I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 97

Chapter 97

She would accept him like she did with Dong JingMo if he used the exact same way, right? His eyes flashed as the realization set in, but surprisingly, he was not angry.

With a flick of his palm, the bottle of wine, which had been on the shelf nearby, flew instantly towards his hand.

Telekinesis! Mu QianQian’s eyes were wide in panic as she watched him bit off the cork before throwing his head back and began pouring the wine into his opened mouth while his adam’s apple moved sexily as he swallowed them all.

But still, this was not the time to appreciate his beauty, as all she could feel was fear for the inevitable future.

Furthermore, his martial arts were obviously top-notched, and she was sure he could’ve snap her neck easily… She was no different to an ant to him!

“Would you like to taste it?” XuanYuan LianCheng landed his eyes upon hers after drinking almost half of the bottle.

Mu QianQian stared slack-jawed at him before quickly shaking her head, but still, he took another sip before leaning in closer to her face.

She felt his palms on the back of her head as he pulled her in for a drink, and finally realizing how dangerous this man was, she placed both of her palms against his burning chest before carefully spreading her lips apart as she drank the wine directly from his mouth.

“Such fragrance… It taste so much better than the wine” He whispered softly as he extended his sleek tongue to lick his lips clean, before moving on to clean her chin while his eyes shone brightly with a hint of smile.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian was so terrified that she could not breath properly any longer, she did not know where the sudden fear surfaced from, perhaps, it was because she finally recognized his prowess in his martial arts?

Anyhow, how it happened did not matter, because she was truly scared, so terrified that she could not even struggle any longer.

“Such a good girl.” He rasped deeply, before clamping his lips over her agape lush lips once again, suckling and nibbling them softly and gently.

“E…En……” It was getting really hard to breath, like as if her air was stuck halfway within her windpipe, she wished she could push him away, if only to gasp for a single mouthful of air, but, she did not dare to.

As for why did she not do it? That was because she noticed the evil glint within his eyes, and there was nothing gentle about his smile, which was equally demonic and disturbing.

Finally, Mu QianQian had been fed a few mouthfuls of the wine, while XuanYuan LianCheng had drank the rest. He eyed the timid woman on the bed silently, before sitting up in an upright position and pulling her into his arms.

“Could it be that Dong JingMo would always use you differently, hence why you’re risking your life just to return so that he could fuck you?”

“LianCheng……” Isn’t that… a little too vulgar?

“But do not worry, I’m a man who cares a lot for his wife. I’ve successfully acquired this notebook from the palace, let us examine it together.” With a flick of his hand, he threw the wine bottle to the side before reaching into his sleeves to grab a worn-out book.

A notebook from the palace…… Mu QianQian’s breathing quickened upon hearing those words, this book much be the book of the devil, as the mere sight of it had already sent shivers down her spine.

She moved her gaze onto his face and sucked in a tight breath, he… must be the devil, right? For his smile was demonic, even more so than the book!

She felt like running, but alas, even a twitch from her body would result in him tightening his arm, and in no time, her face was scrunched up tightly together in pain.

She could not escape, as he did not intend to release her today!

“Check this out.” XuanYuan LianCheng held the book right in front of her face, “Can a woman’s hole really be spread so wide apart? You can’t even swallow my shaft fully, was it possible for your other mouth to swallow a wine bottle so fully, like this picture?”

Wine bottle… Mu QianQian stared at the vulgar picture silently, before instinctively landing her gaze at the nearby bottle.

She felt faint as her eyes went blind momentarily at her imminent doom.

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