The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 8

Chapter 8: The Singer.

The TianXi Dynasty’s territory was similar to the game’s world map from her memories as both consist of nine different states in the mainland. Locations such as the Central Plains, the East Sea, the North Pole, the South Outskirts and the Western Region, all of those existed here too, even the strategic locations of the towns and cities.

The only difference was that the major city of TianXi Dynasty was not located similarly to the capital of the game. It was located in the famous tourist city called Jin Ling City in the game, but in this world, it was named ‘Capital Huai’.

Capital Huai was actually not the most strategic location to build a city due to the extreme weather change, such as the unusual heavy rain and heat during summer or the unusually freezing winter. This location had been chosen due to the extremely beautiful scenery and the ever-changing seasons. It was the perfect heaven for the poets and men of literature in this world.

Hence why Capital Huai was filled with talented and studious men, while the capital was famous for the beautiful women who lived and made a living in the cruise boat on the QinHuai River, the river which the city was named after.

Right before the cooling Spring weather was about to end, Gu ZhiMo had personally escorted a beautiful woman into their residence.

“I heard that the new madame brought back by the Lord was one of the famous singers from the cruise boat, she was infamous for the fact that she was purely a performer and would never stoop to selling her body. People are talking about the Lord being the kind man who had cleared her debts and freed her from the cruise boat two years ago.” ZhuXiang gossiped excitedly at the news she had heard.

ZhuXiang was actually one of her four personal hand-maidens. Gu Lian knew that she could not survive well in any world without any assistance, hence she decided that she would start with her four hand-maidens.

MeiXiang had been with her since the start, hence she had given her the role of a butler while teaching her the skills of managing lower-ranked maids. Meanwhile, the remaining three hand-maidens were given different roles too, LanXiang was a hardworking and careful person, hence she had taught her medical skills; ZhuXiang was a bright and eloquent person, also liked by many, hence she had assigned her to be her eyes and ears; lastly, JuXiang was a very mature and steady person, hence she had taught her skills in the field of poison.

Ancient men were fearful of witchcraft, hence she would not pass on her advanced poisonous skills, which consisted of bugs and many types of poison unknown to this world, but even so, if JuXiang could grasp onto even 0.1% of her skills in poison, it would’ve been enough for her to live securely and comfortably in this world.

This was so that when she entered the female army in the future, her hand-maidens would prove useful to her.

Having allies are important after all.

Fortunately, Gu Lian’s existence in House Gu was not significant, and Yan Shi would not assign any extra hands for her, so there was no one to stop her from teaching skills of survival and combat to her maids.

In her previous life, the game world was built with the background of a war-filled century. Furthermore, in order to gain more disciples, the ShaoLin Sect had spread the first layer of their unique skill all around the world, causing every single person, from royalties to commoners and slaves, to acquire the basic survival skills of a martial artists. After that, many other sects began following ShaoLin Sect in tow, causing an uproar all around the world.

Meanwhile, the sect Gu Lian was in did not participate in this nonsense, as they were very wary and unfriendly to outsiders.

Gazing at the four confused hand-maidens in front of her, Gu Lian decided that the martial arts of the WuDu Sect was not suitable for them, as feeding your own flesh and blood to your personal bug was a norm.
(TNote: 五毒 WuDu Sect is the Five Poison Sect from her previous life, I’ve decided to use their original name because a lot of the other sects began showing up.)

But fortunately, she could still remember the martial arts of the QiXiu Sect, which was one of the sects who participated in the large-scale sharing incident.

QiXiu Sect was a sect which consists only of women, hence their unique skill is extremely compatible with women, which was why she decided that her maids were better off acquiring this skill.

And so, the five women spent their days fooling around in Gu Lian’s room… But in reality, it was Gu Lian who had spent her days teasing her maids with her gorgeous and elegant fan.

She had promised them that the first one to touch the fan would be rewarded with it, and her words had fueled their energy to train diligently, as expected.

QiXiu Sect’s unique art is usually paired with a pair of twin swords or a fan, while there had been restrictions on the players, which forced the fan to be a support item instead of a weapon, this restriction does not apply for NPCs, and Gu Lian had beamed with delight when she found out that the restrictions had not been applied to her maids too.

Beautiful women were usually paired with beautiful fans, and it was extremely inconspicuous too, as no one would suspect that it was a weapon.

But still, even though this fan was absolutely gorgeous, it was not close to an ideal weapon for her maids, as the stats were too low, but that won’t be an issue in the future as she would just purchase a better one for them when their skill level improved.

And yes, Gu Lian had recently found out that her Player System was somewhat of a cheat, as there was an entire market system attached to it, which she could access and use without even speaking to an NPC.

As for the currency used, they were easily earned with the daily quests and missions available in the mission board provided by the system, but the rewards earned were not limited to currency, as there was a chance of acquiring rare rewards.

When ZhuXiang had finished with her daily report, Gu Lian frowned slightly in confuse, “Does Yan Shi not know about this at all?”

Yan Shi was a sly woman, how could she had not known about this? Furthermore, there was no attempt at hiding this news two years ago…

JuXiang, who was busy grinding down an experimental powdered poison, shook her head softly, “Miss, Yan Shi is the legitimate main wife of the family, it would bring her shame to inquire about news like this.”

That’s true. Gu Lian nodded slightly to herself, it was too easy to forget that she was no longer a wandering martial artist, but a simple illegitimate daughter living in a prestigious house.

“Ah, I’ve almost forgotten!” ZhuXiang yelped as she suddenly recalled another news from before, “The Lord wasn’t the one who had cleared her debts, it was her childhood friend who did… They were childhood friends back in their old village, but unfortunately, she had been sold off into prostitution when she was six, while the young man was taken in as a consort husband by the Countess, and upon finding out about her misfortune, he had cleared her debts before sending her back to their old village.”

It should’ve been a happy ending, but when the woman returned home, she realized that her parents had passed away many years ago, as the money they earned from selling her wasn’t enough to survive the blight years ago. And he little brother, who was three years old when she was sold, do not remember her at all, as he had been raised by the entire village after their parents were gone.

Upon realizing that she had plenty of money, her little brother planned to sell her off once more, but being a woman who had seen the darkest thoughts of a human while growing up in such a place, she had found out about it from the look on his face almost instantly.

And with her money hidden carefully near her chest, she left the village without looking back.

Translator’s Note:
Ok so the lady was sold into prostitution, but she did not end up actually becoming one, as mentioned above, she had thrived in the field of singing and she was able to earn enough money for the organization without selling her body *thumbsup*
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List of people:

Gu Lian – MC of this novel, first miss of House Gu, born to a late-mistress.
Gu Qing – Second miss of House Gu, born to the main mother.
Gu Yi – Third miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu Wan – Sixth miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu ZhiMo – Lord Gu, family head of House Gu.
Gu ZhiDian – Youngest sister of Lord Gu, pampered by the House Gu but was recently married off to a good and prestigious family, is sometimes called Madam Aunt by the servants and the women of House Gu.
Yan Shi – Main mother/wife of House Gu, wife to Lord Gu.
YuLan – Yan Shi’s hand-maiden.
Qiao MingYu – title: “Princess ChangDuan”, the sole daughter of the current king, born to the queen and also sister to the heir (third prince).
Qiao MingXin – the little sister of Qiao MingYu who had passed away three years ago.

Gu Lian’s people
MeiXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden, training to be a butler.
JuXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden, training to be a poison user.
LanXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden, training to be a doctor.
ZhuXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden, training to be a spy.

WuDu Sect – A sect from the game world, but somehow existed with Gu Lian (MC) in this new world as a part of her system(?). This sect consists of the strongest poison users in the entire world and they were one of the few sects who had not participate in the mass-sharing incident.
ShaoLin Sect – A sect from the game world. The first sect to spread the 1st layer of their unique arts all around the world in an attempt to attract disciples.
QiXiu Sect – A sect from the game world. A sect made deliberately to protect women, and only women are allowed to join. They were also part of the sects who followed after ShaoLin Sect’s actions to spread the 1st layer of their unique arts.

