I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 105

Chapter 105

She’s finally smiling… And though there were still lingering tears at the corners of her reddened eyes, while her nose was also swollen and red, the smile on her curved up lips nearly took his breath away.

That smile was so beautiful, like the pure and innocent ivory orchids in the fields, or the slight sunlight that shone through the clouds. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing that his breathing had intensified without his notice.

His eyes darkened deeply as he stared at her lips silently, and before she could react, he had already clamped his lips over hers hungrily, suckling and tasting her mouth earnestly.

Mu QianQian could only blink in surprise at his sudden actions, were they not discussing on a serious matter just moments ago? Why was he suddenly like this once again?

She wanted to push him away, but he held her firmly with his strong arms. It was as she had thought, there was no escape if he truly wished to force himself upon her.

But before she could resign to her miserable fate, he had released her lips quickly before glancing down at her silent and well-behaved manner.

It made him feel inexplicably better.

“Go ahead, wash your face and wait for me at the pavilion in the garden, I will order the servants to bring you lunch.” He said softly as he pushed her away.

“Oh, okay.” She nodded after a slight pause, before moving to stand, but both of them immediately noticed that something was wrong.

What was wrong, you might ask? Needless to say, it was because of a certain man’s beast, which was still buried deep within the woman’s walls, and their mindless movements had merely caused an undeniable friction, causing a moan to escape their lips.

This is simply……

Something like this could only happen to the most talented people, as they were the only ones in the world who was capable of chatting while they were still attached so intimately!

Absolutely incredible!

“QianQian…” After a long pause, he finally broke the silence by calling out her name, his voice was deep and raspy, full of lust and need, “Let’s… finish it, alright? Just this once. I promise I’ll be gentle, okay?”

“…” A sob escaped her throat as soon as his words landed.

XuanYuan LianCheng: “…”

And finally, under extreme unwillingness and her huge tear-filled eyes, he gently propped himself up from the bed, and with a loud plop, a nectar-drenched beast was withdrawn from her body.

The sight of it was enough to send anyone into a frenzy…

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 104

Chapter 104

XuanYuan LianCheng knew he should’ve looked on at her sobbing with disgust and irritation, but instead, without him realizing it, he had already placed his palms behind her back as he tried to sooth her crying in vain.

He did not know why he would perform such a gentle action.

But that’s not the end, as he had started coaxing her with words shortly after, “Please don’t cry, I’ll treat you well, be good… Don’t cry, I won’t force myself upon you alright?”

He felt like giving himself a tight slap right as the words left his lips. Why am I treating her with such care and caution? But the words came by itself, and he could not stop, “If you wipe your tears and stop crying, I’ll tell you everything about Dong Zhou today, alright?”
(TNote: Dong Zhou is XuanYuan LianCheng’s country, he’s a neighboring country’s prince.)

Though her crying softened down slightly, she was still sobbing and whimpering as her tears continued to fell from her eyes, but though he felt a curious annoyance, he had, too, felt a deep numbing pain within his heart.

His perfect brows furrowed into a deep frown as he continued quickly, “Fine, I’ll assist you in preparing the banquet for the emissary, alright? So stop crying to I will really toss you onto the ground.”

“For real? You would really help me?” She glanced up at him with her wide teary eyes before blinking pitifully, and he felt his heart pounding against his chest as her long eyelashes fluttered weakly at him.

Unable to control himself, he reached out a finger towards the corner of her eyes, intending to wipe the lingering tears from her, “I promise, and we’ll definitely make it perfect, but take note that I will only assist you, therefore you shouldn’t expect that I’d do everything for you.” He sighed in resign.

But it was somewhat difficult for her to believe his words, as he had never been the nicest person to her, “You’re really not lying when you said you’d help me, right?”

His patience had clearly ran out at this point, as he control his urges of tossing her onto the ground, “You can scram this instant if you do not believe my words.”

“I do! I do!” She nodded her head instantly, wiping her tears and snot onto his sleeves before glancing up at him with a satisfied smile, “I believe you, Little ChengCheng! Then, you tell me about Dong Zhou now? I swear I will learn it by heart, and we can discuss how to proceed with the banquet right away?”

