I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 90

Chapter 90

The limp-legged Mu QianQian fell into her savior’s arms, but as the familiar medicinal scent entered her nose, she stared up at his face instantly. The scent was somewhat similar to the scent of the man from her nightmare!

But what entered her sight was HeLian ZiJin, who was dressed fully in white, as usual. His bright obsidian eyes glowed on his perfectly striking face, easily mesmerizing any woman who laid their eyes upon him.

They’re as black as the night sky, with no hint of red at all! She thought with delight, convinced that he wasn’t the man who had tortured her in her nightmares!

Mu QianQian let out a deep breath of relief, her tension leaving her body before she realized that they’re standing too close to each other, while blushing from the pleasant scent from his body.

She tugged onto his sleeves, somewhat trying to remind him that he can let go of her now, only to be ignored entirely by the man.

He made his way towards the table with a bowl of medicine in one hand and Mu QianQian in the other.

“How long have I slept?” She asked as soon as he helped her onto a chair.

“About twenty four hours.”

“Twenty four…” She gasped out in shock, almost falling out from her chair.

He gazed down at her shocked expressions grimly, To think that she could actually face me so normally even after everything that has happened…

It was somewhat surprising, even to him, as he had expected her to throw a tantrum or make a huge fuss right after she woke up.

But still, it’s better this way, for he disliked noise and would always prefer the silence.

“Drink the medicine.” He said expressionlessly before pushing the bowl of medicine towards her.

“Again?” She pouted her lush lips together unhappily, “But I’m not sick.”

“Your body is too weak, it gets exhausted too quickly.” She has fainted far too many times throughout the day as he bedded her, how can he continue enjoying her to his heart’s content if she doesn’t strengthen up her body?

“Or perhaps.,. you’re afraid that I will stop teaching you the moment you admitted that you’re sick?” He continued slowly, after a slight pause.

She had always been a confident woman, no matter what she did, she was independent and had the utmost confidence in herself.

But now, she would speak to him carefully, so afraid of behind rejected, even to the point of flattering him, if only to convince him to not abandon her halfway through the training.

He had to admit that this new weak and dependence woman, was much more appealing and adorable than the previous her.

His eyes and words softened without his realization, “Drink your medicine, I won’t go back on my words.”

“Really?” Her eyes lit up brightly at his words of confirmation, not knowing that her current expression was torturous to him.

HeLian ZiJin clenched his hands tightly into fists as he stared at her cheery face, he had almost lost control of himself watching her like this, to the point that he had to forc down the urge to throw her onto the table and take her instantly!

How can someone be such an idiot, but at the same time, be so adorable that it hurts?

Had she forgotten about their time yesterday? He wouldn’t mind reminding her once more, or as many times needed to carve the memory into her bones.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 89

Chapter 89

It was madness. In the terrifying nightmare, a man who looked like HeLian ZiJin’s twin was using and dominating her like a crazed man. Her most secretive parts were used to the extend that they went from sore to numb, but still, waves of ecstasy had flowed through her body many times, building up the heat before crashing down upon her violently, causing her to scream like a shameless slut.

Mu QianQian opened her eyes tiredly, before raising up her sore and weak arms before running them through her body, Thank goodness I still have my clothes on! She thought in relief before noticing the curious chill between her legs.

It did not feel swollen nor painful at all, as if the unfamiliar chill had somehow managed to sooth her softness.

It must’ve been a nightmare, right? Otherwise why would her softness feel so comfortable instead of soreness and pain?

She raised her hand towards her forehead, wiping of the thin layer of sweat before staring her her stained fingers, instantly deciding that it must’ve been just a nightmare. The slight sweating was proof of it.

Thank goodness it was just a horrible dream, because if that had been real, she had no idea how she would even face HeLian ZiJin in the future… But that would never happen, because how could the red-eyed crazed man be him, who was the most gentle and graceful man she had ever seen?

That man in her nightmare was a demon, a terrifying demonic presence that she had most probably created due to the stress of her transmigration… But still, that man… was too scary.

She let out a deep breath, eyeing the familiar surroundings of her room before flipping open her blanket and crawling out of her bed slowly.

She winced as her feet touched the ground, her entire body felt sore, the kind of soreness you would usually get the next day after an entire day of intensive sports.

Ah right! She had been running around the field right before she fainted, so it made sense…

She leaned against the bed as she waited for her body to get used to the soreness before knocking her fists on her head, it felt extremely groggy, as if she wasn’t fully awake yet.

