyes narrowed slightly, “No! I…I was joking, you… don’t take it so seriously.” She explained quickly, clearly flustered from the sudden change in mood as she tried to leave his bed.

It’s totally fine if he does not wish to teach it to her, he’s a prince after all, more importantly, he’s a prince with horrible mood swings.

But before she could leave the bed in time, strong hands wrapped around her waist and in a blink of an eye, she was suddenly sitting on his lap as his upright hardness poked against her back intimidatingly.

T…That thing, she knew what it was even if she could not see it, for she was no longer the virgin little girl from before. She was already well-introduced to the adult world, and she had already tasted men… It was impossible to still be ignorant to these things.

She fought the urge to look behind her, and instead, started pushing against his hands, which were still wrapped around her waist.

She knew that her actions might ignite the man’s bestial desires, but what if he assumed that she had acquiesced to his suggestive actions and ate her up instantly?

Come to think of it, men from this era are really weird, always trying to take advantage of me in every way, and after that, they don’t take responsibility for it… The thought crossed her mind in a flash, only to be denied by herself the next moment, Eh, wait? We’re husbands and wife, so why should they take responsibility for eating me up?
(TNote: Taking responsibility means that a man would marry a woman after fucking her, no matter if the fuck was intentional or not. In this case, she was bitching inside her head about how these men were just using her for sex and not ‘taking responsibility’, only to remember that they’re already married and sex should be normal haha xD )

Meanwhile, XuanYuan LianCheng’s eyes dimmed slightly as he felt her soft pushing against his hands, he did not know what he should think right now, or more accurately, if he should be happy or upset at this situation.

An uncontrollable urge of desire had arisen within him moments before, he felt as if he would explode when he saw her perky and perfect butt while she was trying to crawl off the bed.

Her raised buttocks… with that position… He could literally imagine the ease and comfort of bedding her right here and now…

Translator’s Note:
Ooohhhh smut next chapter I assume? :O


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