People whose names were not mentioned:

Third prince
Husband of Gu ZhiDian
Lord Gu’s Second and Third Brother
Fourth and Fifth Miss of House Gu and their respective mothers
The new madame – ex-singer.

The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 7

Chapter 7: Ignored.

Feeling a gaze on her back, Gu Lian turned her head towards the gaze’s direction before catching the eye of the man.

He stared at her with interest while also lacking any sort of embarrassment of being caught from staring, even waggling his brows at her teasingly, to whom Gu Lian looked away nonchalantly, as if she had not seen anything.

Her lack of reactions seemed to somewhat interest him more, as she had shown none of the usual shyness of the ladies. “Which house is that lady from?” He pointed at her leaving figure while asking a nearby eunuch.

Unfortunately, the eunuch was unable to figure out who she was from her back, but that had not made him give up. There was only so many noble girls in the entire city, which is why he would find out sooner or later.

Gu Lian follow Yan Shi in a relaxed manner, pretending to enjoy the flowers they passed by ever so often, but in truth, not a single person’s mind was on these beautiful flowers. Even Gu Qing, who was convinced that her performance today had been extremely eye-catching, but regretfully, no one came up to her.

The young masters who attended the feast today were few, but the ones who came were mostly from extremely rich and prestigious families, hence they would most certainly not lay their eyes on a lady from a lower-ranked families. Even in extremely rare cases where a young master like that fell madly in love with a striking beauty who came from a lower-ranked house, he would not be allowed to take her as his legitimate wife, at most, she would be allowed to be taken as a mistress.

But Gu Qing, on the other hand, was extremely proud and spoiled, hence it was not possible that she would accept to be any man’s mistress, and worst of all, even if she was taken as the legitimate wife, she would definitely not allow her husband to take any mistresses at all.

Other than those group of young masters, the other group that had attended would be the parents of young masters who are of age for marriage. They had attended the feast in hope of searching for the perfect daughter-in-law, and most of them would search for a well-mannered lady from a well-off family, because in a large house, the legitimate wife would be required to bear children and take care of her husband, hence facial looks are not as important to them.

Meanwhile, all young misses from House Gu were more to the skinny side, especially for Gu Lian, who had grown up somewhat malnourished.

All of these factors would then turn the sisters into an unattractive future wife or future daughter-in-law.

Yan Shi was quite disappointed with the lack of response from the other houses even though she had somewhat expected this to happen, which was why she was still able to maintain a calm face, while Gu Qing’s displeasure was pasted all over her face in an ugly scowl.

Gu Yi, on the other hand, had been busy comparing the young masters here with her aunt’s husband, and finally lost interest as no one was as perfect as her uncle. But as she noticed her second sister’s disappointment, her lack of interest turned immediately into a malicious grin.

“Second sister, why do you seem so unhappy?” Gu Yi moved closer to her sister curiously, “Do you not like the princess’s flower garden?”

Gu Qing glared at her with narrowed eyes before looking away in rage. For even though she was a little slow in her head, she knew that Gu Yi’s question was a trap no matter what her answer was, as Gu Yi would only continue to laugh at her failure if she answered ‘yes’, even asking why she would look so upset if the flowers were beautiful. But if she had answered ‘no’, Gu Yi would most certainly raise an uproar on how she looked down on the princess.

Even though this was technically a match-making party, ancient people were quite modest in this department as they would never openly admit it.

Yan Shi, who had been listening in to their conversation, glared angrily at Gu Yi before coming to her daughter’s aid, “Qing Er, are you tired of walking? How about we take a short rest in the pavilion in front?”

Yan Shi knew that there was no point walking around aimlessly, so they may as well rest in that pavilion in front, as it was placed in a very strategic place, which might even bring people to them.

Gu Qing nodded her head gratefully before wrapping her arms around Yan Shi’s arms, like a little kitten begging to be pampered, but her actions had instead, sent a wave of goosebumps up Gu Yi’s arms.

As they seated themselves appropriately in the new pavilion, Yan Shi took upon the chance to subtly interrogate Gu Lian before anyone else arrived.

“Lian Er, why did the princess requested for you just now? I’m not aware that you two were familiar with each other.” Yan Shi stared intently at her, convinced that she had changed into a much more difficult person ever since she recovered from her illness.

“I met her highness while on the way back from the washroom, perhaps she had pitied my extremely weak body, in addition to her boredom during the feast, she had called me over for a simple chat.” Gu Lian answered weakly as she kept her eyes downcast.

Tsk. Yan Shi scoffed at her words, obviously not believing her.

But Gu Lian had not expected her to believe her words, as it was merely a random lie she made up on the spot, and she had not cared whether it sounded legitimate or fake.

“This daughter isn’t suited to the social world, how is it possible for me to understand the princess’s thought.” Gu Lian continued pitifully as her large beautiful eyes were filled with pity, the exact look that men loved, and while it wasn’t enough to make a female pity her, at least no one would think that she was a white lotus bitch.

Gu Wan, who had been silent in a corner, stole a peek at Yan Shi who was being too aggressive to her innocent and pitiful elder sister. Plus what her elder sister said was probably the truth, as it was a known fact that the princess lived a carefree life, perhaps she had really been curious about Gu Lian?

But still, these were not words that Gu Wan could ever speak out, hence all she could do was to give Gu Lian a gentle stare to comfort her.

Gu Lian, who had always been sensitive to stares that landed on her, turned towards Gu Wan, only to realize what had gone through her sixth sister’s mind. She was somewhat confused on Gu Wan’s actions and thoughts, as this sister of hers was full of contradictions.

She was unable to be cruel when needed, too timid when she was needed to be brave, and now, showing pity to her enemies, seemingly like an all-forgiving buddha.

And from Gu Lian’s experiences in judging a person’s character, such a contradicting character would always receive a horrible ending in a woman’s power-struggle game.

“Is it?” Yan Shi answered coldly, pulling Gu Lian’s thoughts back from her sixth sister.

Gu Yi, which had stayed quiet ever since Yan Shi pointed her daggers at Gu Lian, shivered slightly as she heard Yan Shi’s unusually cold voice. She turned her gaze instinctively towards Gu Lian, only to see her still as steady and calm as ever, without even a speck of fear and discomfort.

Yan Shi frowned in displeasure at her lack of reaction and had decided to move on, but deep inside, she had now officially drawn a large exclamation mark on Gu Lian’s name as someone dangerous.

The group of women had stayed unmovingly in the pavilion throughout the entire day, but still, not a single person had approached them.

The disappointed Yan Shi lead the group of young ladies back to their own residence, while her hands were clenched into fists as her entire day had been wasted and she had unknowingly allowed Gu Lian a chance to familiarize herself with the princess!

In normal circumstances, even if one was not successful in searching for a future partner, they would still manage to befriend a number of close girlfriends, hence pulling their respective houses closer to each other.

But perhaps it was because of Yan Shi’s horrible social popularity, not a single madam from the other houses came up to her for a chat, and in order to prevent her husband’s illegitimate daughters to gain power through befriending a higher-ranked lady, she had not allowed them to leave her sight at all. Which was a restriction, as the ladies from the other houses would usually move around by themselves.

The impact, though, was unusually crucial for Gu Qing, as it would’ve looked bad for her to move away from her mother to befriend any other ladies while her illegitimate sisters were restricted from leaving Yan Shi’s side.

This was why Yan Shi had been filled with rage as they returned to their residence, as she had somewhat regretted her actions for it had hurt herself and her precious daughter just to prevent good things from happening to the bastard children.

And worst of all, even under all of her restrictions, Gu Lian had still managed to befriend the princess!

