Ivory Moonlight – Chp 4

Chapter 4

Her palms pressed against the ground as she landed, it wasn’t painful, but it seems that she had sprained her ankle, and in her shock, she could vaguely hear a man calling out loudly, “Big Sis Lin! Boss! Miss Ye had fallen!”

Before she could stand up from the ground, a shadow loomed over her as a pair of warm hands grabbed her arms gently as she was pulled from the ground.

Staring at Ye SangSang’s pale face as she winced from the pain, Lin Xia felt a wave of guilt and regret flow through her. Why did she run? If she hadn’t ran, she wouldn’t have fallen down, and if she hadn’t fallen down, she wouldn’t be in so much pain.

All she would’ve suffer was being teased by the bunch of fools, and she had always been thick faced, so what was she afraid of! Why did she run!

Lin Xia’s dark eyes were dim as she murmured softly at her, “Let me see, where does it hurt?”

Ye SangSang bit down on her lips as her eyes were filled with unshed tears, “My right ankle…” Her soft whimper trembled as she answered her question.

Lin Xia knelt down on her knees immediately upon hearing her words, her eyes narrowing sharply as soon as her gaze landed on the horrifying purple bulge on her ankle.

“You need a doctor.” Lin Xia said in a panic as she lead the injured woman towards the residency area, but even though Ye SangSang was already leaning against her, she would wince every time her right feet landed on the ground.

“Come up, I’ll carry you.” Lin Xia declared worriedly as she lowered her back at her crush.

Ye SangSang blinked at the worried woman’s back, wondering why did she not offer to carry her in her arms? But since both of them weren’t close, she felt somewhat shy to request such an idea… Shaking her head slightly, she leaned down against Lin Xia’s wide back timidly, feeling the sudden stiffness within her, as if her entire back was made of solid skin and bones made of rock.

Ye SangSang’s chin was on her shoulder while her bosom leaned against her back, the softness felt so vivid even though they were separated by layers of cloth. And as she walked, she could feel them rubbing against her back, so soft and warm that it made her brain all fuzzy.

Pang pang pang! Her heart was beating furiously as she felt her face burned together with both of her ears, and if it wasn’t for her extreme endurance, she might’ve just thrown Ye SangSang on the ground before escaping into the distance.

It’s too embarrassing!

After what felt like forever, as soon as she reached the doctor’s room, Lin Xia dropped her on the patient’s bed as if she was a contagious disease that she wished to escape from.

The white-haired elderly doctor folded up his long sleeves before reaching out for Ye SangSang’s right leg, folding up her pants to take a look at the purple bulge which was the size of an infant’s fist.

Afraid that her internal injuries were worse than its outward appearance, the doctor reached out his hands towards her naked feet, intending to examine it thoroughly, only to be snapped by the anxious Lin Xia.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She glowered protectively before he could grab ahold of her foot.

The elderly doctor jumped in shock at Lin Xia’s sudden intimating question before staring back at her in confusion, “It is to examine if any of her bones were broken, of course.” He answered slowly while stroking the long white mustache on his chin.

His initial thought was that if Ye SangSang had any broken bones, they might need to sent her to town as his skills and the equipments here were insufficient for such a serious injury.

Lin Xia glanced apologetically at him, for she had accused him falsely, as she had assumed that he wanted to do bad things to her crush.

“Tell me how, I’ll check.” Lin Xia coughed awkwardly, intending to hide her embarrassment, but still, she would let no one but herself near Ye SangSang’s foot.

Her words almost sent him into a fit as he glared at her angrily, no doubt he would’ve kicked her out of his room if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s the leader’s only daughter.

But still, it was confirmed that Ye SangSang did not have any broken bones, just a sprained ankle, and she was prescribed a bottle of medicinal herbal oil that will remove the clotted blood from her ankle, which Lin Xia grabbed instantly before cheerfully kneeling down before her, not at all bothered by the sudden laborious work.

Noticing that the swell was somewhat facing her straw sandals, Lin Xia took it off gently before grasping her delicate foot with care and massaging it with the oil patiently.

Ye SangSang’s foot was really small and delicate, and it was probably because her foot always wrapped and hidden away from sunlight, it was as pale as paper.

Lin Xia held her adorable foot softly within her palm, it was so smooth that she felt a strong urge to ponder and tease her foot.

But it was inappropriate in this situation, and Lin Xia forced her burning eyes away from her foot before her thumbs worked diligently, trying their best to sooth Ye SangSang’s pain.

Ye SangSang almost yelped out in pain, but knowing that the clotted blood on her ankle needed to be dispersed, she bit down on her lips as she forced herself to endure the horrible pain.

Her back was already soaked with sweat when Lin Xia was finally done, and her entire body felt drained from the stress of the pain.

Thankfully, Lin Xia has offered to carry her back to her room, but the entire place was empty as everyone else had gone to work.

Lin Xia placed her on top of her straw bed before fidgeting nervously at the fact that they’re alone in her crush’s room, “You need to massage this oil onto your ankle three times a day for it to recover quickly.” She instructed quickly as she searched for a place to rest her arms.

“Thank you,” Ye SangSang restrained her escaping giggle with great effort as she watched Lin Xia fidget from awkwardness, “By the way, you and your men helped clean my field yesterday, yes?”

Lin Xia’s body froze up immediately upon hearing her words, she wanted to deny it, but even if she did, Ye SangSang would probably not believe it after seeing it with her own eyes today.

“En…” Finally, she nodded after a long hesitation.