How long had she slept?

She looked out of the opened window, it was still bright outside… Perhaps she had merely napped for a little while?

To think that she would dream of such a terrible nightmare in a short nap, the entire dream was outrageous, but still, she flinched instinctively as she thought about the red-eyed man from her nightmares, just the mere thought of him sent shivers down her spine.

That version of him… was really, really scary.

She shook her head side to side, forcing the image out of her head before making her way to the door as it was still bright outside, but her limp legs gave way below her instantly as soon as she moved away from the bed.

Without bothering to scream, she covered her striking face instinctively, protecting it carefully, after all, it was all she possessed in this unfamiliar world…

She waited for the imminent impact with the ground, but the pain never came, instead, she was caught by the waist by a strong arm, which had easily held her steady.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 88

Chapter 88

“E…En…” Mu QianQian gritted her teeth, she felt awfully aggrieved at his words.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to go faster, but it’s that she cannot. In the first place, she had no idea how to do so, but even if she did, she would probably not have TV e physical capabilities to do so.

In fact, she’s already so exhausted that she felt like fainting immediately.

“Are you like this too when you serve Dong JingMo?” HeLian ZiJin sighed softly at her pitiful teary eyes before placing his hands onto her waist, moving in her place instead.

“A…Ah Ah! En… Ah! S…slower… A…Ah…”

His movements felt entirely different from what she had felt when she was taking the initiative, plus the fact that he had begun ramming her so abruptly and roughly, it was enough to make her entire mind go blank in an instant.

“Answer me, are you more enthusiastic when you serve him!” He growled deeply into her ears, outright demanding an answer from her, as if he would not release her until he had received a satisfying answer.

He pushed her away from his lap and onto the side of the pool before pushing her legs wide apart, and with a loud PLOP, he buried his burning shaft deep within her, “Speak!”

“A…Ah… Ah! N…No… I…I did not serve… Ah… did not serve him… E…En…”

“Then why did you ask for him and him alone?” He gritted his teeth in anger as he voiced out the feelings and confusions deep within him, “I am your husband too, so why is it that he’s the only one you want?!”

He burned with rage at the memory of her mumbled words when she had lost conscious, he had intended to let her go, but what had she said instead? ‘I only want Dong JingMo, I don’t want anyone else.’

He was her husband, but still, he was categorized as ‘someone else’! No matter how magnanimous he was, her words had angered him to no ends.

How dare she? It had and will always be his choice to accept or refuse an approaching woman, so how dare she?

“Answer me!” He growled in rage at her silence, instantly ramming her with all his might like a madman.

“Ah! Ah!“ Mu QianQian was inches away from fainting once again, she knew that he was burning with rage, it’s not that she didn’t want to answer him, but her words would only turn into screams and moans every time she tried to answer.

“Ah… No! A…Ah… S…Softer… Ah ah… P…Please… Ah…”

Her words were to no effect as it had merely made him move even more ruthlessly, recklessly increasing the strength and speed of his ramming.

No? He would not allow her to say no, even if they were to stop, it would be his choice, and she is in no position to request for him to stop.

He gazed at her with his reddened blood-shot eyes as he continued ramming her swollen softness with his huge pulsing beast, going in and out endlessly, with no mercy.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian, who had been crying out in fear while moaning in bliss at the same time, trembled uncontrollably as her moans and cries turned into a shrilled scream before she fainted from the intensive climax.

As for the man above her, he had, in fact, noticed that she had fainted, but he would not stop moving as his mind lingered on his unanswered question.

How is he inferior to Dong JingMo?!

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 87

Chapter 87

“E…En… Ah……” The young woman moved weakly onto the man’s thighs while her untied hands were pressed against his chest. She looked down at his huge bulging hardness, before slowly aiming it at her own softness and sat down on it cautiously.

“E…En……” Her soft moans escaped her uncontrollably as his hardness dug deeper and deeper into her.

Finally, her trembling legs gave way beneath her and her body sank down fully onto him, causing her to let out a sharp scream as she felt him knocked roughly against the walls of her sensitive cervix.


Quickly recollecting herself from the sudden impact, she steadied her legs desperately as she began raising her buttocks up and away from him.

HeLian ZiJin could not keep his blood-shot eyes away from the view of their connected parts as he stared at her pitifully small hole expanding to an impossible size in a desperate attempt to swallow him whole.

This woman… She’s really bad at this… Does this mean that she had never served Dong JingMo when she was with him?