“Please calm down, Madam.” Her hand-maiden, YuLan said soothingly while massaging her tired legs, “Surely the princess was momentarily curious about Gu Lian. As someone with her distinguished status, there shouldn’t be a shortage of noble ladies rushing to her side, and she would probably forget about our eldest miss in a few days… As long as Madam can keep her locked in and not provide her with any new chances of communicating with the princess.”

“You’re right.” Yan Shi let out a long sigh of relief.

She HAD been panicking today, and it was probably due to the stressful environment at the feast. Before this, she had always mixed with the bunch of second-rated madams from other houses, and being the only house without an illegitimate son, she had always been the center of attention and jealousy of the madams. But during the princess’s feast today, she had been thrown unaware into the first-rated madams, causing her to be ignored and judged by their proud glances, which had landed a huge toll on her conceited heart.

Meanwhile, ignoring Yan Shi’s possible new schemes, Gu Lian returned immediately to her worn down residence before holding out the jade badge that Qiao MingYu had forced her to accept. The jade was a personal belonging of the princess as it bears her mark, and anyone who holds this jade was allowed to enter the princess’s palace freely.

She examined the jade thoroughly, finally deciding that it was too fragile before placing it carefully into the system’s inventory.

“Eldest Miss, you’re back! Are you tired?” MeiXiang held out a damped cloth towards her face, intending to clean it for her.

“Today had been somewhat interesting.” Gu Lian smiled gently at her cheerful hand-maiden.

“Oh?” MeiXiang began staring at her with big puppy eyes, begging her to share her story.

“I was genuinely surprised to not see Madam Aunt at the feast…” An inscrutable grin spread across Gu Lian’s face as she muttered softly.

MeiXiang gaped at her in surprise, it was really a shock to her, as she remembered clearly that the Madam Aunt had used this feast party as a malicious trigger at Yan Shi, but instead, she had not attended the feast herself? It was highly unlikely that she would give up the chance to befriend the princess just because she didn’t want to appear at the feast together with Yan Shi, right?

“Madam Aunt has always had a weak body…” MeiXiang muttered under her breathe, could it be that she had fallen ill with rage after her husband provided House Gu with the invitations to the feast?

It was possible.

Gu Lian stayed silent as her hand-maiden quickly came to a conclusion, before continuing with the various incidents that happened at the feast, including Yan Shi’s grave mistake of keeping them in her sight.

As she shared her day, Gu Lian stared fondly at MeiXiang, even though this hand-maiden of hers was much more matured, as compared to her other three hand-maidens, MeiXiang was nonetheless still sometimes an impetuous person.

Ever since she had arrived, MeiXiang had been able to eat better food now, and the meat on her body had been growing steadily, turning her into a slightly chubby young lady.

But it was, fortunately, the good kind of chubbiness, which would usually leave behind a cheerful and cute impression on anyone she met.

Gu Lian turned her eyes downcast as she stared at her malnourished boney body. Her body was unhealthy, and it had affected her growth a lot, especially her chest area, which was basically nonexistent as soon as she put on her garments…

But she had accepted it, for now… Being flat was not a serious issue, at least her skin was still pale and smooth…

List of people:

Gu Lian – MC of this novel, first miss of House Gu, born to a late-mistress.
Gu Qing – Second miss of House Gu, born to the main mother.
Gu Yi – Third miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu Wan – Sixth miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu ZhiMo – Lord Gu, family head of House Gu.
Gu ZhiDian – Youngest sister of Lord Gu, pampered by the House Gu but was recently married off to a good and prestigious family, is sometimes called Madam Aunt by the servants and the women of House Gu.
Yan Shi – Main mother/wife of House Gu, wife to Lord Gu.
YuLan – Yan Shi’s hand-maiden.
MeiXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden.
Qiao MingYu – title: “Princess ChangDuan”, the sole daughter of the current king, born to the queen and also sister to the heir (third prince).
Qiao MingXin – the little sister of Qiao MingYu who had passed away three years ago.

People whose names were not mentioned:

Third prince
Husband of Gu ZhiDian
Lord Gu’s Second and Third Brother
Fourth and Fifth Miss of House Gu and their respective mothers

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The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 6

Chapter 6: Jealousy.

As an honest and good child, Gu Lian kept her eyes downcast before answering honestly, “This commoner has not seen that book before.”

Let the awkwardness begin…

An endearing hand-maiden nearby chuckled softly at her response, before quickly changing the mood, “As expected of the daughter of House Gu, I assume that it is probably quite difficult for Miss Gu to get ahold of magazines.”

Gu Lian stared at the hand-maiden gratefully, Such a godly teammate! She thought in relief, because explaining it herself would’ve made her look like she was complaining about her parents, but having it explained by someone else would keep her away from this trouble.

It was awfully easy for the princess to give her a hand, but in order for that to happen, she needed to somehow let the princess realize that her situation at home wasn’t too favorable.

Qiao MingYu’s eyes widened as she realized that not all young ladies are as free as her, some of the ladies of this age could not even have a will of their own…

As for the princess, who was the sole daughter of the emperor, there was almost nothing he would not do for her. The emperor even allowed the princess to create her own female army, let alone wanting to read mere magazine…

In regards to the princess’s female army, there had been many disputes over it from the ministers at court, but still, no one had the power of stopping the emperor from pampering his daughter… Furthermore, the generals were all in approval of her actions, as their daughters had been enlisted into the female army too, and it had made them proud.

Even though enlisting their daughters into the princess’s army would mean taking the side of the third prince, but so what? There was no other prince with the power of taking away the position of the heir from the third prince, hence he was already assumed to be next in line in the eyes of many, even the king.

Gu Lian sighed deeply at herself, cursing her luck for being the daughter of a minister instead of a general…

“There aren’t many books at your place, but I will allow you to read at mine.” The princess said suddenly after a long pause.

Isn’t this progression a little too fast? Gu Lian’s lips twitched subtly at the princess’s words.

Before meeting her in person, Gu Lian had never expected this princess to be such an easy person to speak to, and the fact that earning a favorable impression from her would end up so simple. She can’t be assumed to be an innocent person, because the wits shown in safeguarding the emperor’s everlasting love for her even though she had lost her mother showed that she was not such an innocent person, but still, she was not scheming too, as she lacked the common precaution for someone she just met.

Perhaps this was one of the situation where one just follow their instincts and feelings for another person… Just like how humans would act when they see someone to their liking and someone whom they dislike with just one look.

Gu Lian decided that this was too complicated for her to comprehend.

But the true reason behind the princess’s friendliness towards Gu Lian was due to the fact that Gu Lian looked similar to her late sister, hence she transferred all the affection she had for her little sister onto Gu Lian subconsciously.

The competition ended in a blink of an eye, and Gu Lian was led back to her family’s pavilion by SuDan, the princess’s hand-maiden, as it was now the flower appreciation session, which was an important session that will allow unmarried young misses and young masters to get to know each other at a closer range.

The princess had always been too lazy to attend an event like this, as she would rather just stay in her own pavilion and gobble up all the food and desserts while enjoying the music played by an experienced musician.

When SuDan returned, she jumped at the sight of the princess, who was laying lazily on the pavilion chair with less to zero elegance.

“Princess…” SuDan called out sadly, Where has it gone wrong…? Queen Yuan would never forgive me… SuDan was twenty-five this year, and she had initially served under the princess’s mother, Queen Yuan, but when the queen passed on, she had left her only daughter in SuDan’s hands.

SuDan sighed softly, as she knew the exact reasons on the princess’s ungraceful behavior, this was obviously due to the extreme pampering by the emperor and the third prince!

“What?” Qiao MingYu answered impatiently, entirely unlike the patience she had shown Gu Lian earlier.

SuDan sighed once again at her behavior, this was to be expected as the princess had always been like this. The previous person who had received the princess’s patience was her late little sister, knowing this fact made SuDan pondered about Gu Lian.