Ye SangSang’s lips curved up into a grin as soon as she heard Lin Xia’s confession, “Why did you help me?”

But Lin Xia’s brain was frozen at the sight of her crush’s smile, Oh my goodness, this woman… She’s already such a beauty when she doesn’t smile, but now that she did, I don’t think I can ever move my eyes from her ever again…

“It’s because I like you, of course,” Lin Xia’s honest words escaped her lips before her mind could recover.

Ye SangSang stared at her in surprise, as she had not expected Lin Xia to admit it out loud, because from her previous actions, she had assumed that Lin Xia would take a longer time to confess.

But the actual truth was that Lin Xia had been so mesmerized by her smile that she had forgotten everything and admitted her deepest secret out loud.

And when Lin Xia finally realized what she had said, it felt as if there was a huge explosion within her mind while her face flushed into a bright scarlet shade as she tried desperately to avoid eye contact with her crush.

“Y…you… you’re so pretty… T…there’s not a single person in our village that would dislike you…” She stuttered nervously, trying hard to save the situation.

There was not a single hint of the usual arrogance and confidence within her, instead, she looked like a young lady who had fallen in love for the first time.

Finally unable to contain her laughter, Ye SangSang giggled softly before waving her hand at Lin Xia, “Come closer.”

Lin Xia’s body has shamefully moved towards her crush before she could react, but as she stood before her crush, her eyes were still fleeting as they moved around the room and not at her crush.

Ye SangSang giggled once again before tugging onto Lin Xia’s collar, pulling her face closer to hers.

Lin Xia stiffened uncontrollably as Ye SangSang’s warm breath grazed her cheeks while both of her arms fidgeted around nervously as they failed to find a resting place. She wanted to push this fragrant woman away, but she was afraid that she might hurt her crush by accident.

Finally, her eyes fixated on the a random spot of the bed as she tried her best to keep her expressions in place, not knowing that she was failing it miserably.

“Do you like me so much?” Ye SangSang gazed at her intently with smiling eyes, “If so, when do you plan to marry me?”

“What? M…marry you… M…me?…” Lin Xia’s eyes widened in shock as they finally landed on Ye SangSang’s beautiful face, while her own face flushed into an even darker shade of red when she noticed the seriousness and happiness within her crush’s eyes.

Lin Xia had fallen in love with this woman in front of her when she first landed her eyes on her. It was love at first sight. But even so, she had not tried to pursue her crush because deep within her, she knew that Ye SangSang was different from any other villagers… Her crush came from the city, and she was knowledgeable.

As for her, even though she was the sole daughter of the leader, she knew she was nothing when compared to her crush.

She was unemployed, and lazy, never making an effort to do anything. If she was a man, she would’ve been a full-fledge thug.

She was not ladylike, hence no man would ever pursue her, and even though the country allowed homosexual marriage, it was even more unlikely that any woman would choose to spend their days marrying a thug.

Finally unable to ensure Ye SangSang’s subtle smile, Lin Xia pulled back from her grasp before escaping from the room like an animal with its tail between its legs.

But even so, Lin Xia had not failed to arrive daily to take care of her needs. She would bring boiled water and even desserts for her every day.

And funnily, Lin Xia would always escape before Ye SangSang tried to speak to her, either by finishing the chores in a flash or merely pressing the box of desserts into her arms before taking off into the distance.

Everyone in the village was curious at their sudden interaction, while some even tried to convince Ye SangSang from staying away from the infamous thug, but those that did were the ones who were jealous of the fact that Lin Xia had showered her with desserts every day, because even though they were merely desserts, not everyone in the village would spend their hard-earned money on luxury things such as these.

Ye SangSang ignored them all, of course, because of her mission, it was inevitable that she would get close to Lin Xia, even marrying her in the future, so how could she stay away from her? Furthermore, even without the mission, she would still linger around Lin Xia nevertheless, because she liked women, and Lin Xia suited her taste entirely.

Meanwhile, the jealous villagers, who had finally realized that Ye SangSang had ignored their words, began spreading rumors about how she was a gold digger who chose Lin Xia because of her family’s power, some even insisted that her cold demeanor was just an act and that she was a slut deep inside.

Ye SangSang had ignored these rumors too, as it was too much of a bother.

To be surprise, Wang Fang, who was envious of her daily desserts, began to linger around her while trying to sooth and fix their previous misunderstandings, but it was to no avail as Ye SangSang would not allow a poisonous snake to be her friend.

The weather was somewhat cool when Ye SangSang’s swollen ankle had fully recovered, hence she decided to visit the nearby market to purchase some tasty food.

She had rushed over here when she first arrived, hence even though her parents had given her plenty of money, she did not have the chance or the time to buy anything from the market.

She knew she was mere inches away from vomiting at the daily sweet potato meals, and even though Lin Xia would occasionally bring her some meat or vegetables, it was not enough to soothe her stomach from the horrible sweet potato. She missed the food she had eaten in her previous life dearly, the warm rice, juicy meat, and the crunchy vegetables that her mother from her original world would cook every night.

Furthermore, it was about time she write a letter to her family in this world.

In the original story, Ye SangSang had hated her family for sending her here, hence she had never written back home at all, until finally, her relationship with her family broke down entirely.

Her current mission was to complete the main objective, which was Lin Xia, but she would need to spend a small amount of system coins to unlock the side missions.