He recalled her many careless attempts from before at serving him, she had accidentally missed her mark at her first attempt, finally succeeding after not less than ten futile attempts…

If it wasn’t for her sweat-filled forehead and her flushed face, which was filled with shame and hopelessness, he would’ve assumed that she was punishing him in revenge.

God knows how many times he felt like going crazy at her clumsy attempts!

Mu QianQian lowered herself on him a second time slowly and cautiously, and his upright shaft, which was already filled with thick green veins, was buried deep within her warmth once more.

He shut his eyes tightly together, groaning deeply as her warm walls hugged him thoroughly, the groan sounded as if it came from deep within his throat, soft but alluring.

Too slow, still too slow! He will go crazy at this rate!

“Faster.” He growled deeply into her ear urgently, “Harder, and faster!”

Mu QianQian jumped in shock at the sudden deep voice near her ear, losing focus at her current shameful task and the strength to maintain her legs in place, causing her body to fall right onto his impatient beast fully once more.

Both man and woman’s face twisted up in an uncontrollable pleasure as soft gasps escaped their lips simultaneously.

“Faster!” He rasped hoarsely as he wrapped his palms around her slender waist while a burning lust flickered through his eyes.

He’s almost losing control of himself…

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 86

Chapter 86

Noticing her docile silence, HeLian ZiJin released her twin bunnies from his grasps before leaning back against the side of the pool while staring at her lazily.

Mu QianQian tried to sit up instinctively, only to remember that they were currently doing it in the pool and even though he had leaned backward, they were still attached intimately and… deeply.

“En…” A soft moan escaped her lips as her movements caused the shaft buried within her to push against the walls of her cervix.

HeLian ZiJin’s gentle eyes flashed scarlet as he gazed at all, so beautiful that the surrounding flowers dimmed in comparison, furthermore, his damped lips glowed red like a rose, mesmerizing but deadly.

A man like this, with the looks and the authorities he held, was enough to make any woman go head over heels for him, her too, if they weren’t currently in such an embarrassing position.

His solid and burning hardness was still buried so deeply within her, constantly pushing her to heaven’s edge… How is it possible for her to enjoy his beauty?

“En…” She squirmed under his intense gaze as he stared intently at her naked body, making her feel as if all of her secrets had been exposed to him.

But the hardness within her pulsed furiously at her struggling, immediately leaving her without any strength left. Her hands were still tied up behind her back, forcing her to look as if she was offering her twin bunnies to him eagerly.

Mu QianQian felt like crying at the shame.

What had she done wrong? Why is he punishing her like this? Why is he treating her like this?

“How is it? Does being with me causes you such sadness and discomfort?” He growled deeply as he stared at her reddened eyes as she tried to escape from his grasps, her reluctance made him all the more excited to abuse her emotionally… And watching her forcefully endure all of the abuse while trying to keep her tears from falling…

He loved it so much.

“Serve.” He commanded coldly.


“It seems that you really do wish to taste how it feels to do it underwater.” He narrowed his eyes dangerously at her while threatening her with her greatest fear.

Her heart clenched in fear at his words as she shook her head side to side desperately.

No! I don’t want that! She doesn’t want to experience slowly running out of air as she drowned slowly, while being used like a plaything…

“If you don’t want that, then serve.” His sweat trailed down his forehead slowly, he had no idea how many times he had came within this small woman, but why is it that even after so long, she’s still so goddamn tight!

Her walls were suckling tightly onto his shaft, giving him the terrible urge of ramming her to death!

“I…I don’t know how… A…Ah…” She bit down on her lips while shaking her head softly, her eyes, which were blurred with tears, stared at his ruthless face.

Was she dreaming? The ZiJin who had treated her somewhat well even though he disliked her as much as her other men… Why had he turned into such a scary man?

“Serve me, like you had served Dong JingMo.” He commanded coldly, ruthlessly tearing down what was remained of her dignity, “But it seems that I’m somewhat bored of your hole, if you’re still unwilling to serve, I wouldn’t mind turning my attention towards your little young chrysanthemum.”

(TNote: Chrysanthemum is usually used to refer to the butthole.)

L…little young c…chrysanthemum……

Mu QianQian felt somewhat faint from the shock and fear she had been experiencing until now.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 85

Chapter 85

To her horror, she realized that her hands were tied up firmly behind her back when she was forced to arch her back from the intensive ramming.

