(Snippet) Wolves’ Den

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Translator’s Note:
I found this novel from the forums, read a few chapters too. This snippet is pretty good imo. Hope ya’ll like it OwO

“Come here,” the man with glasses commanded. 

“N…no.” Bai Zhi stuttered in fear.

“Naughty girls get punished, you better listen,” The man driving the van chuckled.

“There, there, it’s alright. I’ll go to you this time,” the man with glasses laughed as he walked towards her. He grabbed her up and rested her on his muscular thighs.

“W..wait! What are you doing!” She struggled in fear “Let go of me!” As she struggled, the man with glasses snapped a handcuff on both her wrists and cuffed the other side to the van handle.

Bai Zhi froze, eyes filled with dismay, as she realized that her arms were now raised up high on both sides of her head, she couldn’t escape from the cuffs. As her arms were raised, she felt a huge wave of insecurity washed over her.

The man with glasses smiled as he began feeling her up, “Don’t worry, we need to check if you have illegal items on you,” He grinned evilly as he unbuttoned her jacket, “We’re policemen after all,”

She shivered as she felt the cold air on her upper chest, “N..no, pl…please don’t touch me,” She cried out, her voice laced with fear from the thoughts of what would happened if this goes on. “Call my brother, he’ll give you anything! Just please let go of me.”

At this moment, Bai Zhi felt really scared, she’s horrified out of her wits. She had been single all her life, but now she’s being exposed in front of strangers. She watched as the man with glasses slowly stripped her jacket off her, prolonging the process and her fear.

As he removed the jacket, he smacked his lips in appreciation at the view. Her thin white blouse fits her body perfectly, projecting her curves nicely and barely even keeping her huge bosoms tucked.

“Che,” The man with glasses spits as he tore the white blouse off.

“Ah!” She cried out in shock, there was nothing she could do except watch as her buttons scattered upon hitting the floor. 

The man with glasses then took out a sharp knife and hook it onto the middle section of her bra, one small flick and the bra cups bounced away to both sides as her humongous bosoms, free from it’s cage, burst out dangling. She shivered as the cold air touched her skin, her two pink beans hardened and perked up in plain sight.

“Good, I see you did not hide an drugs in your bra,” The man with glasses nodded with satisfaction, “Now to check the surroundings,” He growled deeply into her ear as he grabbed onto both her buns with both hands.

“No… Let go of me!” She screamed as she struggled, wiggling her body away from this demon’s touch, but froze immediately as she felt a large bump resting against her thigh.

He chuckled, nodding at her response, as he leaned down towards one of her already perked up beans. He nuzzled it lovingly, flicking it with his tongue every so. He was biting and pulling it softly with his teeth too, while his other hand grabbed onto the other bun, fondling it roughly. She felt a jolt running down her spine every time the man pinched her beans, she felt her abdomen burning every time the man pulled or bit them roughly.

She let out a moan uncontrollably, her voice croaked due to the sobbing.

“P…please s…stop..” She breathe helplessly.

“Be a good girl and stop struggling, your body checking isnt finished yet,” The man growled, as he stuck her hand into her crotch.

“Eh? It’s so wet here, what are you hiding inside?” He laughed as he spread opened her petals with two fingers, the third finger teasing her bud that was swollen with arousal.

“En…. Ah…” She moaned loudly, no longer able to keep it in, while sobbing, “Stop it… Let me go!” Her face was smeared with tears from all the crying.

“I told you to shut up, checking isn’t finished yet,” the man snapped as he pinched her right bean hard with one hand and stuck two fingers into her with the other hand. The fingers slipped in easily.

“Take it out!” She cried out in dismay, “Take it out!!” She screamed, wiggling her bottom around hoping that the fingers would leave her. 

She clenched herself and froze immediately as she felt the fingers hitting all of her sensitive spots from her wiggling. 

“It seems that at least your body is honest,” The man with glasses laughed as he started moving his fingers around forcefully, increasing his speed and decreasing it, prolonging her stress. 

She could feel her body getting warmer, her face felt like it was burning. It wasn’t long before she felt something explode in her mind, her back arched and her eyes rolled back. Her lips, which she was biting on to the whole time to stop herself from moaning, loosen and she let out a sharp scream. Her legs went limp as she lost all strength, the only thing still keeping her upright was the handcuffs.

He grinned as he continued moving his fingers violently inside her, not stopping even though she’s still sensitive after she came.

Bai Zhi whimpered fearfully as the man continued his conquest.

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  1. Now I am so interested that I’ve tried reading the mtl, but I guess I lack braincells to understand more of the story T_T I’ll just hope for it to be translated 🙏 Thanks for the snippet and introducing this to us 🙇

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