Everyone had thought that Qiao MingYu was the only princess of the country, but that was actually not the case. Queen Yuan had passed away when Qiao MingYu was merely a eight year-old child, and the newborn little princess, who had also lost her mother during her birth, was sent to live with Qiao MingYu. Both princesses had lived and grown up together. At that time, Qiao MingYu had not been as wild, for Queen Yuan had made sure that she’ll grow into an elegant and graceful princess.

She took it upon herself to take care of her little sister, who had been born with a weak body, just like how her mother had taken care of her before passing away. That was how she had grown into an independant and strong-willed lady, meanwhile the little princess grown up to be a graceful young lady.

Unfortunately, it all ended three years ago, when the little princess was merely seven years-old, she passed away due to her extremely weak body which had gotten worse over the years.

This was why Qiao MingYu began to hate her father’s women and the so-called rules of a lady, as her sister’s death was indirectly caused by those troublesome people and rules.

“MingXin used to be like that too,” Qiao MingYu sighed softly, “Such similarities…”

“Princess, I’m sure the little princess would live prosperously in her next life.” SuDan comforted her softly, her heart aching at the princess’s sadness.

Live prosperously in her next life? Being a princess is already a prosperous life, but she had still died… I’d rather choose for her to be born into a common family, and live her new life happily and safely.

“So lucky of big sister to be invited to accompany the princess.” Gu Qing forced out a smile as she gritted the back of her teeth in rage.

“Is second sister sick? Your face looked extremely pale, I hope it doesn’t scare the young masters away later.” Gu Lian glanced at her lazily, giggling softly before pointing at a young man nearby, which had coincidentally been approaching their pavilion, but leaving swiftly after greeting the sisters with a nod.

Gu Qing’s face froze instantly, she had recognized that young man who had left. He was the legitimate son of the Noble House Xu, and he was also the next heir in line to inherit the noble title, which would happen in two years.

He was one of the most sought out golden turtle son-in-law in the entire country, and it was a pity for Gu Qing to miss the chance to familiarize herself with him…
(TNote: Golden turtle son-in-law is something like a son-in-law who would bring a lot of prosperity and luck into the family, usually used when the man is of high authority / position and by marrying him, it would bring a lot of benefits to his wife’s family.)

Come to think of it, of course he wouldn’t even take a second glance at the daughters of House Gu, as House Gu could not compare to the Noble House Xu, furthermore, the daughters of House Gu were not beautiful to the point of attracting him.

Gu Qing glared angrily at her elder sister, It’s all her fault for causing me to leave an unfavorable impression on Young Master Xu!

Gu Lian ignored her second sister’s hostile glares before moving ahead quickly, as she prefer the peace rather than walking together with Gu Qing. As for meeting a good man, let them come and go as they please, she, on the other hand, was not at all interested.

Even though she had not paid much attention to the competitions today, she had stood by Qiao MingYu’s side when she announced the winners, hence noticing the people who had earned the first placing in the various competitions.

Since this party was created in the favor of the her sister-in-law, Qiao MingYu would surely announce the little sister of her sister-in-law as first placing. And unfortunately for House Gu, the two competitions Gu Qing entered had also been entered by the pre-confirmed winner. But honestly, even without the pre-confirmed winner, Gu Qing wouldn’t have won as she had not even reached top five.

Although Gu Yi, who had entered the zither competition, had managed to achieve a fourth place. She had been slightly disappointed, as she had expected at least a second or third place. But thankfully, every competitors who had entered the top five would receive a reward in front of the audience, hence Gu Yi was satisfied as her initial objective had been reached.

Gu Qing chided her sister rudely before moving to the side, planning to ignore Gu Yi and her earned reward. As a smart lady, Gu Yi knew that if it wasn’t for the fact that Gu Lian was here, she would’ve been taken care of and possibly killed for stealing the spotlight of House Gu, but thankfully for her, Gu Lian had been the spotlight for the entire feast, as she was the only person who had been invited into the princess’s pavilion.

And Gu Qing was raging in jealousy while looking for ways to remove Gu Lian entirely, hence leaving her out of the conspiracy for now.

Gu Lian giggled softly after avoiding Gu Wan’s attempt at tripping her, shaking her head in process. Gu Qing teaming up with this idiotic sister of mine was the worst idea ever, but of course, idiots would pair themselves with idiots…

Elder sister noticed it! Gu Wan’s face to pale instantly as she saw her elder sister grinning subtly at her, while her hands began to tremble uncontrollably in fear.

As a weakling, she was extremely sensitive to danger, just like how a rabbit can somehow sense it when predators are around. And even though Gu Wan was somewhat dumb, deep inside, she knew that the weak-looking elder sister of hers was actually the most dangerous of all of her sisters combined, especially that chilling smile that hanged from her face.

“Eh?” A random young man appeared from a nearby path, his brows raising up with interest at the current commotion.

List of people:

Gu Lian – MC of this novel, first miss of House Gu, born to a late-mistress.
Gu Qing – Second miss of House Gu, born to the main mother.
Gu Yi – Third miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu Wan – Sixth miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu ZhiMo – Lord Gu, family head of House Gu.
Gu ZhiDian – Youngest sister of Lord Gu, pampered by the House Gu but was recently married off to a good and prestigious family, is sometimes called Madam Aunt by the servants and the women of House Gu.
Yan Shi – Main mother/wife of House Gu, wife to Lord Gu.
MeiXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden.
Qiao MingYu – title: “Princess ChangDuan”, the sole daughter of the current king, born to the queen and also sister to the heir (third prince).
Qiao MingXin – the little sister of Qiao MingYu who had passed away three years ago.

People whose names were not mentioned:

Third prince
Husband of Gu ZhiDian
Lord Gu’s Second and Third Brother
Fourth and Fifth Miss of House Gu and their respective mothers

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The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 5

Chapter 5: Lost.

Gu Lian had not expected that her random trip to the washroom would lead her to her target, the princess.

This was all thanks to her player system, which was unique. The normal system would not alert her of issues like this, but her system includes many extra add-ons, such as “Red-list notifications”, “Focused target details”, and more.

A small rectangular square written with “Qiao MingYu” appeared above the princess’s red dot on the system map while a distance estimation popped right under the name, Ah, the princess’s name! She thought excitedly as she clicked it swiftly.

A long scarlet string appeared suddenly as it floated above the ground and she knew instincetively that it would lead her to the princess. From the look of it, it seems that the princess should be on other side of the bush… She thought curiously before carefully making her way there while pretending to lead by the young hand-maiden.

Knowing that the princess was there, Gu Lian turned her head towards her as they walked past the enormous bush, only to see the princess standing there unmovingly with a blank and curious look on her face.

“Your highness,” Gu Lian greeted her immediately as she curtsied politely.

Qiao MingYu stared at the two of them as her eyes lit up hopefully, as if she had met her savior, “Where are you two going?” She asked urgently.

“We are currently on our way back to the pond, would your highness like to join us?” Gu Lian answered gently as she smiled at her invitingly as she was sure that there was a high chance that the princess would accept her invitation, so it was of no surprise when the princess nodded hurriedly at them.

During her past life, in the Five Poisonous Guild, a daughter of the Miao Race was considered to be a demoness because they were extremely daring and quick-tempered. They’re usually broad-minded and they’re not afraid of speaking out their minds, and most importantly, if you angered any one of them, they would kill without thinking of the consequences.

But when Gu Lian started adventuring, she had met many different types of people from all over the world, and one of them was a lady from a major city. She taught Gu Lian the rules and social etiquette of the higher-up community and that was how Gu Lian was relieved of her “Demoness” title.

And right now, Gu Lian was glad that she had made an effort to learn the social etiquette, for she was extremely comfortable in her current skin as a daughter of a House.