Every single time he pulled back, she would brace herself for the coming impact which would almost ram her entire body flying into the water.

“A…Ah… N…no, no… E…En…”

She now understood HeLian ZiJin’s cruelty and his dark humor, he knew water was her weakness, but still, he chose this place to bed her forcefully. She had to clamp her legs around his waist tightly to prevent herself from falling backward into the pool, but by doing so, it had only seemed to allow him to dig deeper within her walls.

He… how can he be like this? Is this man really the HeLian ZiJin that she knew?

“No, no! Please, I beg you… Ah! Please… E…En… Don’t be like this, I… Ah! I’m s…scared… Ah!” Her voice was already hoarse from the screaming and begging, while the subtle sobbing and moaning between her screams sounded so pitiful that any man would not be able to preserver in torturing her like this.

HeLian ZiJin’s lips curved up in a slight grin as he finally wrapped his arms around her body, preventing her from the danger of falling into the pool.

“Do you know what we’re doing?” He gazed deeply into her tear-filled eyes before reaching out a finger to wipe of an unshed tear from her mesmerizing helpless face, “Do you say no when you do it with Dong JingMo too. Do you reject him too?”

“No… Ah! Yes! Y…es… Ah… I do… do say no, I…I refuse him too… E…En…” Mu QianQian did not know his purpose of asking this question right now, as the only thing she could feel is the painful aching within her swollen walls.

Had he allowed her body to rest at all? And his… thing…, why is it still as hard as a rock? Does he feel no exhaustion?

How many times had he actually used her???

Most importantly, why is he like this? The HeLian ZiJin she knew was not like this, he… his eyes…

Mu QianQian struggled to keep her eyes glued to his, which is when she realized an unusual fire-red glow within his eyes, “Y…your eyes… Ah! Ah! N…No… Ah! Okay, I won’t ask… Ah… I w…won’t… En…”

“How are my eyes, hm?” He asked casually as he took one of her bruised bunnies with his palm before squeezing it into different shapes, “What’s wrong with my eyes? What did you see? Hm?”

She shook her head furiously as she bit down on her lips, unwilling to answer his obvious trick question.

But his grip was too tight, and her swollen bean hurts so much… “Ah…!”

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 84

Chapter 84

The terror she’s undergoing right now felt as if she was skinned while being hanged in mid-air, but the most horrifying thing was that even though she’s being used by a stranger, it actually… felt really good…

“A…ah! Ah… hic! N…no… no more… Ah…!” Mu QianQian was burning with shake deep within, she despised her own actions, but it was impossible to think about other things while she was in such bliss.

Her insides felt full and expanded, and surprisingly, it had somehow comforted her insecurities of being transmigrated into this unknown world, hence even though she didn’t want to, she had to admit that she was… extremely in love with the huge unknown shaft deep within her…


The woman’s soft body stiffened up suddenly as her back arched into a curve while her walls clamped down tightly around the stranger’s hardness.

“Ah! N…no… A…ah…” Her head was thrown backward and a shrilled scream escaped her lips as she welcomed the long-awaited climax, which had crashed through her with such a huge impact that she could not stop her body from trembling.

HeLian ZiJin tried his best to retaliate against the sudden burning wave which had crashed against his shaft, but it was as if her body could read his thoughts, as her walls began clamping down crazily around him as her body trembled unendingly.

With a deep hoarse growl, he released his hot seeds right at the entrance leading to her womb, and Mu QianQian, who was still dazed in the lingering bliss of the fading climax, screamed at the sudden burning pleasure.

“W…why…” She muttered incoherently as her consciousness faded into nothing.

When she next came to, she was once again in a bright and clean room, but she quickly shut her eyes at the bright sunlight which streamed through the window.

Her body felt light, as if she was floating on the clouds or on the sea waves.

But as her senses recovered, she realized that there was one specific spot on her that she could feel.

I…it was… a woman’s most secretive and sensitive part, and just like before she fainted, a huge object was moving in and out from between her slender thighs…

“Ah!” She screamed in reflex before her eyes focused on a beautiful face above her.

It was HeLian ZiJin…

But he felt different, as the usual gentleness within his eyes were now relaxed with a burning flame as he stared intently at her face, while his usual gentle expression was now smiling subtly at her.

“N…no… Ah!” He rammed deeply into her before she could voice out her concerns, turning her confused rejection into a painful moan.

