Ivory Moonlight – Chp 3

Chapter 3

Ye SangSang did not come from a rich family, even in her previous life, but as the only child of the family, other than focusing on her studies, her parents had not allowed her to help out with house chores.

Hence, the few days that she had spent here was a total nightmare, as she wasn’t able to get used to this hard labor work under the burning hot sun. She was already weak in her limbs and her back ached badly in merely a few minutes. The other villagers had already begun clearing out the weeds in the mid-field while she was still at the beginning, clearly not making any progress.

The scorching sun burned above her and she placed the hoe gently on the ground before squatting down on the spot, quickly removing the face-mask and dabbing the streaming sweat from her forehead with her sleeves before fanning herself in a desperate attempt to cool down.

Soft footsteps sounded behind her, peaking up her curiosity but catching herself on time because according to her cool personality, it was not something she would do. Calming down the impulse to peek, Ye SangSang kept herself in a squatting position, ignoring the curious footsteps.

The soft footsteps halted right next to her, finally revealing the owner.

Lin Xia.

She was mildly surprised as she watched Lin Xia hoeing the field right next to hers, wasn’t she an idle rich girl who doesn’t work at all?

Noticing her glance, Lin Xia raised her head towards her direction while her eyes gleamed in surprise, before greeting her gently, “It’s you, such a coincidence.”

But Ye SangSang was not about to believe in coincidences, as this was obviously the work of Lin Xia, perhaps her actions this morning was a success?

Hiding the subtle victory sign within her heart, Ye SangSang nodded slightly while keeping her face expressionless, “En.”

Lin Xia’s eyes noticeably darkened in disappointment, and keeping her silence, she continued her work in the fields. Her hoeing posture looked somewhat rusty, and she had almost sprained her ankles a few times, her face burned red with embarrassment before quickly turning away, pointing her backside at Ye SangSang in a desperate attempt to hide her shame.

Ye SangSang, who had kept her eyes on Lin Xia the entire time, almost burst out laughing at her adorableness.

Why is the future cold-hearted and ruthless female lead so cute right now!!

The bell sounded loudly as soon as midday came, announcing that the lunch break has arrived.

Ye SangSang checked the time silently, realizing that the lunch break was about thirty minutes earlier than usual, but she was still starving nonetheless, as her breakfast had been few and unfulfilling.

She made her way back slowly with her hoe in tow, it wasn’t her turn to cook today, so why the rush? It was too hot, and she felt extremely uncomfortable with all the sweat and dirt on her. Furthermore, even if she had arrived earlier, she would still have to spend time queuing up as the other villagers would surely take a shower before lunch, and a shower was what Ye SangSang needed right now.

The usual breakfast consists of sweet potato porridge and steamed sweet potatoes. Lunch was slightly better than breakfast, as there was a plate of wild vegetables, even though they were simply boiled with salt, and a piece of steamed bun, which was basically steamed cornmeal flour and bran, resulting in it being rock-hard.

When Ye SangSang first arrived, she hadn’t been able to swallow the bun, but not eating it means that she would starve for the day, hence even though it was as hard as a rock and that it hurts her throat, she ate it nonetheless.

She returned home to take an afternoon nap after forcing down her food, and as she laid on her bed, she pondered about when she would be married to Lin Xia, as she could no longer deal with the sweet potato porridge, steamed sweet potatoes, and sweet potato chips as her daily meal any longer…

The Red Star Corporation was actually quite wealthy, as they have the natural products from the mountains and the rivers, and Lin JianGuo wasn’t entirely strict on their members hunting extra wildlife or seafood, but that was no the case for the villagers.

The corporation doesn’t see the villagers as their own, so if any villagers dared to hunt for an extra meal, there would be serious consequences.

But still, the corporation needed them for field labors, which was why even though their meals were lacking, the corporation would never stop providing food for them.

After awakening from her afternoon nap, Ye SangSang slowly made her way back towards her field.

A female acquaintance’s voice sounded up nearby at her curiously, “Why do you not travel with Miss Wang any longer?”

“En.” Ye SangSang replied blandly, as she was not obligated to satisfy an acquaintance’s curiosity, causing the woman to glare at her unhappily before leaving on her way.

But as soon as she reached her field, Ye SangSang was so shocked that she thought her jaw might’ve dropped onto the floor.

Her field was absolutely cleaned of weeds?!

She rubbed her eyes in doubt before squinting her eyes on her field once more, It’s real!

Quickly glancing at Lin Xia’s field, she noticed that it was, too, cleaned of any weeds, and by now, if she was still oblivious to whoever did it, she would not say a word if anyone called her stupid to her face.

She’s such a sweet person~ She thought cheerfully as she dropped her hoe onto the ground before searching around for Lin Xia’s whereabouts.

It would not be appropriate to ignore her kind gestures, and by giving thanks, she could probably leave a better impression on Lin Xia, which might hasten the development of the story plot.