Qiao MingYu had met many types of ladies from many different houses, they’re usually all deadpan ladies who are bounded to the social rules, which is why she would usually stay away from those boring women, but surprisingly, Gu Lian do not emit the kind of aura that she finds uninteresting.

Perhaps this is what they call affinity?

Gu Lian took tiny steps as they continued their way back, giggling gently as they chat about the current news from the famous magazine. To her surprise, this had caused Qiao MingYu to cry out in glee at the fact that she had finally found a friend to chat about the magazine for the ladies of other Houses would never touch a magazine in their life, instead, they would always walk around with the “Book of Ladies”, which was a boring book that preaches how a lady should act, and it bores her to no end.

Gu Lian sighed in relief as she watched her target walk towards the most exquisite pavilion when they reach the party. She would consider today a huge success!

But then again, leaving behind a favorable first impression wasn’t enough, if she wants to be able to control her own life, the only two options she had was to run away from home, or for the princess to be on her side.

Running away from home and living in hiding would be viable but it would be a lot more difficult as this was not a world of wushu, like her previous world, this was a world where humans are much more weaker and it was also a world where men look down on women, it would be difficult for her, a young girl, to build up her reputation in time to resist against any enemies or men that took a liking to her.

Hence the only other way would be the princess. Qiao MingYu was famous for assembling an army made up fully of women, half of the members were women from prestigious houses while the other half were skilled women, and all the women in her army would not have their lives controlled by their families, and Qiao MingYu was respective to all of the women regarding their marriage, hence their respective houses cannot control the women in any way.

Gu Lian knew that joining the army would be favorable to her and that she could sign up as a military doctor, and in order to gain control of her own life, she needed the princess to be on her side, but for that, she needed the princess to appreciate her, to see her value.

She glanced up vaguely at Yan Shi and her sisters, who were sitting nearby. This “mother” of hers had threatened her with a bad marriage, her sister had tried to harm her many times, she was reluctant to stay here any longer than she should.

Qiao MingYu, on the other hand, was famously known to be fair to her people, hence she would not need to worry about any sort of back-stabbings if she worked for her.

Gu Lian sighed softly as she wet her lips with the tea served, thinking deeply about her foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, in another pavilion, Qiao MingYu stared at the desserts and tea served to her with disinterest as she waved her hand lazily, officially starting the party.

Parties like these bore her, it’s usually created to give the young masters and young misses of the prestigious houses to interact and for the adults to scout for their children’s future fiancee.

She had initially rejected the idea of this party, but her sister-in-law’s legitimate sister had yet to acquire a fiancee, hence their family had paid her a visit, hinting that she should provide them with an opportunity, hence Qiao MingYu had no choice but to agree.

She sighed, pinching her forehead as her headache rose, “Who was that lady just now, the one who walked me here?” She turned around, asking one of the hand-maidens nearby.

“She is Gu Lian, the illegitimate eldest daughter of Lord Gu ZhiMo, your highness.” The hand-maiden replied respectfully.

“Which competition did she join?” She asked curiously, wondering if she should just announce Gu Lian as the winner for the competitions that she joined.

“Miss Gu did not join any of the competitions, your highness…”

“She didn’t?” She frowned slightly, confused, “Why not? She doesn’t seem like someone without skills.”

“Perhaps she wasn’t interested, your highness was never interested in these competitions too.” The hand-maiden answered patiently.

As expected of someone I found interesting! Qiao MingYu nodded her head in approval and her gloomy mood lightened up upon hearing the hand-maiden’s theory, “Invite her here to accompany me.”

“Yes, your highness.” The hand-maiden answered cheerfully as she ran off, intending to personally invite Gu Lian instead of passing the errand to a random servant.

Gu Lian nodded unsurprisingly at the sudden invitation, for she had expected the princess to take a liking to her. She had spent years adventuring in her past life and it was easy for her to speak other’s language, furthermore, the princess looked down upon political twists and turns as she was a straightforward person, hence she was a lot easier to handle than others. But then again, Gu Lian had befriended the princess sincerely, if she had approached the princess with ill intentions, she doubted it would’ve been successful.

She left with the hand-maiden swiftly, smiling gently as she ignored the jealous stares of Yan Shi and her sisters.

“Your highness.” She greeted Qiao MingYu with a curtsy as she approached her pavilion.

“Save the etiquette,” The princess grinned, waving her hand nonchalantly, “Do have a seat and talk to me.”

“What would you like to hear, your highness?” Gu Lian nodded with a grin.

“Let’s continue our talk about the magazines from before.” The princess blinked at her with excited and shining eyes, “Have you ever read 《Mu Liang Chuan》?”

But of course she had not read it, as her transmigration had only been mere days and the magazines they talked about previously were the ones she had read with the system to pass time.

List of people:

Gu Lian – MC of this novel, first miss of House Gu, born to a late-mistress.
Yan Shi – Main mother/wife of House Gu, wife to Lord Gu.
MeiXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden.
Qiao MingYu – title: Princess ChangDuan, the sole daughter of the current king, born to the queen and also sister to the heir (third prince).

People whose names were not mentioned:

Qiao MingYu’s hand-maiden

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The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 4

Chapter 4: Attending The Party.

It was warm and sunny on the day of the feast.

Gu Yi and Gu Wan was already when Gu Lian entered the carriage with the help of MeiXiang, she raised her brows at the current mood inside. Gu Yi’s face was filled with anger while Gu Wan was curled up in a corner.

One look at the scene and she knew exactly what happened.

Apparently Gu Wan had accidentally spilled her tea, almost dirtying Gu Yi’s dress, this had angered Gu Yi as she had put in a lot of effort for her gown, as it matches her makeup and accessories perfectly, it would be a disaster if she needed to change into another gown.

“What wrong?” Gu Lian smiled innocently, staring at her sisters while reaching out for Gu Wan’s trembling hand, “Be patient, we’re reaching the princess’s residence soon.”

Gu Yi’s anger slowly subsides as she realized that her eldest sister was soothing the mood in the carriage, “Big sister, have a seat here,” She smiled sweetly.

Both sisters conveniently ignored the spilled tea on the carpet as Gu Wan keept her eyes downcast and Gu Yi started chatting happily with her eldest sister. Seeing this situation, Gu Lian grinned slightly as she gaze out the carriage window while responding to Gu Yi’s chattering.

Yan Shi and Gu Qing had not yet arrived at their glamorous carriage, but the servants were already rushing around the carriage while making sure that the tea and desserts were all perfectly placed.

Ah, the luxuries that illegitimate children like us would never enjoy~ Gu Lian thought nonchalantly as she watched the scene in amusement.

“Big sister, your attire today made you look even prettier than usual,” Gu Yi smiled sweetly as she showered her eldest sister in praises, “Especially this hairstyle, I have never seen one with such elegance in it.”

“It was done by my hand-maiden, MeiXiang,” Gu Lian replied gently, “Please feel free to send your hand-maiden to my place, I’ll allow MeiXiang to teach it to your people.”

“That’ll be wonderful!” She clapped in excitement upon hearing her words.

Gu Lian took this opportunity to adjust her sister’s hairpin, “Hm, your makeup and accessories are not ruined, but perhaps the weather today is quite hot as you’re already sweating.”

Gu Yi’s eyes went wide as she nervously wiped the sweat off her face with a handkerchief, sighing in relief as she saw that it was not stained with any of her makeup while not forgetting to glare at Gu Wan once again.

Gu Lian watched her sixth sister silently with cold eyes, not helping her a second time as the mood was already lifted, but Gu Wan had to receive at least a little bit of punishment.

For someone as timid as Gu Wan, it would be logical for her to sit still at a corner nervously to prevent any accidents from happening. But the fact that she actually spilled tea towards Gu Yi, who was sitting opposite to her, was obvious that it was done on purpose.