It was fortunate that she finally had someone to work with, and he was the prince of Dong Zhou nonetheless! With a single promise, she felt as if all of her stress had left her body.

It was as if there was finally someone who would walk beside her, and it felt awfully good. She felt as if nothing else could go wrong, no matter which path she took in the future, and it soothed the anxiety and stress she had been feeling ever since she fell into this world.

Meanwhile, XuanYuan LianCheng was glancing down at her contented face, he had not expected that she would break out of her tears merely with a promise to assist.

This woman, she’s so easily satisfied.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 103

Chapter 103


XuanYuan LianCheng’s snarled with such murderous intent that the woman fell back onto her buttocks, before an alarming chill spread throughout her entire body, giving her no choices other than escaping the room instantly.

She jumped out of the room in a hurry, merely sliding past the door in time as it slammed shut right in front of her face with such force that she had flinched instinctively.

Finally getting rid of the unnecessary nuisance, he locked his gaze onto the woman beneath her. His impatient snarl had terrified her, as her tears had halted midway and her face had pale in fear, though, the fear and nervousness had caused her walls to contract and tighten crazily.

He shut his eyes as he took a few deep breaths, though they had been interrupted midway, he was still buried within her, and her tightened walls were like a poison to him. He had almost given in to his desires and took her like a madman, but… the lingering tears at the corner of her eyes was an irritating eyesore, which was somehow tugging onto his curiously heavy heart.

“Why are you crying? I did not scold you.” He rasped deeply as he stroked her cheeks with his huge palm while trying to wipe the tears from her eyes, only to unknowingly grind himself against her sensitive walls as he moved.

It was just a slight movement, but it had scared her to the point that her breathing halted for a second while her unshed tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

XuanYuan LianCheng’s frowned slightly at his own reactions, he could not understand why he would pause himself for a woman, no… not a woman, she was but a plaything for them to vent their frustrations on, but now… it was as if he could not bear to see her weep.

She was extremely beautiful previously, when she was drunk on the pleasure he bestowed upon her. He yearned to see her like that once again, but if he was to consume her right now, not only would he fail to see her like that again, it would definitely turn her into a sorrowful and heartbroken woman.

But why was he giving so much thoughts to her feelings? Why should he care? Did he not mention that her will and wants were worthless to him?

What was he concerned of?

He reached out his palm towards her cheeks once more, allowing her streaming tears to land on the center of his palm.

His heart clenched within his chest as he stared at the crystal-clear tears on his palm.

“Why are you crying?” He released her face from his grip while he tried to understand the situation, “I had not treated you badly, what is there to cry about?”

But his words had merely sent Mu QianQian into a deeper sorrow, How could he say that with such a calm face when he was still buried deep within me!

Though it seemed that even he had noticed his error in words, but… he had technically not done anything (yet)!

“I…I had merely entered, but technically, I had not even started to bed you, how can this count?…” His voice was deep, as if he was sulking hard.

He had not exposed himself to these mortal desires for years, and now that he had allowed her into his personal space, he could not enjoy it fully, all because of the inexplicable softness in his heart for her!

Her continuous silent weeping was getting on his nerves, and he felt extremely upset, “Do you weep like this when you’re underneath Dong JingMo? We’re both your husbands, so why are you only willing towards him?” He murmured in annoyance as he tightened his arms around her waist, unknowingly squeezing her breath out of her.

Mu QianQian opened her mouth slightly, intending to speak, but all that came were sobs and whimpers.

Anyhow, she figured that since her sobs had already reached his ears, she might as well cry her heart out, hence, without a single pause, she burst into tears and she cried unendingly.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 102

Chapter 102

“It’s scorches!” The scorching heat scared her away instantly, but he quickly captured her escaping hand with his and rubbed it over his bulging hardness while the fingers on his other hand continued their advances through her drenched walls.

