I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 95

Chapter 95

He had grabbed her instinctively, and it had been a surprise to him as well when her perfect buttocks sat against his aroused beast.

He loved the way his arm was wrapped around her waist, and he loved the body contact, as the warmth soothed him so, most importantly, the non-existent distance between them pleasures his heart.

With no more hesitation, he reached out his free hand and quickly untied her belt.

“XuanYuan LianCheng, you bastard! Let go of me! How many times do I have to tell you? I’m…”

“You’re what? Dong JingMo’s woman?” He flipped her onto the bed and loomed over her grimly, “But at the same time, you’re my woman too, don’t ever forget that.”

“No, I’m not.” This is really becoming a huge headache for her, I supposed it’s time to let them know that I am not everyone’s wife…

It’s not that she felt loyalty to Dong JingMo, nor was it about how much she loved him… But serving one man is definitely preferable than serving them all, and she would use Dong JingMo’s name as much as possible to avoid needless sex with the other men.

“You’re not?” He said coldly as he raised his brows questioningly, before leaning in towards her and bit down hard on her earlobe, “Don’t forget that you were merely a toy gifted to us by the Queen Dowager, and you’ll always be my woman as long as I don’t get tired of you.”

Mu QianQian screamed out in pain while her back arched into an impossible curve, though her scream was more of rage than of physical pain.

Her rage burned through her swiftly like a forest fire, and for a moment, she almost felt as if she would go on a murder spree!

Merely a toy!? Even after all of the things that happened and all of her efforts to please them, they still regarded her as ‘merely a toy’?!

Deep within, she knew it to be the truth, and she was truly a toy raised and prepared to be a gift for the men, but still, hearing these words from their mouth hurts, a lot.

She moved her head away from his rough nibbling and struggled against his grasps, “Don’t be like this, even if I’m truly a toy, I’m still an individual. I have my own thoughts and wishes, and I’m not willing to do that with you, let go of me!”

“How much is it worth?” His face darkened significantly at her crazed words, her thoughts were worthless and unneeded, and it meant nothing to any of them, they were merely annoyances to them.

Mu QianQian had never felt an urge this strong to slap a man, perhaps even tear his face into shreds in the meantime.

I can’t believe him! She thought furiously, Whoever taught this man to speak should go kill themselves right now!

How can those words even be said with a straight face!? Might as well tell her straight to her face that her thoughts and wishes were worthless! How can someone humiliate another person to such extent?! And worse of all, even though he would go to such lengths to humiliate her, she could no longer muster up anymore hatred and despise for him, all she felt now was fear!

What he said was the truth, she was merely a toy, and who would ever attend to a toy’s wishes?

She was lowlier than a palace servant!

Mu QianQian bit down on her lips in anger, before turning her head back towards him, intending to glare at him in rage, but the fact that his face was still next to her ear had slipped her mind entirely.

Their mouths touched for a split second, before she tried to turn her face away once again, but this time, her face was red with shame.

But that was no longer an option for her, as he was already holding her face in place before clamping his lips tightly against hers, greedily biting down on her lips in enjoyment and in punishment, for this time, it was a real bite and not the nibbling from before.

Mu QianQian was landing punches on his as she struggled desperately against his grasps, but it was to no avail! His bite was reckless and rough, with no regards for her feelings at all, not even Dong JingMo tried to hurt her like this.

…Dong JingMo would’ve spread her legs widely apart and enter her with no second thoughts, which was why he would never torture her like this.

Translator’s Note:
Tsundere prince finally getting some actions ufufufufu, I’m lowkey glad that he didn’t send her back to Dong JingMo this time hohoho xD


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