Under a large and wide tree, a beautiful woman sat on a smooth rock while leaning against the tree bark. Her legs were crossed as she shook them casually and her hands rested behind her head while a green grass hanged from her mouth.

Meanwhile, the thugs surrounding her were all moaning and lying around on the ground.

“Big Sis Lin, we’re all suffering for your Miss Ye.”

“Exactly! We don’t even work to earn our own work points, never would I have expected to provide free labor… Big Sis Lin, you have to pity us more!”

Lin Xia glared at the bunch of thugs around her, “What do you mean my Miss Ye? Stop spouting nonsense!” She scoffed.

Though, it does sound pretty good.

“If she’s not your Miss Ye, why did you force us to clear weeds during lunchtime? If it wasn’t because Big Sis Lin wanted to woo her lover, I’ll cut off my head…”

His voice grew softer and finally fading into nothing as Lin Xia glared at him.

“Gah, fine! I’ll treat all of you to a good meal in a few days,” Lin Xia glared at each of the thugs face in warning, “But don’t you thugs dare reveal this to anyone, otherwise, do not blame me for demonstrating how solid my fists are!”

The mumbling thugs burst out in laughter at her warning, “Wasn’t our Big Sis Lin a brave and daring person, why are you hiding your good deeds now? How would she know the hard work you’ve done if you don’t reveal it?”

“Ahh, shut up, you noisy fellow!” Lin Xia growled at the laughing thug before kicking him in his backsides, “One more noise and we’ll cancel the meal!”

“Ah, I’m dying! Dying!!” The thug laid on the ground as he cried out in pretense pain.

Lin Xia rolled her eyes at the childish thug before turning back to her rock, but as she was sitting down, another thug came up to her and whispered urgently into her ear, “Aihh, Big Sis Lin, it seems that your lady is here.”

Ye SangSang had heard the noisy thugs all the way from afar, but though her heart burned with admiration, she held it under control after remembering that Lin Xia had spent the entire midday hoeing her fields, so it was to be expected even if she was fooling around and resting now.

She moved swiftly towards the group, while the thugs whistled at her teasingly, “Look! The village beauty is here!”

“Hehe, surely you’re here for our Big Sis right?”

“You dumbass, of course she’s here for Big Sis, as she’s the only one who is suitable for our Beauty Ye!”

The group of thugs burst out laughing while Ye SangSang’s face turned chillier while her hands clenched into fists beside her, seemingly angry at their words.

But only she herself would know that she was controlling herself from running away blushing at their teasing words.

“Shut up!” Lin Xia snarled impatiently at the thugs, finally silencing their laughers.

“You’re looking for me?“ She walked towards Ye SangSang before asking nervously.

Ye SangSang nodded her head slightly before voicing out her concerns, “Did you hoe my field?”

Lin Xia was prepared to nod, but she could not control her body due to her extreme nervousness and ended up shaking her head immediately.

Ye SangSang glanced at the woman in front of her in confusion, Why would she hide it? Or was she one of those people who would perform sweet gestures to woo a woman but would insist to hide it?

Meanwhile, Lin Xia was prepared to slap herself at her stupidity, Such a good opportunity, wasted!!!

The group of thugs behind her stared at her in shock, how can their Big Sis make this mistake at such a critical moment!!!

“Alright, I understand.” Ye SangSang sighed softly before taking her leave, she would not pester Lin Xia any further since it would seem that she intended to hide the fact.

But on the next day, Ye SangSang skipped her afternoon nap and rushed immediately to her field right after she finished her lunch.

And at the silent fields, there were about four to five men hoeing the ground diligently, and though their uniforms were of the same color, she noticed Lin Xia immediately.

Her shoulder-length hair was tied up simply in a ponytail while her forehead was streamed with sweat, making her all the more mesmerizing, like an alluring model from Ye SangSang’s past life.

All four men halted in their actions the moment Ye SangSang showed up, before murmuring quickly to the oblivious Lin Xia.

Lin Xia’s body froze immediately upon hearing her men’s words before lifting her head stiffly towards Ye SangSang, her face flushing bright scarlet as she noticed that her crush was making her way towards her.

Oh my god! She screamed internally at being caught red-handed right after denying it yesterday. She could even see the slight grin on Ye SangSang’s face as she got closer to her.

This was actually Lin Xia’s first time seeing an expression on Ye SangSang’s chilly face, but she could not enjoy it under such embarrassing circumstances.

A string in her mind snapped as she threw her hoe onto the ground in panic before taking off into the distance while Ye SangSang stared at her leaving figure in disbelief as she subconsciously prepared to make chase.

But as she lifted her right foot, she suddenly remembered her body’s personality, and that there was no way the cold and chilly Ye SangSang would chase down a person…

She quickly tried to take back her right leg, but instead, losing her balance to the quick movements and she blinked in panic as she felt her body fall towards the ground.

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