“Ah! Ah… Ahh……”

In addition to the constant shrilled screams of a woman and the heavy deep breathing of a man, was the noisy squishy noise of fingers colliding with her exposed parts.

Her moans grew louder and more indulgent as time passed, and finally, welcoming her first climax of the day as her body trembled uncontrollably and erupted from the intense torment and pleasure by the man violating her.

Her entire face was flushed an erotic scarlet while her body trembled constantly at the lingering explosion from before. And as he felt the crazy contraction of her drenched walls, he knew instantly that he could not control himself anymore as his beast was already roaring in hunger.

Quickly withdrawing his fingers from her, he removed his trousers and pulled out his pride, and it was a relief that Mu QianQian was in a confused daze from her recent climax, for if she had awakened and was given the chance to see the humongous thing crawling with monstrous green veins, she would’ve fainted instantly from shock and fear.

He grabbed her on the thighs and pulled her easily towards him, aiming the tip of his beast against her leaking abyss before wrapping his hands around both side of her slender waist, and with a deep snarl, he rammed her with all of his strength, pushing through her drenched walls and reaching her deepest parts easily.

Relishing in the tight warmth of her trembling walls, he could not believe how he could’ve missed out on this ecstasy all through his life!

He tightened his grip on her waist, intending to run wild through her top-notched comfort hole, only to be stopped by the sudden footsteps outside the room.

The footsteps stopped at his door, and without even knocking, the intruder had already pushed open the door in a hurry and stepped into the room, “Young master, there are urgent news!”

It was the voice of a woman!

XuanYuan LianCheng had pulled a quilt over Mu QianQian and himself the moment his door was pushed open, but the clear and sharp voice of a woman woke pulled her back from her blissful daze.

Someone else is here! Her instincts were screaming at her at maximum volume, and her eyes landed on the man on top of her, before widening in terror at the monstrous beast which was buried halfway within her…

Her heart turned cold instantly at the sight, and tears began rolling down her flushed cheeks uncontrollably, while a soft sob escaped her lips even though she had tried her best to contain her voice.

“Young master……” The woman, who was still standing near the door, continued urgently. Even before she had entered the room, she knew what her master was doing, but she had interrupted him nonetheless.

She was the best of the best, never before performing any mistakes in her life of servitude, She was skilled and obedient, and he was satisfied with her to the point of naming her one of his close aide even though she was a woman.

To think that she would make such a big mistake, all because of her unwillingness to see him sharing a bed with such a filthy princess.

Meanwhile, the intruder’s words sent a jolt through Mu QianQian’s body, causing it to tremble madly while tears streamed down her face endlessly.

XuanYuan LianCheng took a deep breath, trying to calm his rising anger. He was still buried within her, and his lust for her was burning him from within, but this woman… Damn it! Why is she crying again!?

“Get lost.” His words were extremely soft and light, but somehow, both women had heard it clearly, as if he had screamed it down their ears.

But the intruder would not leave, unwilling to obey the commands of her master.

Young master had always disliked the princess, he had hated her even! But now… why would he do that with her? How could he not withstand the temptations of the Seventh Princess!?

This bitch, it’s all her fault! The young master would not had fallen for her charms if she had not seduced the young master!? How dare she!!

“Young master……”

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 101

Chapter 101

“No!! A…Ahh……”

XuanYuan LianCheng’s face and forehead were filled entirely with sweat, and as his three fingers entered her, his sweat dripped onto her smooth bare skin and finally flowing onto the quilt beneath.

He leaned towards her chest and clamped his teeth softly over her aroused bean, causing her to scream out at the numb pain, before suckling onto her greedily.

And as his musky masculinity scent surrounded her, Mu QianQian, who was already somewhat out of control, felt slightly drunk.

The man above her was her husband, and though he had done such shameless things to her. But as she stared at his sweating face from his forbearance and smelled his scent, she realized in despair that she… could not make herself hate this man.

“E…En……” Her moans were muffled as he had clamped his lips over hers. The three fingers were still moving within her, and as she drowned in her moans, she had raised her buttocks subconsciously to meet his huge palm.