But she would rather spend some coins than to become enemies with her family members here, and she would rather not fall into such a terrible situation after her marriage with Lin Xia fell apart, like what happened in the original story…

Furthermore, even though her parents had insisted that she take her brother’s place here, but their love for her was real, and they had never treated her unfairly even though she was a female.

And even though her parents had forced her here, she knew from the system that her mother had been drowned in tears every night ever since she left home, whereas her father had been even more solemn than before, almost bursting into tears as he watched her train left.

Knowing these, Ye SangSang would not make herself ignore her body’s parents, even if she had never met or interact with them in person.

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Ivory Moonlight – Chp 3

Chapter 3

Ye SangSang did not come from a rich family, even in her previous life, but as the only child of the family, other than focusing on her studies, her parents had not allowed her to help out with house chores.

Hence, the few days that she had spent here was a total nightmare, as she wasn’t able to get used to this hard labor work under the burning hot sun. She was already weak in her limbs and her back ached badly in merely a few minutes. The other villagers had already begun clearing out the weeds in the mid-field while she was still at the beginning, clearly not making any progress.

The scorching sun burned above her and she placed the hoe gently on the ground before squatting down on the spot, quickly removing the face-mask and dabbing the streaming sweat from her forehead with her sleeves before fanning herself in a desperate attempt to cool down.

Soft footsteps sounded behind her, peaking up her curiosity but catching herself on time because according to her cool personality, it was not something she would do. Calming down the impulse to peek, Ye SangSang kept herself in a squatting position, ignoring the curious footsteps.

The soft footsteps halted right next to her, finally revealing the owner.

Lin Xia.

She was mildly surprised as she watched Lin Xia hoeing the field right next to hers, wasn’t she an idle rich girl who doesn’t work at all?

Noticing her glance, Lin Xia raised her head towards her direction while her eyes gleamed in surprise, before greeting her gently, “It’s you, such a coincidence.”

But Ye SangSang was not about to believe in coincidences, as this was obviously the work of Lin Xia, perhaps her actions this morning was a success?

Hiding the subtle victory sign within her heart, Ye SangSang nodded slightly while keeping her face expressionless, “En.”

Lin Xia’s eyes noticeably darkened in disappointment, and keeping her silence, she continued her work in the fields. Her hoeing posture looked somewhat rusty, and she had almost sprained her ankles a few times, her face burned red with embarrassment before quickly turning away, pointing her backside at Ye SangSang in a desperate attempt to hide her shame.

Ye SangSang, who had kept her eyes on Lin Xia the entire time, almost burst out laughing at her adorableness.

Why is the future cold-hearted and ruthless female lead so cute right now!!

The bell sounded loudly as soon as midday came, announcing that the lunch break has arrived.

Ye SangSang checked the time silently, realizing that the lunch break was about thirty minutes earlier than usual, but she was still starving nonetheless, as her breakfast had been few and unfulfilling.

She made her way back slowly with her hoe in tow, it wasn’t her turn to cook today, so why the rush? It was too hot, and she felt extremely uncomfortable with all the sweat and dirt on her. Furthermore, even if she had arrived earlier, she would still have to spend time queuing up as the other villagers would surely take a shower before lunch, and a shower was what Ye SangSang needed right now.

The usual breakfast consists of sweet potato porridge and steamed sweet potatoes. Lunch was slightly better than breakfast, as there was a plate of wild vegetables, even though they were simply boiled with salt, and a piece of steamed bun, which was basically steamed cornmeal flour and bran, resulting in it being rock-hard.

When Ye SangSang first arrived, she hadn’t been able to swallow the bun, but not eating it means that she would starve for the day, hence even though it was as hard as a rock and that it hurts her throat, she ate it nonetheless.

She returned home to take an afternoon nap after forcing down her food, and as she laid on her bed, she pondered about when she would be married to Lin Xia, as she could no longer deal with the sweet potato porridge, steamed sweet potatoes, and sweet potato chips as her daily meal any longer…

The Red Star Corporation was actually quite wealthy, as they have the natural products from the mountains and the rivers, and Lin JianGuo wasn’t entirely strict on their members hunting extra wildlife or seafood, but that was no the case for the villagers.

The corporation doesn’t see the villagers as their own, so if any villagers dared to hunt for an extra meal, there would be serious consequences.

But still, the corporation needed them for field labors, which was why even though their meals were lacking, the corporation would never stop providing food for them.

After awakening from her afternoon nap, Ye SangSang slowly made her way back towards her field.

A female acquaintance’s voice sounded up nearby at her curiously, “Why do you not travel with Miss Wang any longer?”

“En.” Ye SangSang replied blandly, as she was not obligated to satisfy an acquaintance’s curiosity, causing the woman to glare at her unhappily before leaving on her way.

But as soon as she reached her field, Ye SangSang was so shocked that she thought her jaw might’ve dropped onto the floor.

Her field was absolutely cleaned of weeds?!

She rubbed her eyes in doubt before squinting her eyes on her field once more, It’s real!

Quickly glancing at Lin Xia’s field, she noticed that it was, too, cleaned of any weeds, and by now, if she was still oblivious to whoever did it, she would not say a word if anyone called her stupid to her face.

She’s such a sweet person~ She thought cheerfully as she dropped her hoe onto the ground before searching around for Lin Xia’s whereabouts.

It would not be appropriate to ignore her kind gestures, and by giving thanks, she could probably leave a better impression on Lin Xia, which might hasten the development of the story plot.

