I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 96

Chapter 96

He kissed her passionate, nibbling her swollen lips and relishing the taste of her warm mouth. He ignored her punches, as it felt nothing more than an itch to him, and only releasing her when she laid limply on the bed while her arms hanged weakly on her sides.

“Why did you stop? Continue with the punching, though, I would advise you to hit harder, otherwise, I would assume you’re merely scratching an itch for me.” He whispered deeply into her ears before clamping his lips over hers once more. Her lips were delicious, and he realized that the more he tasted her, the sweeter it becomes, it was the total opposite of what he imagined a woman’s lips to taste like.

So soft, so smooth… It gets better and better, just like her little perky beans… His eyes darkened significantly as he landed his gaze onto her chest.

His words had sent Mu QianQian into a fury, and she would’ve scream vulgarities at him if it wasn’t for the fact that she did not even have the strength left to speak.

How can he be so sturdy? She had punched him for quite a while, even losing her strengths for it, but all it did was give him a so-called ‘itch’.

She had finally realized that she could never escape from him, not unless he allowed her to, just like last time…

She regretted coming here together with him, she would rather be punished by the Queen Dowager for doing a bad job at the welcome feast for the emissaries than suffer here. The worst punishment there would’ve been kneeling for an entire day, whereas here, she would straight up be forced to lose her purity as a woman.

… Though, technically, she had already lost her purity underneath Dong JingMo…

But still, every single men here was dangerous, and it would be wise to stay away from all of them, though, it seemed to be a trend for them to fool with her one after the other…

She opened her eyes shakily, only to see him staring unblinkingly at her chest. For some reason, even though he was a very handsome man, his gaze irritated and repulsed her, a lot.

All of them see her as nothing but a toy, a stress-relieving toy! She reminded herself instantly, but before she could try to push him away, he had already grabbed both sides of her cheeks tightly and lifted her head up, “I want you.” He said earnestly as their eyes met.

He said he wants me… What does he mean by this? Was he seeking her opinion?

Though, deep down, she knew that it was impossible, as these men would take whatever they want with no regards to her feelings, she still held on to hope as she shook her head slightly, “I…I don’t wish to…”

“Spread open your mouth.” He said deeply with his melodious voice, it was probably a voice that would make a woman pregnant just by listening to it, but unfortunately, Mu QianQian was not one of those women.

She pursed her lips tightly together, determined to not do as he was told.

“Be good, I’ll be gentle, alright?” Again with the discussing tone, but she knew that there was no room for discussions here.

In fact, she’s scared… So terrified that even her fingertips were shaking.

XuanYuan LianCheng was definitely not giving her an option, and she had already prepared herself to make a run for it… But, with his arms locked so tightly around her waist, where in the world she she run to?

This woman… It seems that giving her a choice good-mannerly would not work, as she’s someone who can only be cowed by force and not persuaded by reason… His eyes narrowed dangerously at her answer, I should’ve just took her by force, just like Dong JingMo, would that make her fear him more and finally be a good little girl?

Translator’s Note:
Too much inner-thoughts here, gimme some action action action >_<


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  1. This poor chick! After everything he’s done to her and he thinks just say one nice thing to her and she’s supposed to be grate and let him do whatever he wants?! FFS! 🙄

  2. Hmmm …I give Liancheng my blessings, poor guy trying so hard to lose his Virginity and there looks like only one girl around. He doesn’t know anything so of course he’s going to follow the first guy who lost his Virginity

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