He moved his fingers through her eagerly, and as a new wave of her burning nectar soaked his palms, he stared down at the woman underneath him, who was clearly drowned completely in pleasure.

Hmph! Her mouth says no but it’s obvious that her body wants me! He thought in satisfaction as his spirits lifted, and after taking another taste of her lips, he reached out towards the back of her neck and stroke her on a specific point.

The slight pain in her neck caused her to regain her senses for a second, and as her strength returned to her body, he proceeded to bury his fingers deep within her in a single thrust.

“Ah…!” She trembled uncontrollably, throwing her head backward as the scorching pleasure spread from her abdomen throughout her entire body, causing her newly regained senses to collapse once more.

“QianQian.” He rasped deeply near her ears, his voice was so sexy and so magnetic as it burned her reasoning into sweet nothings, “I’m uncomfortable, hurry, touch me.”

He raised her idle tiny hand and placed it upon his bulging beast.

Mu QianQian felt utterly drunk, and she had not realized what he had done. All she knew was that her hand had touched something not only extremely hard and solid, but also huge!

She withdrew her hand in panic, causing him to move his three fingers within her like a madman, “Put your hand in and coax him, hurry!”

“Ah! A…Ah… Ah…!” She felt as if she had been expanded beyond repair as the three fingers ravaged her mercilessly, though the slight pain was always accompanied by unparalleled pleasures. She could not control her screaming as she raised her buttocks to meet his fingers once more.

Meanwhile, her tiny hand had once again landed on his bulging beast, obeying his instructions as it obediently entered his belt-less pants.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 100

Chapter 100

She trembled together with her swollen bud as he caressed it casually, before moving enthusiastically towards the source of her sweet nectar.

And to his delight, she was drenched! SO drenched that her entire panties was possibly soaked to the brim. And still, she had the guts to claim that she’s not wet! He thought in amusement.

“Good girls shouldn’t tell lies~” He grinned seductively as he pushed a finger deep into her without another word.

“Ah! N…No… En……” Mu QianQian bit down on her lips, desperately trying to suppress her moans as she pushed against him, but he was too strong, and too heavy.

H…He… He’s in! Just like that! Oh my god!! Her eyes were wide with panic, but her misfortune would not end here, as his eyes were bright with satisfaction at her warmth and depth, so much so that he had pulled her towards him instantly before pressing her thighs apart.

This was actually his first time observing her woman’s parts in such close proximity, her trembling petals were of a cute pink as it sucked desperately onto his finger, twitching occasionally as if his finger was the abnormality and that her walls were working hard to close off the forced-open gap.

It’s… so beautiful…

“D…Don’t! Don’t look!” She felt faint-headed as shame burnt throughout her entire body, but her words had fallen to deaf ears as he had ignored her entirely, H…How shameless can one be!?

“N…No… Don’t… Ah! S…Stop moving… Ah!” His thick buried finger had began moving in and out of her, and as she was lying on the bed, she could not see what was happening in her lower body, but the mere thought had threw her into more shame than anything else.

“N…No… Ah!!” Suddenly, her eyes shot wide opened as she yelped in shock, “No, that’s impossible! No… Ah!! LianCheng! LianCheng, don’t be like this, no… En… Ah……”

In fact, he had spread her apart with both thumbs before forcing a second finger within her, and she felt as if she was already at her limit as she felt extremely bloated and full, It hurts!

“No… Ah… En……” Melodic moans escaped her lush lips as she lost control of her thoughts and her body, she would try to raise her buttocks instinctively, but due to her lack of strength, it would always drop back onto the bed.

His fingers would be waiting underneath, and he would move them furiously every time her buttocks landed back onto the bed, causing her screams to echo through the room uncontrollably, “Ah! No… En~ Ah!”

Her mind was empty, except for the constant rush of pleasure, but suddenly, her eyes had wide in shock as she felt an unusual sensation below her.

A third one! He’s trying to push another one in!!