Under a large and wide tree, a beautiful woman sat on a smooth rock while leaning against the tree bark. Her legs were crossed as she shook them casually and her hands rested behind her head while a green grass hanged from her mouth.

Meanwhile, the thugs surrounding her were all moaning and lying around on the ground.

“Big Sis Lin, we’re all suffering for your Miss Ye.”

“Exactly! We don’t even work to earn our own work points, never would I have expected to provide free labor… Big Sis Lin, you have to pity us more!”

Lin Xia glared at the bunch of thugs around her, “What do you mean my Miss Ye? Stop spouting nonsense!” She scoffed.

Though, it does sound pretty good.

“If she’s not your Miss Ye, why did you force us to clear weeds during lunchtime? If it wasn’t because Big Sis Lin wanted to woo her lover, I’ll cut off my head…”

His voice grew softer and finally fading into nothing as Lin Xia glared at him.

“Gah, fine! I’ll treat all of you to a good meal in a few days,” Lin Xia glared at each of the thugs face in warning, “But don’t you thugs dare reveal this to anyone, otherwise, do not blame me for demonstrating how solid my fists are!”

The mumbling thugs burst out in laughter at her warning, “Wasn’t our Big Sis Lin a brave and daring person, why are you hiding your good deeds now? How would she know the hard work you’ve done if you don’t reveal it?”

“Ahh, shut up, you noisy fellow!” Lin Xia growled at the laughing thug before kicking him in his backsides, “One more noise and we’ll cancel the meal!”

“Ah, I’m dying! Dying!!” The thug laid on the ground as he cried out in pretense pain.

Lin Xia rolled her eyes at the childish thug before turning back to her rock, but as she was sitting down, another thug came up to her and whispered urgently into her ear, “Aihh, Big Sis Lin, it seems that your lady is here.”

Ye SangSang had heard the noisy thugs all the way from afar, but though her heart burned with admiration, she held it under control after remembering that Lin Xia had spent the entire midday hoeing her fields, so it was to be expected even if she was fooling around and resting now.

She moved swiftly towards the group, while the thugs whistled at her teasingly, “Look! The village beauty is here!”

“Hehe, surely you’re here for our Big Sis right?”

“You dumbass, of course she’s here for Big Sis, as she’s the only one who is suitable for our Beauty Ye!”

The group of thugs burst out laughing while Ye SangSang’s face turned chillier while her hands clenched into fists beside her, seemingly angry at their words.

But only she herself would know that she was controlling herself from running away blushing at their teasing words.

“Shut up!” Lin Xia snarled impatiently at the thugs, finally silencing their laughers.

“You’re looking for me?“ She walked towards Ye SangSang before asking nervously.

Ye SangSang nodded her head slightly before voicing out her concerns, “Did you hoe my field?”

Lin Xia was prepared to nod, but she could not control her body due to her extreme nervousness and ended up shaking her head immediately.

Ye SangSang glanced at the woman in front of her in confusion, Why would she hide it? Or was she one of those people who would perform sweet gestures to woo a woman but would insist to hide it?

Meanwhile, Lin Xia was prepared to slap herself at her stupidity, Such a good opportunity, wasted!!!

The group of thugs behind her stared at her in shock, how can their Big Sis make this mistake at such a critical moment!!!

“Alright, I understand.” Ye SangSang sighed softly before taking her leave, she would not pester Lin Xia any further since it would seem that she intended to hide the fact.

But on the next day, Ye SangSang skipped her afternoon nap and rushed immediately to her field right after she finished her lunch.

And at the silent fields, there were about four to five men hoeing the ground diligently, and though their uniforms were of the same color, she noticed Lin Xia immediately.

Her shoulder-length hair was tied up simply in a ponytail while her forehead was streamed with sweat, making her all the more mesmerizing, like an alluring model from Ye SangSang’s past life.

All four men halted in their actions the moment Ye SangSang showed up, before murmuring quickly to the oblivious Lin Xia.

Lin Xia’s body froze immediately upon hearing her men’s words before lifting her head stiffly towards Ye SangSang, her face flushing bright scarlet as she noticed that her crush was making her way towards her.

Oh my god! She screamed internally at being caught red-handed right after denying it yesterday. She could even see the slight grin on Ye SangSang’s face as she got closer to her.

This was actually Lin Xia’s first time seeing an expression on Ye SangSang’s chilly face, but she could not enjoy it under such embarrassing circumstances.

A string in her mind snapped as she threw her hoe onto the ground in panic before taking off into the distance while Ye SangSang stared at her leaving figure in disbelief as she subconsciously prepared to make chase.

But as she lifted her right foot, she suddenly remembered her body’s personality, and that there was no way the cold and chilly Ye SangSang would chase down a person…

She quickly tried to take back her right leg, but instead, losing her balance to the quick movements and she blinked in panic as she felt her body fall towards the ground.

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Ivory Moonlight – Chp 2

Chapter 2

This world is a parallel world based in China in the seventies, with the exact same history as the place called Earth, with the exception of the politicians, celebrities and the law with allows the same gender to marry

And Ye SangSang was the villainess of this world.

It all happened after she graduated from high school. In a world like this, families would usually send their children, usually their sons, to fulfill a citizen’s duties of working in the countryside, but her family insisted to send her instead, as her elder brother was the breadwinner for the family and they could not afford to lose him under such conditions.

Hence, under her parents’ forceful attitude, Ye SangSang unwillingly left the city and made her way to the countryside while her hatred for them grew.