Her lower body hurts, the pain felt swollen and numb, as if it had been used for a long time…

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 83

Chapter 83

He straightened his waist, allowing himself to dig even deeper into her, while Mu QianQian screamed for her life as she felt him forcing his way through the walls of her cervix, she wondered if her entire womb would break apart if he continued as he did…

And perhaps her luck was extremely horrible, the moment that thought passed through her mind, he rammed deeply into her unendingly as if he could read her mind.

It hurts so much… The pain was intense, and somehow prolonged unnecessarily as the thoughtless man used her like a doll, but at the same time, a numb pleasure that had been building up within her began spreading towards all four of her limbs slowly.

“E…En… N…No, no… You can’t do this… No… Ah…”

“Why not?” He rasped hoarsely in respond to her words as he slowed down his ruthless conquest at her tightening walls.

Too close! His shaft had reacted fiercely to her sudden clamping, almost making him lose control over himself.

But even though Mu QianQian had been suffering in bliss, she instinctively realized that whenever she clamped down around his hardness subconsciously, it would tremble within her while his breathing deepened.

Perhaps he would end this as soon as he reached climax? She thought as hope showered her exhausted body, all she wished for right now was for this stranger to release his seeds into her quickly to end this torture and release her, but that doesn’t stop her heart from clenching bitterly at being used by a stranger.

“No… Ah! Ah Ah! N…no…”

“Why not? Tell me, why not!?” His eyes reddened at the sudden rage which crawled through his chest upon hearing her words of refusal, and with his fists clenched tightly together, he rammed her wildly, as if he was entirely out of control.

No matter how they see her, Mu QianQian was still a delicate young lady, or at least this body of hers was still young and delicate, and being used so violently by a man hurts her a lot, physically and mentally.

“Ah Ah… A…Ah hah… No! N…no… hic! A…ah…” She sobbed hopelessly at his sudden beastly actions.

But her sobbing did not soothe his anger nor fill him with any pity at all, it had instead awakened the hidden monster within HeLian ZiJin and he stared at her smooth back thirstily with bloodshot eyes. Fuck her, fuck her endlessly, make her cry! The demon within him screamed like a banshee.

He loved this feeling a lot, he enjoyed torturing her with his over-sized shaft and watch as her tears streamed down her confused eyes while her sweet nectar burst everywhere like a waterfall.

He landed both palms at her hips, holding her buttocks higher before he continued with his important mission, using her like a human masturbation toy while enjoying the silvers that stained his pubic hair.

“Ahh… hic! A…Ah…” Her screams were soft and hoarse and her throat was dry, her head spun around furiously and she wondered if she would faint or die immediately.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 82

Chapter 82


It hurts! Her nipples hurt so much, and worst of all, not only was he pinching and tugging onto both of her beans, he was also ramming her like as if his life depended on it.

“Ah… Ah!!” Her shrill screams filled the dark room as he worked his way with her body, slow but usually forceful.

Each thrust was full and deep, always reaching her deepest walls, and to her horror, his ramming were filled with so much force that his pubic bone began hitting her butt cheeks each time he entered.

Pap! Pap! Pap!

It was endless.

“Ah! A…Ah…” She shook her head wildly at the unending torture, her body hurts, as well as her soul.

She’s terrified, filled entirely with hopelessness and despair… Would anyone notice her disappearance? Would anyone even bother to save her?

“Y…you… Who are you? Y…you… Ah! N…no… Ah…” She sobbed in distress as he continued to use her like a worthless toy, “W…why… Ah! D…don’t bully me like this…”

But the man behind her stayed silent, as if he had tremendous patience and time to slowly enjoy her to the fullest.

In fact, he had already unloaded his warm seeds within her walls before she had awakened, which was why the aphrodisiac within his body was momentarily relieved and finally allowing him to slowly savor her mesmerizing and unforgettable body.

Still grasping tightly onto her swollen and hardened beans between his thumb and index fingers, he pinched them violently before tugging them outwards, causing yelps of pain and moans of pleasure to escape through her agape lips.

Furthermore, this wasn’t just a random room, in fact, it was a secret hideout room with walls so thick and secure that it was impossible for voices to pass through these walls, hence her screams and moans, which echoed through the room unendingly, merely sounded like a melodious music to his ears.

“Does it feel good?” He leaned towards her and growled deeply into her ears as he once again buried himself deep within her drenched walls, while his hands, both tired of torturing her wonderful bunnies, began trailing down towards her abdomen and beyond.

“No, don’t touch there! N…no… Ah! E…En…” She knew immediately what he was aiming for the moment his hands trailed past her abdomen, but she could not stop him at all.