But it was to be expected, as Gu Wan is already of age to marry, plus the fact that her two illegitimate-born sisters were also lacking a fiancee, had made her panic. Hence, for a chance of having a good future, Gu Wan had decided to take a leap of faith and chose to stand with Yan Shi, resulting in the “incident’ today. Unfortunately, she was still the timid little girl as always, hence not only did she fail her first mission, she even exposed herself and her current position in this power struggle.

But Gu Wan’s actions today gave Gu Lian a sense of crisis, as she was able to convince herself today to ruin Gu Yi’s makeup, what else would she not do in the future? Once you’re someone’s dog, it’s almost impossible to stop in the future, plus your “master” would definitely not allow you to stop.

Gu Lian had came to the conclusion that she would need a teammate, since Gu Wan had already chosen her position, and this was why Gu Lian had adjusted Gu Yi’s accessories as a gesture of goodwill. Having a teammate would be a clever move in this power struggle game, plus she could not think of any conflict of interests between the two of them, which is why if this alliance would stay firm and strong.

As for why she was comfortable in forming the alliance in front of Gu Wan, that was because her sixth sister was a dumb woman, But it is too, expected, because if she wasn’t dumb, she would not even choose Yan Shi’s side, Gu Lian shook her head vaguely.

After what felt like hours, Yan Shi and Gu Qing finally showed up, gleaming luxuriously under the sunlight. They entered their carriage with elegantly before commanding the servants to move.

Tak tak tak tak, the horses’ hoofs sounded as they trotted along the path, casually pulling the carriage towards their destination, and it was to their relief that half of the guests were still not here yet.

As they left the carriage, an eunuch walked up to them, collecting their invitation before inviting them into the princess’s residence, “Ladies, please follow this servant to the princess’s garden, there is a beautiful pond built in the middle of the garden, you’ll certainly enjoy the view.” The eunuch started introducing the princess’s enormous residence as he leaded them towards the garden.

The ladies of House Gu were all filled with excitement, as it was their first time entering the residence of a royalty. Gu Lian, on the other hand, glanced around silently as boredom filled her, something as mild as entering a royal property would not excite her because not only had she visited a royal property in her past life, she had even invaded the royal palace due to boredom.

Even though it was a futuristic era, the creators of the world in her past life had created an ancient royal palace, it was easy as it was all digital coding. Hence, the royal palace in her past life ended up being the epitome of luxury and glamour as the enthusiastic designers poured in every single ounce of fantasy they had into the ancient palace.

Meanwhile, Gu Yi was staring unblinkingly at the glamorous buildings around her before catching the calm look on Gu Wan’s face. She jumped in shock as she realized she had almost seemed like a poor peasant who had walked into a rich district for the first time. Gu Yi quickly calmed her excitement and her enthusiastic expressions turned into the expressionless sweet smile she always wore, silently giving thanks to Lady Luck that there were no outsiders here to see her lose her cool.

Soon, the group of ladies reached their destination, and the pond was not as modest as the eunuch described, in fact, it was humongous. Different pavilions filled the land around the pond as the princess’s other guests lingered and chitchat as they waited for the party to start.

A separate pavilion was assigned to them and they made their way there, and as they seated themselves comfortably, everyone, even Yan Shi, could not help but gasp in awe at the beauty of the place. The curtains were half-translucent, shimmering ever so softly as the wind blew past. Furthermore, the view was absolutely perfect, they could see the wonderful pond while inside the cooling pavilion.

Beautiful maids began serving appetizers as soon as they were seated, filling up the tables quickly with different sort of delicacies while the other maids began setting up a soothing incense that also serve to remove any bugs from the area.

Everyone could not help but fall in love with this stunning place.

Soon, an older looking hand-maiden walked in front of the crowd while smiling, “There will be four different type of competition today, mainly the zither, poem-constructing, painting and dancing. The Princess had prepared wonder prizes for the winners of the competition, would any ladies care to join?”

The guests all groaned impatiently inside, wondering why the princess had not told them beforehand and gave them time to prepare.

On the other hand, Gu Qing’s eye lit up brightly as soon as she heard the announcement, before a slight hesitation flashed through her eyes. Would it be inappropriate for an uptight lady of a prestigious house to perform for others? She wondered nervously as she looked around, wanting to see if anyone was brave enough to be the first.
(TNote: This is probably because only low-classed ladies would perform for others for a living, in the high society, women are only expected to perform for their husbands or the king.)

The hand-maiden smiled as she noticed the ladies’ worries, “Do not worry, ladies, for the princess is known to be very easy-going, and a good performance would always be appreciated here, and most importantly, you would not be labeled as a lady of lower value by choosing to perform here.”

Gu Qing, who had been hesitating before, rushed over immediately to sign up as a contestant upon hearing the maid’s words.

Gu Yi, who had been in the same pavilion as the other ladies of House Gu, had been prepared to sign up too, as this was a good chance to flaunt her talents, only to be held back by silent Gu Lian.

“Competing with Gu Qing will only gain you Yan Shi’s hatred,” She whispered softly into Gu Yi’s ear as she reminded her gently, “Why not wait for the maids to pressure you before accepting it, since by then, it would be treated as an order from the princess?”

Realizing her sister’s efforts, Gu Yi nodded gratefully at Gu Lian before settling down in her own seat, she covered her lips with a handkerchief as she regulated her facial expressions.

Not long after, as according to Gu Lian’s prediction, the hand-maiden who had announced this news walked towards each pavilion, personally inviting the ladies that were residing inside to join the competition.

Gu Yi had answered the hand-maiden’s call and signed up for a performance with the zither.

Gu Wan, on the other hand, was too timid to perform, but upon realizing that the contestants for the painting competition would not need to perform on stage, was hesitating nervously, wondering if she should join. After a long wait by the patient hand-maiden, Gu Wan had decided not to sign up after all, as she was not at all confident in her abilities.

“Big sister, are you not joining?” Knowing that Yan Shi should not know about their alliance, Gu Yi voiced out slowly, probing Gu Lian to make a decision. Gu Yi was not dumb, in fact, she was quite the smart lady.

“I will pass, as I would not want to embarrass our House by offering the princess a bad performance.” She answered calmly, before turning to the side to whisper in one of the servant’s ear.

The servant nodded in respond and proceeded to lead Gu Lian to her destination. Yan Shi glanced at their exchange with disinterest as she was confident that Gu Lian would not be able to hook up with any person of authority with her lowly status of an illegitimate child.

But the truth of her absence was that she really needed to use the washroom and there were no secret plans or conspiracy in this. But then again, there’s no escape when luck forces itself onto you.

[The princess is nearby…]

The system notification sounded in her head as she left the washroom, she blinked as a grin filled her face, deciding that she should not waste such a good opportunity to complete her goal, furthermore, since Lady Luck was on her side right now, why would she push her away?

List of people:

Gu Lian – MC of this novel, first miss of House Gu, born to a late-mistress.
Gu Qing – Second miss of House Gu, born to the main mother.
Gu Yi – Third miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu Wan – Sixth miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Yan Shi – Main mother/wife of House Gu, wife to Lord Gu.
MeiXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden.
Princess ChangDuan – the sole daughter of the current king, born to the queen and also sister to the heir (third prince).

People whose names were not mentioned:

The hand-maiden who had made the announcement
The servant who led Gu Lian to the washroom

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The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 3

Chapter 3: The Party Invitation.

The two men chatted happily while Yan Shi smiled gently at everyone, keeping up her performance of a perfect main wife. Gu ZhiDian, on the other hand, who was not as experienced as Yan Shi, furrowed her brows deeply, but she did not interrupt the men’s talk.

Yan Shi’s smile grew wide as her sister-in-law’s face pent up in anger but unable to do anything about it, as the chatting men were not able to notice Gu ZhiDian’s facial expressions.