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 99

Chapter 99

She had jumped in shock as he slammed the book shut suddenly, still unable to move, she could only tremble in fear as his fingers reached out towards her collar before beginning to strip her of her clothings.

“LianCheng…… P…Prince, please, d…don’t……”

“LianCheng.” He corrected immediately, “But ‘husband’ would sound better.”

“…LianCheng.” She could not make herself speak the H word, that’s because even though they were legally married, her heart was not with them, and she would never stop trying to escape from this place.

She did not intend to accept them as her husbands, nor did she intend to stay here permanently as their wife! “Don’t……”

“I’ve never touched a woman.” He said softly, his calm voice soothing her slightly, but before she could let out a breath of relief, his next words sent her into further despair, “Hence I have decided that I would learn, starting with your body.”

With a flick of his slender and long finger, before she could even cry out in surprise, she was already stark naked, left only with her pitiful skirt, which did nothing to cover her up.

“No! En……” She felt him tighten his hug around her waist, causing her twin bunnies to push up against his muscular chest, and with a sly grin, he fixated his sight on her pink beans before flicking them with his tongue slightly.

“You smell really nice.” She really does smell nice, to think that a woman’s bosom would smell so pleasant, I wonder how fragrant her nectar is?

Perhaps, he should really try to heat up his wine within her, that way, he could relish an enjoy her taste fully…

Though, to think that he would actually do something so vulgar… If it wasn’t for the holy notebook, he would’ve never imagine that exciting things like these were possible between a man and a woman.

He should really spend more time reading, since it seems that books are really beneficial.

“LianCheng… En… A…Ah… D…Don’t bite down so hard, ah! S… Ah! Softer… En… LianCheng……”

He could feel the other him awakening just from her voice, which was calling out his name in such melodious tone. In fact, he wished for nothing more than to use her right now and then, but he did not want their first time to be done so hastily…

He curled his tongue around her perked up beans, sometimes suckling, sometimes nibbling.

He loved how she would react to his actions, as if her body was the epitome of lust incarnation.

Her moans and cries soothed his heart and soul.

He lifted his head from her chest, and with a flick of his hand, her skirt was tore away faster than a blink of an eye!

“Ah!” She cried up in shock as she felt the sudden chill in her exposed legs, she was finally left with the final piece of clothing, her panties.

“Are you wet?” He asked curiously, recalling the scenes from the book and clamping his lips over her left bean before taking a gentle bite.

He grinned in satisfaction at her escaped moans, “I’ll check it for you.”

“No! Don’t… En! N…Not wet, I’m definitely not wet… Ah!” How could he! How could he be so mean!

In fact, XuanYuan LianCheng’s huge palm was already within her panties, but instead of checking, like he said he would, he had pinched her softly on her sensitive bud.

She no longer knew what she was feeling, whether it was pain, fear or something else… Though, she felt as if she might cry.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 98

Chapter 98

He said, he wanted her to swallow the bottle with her……!?

His words, with the combination of the horribly vulgar image on the book, was enough to cause her to faint eternally.

No… Even if she had fainted, this monstrous demon would probably not show her mercy! He would probably go along with the initial plan, and insert the bottle within her nonetheless…

How can each and every one of them be so cruel? Have they any respect for her at all?!

She did not want to be here, for she was certain she would be ruined beyond repair under the demon’s hands.

With a nervous gulp, she reached out her palms and pressed them against his chest, intending to push him away.

Unfortunately, as soon as her hands touched his skin, she felt a stinging pain on the back of her neck, following soon was the lost of sensations on her entire body, from head to toe.

She fell against his opened arms weakly, like a prostitute seducing her customer, though that was not her intend.

She could not even move a single finger, let alone control her body.

H…He had hit her acupoint!

“Do you really believe that I would make the same mistake twice?” XuanYuan LianCheng chuckled deeply as he pulled the limp woman into his arms once again, before continuing to flip the notebook with interest.

“I see… We can do this too.” He said curiously, though his eyes flashed as if he had discovered something fun.

He pecked her softly on her sweat-filled forehead, before chuckling deeply once again, “It seems that we could actually warm the wine within the bottle deep inside your walls, though, I wonder how would the wine taste like after?”