In the original story, Ye SangSang was a very lazy person, and the fact that she was arrogant and conceited does not make her a likable person. Intending to spend her days in comfort, she immediately married the daughter of the Red Star Corporation, Lin Xia, as she did not wish to work. She successfully became pregnant not long after, as she had decided that being a housewife of a rich woman was the ultimate life goal.
(TNote: from what I understood, Red Star Corporation was the company in charge of the countryside’s production ;w;)

But right at this time, the country decided to release a new high-school specialty program, which was examinations based. Intending to return to the city, Ye SangSang resorted to using her unborn child to threaten Lin Xia to approve the divorce.

With no other choice left, Lin Xia agreed to the divorce and allowed her to return to high-school, but the plan was set to fail, as Ye SangSang was not a studious and hardworking person.

She could not successfully complete her program, and her life turned grim and harsh quickly.

Furthermore, her relationships with her family did not heal too, in fact, it had worsened further. Not long after she had left for the countrysides, her brother had married a woman and she had given birth to a son, and taking into account that she won’t be back until four years later, Ye SangSang’s parents had allowed her nephew to stay in her room for the time being.

After showing up at her own house suddenly, she kicked her nephew out of her room and demanded to be served like a princess. Her family somewhat agreed to it too, as they were guilty and felt apologetic to her for sending her to the countryside.

Unfortunately, their actions were not meant to be received in goodwill, as Ye SangSang continued to act like an entirely horrible person and proceeded to destroy the peace of her family by picking fights with her sister-in-law and bullying her nephew. Finally, no longer able to handle her, Ye SangSang’s parents chased her out of the house and told her to stay in the school dorm.

Ye SangSang’s life in the dorms was worse than before, as ten girls would sleep in a single unit and they had to take turns using the bathroom. Ye SangSang would always get into fights with her roommates, resulting in her ultimate isolation at school as no one wanted to be her friend, but still, she did not change her attitude and instead, blame it on others.

Unable to live comfortably as she does not receive much pocket money, and not proceeding much in her studies, Ye SangSang began to have wicked thoughts and resorted to acquiring a long term ‘boyfriend’.
(TNote: a man that spends money, love, and attention on her, basically courting her, while she keeps him hanging/treat him as a ‘brother’/temporary boyfriend until she finds someone else.)

He was handsome, with a somewhat masculine grace and gentleman-like features, plus his family was pretty well-off.

After that, Ye SangSang had treated him as her main focus while giving up on her studies, almost failing to graduate from school. Her ‘boyfriend’ had provided her with a normal white-collar job, but being a lazy woman, she had not put in much effort and often made mistakes, resulting in her higher-ups having an unfavorable impression on her.

Ye SangSang’s ‘boyfriend’, who had sincerely loved her, eventually left her as she was creating too much social troubles for him, plus the fact that he had realized that she was only using him for money. He requested for a breakup, only to be threatened by the pregnant Ye SangSang. He eventually married her, out of his sense of responsibilities, but even so, Ye SangSang became, even more, lazier as a housewife.

She was a housewife only in name, as she would always leave her child with her mother-in-law while she went shopping. Her actions eventually angered her husband, who insisted on a divorce, only to be rejected by her. Angered but unable to do anything else, he resorted to cheating.

When Ye SangSang found out, she was filled with rage and anger, smashing everything in her room before making her way to her husband’s mistress, intending to destroy her, only to be found out by her husband.

He had beaten her up for it and resorted to physical violence and home abuse to vent out his frustrations on her. Unable to take any more beatings, Ye SangSang finally agreed to the divorce, plus it was a clean divorce, where she would not be entitled to any of his properties or money.

By then, Ye SangSang was already a middle-age woman, plus the fact that she did not have much experience in the professional fields, she had no choice but to end up as a cleaning lady, and coincidentally, her employer was a company owned by Lin Xia.

In order to relive her previous life of prosperity, she began showing up frequently in Lin Xia’s office, crying and begging for forgiveness, even using their child to threaten her, but Lin Xia ignored her futile attempts as she had already moved on and fell in love with her destined one, the main protagonist Zhao ZhenZhen.

Unable to accept this situation, Ye SangSang began to conspire against Zhao ZhenZhen, only to fail as the protagonist was well protected by Lin Xia, but Ye SangSang continued on regardless.

Her continuous actions finally angered the blackened Lin Xia, who immediately called the cops on her and finally, she would be tortured and eventually die behind bars.

And THIS, was the character she was supposed to play, the evil and cruel first love of Lin Xia, a woman who shares the exact same name as her.

She used to be a normal and average high-school student, so average that you would not have been able to differentiate her from anyone else… But if one insisted to search for the difference, it would be that she’s only interested in women.

Her cause of death was from a fatal head concussion, as she had knocked her head hard after falling off her bed while she slept. She had sighed at her early death, but there was nothing she could do.

This was when a system called System 001 appeared in her mind, it told her that she would be transported to any different worlds as the first love of the blackened villain.

The system would not have any information on how her character became the first love of Lin Xia, and as for her personality, as long as she maintained her outward behavior properly, it would not be considered as OOC (Out of character) error. Anyways, requirements are set to the lowest for the easier completion of missions by world-hoppers like her.

Nodding slightly, she knew that as long as her Cold Beauty persona was maintained, it would be fine. As for the other personalities such as arrogance and being a lazy conspiring person, were automatically denied by Ye SangSang as she would not be able to maintain it.

What surprised her was that she was sent into the past. It was ten years before the ultimate ending, where she had been sent to the countryside while living a humble life and working daily in the fields.