This sister-in-law is such a spoiled woman, Yan Shi thought spitefully, She should thank House Gu for treating her so well and handing her over to such a good family… I would’ve had her killed if she stayed here and messed up my authority…

Gu Lian kept her eyes downcast as she ate silently, ignoring everyone and everything but her food. Her other sisters, on the other hand, were too scared to do so as they could feel the tension between the Yan Shi and Gu ZhiDian.

“Ah, please forgive me, brother-in-law,” Gu ZhiDian’s husband voiced out humbly, “The third prince gave me some invitations a few days ago and I had been meaning to send it here, but it had somehow slipped my mind… But no matter, I’ll send a servant to bring it over tomorrow.”

It would seem that the third prince had decided to reel in House Gu to his side… Gu Lian thought silently.

Yan Shi’s eyes grew wide as she let out a relieved breath. She squinted her eyes at her sister-in-law, but Gu ZhiDian seemed surprised at his words.

To Yan Shi, forgetting such a crucial issue regarding his wife was an indication that Gu ZhiDian was not as important to him and he was not as in love with her as rumors went.

If he truly loved her, how can he forget her family? Yan Shi thought with a huge grin, almost bursting out in laughter if not for her current location.

Gu Lian, who had been eating silently, raised an eyebrow as she took a peek at her aunt, Yup, that face is as dark as soot…

Soon, the lunch ended with a happy family and an upset Madam Aunt.

Yan Shi could barely contain her excitement at the invitation to the Princess ChangDuan’s feast party, as feast parties such as these were usually used as a chance to get to know the young masters and young misses of other prestigious houses.

In normal cases, Yan Shi would usually ban the illegitimate daughters from attending social parties such as these, preventing them from making friends with other houses’ misses and making sure they do not meet any man from any prestigious house. Yan Shi’s plan was to marry them off to horrible places to make sure the illegitimate daughters suffer and would pose no threat to Gu Qing.

But unfortunately, this invitation was a rare case, as it was clearly stated that any miss aged thirteen and above would be allowed to join, and Yan Shi was not ready to go against the rule and ruin Gu Qing’s chances of attending the party.

Gu Yi was bursting with joy, while Gu Lian shrugged nonchalantly as she moved her gaze away from the invitation. Even though the young masters of the other prestigious houses were a great choice when choosing a husband, she would prefer to be free and to see the world, to widen her sights. And what if I met someone who is of higher position than these mere young masters and for some reason, he is attracted to me too? Gu Lian thought cheekily as she suppressed her giggle.

Other than these three girls, Gu Wan was the only one left who had reached the age of thirteen. She left the dining area in a daze while muttering to herself about beautiful dresses and parties.

As for the fourth and fifth miss, even though they were legitimate daughters, their fathers, being Gu ZhiMo’s second and third brother born to different mistresses, were illegitimate sons. This situation has made their position in the house very awkward, adding to the fact that the fourth and fifth miss, being legitimate daughters, refusing to acknowledge Gu ZhiMo’s illegitimate daughters. But Gu Qing, on the other hand, looked down on the two of them, as they were daughters of illegitimate sons. The two sisters took it upon themselves to team up together, doing everything together and ignoring everyone else in their residence.

They left the dining room together, arm-in-arm, as they rushed back to their residence. Their fathers, though they were illegitimate sons, had each received a minister position of low-ranked, hence their families were actually quite well-off compared to the illegitimate daughters of Gu ZhiMo. Furthermore, their mothers would never allow them to appear inferior in front of Gu Qing.

On the day of the feast party, MeiXiang stared unhappily at Gu Lian’s gown, “Eldest Miss, is this what you’ll be wearing?”

Gu Lian, knowing that her request would be ignored, had not requested for a gown from Yan Shi. Yan Shi was someone who would kill anyone that would pose a threat to her own daughter.

“What’s wrong? Wearing a plain dress does not mean I would lose face at the party,” Gu Lian asked calmly as she picked up a purple hairpin and attached it firmly to her hair, “As long as my dress and my accessories matches, it could even outrank an overdressed woman.”

In fact, this body of hers had the look of a weak woman, who would easily ignite the urge of others to protect her so. By wearing a plain dress and appearing pitiful, would she not attract even more stares? Men are all the same.

But what use do I have for men? She sighed as she gaze at her own reflection in the mirror, I’ve heard that the princess is a fierce and masculine person, perhaps she might adore weak rabbits like me?

Yes, her target for today was to land a favorable impression on Princess ChangDuan.

List of people:

Gu Lian – MC of this novel, first miss of House Gu, born to a late-mistress.
Gu Qing – Second miss of House Gu, born to the main mother.
Gu Yi – Third miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu Wan – Sixth miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu ZhiMo – Lord Gu, family head of House Gu.
Gu ZhiDian – Youngest sister of Lord Gu, pampered by the House Gu but was recently married off to a good and prestigious family, is sometimes called Madam Aunt by the servants and the women of House Gu.
Yan Shi – Main mother/wife of House Gu, wife to Lord Gu.
MeiXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden.
Princess ChangDuan – the sole daughter of the current king, born to the queen and also sister to the heir (third prince).

People whose names were not mentioned:

Third prince
Husband of Gu ZhiDian
Lord Gu’s Second and Third Brother
Fourth and Fifth Miss of House Gu and their respective mothers

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The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 2

Chapter 2: Sharp Tongue.

“Greetings mother,” The various sisters curtsied sweetly.

“Have a seat, girls, remember to mind your manners when Madam aunt reaches, be sure not to anger your uncle, okay?” Yan Shi smiled affectionately as she reminded everyone before turning back to face her own daughter.

Everyone kept their silence while watching the mother and daughter chat about everything.

Gu Lian looked around the room, silently watching her sisters. On her right side was Gu Yi, the third miss, her half-sister born by another mistress.

Gu Yi was dressed in a cherry pink attire, she had been slowly sipping her cup of hot tea ever since she reached. “Big sister~” Upon noticing Gu Lian’s gaze, she immediately returned her a sweet smile.

From the memories left behind by the previous Gu Lian, she knew that this third sister of hers was a very careful person. Each and every movements of hers were calculated and elegant to the brim, so much so that the Main Mother had not been able to find faults and punish her for any reasons, causing the Main Mother to be wary of her.

Gu Lian, not noticing any hidden agenda from Gu Yi, nodded politely in respond before looking around the room at her other half-siblings.

Gu Wan, the sixth miss, who busy stuffing herself with cakes, quickly caught Gu Lian’s gaze. She choked nervously on her cake as their eyes met, downing her tea instantly to relieve herself.

“Pfft~” Gu Yi, who had noticed the commotion, giggled silently at her sixth sister’s unladylike actions.

Information of her sisters were recorded deeply in her brain as she merged the old memories together with what she saw in them now.

Before long, a servant came into the room and said with a polite smile, “Madam Aunt has arrived, as per The Lord’s orders, everyone here is required to greet her at the main door,”

Yan Shi, who was chatting happily with her daughter, gazed at the servant as her smile drooped slightly, but she recollected herself quickly as her smile brightened once again, “Girls, let us proceed to the main gate, Madam Aunt has arrived.”

Not wanting to anger The Lord, the big crowd moved quickly to the main gate. Yan Shi, who was leading everyone, was upset at this commotion. Who does she think she is? She thought angrily as her face screwed up in a scowl, She’s just a brat who had already married out of this house, why do they spoil her so much?!

As she reached the main gate, her face was back to her usual calm expression, Ah, whatever~ When had they not treat her like a princess? I’ll just act like the polite main wife, as always, and I’d probably not see her in a few years anyways~ She convinced herself silently as she did not want to lose her reputation in front of everyone.

Lord Gu was already at the gate when the women arrived, waiting patiently for his precious little sister.

Gu Lian vaguely sized up her father as the other women turned silent. Lord Gu was a man with a very strong aura of prestige around him, normal women would usually get intimidated just by fleeting gaze from him.

