Ivory Moonlight – Chp 1

Chapter 1

In the early morning where everywhere was shrouded in a layer of mist, a ray of sunshine shone through the dense forest onto the muddled ground, lighting them up in patches.

At the bottom of the mountain, rows of wooden houses stood, and under the rising sunlight, the mist began to disperse slowly, reminding the citizens that it was time for breakfast.

This is a village built between a tall mountain and a long flowing river, quiet and wonderful.

Ye SangSang wiped off the sweat coating her forehead swiftly as she continued on her way with her companion in tow, both women carrying a bamboo basket filled with mountain greens and dried sticks used in campfires.

“It’ll be breakfast soon, let’s go back.” Wang Fang muttered tiredly and Ye SangSang nodded quickly.

It was their turn today to collect wooden sticks and mountain vegetables today for the entire village, which is why both women woke up extremely early today before the sun rises and made their way up the mountain. What was worse is that after breakfast is over, both of them were still required to work in the fields with no rest.

The two women made their way down the mountain tiredly, but halfway through, Wang Fang froze in her steps moments before kneeling down and clutching her stomach in pain, only to run off suddenly and disappearing into the woods before Ye SangSang could offer her help, “Wait for me here!”

Ye SangSang sighed as she stood waiting for her friend, shaking her head at her companion’s words, Even if she didn’t ask me to wait, I wouldn’t have followed her…

As she was waiting, a pair of smelly hands reached out towards her from behind and covered over her mouth tightly to prevent her from screaming for help.

Ye SangSang retched at the horrible scent on her face, almost vomiting straight onto his palms, but still, now was not the time to think about the smell… She began struggling and flailing her arms around in the hope of escaping from the man’s clutches.

Perhaps he had not expected Ye SangSang to struggle so violently, as he retracted his injured hands painfully and accidentally allowed her to escape.

Ye SangSang ran desperately towards the direction that Wang Fang went to, screaming for help, only to be caught once again by the same horrible hands. Ye SangSang’s eyes widened in shock as the hands began pulling her towards a bush while gripping her limbs tightly to prevent her from escaping once again.

Ye SangSang struggled desperately as she screamed for help, “Help! Wang Fang! Wang Fang!!”

“Hehe, stop screaming, no one else would be on this mountain so early in the morning,” The stranger grinned as he pushed her onto the floor, licking his lips hungrily as he stared dreamily at her, “Even if you scream up until the point of breaking your own voice, no one will save you.”

Ye SangSang was actually the prettiest woman in the entire village… no… in the entire ten villages nearby. No other woman can compete against her beauty.

Her face was small, merely the size of a palm, while her naturally pink lips were lush, like a plum, mesmerizing and alluring. Her skin was smooth and pale, like a top-notch ivory jade, so beautiful that even putting on a worn-down dress would not hide her beauty. She was like a goddess from the heavens, so beautiful and angelic, but her eyes had always been cold, and she emitted a freezing aura to everyone around her, making it hard for people to get close to her.

She was the epitome of a cold beauty.

A woman like this would turn the heads of many men, and usually, a flame of dominance would ignite within them, as no man would give up the chance to “conquer and tame” such a cold woman like this.

Lai San stared at her hungrily, almost drooling straight out. He had always been in love with this woman, but he never had the chance to get close to her… But now, it’s a whole different story, he can finally taint her fully and take her virginity by force before spreading the news to everyone, by then, she would have no choice but to marry him for eternity!

Lai San was actually from her own village, infamous for his laziness. He still lives with his widowed mother and he spends his days ogling over the women in the village. He was liked by nobody in the village.

Just thinking of the possibility of losing her body to this man was enough to make her vomit. Her small hands wrapped subtly over a piece of rock and she prepared herself steadily to smash the rock into his head the moment he pounced in her.

But before she could retaliate, Lai San let out a deep huff and slammed face down into the ground. Ye SangSang lifted her head up, noticing a woman standing behind where Lai San had stood.

The woman looked around her age, she was tall and her skin is slightly tanned, while her short curls flowed lazily behind her, giving her a wild and untamable appearance.

Her name was Li Xia, the second daughter of the village head. She wasn’t at all elegant and hard-working like the rest of the women in the village, instead, she was wild and ungraceful, always hanging out with the village thugs, infamous for being a thug herself.

She was also the target of her current mission!

“Thank you,” Ye SangSang said softly with her chilly voice, she lifted her chin up towards Lin Xia in thanks, exposing her smooth and pale neck, as if she was a proud swan.

But in reality, she had almost thanked her gratefully, only catching herself on time after remembering her body’s personality.

“Aih, our big sis Lin saved your life, is a single “thank you” really sufficient?” One thug who stood among the group of people behind Lin Xia chuckled.

Before Ye SangSang could reply to his question, the thugs began laughing loudly, “As our ancestors said, a life debt should be paid earnestly, I think you should just kiss our big sis Lin as your repayment.”