He pulled apart her entirely soaked petals before searching for her aroused bud, which was so swollen that it was already protruding slightly when he found it.

“E…en… En… Ah… N…no, no… Ah…!” As he began pressing and pinching her bud, her cries were already mostly filled with moans that she could not control.

“Your pretty lips are really dishonest,” He whispered into her ear before his tongue flickered lightly over her ear.

“Ah!” Mu QianQian flinched instinctively at the sudden warm breath and damp sensation on her ear, but there was nowhere to escape.

It was as if she was blindfolded, while her body became extremely sensitive to the multiplied sensations, which were all happening at the same time. Her body trembled involuntarily as she imagined their positions right now, her being tied firmly in midair while he played and fooled around recklessly with her body, the thought caused her expanded walls to clamp down around his huge hardness immediately as she burned with extreme shame.

Her lips said no but her bottom lips were suckling onto him so desperately.

Hmph! He dampened his dried lips at her sudden contraction, What a gem, this body of hers!

Even though he had released his seeds into her not long ago, her unusual tightness had almost caused him to reach climax once more!

Her slick and tight walls could make any man go crazy with ecstasy… No wonder Dong JingMo would spend so much time bedding her! He could not help but agree that if she was permanently at his side, he might even bed her everyday to the point that she would be too weak to even leave the bed!

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 81

Chapter 81

Mu QianQian struggled to open her heavy eyes as she awoke from her deep slumber, but before her mind could register the unfamiliar surroundings, she had already smelled the strange flowery fragrance in the room.

Though it smelled nice, it had somehow made her limbs go limp and her body heavy, as if she had been stripped of her strength and the ability to move.

Her body was cold, while her legs…

“Ah!” The foreign sensation between her legs snapped her mind wide awake immediately as a shrilled scream escaped her. She snapped her eyes wide open trying desperately to check her surroundings, only to find herself in a pitch black place, so dark she could not even see her own fingers.

“Ah! Ah… N…No… Ah…” Finally realizing what was happening to her, Mu QianQian was in such a shock that she felt as if she might faint in any second.

Her abdomen felt stuffed, and painful, because… a huge shaft was buried deep within her walls, and it was slowly grinding and torturing her insides.

“No, I don’t want this, n…no… Let me go, ah… I beg of you, let me go…” She sobbed and begged with all her might even though she could not see the man behind.

No, this must be a dream… It has to be a dream! This isn’t real!

She remembered that she had been in YiFeng Ge, she remembered that she was learning QingGong diligently with HeLian ZiJin as her teacher, so why is she in this dark unknown place while being used and played around by an unknown man?


The man behind her stopped moving, as if noticing her thoughts, and reached out greedily for her bouncing twin bunnies, squeezing them into different shapes and sizes with a childlike glee.

Mu QianQian flinched one respond, reaching out her hands to push him away, only to hear the rattling of chains.

Her arms were tied together on top of her head while her legs, which were spread apart into a split, were tied separately on both sides.

The man continued to caress and grope her enormous bunnies, occasionally squeezing down on them hard, so hard that even in such a dark place, she could feel her bosoms leaking through the gaps of his fingers as he squeezed down on them hungrily.

“No, no… It’s all an illusion, it’s fake…” Surely this is but a dream, surely even God wouldn’t torture her like this… It’s not real!

Suddenly, she felt a firm grip on her chin and her face was lifted upwards slightly before she felt a sharp pain on her lips.

Ouch… She flinched away painfully from his bite, it was obvious that the unknown man felt no pity for her, as he had not stopped ramming her even when his teeth broke her lips.

And to her dismay, due to the adrenaline rush in her body from the sudden painful bite, she could feel the deep pulsing of his hardness as it rubbed violently against her drenched walls.

“Mmmm…” She whimpered in fear as she attempted to escape his demonic teeth while squirming her body in desperation to avoid his pulsing beast, but her attempts were to no avail as no matter where she hid, the man would follow closely behind her.

He could easily bite her, and… he could easily use her!

“Mmph… L…let go! Let… Mm…!”

“How about this?” The man’s unknown voice rasped deeply near her ear as his hands cupped her bouncing bunnies once more.

“Is this fake too? Tell me, is this reality?” He chuckled hoarsely as he pinched her solid beans between his thumb and index finger, before tugging on it sharply.

Translator’s Note:
ANCIENT BDSM and blind play!!? ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

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