“…Filthy, it’ll get filthy.” Mu QianQian whimpered softly, trying desperately to convince him otherwise. He’s scary, so scary… Would he ever allow her to leave? She prayed that she would not be forced to undergo such a perverse game, but alas, her prayers were destined to go unheard.

Plus, this book! How perverted can one be to even create such a book!?

“You’re not filthy to me.” His lips curved up into a slight smile as he continued flipping through the notebook.

Truth be told, he was not at all interested in the notebook, plus it was sent by the Queen Dowager to encourage him to take a woman. He had flipped through it lazily in his spare time, but had found nothing of interest.

He felt disgusted by the sight of the women within the book, there was absolutely nothing appealing about them and he felt entirely repulsed by them.

But surprisingly, now that Mu QianQian was trapped within his arms and scared out of her wits at the sight of his book, somehow, he felt… happy?

To think that she’d be so terrified, but it was this exact reason that made everything fun.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian felt her heart drooped deeper and deeper into the ground as the man flipped through the book, what was left of her previous whimpers had turned entirely into a silent cry as she was forced to watch the book with him.

These images… All of the women within the book did not even come from a normal household! Almost all of them were sex slaves, some were tied, some were raped, some were forcefully stuffed with objects, some were fucked to death, and finally, to her horror, some had been tied and hanged in midair while being played by a man….

No, she don’t want to end up like them!!

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 97

Chapter 97

She would accept him like she did with Dong JingMo if he used the exact same way, right? His eyes flashed as the realization set in, but surprisingly, he was not angry.

With a flick of his palm, the bottle of wine, which had been on the shelf nearby, flew instantly towards his hand.

Telekinesis! Mu QianQian’s eyes were wide in panic as she watched him bit off the cork before throwing his head back and began pouring the wine into his opened mouth while his adam’s apple moved sexily as he swallowed them all.

But still, this was not the time to appreciate his beauty, as all she could feel was fear for the inevitable future.

Furthermore, his martial arts were obviously top-notched, and she was sure he could’ve snap her neck easily… She was no different to an ant to him!

“Would you like to taste it?” XuanYuan LianCheng landed his eyes upon hers after drinking almost half of the bottle.

Mu QianQian stared slack-jawed at him before quickly shaking her head, but still, he took another sip before leaning in closer to her face.

She felt his palms on the back of her head as he pulled her in for a drink, and finally realizing how dangerous this man was, she placed both of her palms against his burning chest before carefully spreading her lips apart as she drank the wine directly from his mouth.

“Such fragrance… It taste so much better than the wine” He whispered softly as he extended his sleek tongue to lick his lips clean, before moving on to clean her chin while his eyes shone brightly with a hint of smile.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian was so terrified that she could not breath properly any longer, she did not know where the sudden fear surfaced from, perhaps, it was because she finally recognized his prowess in his martial arts?

Anyhow, how it happened did not matter, because she was truly scared, so terrified that she could not even struggle any longer.

“Such a good girl.” He rasped deeply, before clamping his lips over her agape lush lips once again, suckling and nibbling them softly and gently.

“E…En……” It was getting really hard to breath, like as if her air was stuck halfway within her windpipe, she wished she could push him away, if only to gasp for a single mouthful of air, but, she did not dare to.

As for why did she not do it? That was because she noticed the evil glint within his eyes, and there was nothing gentle about his smile, which was equally demonic and disturbing.

Finally, Mu QianQian had been fed a few mouthfuls of the wine, while XuanYuan LianCheng had drank the rest. He eyed the timid woman on the bed silently, before sitting up in an upright position and pulling her into his arms.

“Could it be that Dong JingMo would always use you differently, hence why you’re risking your life just to return so that he could fuck you?”

“LianCheng……” Isn’t that… a little too vulgar?

“But do not worry, I’m a man who cares a lot for his wife. I’ve successfully acquired this notebook from the palace, let us examine it together.” With a flick of his hand, he threw the wine bottle to the side before reaching into his sleeves to grab a worn-out book.