But fortunately, this body was strong and young, hence even if she would starve frequently, it did not affect her too much as her face and skin had stayed beautiful, unlike the chalk-like paleness of the other villagers.

As she made her way to the village, Ye SangSang froze in shock as she suddenly remembered that she has left Wang Fang up in the mountains!

She pondered if she should return to the mountains, just in case she could not find her and had stayed there waiting for her, but suddenly, she noticed a figure within the room.

Wang Fang? Why is she here, wasn’t she supposed to be in the mountains?

Wait, no… Ye SangSang frowned as her memories from before flashed through her mind, Wang Fang did not appear even though she had screamed for help when she was assaulted and dragged away by Lai San, but if she had been nearby, there was no way that she hadn’t heard her screams for help…

She puckered her lips unhappily at her realization, it was her mistake for missing out such an important detail, but her happiness at making progress on her mission had overlapped Wang Fang’s suspicious actions…

Ye SangSang stood unmovingly at the door with a complicated look on her face, quickly attracting the attention of the villagers gathered around the dining table. One of the girls even waved at her, inviting her over.

Ye SangSang moved slowly towards the table, her gaze landing on Wang Fang’s body, only to realize that Wang Fang was scanning her body thoroughly, even frowning slightly at her overly clean garments while a hint of confusion flashed through her eyes, before greeting her awkwardly, “Sister Ye, where did you run off to previously? I couldn’t find you after finishing up my business so I came back first.” She said calmly.

Ye SangSang stared nonchalantly at Wang Fang, realizing the cunning and slyness of this woman, but without proof, she would not allow herself to mess things up, “Perhaps we missed each other…” She said simply.

After breakfast, the group of people made their way to the fields.

The weather was extremely hot outside and the fact that everyone was covered from head to toe didn’t make it any better, but there were no other alternatives, as the sunlight was so hot that it would burn right into one’s skins. Everyone wore hay sandals when they worked, with the exception of the poorer people, who wore shoes made of ragged cloth which did nothing to protect their feet.

Ye SangSang came from a decent family, and they had given her a stack of cash when she left for the countryside, but still, she had insisted on wearing hay sandals, not because she was stingy, but the fact that mud and stones would always get stuck in better shoes and it would make her uncomfortable.

She wore a gray long-sleeved shirt and a pair of black jeans, plus the straw hat on top of her head and the mask on her face made sure that every spot except her neck had been covered entirely.

Her hair was tied up in a bun, though it looked out of place in place, she could not care less because it was too hot, plus the fact that her straw had somewhat covers her hairstyle, it was not too much of a trouble.

On normal days, her fieldwork days would always be on the same day as Wang Fang, but after the events that happened this morning, Ye SangSang was somewhat unwilling to hang out with her, as she was not able to confirm whether the incident was planned by Wang Fang or not, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

This place used to be called Village Qing Shui, a fitting name as it was between a huge mountain and a wide beautiful lake. Resources were full and sufficient here, as nature provides well.

But right now, the village had been renamed GuangMing division, and the leader of the division was Lin Xia’s father, Lin JianGuo, the head of the division.

Today was just another day in the village, and Lin JianGuo was spending his afternoon patrolling through the fields, only to see his youngest evasive daughter standing right behind him with an ugly straw hat on her head.

“What are you doing here?” He glared at her angrily after jumping in shock.

Lin Xia stood lazily as she stared at her father with a hoe in her hand while her posture was lazily hunched, she would’ve looked like the ultimate thug if she was a male, but being a pretty female, it only made her look wild and beautiful, “For work, to earn some work points.” She arched her eyebrows slightly before answering him with a serious tone.

Lin JianGuo himself had two brothers, if it happened in another family, they would’ve been extremely happy, but for him and his family, all they’ve ever wanted was a girl.

Even when his own wife had given birth, he too had wished for a little baby girl, but it was not meant to be as his wife had given birth to three sons in a row. Even his own brothers had sons, but just when he wanted to give up his lifelong dreams, his wife managed to get pregnant once again, and this time, it was a girl!

The entire family had celebrated for days at the wonderful birth of his baby girl, and everyone began pampering her to no end, even her uncles and cousins too.

Lin Xia had three older brothers, ranging from five to eight years older than her, and they too, pamper their only sister to no end. This was the exact reason why she had never worked in her entire life, not even scolded or disciplined at all. She had lived her entire childhood as a little princess.

Furthermore, with all the men in her house, there was no need for her to work as the physical labor of her brothers and cousins was more than enough.

Unfortunately, Lin Xia had not grown into a pampered princess, instead, she had grown into an infamous thug who spends her day hanging out with the other young men in the village and bringing trouble to the GuangMing division.

Lin JianGuo would always search for an opportunity to speak sternly to his daughter, but he would always be stopped by his two brothers, their wives and all of their sons… Hence why Lin Xia could successfully grow into a well-known thug.

But fortunately, even though she refused to stop being a thug, she had her own limits and would never perform any illegal crimes, therefore Lin JianGuo decided to ignore her cheekiness.

But listening to his daughter’s words was enough to make him choke on his own saliva, “Y…you… What did you say?” He stared at his daughter in shock.

Lin Xia eyed the wonderful woman who was working diligently in the fields, “I want to earn some work points.” Better yet, assign me to the fields next to Ye SangSang.