Everyone started nodding in approval at the thug’s suggestion, all of them burst out laughing while some even started whistling.

“Kiss!” “Kiss!”

Meanwhile, Lin Xia gazed at the woman she saved quietly, her long silky hair flowed flawlessly behind her back, while her smooth face shone strikingly. Her eyes were still somewhat cold and chilly, as usual, like a piece of ice, or a piece of flawless crystal… Her lips looked so soft and tasty, pink like a juicy plum.

Xia Lin felt her mouth drying up, her fingers twitched noticeably while deep within her eyes flashed a subtle hint of longing and want, but she managed to keep her face expressionless as she allowed her men to coo and convince this woman to give her a kiss.

Ye SangSang’s brows furrowed together slightly as her lips pursed together tightly, and as she stood there silently, it made her look like she got angry at their teasing.

She’s pissed off!

Lin Xia’s mind went blank the moment she saw Ye SangSang’s reaction, ignoring the disappointment in her heart, she turned her head quickly towards her men, “Get lost and shut up! You damn troublemakers!”

Don’t they realize that she’s already angry? Bunch of morons!

“Big sis Lin, but we’re just helping you…” “Exactly, didn’t you had your eyes on…”

Lin Xia turned her sharp glare onto the two men quickly to silence them, “You two wish to get beaten up, huh?”

“We’ll shut up, we’ll shut up!” “No no, we’ll do anything big sis Lin says!” The two men begged for mercy immediately, both of them clamping their palms tightly over their mouths.

Damn annoying bunch of idiots… Yes, I shall beat them all up after this ends, how dare they start making fun of me!

Lin Xia turned her head apologetically towards Ye SangSang, “Ignore them, they’re all…”

Before she could even finish her words, Ye SangSang tipped her toes slightly before softly pecking her on the cheeks, halting her words immediately.

Lin Xia’s eyes went wide with shock as her mind went empty in a sudden explosion. She got kissed by this woman!

Even though she’s cold in general, her lips… such softness! such sweetness!

It was not until the laughing and whistling noises from behind her started that she recovered her senses, It wasn’t a dream! This unreachable flower who was the secret crush of everyone in the village, kissed her!

Lin Xia’s heart raced as her face flushed bright scarlet, making her panic slightly as she realized that she didn’t know where to place her hands. Her usual thug-like arrogance disappearing from her in a big poof.

“Sufficient?” Ye SangSang glanced at her expressionlessly before noticing that Lin Xia froze entirely, her eyes dazed, as if reminiscing the kiss from her. She giggled silently as she realized that the infamous thug who had caused so much trouble in the village like a demon lord, was actually such an innocent person, in reality, freezing in shock at a single kiss.

Ye SangSang took a deep breath, and keeping in mind to stay in character, she turned away and left swiftly.

Lin Xia felt her heart dropped in disappointment when she realized that the woman had left in a rush without even waiting for her reply, as if she could not wait to distance herself from her… But her eyes widened instantly after realizing that Ye SangSang’s ears were bright red.

Realizing that Ye SangSang ran because she was too shy, and not that she disliked her, Lin Xia’s lips curled up into an alluring grin uncontrollably as watched the fleeing woman’s figure disappearing into the distance.

Meanwhile, the thugs gaped in shock as they wondered if they scared her away, but realizing the idiotic smile on their big sis Lin’s face, they patted their chest in relief before laughing out heartily once again.

They were so loud that even Ye SangSang, who was already out of sight, could still hear their voices clearly.

“Big sis Lin, so how was it, was the taste to your liking?”

Almost tripping over her own feet, Ye SangSang steadied herself with a nearby tree before slowing down, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Ye SangSang was indeed not the only one who was shocked at the idiotic question, Lin Xia, too, almost choked on her own saliva upon hearing her man’s question.

“Shut up and leave! Why do I have to report to you all about her taste?” She growled intimidatingly at the laughing thugs as she glared at them fiercely.

“Aiya, big sis, we were the ones who helped you earn the kiss from your dreams, how can big sis throw us away right now? We’re too curious about the feeling of those lips!”

“Exactly! Big sis, tell us tell us! Who in the village wouldn’t want to know how a kiss felt like from the number one beauty?”

“Damnit, if we knew she would agree so easily, we should’ve asked her to repay her debts with her body!”
(TNote: There’s an idiom “救命之恩,以身相许” which meant repaying a life with your life. Usually marrying the person who saved your life in most cases.)

The thugs burst out laughing at the last man’s regretful voice.

Repaying her debts with her body? Lin Xia’s eyes darkened slightly while her face flushed bright red as she recalled the beautiful and soft woman from her memories. But her thoughts flew quickly back to the sight of her reddened shy ears, causing her to grin in satisfaction once again.

“Hmph! Forget about her immediately or prepare to get beaten up by me!” She glared at the thugs before leaving towards the direction of the village.

Meanwhile, Ye SangSang who was still on the way back, touched her lips softly as she went through her current mission in her mind once again.

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