A notebook from the palace…… Mu QianQian’s breathing quickened upon hearing those words, this book much be the book of the devil, as the mere sight of it had already sent shivers down her spine.

She moved her gaze onto his face and sucked in a tight breath, he… must be the devil, right? For his smile was demonic, even more so than the book!

She felt like running, but alas, even a twitch from her body would result in him tightening his arm, and in no time, her face was scrunched up tightly together in pain.

She could not escape, as he did not intend to release her today!

“Check this out.” XuanYuan LianCheng held the book right in front of her face, “Can a woman’s hole really be spread so wide apart? You can’t even swallow my shaft fully, was it possible for your other mouth to swallow a wine bottle so fully, like this picture?”

Wine bottle… Mu QianQian stared at the vulgar picture silently, before instinctively landing her gaze at the nearby bottle.

She felt faint as her eyes went blind momentarily at her imminent doom.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 96

Chapter 96

He kissed her passionate, nibbling her swollen lips and relishing the taste of her warm mouth. He ignored her punches, as it felt nothing more than an itch to him, and only releasing her when she laid limply on the bed while her arms hanged weakly on her sides.

“Why did you stop? Continue with the punching, though, I would advise you to hit harder, otherwise, I would assume you’re merely scratching an itch for me.” He whispered deeply into her ears before clamping his lips over hers once more. Her lips were delicious, and he realized that the more he tasted her, the sweeter it becomes, it was the total opposite of what he imagined a woman’s lips to taste like.

So soft, so smooth… It gets better and better, just like her little perky beans… His eyes darkened significantly as he landed his gaze onto her chest.

His words had sent Mu QianQian into a fury, and she would’ve scream vulgarities at him if it wasn’t for the fact that she did not even have the strength left to speak.

How can he be so sturdy? She had punched him for quite a while, even losing her strengths for it, but all it did was give him a so-called ‘itch’.

She had finally realized that she could never escape from him, not unless he allowed her to, just like last time…

She regretted coming here together with him, she would rather be punished by the Queen Dowager for doing a bad job at the welcome feast for the emissaries than suffer here. The worst punishment there would’ve been kneeling for an entire day, whereas here, she would straight up be forced to lose her purity as a woman.

… Though, technically, she had already lost her purity underneath Dong JingMo…

But still, every single men here was dangerous, and it would be wise to stay away from all of them, though, it seemed to be a trend for them to fool with her one after the other…

She opened her eyes shakily, only to see him staring unblinkingly at her chest. For some reason, even though he was a very handsome man, his gaze irritated and repulsed her, a lot.

All of them see her as nothing but a toy, a stress-relieving toy! She reminded herself instantly, but before she could try to push him away, he had already grabbed both sides of her cheeks tightly and lifted her head up, “I want you.” He said earnestly as their eyes met.

He said he wants me… What does he mean by this? Was he seeking her opinion?

Though, deep down, she knew that it was impossible, as these men would take whatever they want with no regards to her feelings, she still held on to hope as she shook her head slightly, “I…I don’t wish to…”

“Spread open your mouth.” He said deeply with his melodious voice, it was probably a voice that would make a woman pregnant just by listening to it, but unfortunately, Mu QianQian was not one of those women.

She pursed her lips tightly together, determined to not do as he was told.

“Be good, I’ll be gentle, alright?” Again with the discussing tone, but she knew that there was no room for discussions here.

In fact, she’s scared… So terrified that even her fingertips were shaking.

XuanYuan LianCheng was definitely not giving her an option, and she had already prepared herself to make a run for it… But, with his arms locked so tightly around her waist, where in the world she she run to?

This woman… It seems that giving her a choice good-mannerly would not work, as she’s someone who can only be cowed by force and not persuaded by reason… His eyes narrowed dangerously at her answer, I should’ve just took her by force, just like Dong JingMo, would that make her fear him more and finally be a good little girl?

Translator’s Note:
Too much inner-thoughts here, gimme some action action action >_<