Lin Xia wanted to let Ye SangSang live comfortably in the village, which is why she would have to have money in order to shower her crush in presents and tasty food. But even though her family was rich, taking from her family and not giving back would leave a bad taste within her mouth, hence she had decided to earn the money herself in order to buy pretty things for the pretty lady.

Lin JianGuo eyed his daughter with suspicion, wondering if some goddess had switched her daughter with an angel. Even though he did not know the reason for her sudden change, it did not stop him from beaming in happiness, My daughter is all grown up now! Even though our family doesn’t need another pair of hands working, it would be good practice for her when she finally marries someone.

“If you want to work, daddy could always assign you an easier job with a high pay.” He continued on, as the leader of the GuangMing division, there was no need for his own daughter to suffer in the fields.

Lin Xia turned her head the other away in refusal at her father’s suggestion. His face darkened gloomily as he pointed simply at an empty field, “Get lost quickly.”

Lin Xia moved quickly to the empty plot of field, her face beaming with light as she stared at Ye SangSang working right next to her field. The initial plan she had was to threaten someone to swap their fields with her in order for her to get closer to Ye SangSang, but who could’ve known that her father’s fingers were filled with magic!

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Ivory Moonlight – Chp 1

Chapter 1

In the early morning where everywhere was shrouded in a layer of mist, a ray of sunshine shone through the dense forest onto the muddled ground, lighting them up in patches.

At the bottom of the mountain, rows of wooden houses stood, and under the rising sunlight, the mist began to disperse slowly, reminding the citizens that it was time for breakfast.

This is a village built between a tall mountain and a long flowing river, quiet and wonderful.

Ye SangSang wiped off the sweat coating her forehead swiftly as she continued on her way with her companion in tow, both women carrying a bamboo basket filled with mountain greens and dried sticks used in campfires.

“It’ll be breakfast soon, let’s go back.” Wang Fang muttered tiredly and Ye SangSang nodded quickly.

It was their turn today to collect wooden sticks and mountain vegetables today for the entire village, which is why both women woke up extremely early today before the sun rises and made their way up the mountain. What was worse is that after breakfast is over, both of them were still required to work in the fields with no rest.

The two women made their way down the mountain tiredly, but halfway through, Wang Fang froze in her steps moments before kneeling down and clutching her stomach in pain, only to run off suddenly and disappearing into the woods before Ye SangSang could offer her help, “Wait for me here!”

Ye SangSang sighed as she stood waiting for her friend, shaking her head at her companion’s words, Even if she didn’t ask me to wait, I wouldn’t have followed her…

As she was waiting, a pair of smelly hands reached out towards her from behind and covered over her mouth tightly to prevent her from screaming for help.

Ye SangSang retched at the horrible scent on her face, almost vomiting straight onto his palms, but still, now was not the time to think about the smell… She began struggling and flailing her arms around in the hope of escaping from the man’s clutches.

Perhaps he had not expected Ye SangSang to struggle so violently, as he retracted his injured hands painfully and accidentally allowed her to escape.

Ye SangSang ran desperately towards the direction that Wang Fang went to, screaming for help, only to be caught once again by the same horrible hands. Ye SangSang’s eyes widened in shock as the hands began pulling her towards a bush while gripping her limbs tightly to prevent her from escaping once again.

Ye SangSang struggled desperately as she screamed for help, “Help! Wang Fang! Wang Fang!!”

“Hehe, stop screaming, no one else would be on this mountain so early in the morning,” The stranger grinned as he pushed her onto the floor, licking his lips hungrily as he stared dreamily at her, “Even if you scream up until the point of breaking your own voice, no one will save you.”

Ye SangSang was actually the prettiest woman in the entire village… no… in the entire ten villages nearby. No other woman can compete against her beauty.

Her face was small, merely the size of a palm, while her naturally pink lips were lush, like a plum, mesmerizing and alluring. Her skin was smooth and pale, like a top-notch ivory jade, so beautiful that even putting on a worn-down dress would not hide her beauty. She was like a goddess from the heavens, so beautiful and angelic, but her eyes had always been cold, and she emitted a freezing aura to everyone around her, making it hard for people to get close to her.

She was the epitome of a cold beauty.

A woman like this would turn the heads of many men, and usually, a flame of dominance would ignite within them, as no man would give up the chance to “conquer and tame” such a cold woman like this.

Lai San stared at her hungrily, almost drooling straight out. He had always been in love with this woman, but he never had the chance to get close to her… But now, it’s a whole different story, he can finally taint her fully and take her virginity by force before spreading the news to everyone, by then, she would have no choice but to marry him for eternity!

Lai San was actually from her own village, infamous for his laziness. He still lives with his widowed mother and he spends his days ogling over the women in the village. He was liked by nobody in the village.

Just thinking of the possibility of losing her body to this man was enough to make her vomit. Her small hands wrapped subtly over a piece of rock and she prepared herself steadily to smash the rock into his head the moment he pounced in her.

But before she could retaliate, Lai San let out a deep huff and slammed face down into the ground. Ye SangSang lifted her head up, noticing a woman standing behind where Lai San had stood.

The woman looked around her age, she was tall and her skin is slightly tanned, while her short curls flowed lazily behind her, giving her a wild and untamable appearance.

Her name was Li Xia, the second daughter of the village head. She wasn’t at all elegant and hard-working like the rest of the women in the village, instead, she was wild and ungraceful, always hanging out with the village thugs, infamous for being a thug herself.

She was also the target of her current mission!

“Thank you,” Ye SangSang said softly with her chilly voice, she lifted her chin up towards Lin Xia in thanks, exposing her smooth and pale neck, as if she was a proud swan.

