I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 98

Chapter 98

He said, he wanted her to swallow the bottle with her……!?

His words, with the combination of the horribly vulgar image on the book, was enough to cause her to faint eternally.

No… Even if she had fainted, this monstrous demon would probably not show her mercy! He would probably go along with the initial plan, and insert the bottle within her nonetheless…

How can each and every one of them be so cruel? Have they any respect for her at all?!

She did not want to be here, for she was certain she would be ruined beyond repair under the demon’s hands.

With a nervous gulp, she reached out her palms and pressed them against his chest, intending to push him away.

Unfortunately, as soon as her hands touched his skin, she felt a stinging pain on the back of her neck, following soon was the lost of sensations on her entire body, from head to toe.

She fell against his opened arms weakly, like a prostitute seducing her customer, though that was not her intend.

She could not even move a single finger, let alone control her body.

H…He had hit her acupoint!

“Do you really believe that I would make the same mistake twice?” XuanYuan LianCheng chuckled deeply as he pulled the limp woman into his arms once again, before continuing to flip the notebook with interest.

“I see… We can do this too.” He said curiously, though his eyes flashed as if he had discovered something fun.

He pecked her softly on her sweat-filled forehead, before chuckling deeply once again, “It seems that we could actually warm the wine within the bottle deep inside your walls, though, I wonder how would the wine taste like after?”

“…Filthy, it’ll get filthy.” Mu QianQian whimpered softly, trying desperately to convince him otherwise. He’s scary, so scary… Would he ever allow her to leave? She prayed that she would not be forced to undergo such a perverse game, but alas, her prayers were destined to go unheard.

Plus, this book! How perverted can one be to even create such a book!?

“You’re not filthy to me.” His lips curved up into a slight smile as he continued flipping through the notebook.

Truth be told, he was not at all interested in the notebook, plus it was sent by the Queen Dowager to encourage him to take a woman. He had flipped through it lazily in his spare time, but had found nothing of interest.

He felt disgusted by the sight of the women within the book, there was absolutely nothing appealing about them and he felt entirely repulsed by them.

But surprisingly, now that Mu QianQian was trapped within his arms and scared out of her wits at the sight of his book, somehow, he felt… happy?

To think that she’d be so terrified, but it was this exact reason that made everything fun.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian felt her heart drooped deeper and deeper into the ground as the man flipped through the book, what was left of her previous whimpers had turned entirely into a silent cry as she was forced to watch the book with him.

These images… All of the women within the book did not even come from a normal household! Almost all of them were sex slaves, some were tied, some were raped, some were forcefully stuffed with objects, some were fucked to death, and finally, to her horror, some had been tied and hanged in midair while being played by a man….

No, she don’t want to end up like them!!

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