But in reality, she had almost thanked her gratefully, only catching herself on time after remembering her body’s personality.

“Aih, our big sis Lin saved your life, is a single “thank you” really sufficient?” One thug who stood among the group of people behind Lin Xia chuckled.

Before Ye SangSang could reply to his question, the thugs began laughing loudly, “As our ancestors said, a life debt should be paid earnestly, I think you should just kiss our big sis Lin as your repayment.”

Everyone started nodding in approval at the thug’s suggestion, all of them burst out laughing while some even started whistling.

“Kiss!” “Kiss!”

Meanwhile, Lin Xia gazed at the woman she saved quietly, her long silky hair flowed flawlessly behind her back, while her smooth face shone strikingly. Her eyes were still somewhat cold and chilly, as usual, like a piece of ice, or a piece of flawless crystal… Her lips looked so soft and tasty, pink like a juicy plum.

Xia Lin felt her mouth drying up, her fingers twitched noticeably while deep within her eyes flashed a subtle hint of longing and want, but she managed to keep her face expressionless as she allowed her men to coo and convince this woman to give her a kiss.

Ye SangSang’s brows furrowed together slightly as her lips pursed together tightly, and as she stood there silently, it made her look like she got angry at their teasing.

She’s pissed off!

Lin Xia’s mind went blank the moment she saw Ye SangSang’s reaction, ignoring the disappointment in her heart, she turned her head quickly towards her men, “Get lost and shut up! You damn troublemakers!”

Don’t they realize that she’s already angry? Bunch of morons!

“Big sis Lin, but we’re just helping you…” “Exactly, didn’t you had your eyes on…”

Lin Xia turned her sharp glare onto the two men quickly to silence them, “You two wish to get beaten up, huh?”

“We’ll shut up, we’ll shut up!” “No no, we’ll do anything big sis Lin says!” The two men begged for mercy immediately, both of them clamping their palms tightly over their mouths.

Damn annoying bunch of idiots… Yes, I shall beat them all up after this ends, how dare they start making fun of me!

Lin Xia turned her head apologetically towards Ye SangSang, “Ignore them, they’re all…”

Before she could even finish her words, Ye SangSang tipped her toes slightly before softly pecking her on the cheeks, halting her words immediately.

Lin Xia’s eyes went wide with shock as her mind went empty in a sudden explosion. She got kissed by this woman!

Even though she’s cold in general, her lips… such softness! such sweetness!

It was not until the laughing and whistling noises from behind her started that she recovered her senses, It wasn’t a dream! This unreachable flower who was the secret crush of everyone in the village, kissed her!

Lin Xia’s heart raced as her face flushed bright scarlet, making her panic slightly as she realized that she didn’t know where to place her hands. Her usual thug-like arrogance disappearing from her in a big poof.

“Sufficient?” Ye SangSang glanced at her expressionlessly before noticing that Lin Xia froze entirely, her eyes dazed, as if reminiscing the kiss from her. She giggled silently as she realized that the infamous thug who had caused so much trouble in the village like a demon lord, was actually such an innocent person, in reality, freezing in shock at a single kiss.

Ye SangSang took a deep breath, and keeping in mind to stay in character, she turned away and left swiftly.

Lin Xia felt her heart dropped in disappointment when she realized that the woman had left in a rush without even waiting for her reply, as if she could not wait to distance herself from her… But her eyes widened instantly after realizing that Ye SangSang’s ears were bright red.

Realizing that Ye SangSang ran because she was too shy, and not that she disliked her, Lin Xia’s lips curled up into an alluring grin uncontrollably as watched the fleeing woman’s figure disappearing into the distance.

Meanwhile, the thugs gaped in shock as they wondered if they scared her away, but realizing the idiotic smile on their big sis Lin’s face, they patted their chest in relief before laughing out heartily once again.

They were so loud that even Ye SangSang, who was already out of sight, could still hear their voices clearly.

“Big sis Lin, so how was it, was the taste to your liking?”

Almost tripping over her own feet, Ye SangSang steadied herself with a nearby tree before slowing down, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Ye SangSang was indeed not the only one who was shocked at the idiotic question, Lin Xia, too, almost choked on her own saliva upon hearing her man’s question.

“Shut up and leave! Why do I have to report to you all about her taste?” She growled intimidatingly at the laughing thugs as she glared at them fiercely.

“Aiya, big sis, we were the ones who helped you earn the kiss from your dreams, how can big sis throw us away right now? We’re too curious about the feeling of those lips!”

“Exactly! Big sis, tell us tell us! Who in the village wouldn’t want to know how a kiss felt like from the number one beauty?”

“Damnit, if we knew she would agree so easily, we should’ve asked her to repay her debts with her body!”
(TNote: There’s an idiom “救命之恩,以身相许” which meant repaying a life with your life. Usually marrying the person who saved your life in most cases.)

The thugs burst out laughing at the last man’s regretful voice.

Repaying her debts with her body? Lin Xia’s eyes darkened slightly while her face flushed bright red as she recalled the beautiful and soft woman from her memories. But her thoughts flew quickly back to the sight of her reddened shy ears, causing her to grin in satisfaction once again.

“Hmph! Forget about her immediately or prepare to get beaten up by me!” She glared at the thugs before leaving towards the direction of the village.

Meanwhile, Ye SangSang who was still on the way back, touched her lips softly as she went through her current mission in her mind once again.

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