She frowned slightly at the man who was supposed to be her biological father, such a man would be hard to deal with, but one huge advantage from dealing with men like these were that they are usually over-confident and look down on women.

I might be able to use this to my advantage one day, she thought as she turned her gaze away from the man.

After a while, a glamorous carriage stopped right in front of the main gate, the curtains were lifted up slightly by a handsome man, who then turned around towards a woman beside him, smiling gently as he helped her down the carriage elegantly.

The beautiful woman blushed at the hand contact as she tried to retract her hands from him, but was held firmly in place instead.

The man lead the woman by her hands towards Lord Gu, “Big Brother,” He bowed politely.

“Big Brother~” The woman purred sweetly, smiling like an angel.

Lord Gu gazed intently at his precious sister, upon seeing her happy and blessed facial expressions, all of the tension left his shoulders.

He nodded firmly at the man, satisfied that his precious sister was happily married.

“Baby sister, I have things to discuss with brother-in-law, would you mind hanging out with Yan Shi for a while?” Lord Gu asked Gu ZhiDian gently as he patted her head.

Gu ZhiDian nodded sweetly as she left with Yan Shi, leading all the women towards Yan Shi’s garden.

Gu Lian sat quietly in a corner, watching her half-sisters surrounding the “Madam Aunt”, chatting and having fun like little chicks.

“Not joining in the fun?” Gu Yi asked as she sat down beside her.

Gu Lian glanced at the uninvited guest, “I’m no good at chatting, wouldn’t want to anger the honored guest,” she scoffed at her third sister’s words.

“Madam Aunt sure is lucky,” Gu Yi sighed as her eyes shone with admiration at the scene.

Of course she’s lucky, marrying such a handsome and gentle man, Gu Lian thought as she nodded her head at her sister’s words.

Gu Lian watched her sister silently, giving no response to her words.

According to the old-Gu Lian’s memories, Gu ZhiDian was only a few years older than Gu Qing, the main daughter of House Gu, but because Gu ZhiDian was the youngest child of grandmother, she had always been the most pampered child in the family.

Her current husband, was the eldest son of a prestige family, born to the main wife. He had only one biological brother, meaning that Gu ZhiDian would, in the future, be the wife of the Head of the House. If this was not lucky, nothing else would be.

Due to this, Yan Shi had been raging without Lord Gu’s knowledge. She had originally wanted this man to be Yan Qing’s husband, but due to the pressure from grandmother and Lord Gu, Yan Shi had failed.

Gu Lian chuckled silently at the family drama as she turned around, wanting to know if Gu Yi was jealous as well.

Gu Yi and Gu Qing were born in the same year, just three months apart. Yan Shi had already started searching for satisfying man for Gu Qing, whereas there were no news at all for Gu Yi.

Knowing Yan Shi, she would most probably marry her off to a poor man so she could suffer forever, as bastard children are trash to the main wife’s eyes.

But Gu Yi was not someone so easily pushed off. She had her own ideals and dreams, plus those cunning eyes that seem to glint in the sun every now and then, Gu Lian wondered what she had planned to escape her hopeless fate.

Gu Lian turned her gaze towards Gu ZhiDian next. It was a known fact that she had a weak body, which was unsuitable for pregnancy, if she died to a miscarriage or during childbirth, House Gu would jump at the opportunity of sending another daughter over to be wife. A thought flickered through her mind as she realized what Gu Yi had planned.

Gu Lian sighed tiredly, cursing whoever that sent her to this accursed house of drama.

After what seemed like forever, the women gathering had finally come to an end.

Gu ZhiDian could be seen grasping Yan Shi hand cheerfully, “Big sister, see you soon at Princess ChangDuan’s feast party in two days~” She smiled sweetly while Yan Shi’s polite smile froze.

Princess ChangDuan’s biological brother, the third prince, was next in line for the throne, as Gu ZhiDian’s husband was a minister working under the third prince. Hence an invitation would be sent to Gu ZhiDian, but not House Gu, who had no relations at all with Princess ChangDuan.

She did this on purpose! Yan Shi’s teeth clenched tightly as rage burnt in her eyes at Gu ZhiDian’s words. Just as she hated Gu ZhiDian, Gu ZhiDian hated her as well as she clearly remembered how, before she was married, Yan Shi had tried to gain favor for Gu Qing, while using her as a stepping stone.

“We’ll see,” Yan Shi said flatly as she removed her hands from Gu ZhiDian, “Are you hungry? I’m sure the family meal is ready.”

And without waiting for a reply from her sister-in-law, Yan Shi commanded a hand-maiden to lead them to the dining room.

Gu ZhiDian’s face darkened at the disrespect as she clenched her fists, but said nothing as she followed the crowd to the dining room.

Gu Lian slowly followed the crowd from behind, watching everyone’s back view with interest.

“Miss…” MeiXiang whimpered beside her, “Even though third miss was trying provoke you into getting angry at Madam Aunt or Second Miss, what she said was also correct…”

Gu Lian smiled gently at MeiXiang, calming her down. As the owner of the Player System, plus her mastery in poison, she was not at all worried that she could not find a man, even if she is destined to be alone, she could always survive outside, the world is huge after all~

What worried her more was the possibility of Yan Shi assigning her to a horrible engagement with a horrible man.

What shall I do if this happened? She wondered curiously as she counted her fingers, Shall I ruin the engagement? Or fake a death so I can escape from this house of drama?

Gu Lian chuckled happily at her options as she sped up her walking speed, easily catching up to the other women.

List of people: (As suggested by Acascia)

Gu Lian – MC of this novel, first miss of House Gu, born to a late-mistress.
Gu Qing – Second miss of House Gu, born to the main mother.
Gu Yi – Third miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu Wan – Sixth miss of House Gu, born to a mistress.
Gu ZhiMo – Lord Gu, family head of House Gu.
Gu ZhiDian – Youngest sister of Lord Gu, pampered by the House Gu but was recently married off to a good and prestigious family, is sometimes called Madam Aunt by the servants and the women of House Gu.
Yan Shi – Main mother/wife of House Gu, wife to Lord Gu.
MeiXiang – Gu Lian’s hand-maiden.
Princess ChangDuan – the sole daughter of the current king, born to the queen and also sister to the heir (third prince).

People whose names were not mentioned:

Third prince
Husband of Gu ZhiDian

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The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess – Chp 1

Chapter 1: The Transmigration.

Modern World – Year 2017, an NPC vanished into thin air from the world famous Wuxia MMORPG. Players were excited as they had thought that it was a surprise event, but the developers denied it, claiming that it was a bug. After a while, the players lost interested in the NPC and developers did not bother to replace her as she was just a filler NPC and whose disappearance would not affect the story plot of the game.

At the exact same moment in another world, a teenage girl, who had been in a coma for weeks, opened her eyes and narrowed it as she found herself in an unknown location.

Her name was Gu Lian of House Gu. She was the first born child of Gu ZhiMo, the current head of House Gu. House Gu resides in the capital city of the Tian Xi Dynassty. It would’ve been a luxurious life for her if not for the fact that she was a mistress’s daughter.

In a world where mistresses are basically a servant, the child of a mistress would be treated as half a servant. Usually sacrificed, either through political marriage or murdered in conspiracy by the family to create opportunities for the legal wife’s children.

“Eldest miss, is your head still hurting?” Mei Xiang, her hand-maiden, asked while passing her a bowl of medicine. Mei Xiang was worried as Gu Lian kept going off in a daze ever since she woke up a day ago.

She shook her head slightly in response as she took the bowl and swallowed the brown putrid medicine in a big gulp.

“I’m fine, Mei Xiang, I just need some rest,” she said calmly, “Please leave me,” Mei Xiang nodded diligently as she quickly left the room.

Three days had passed since she was transmigrated to this world and her memories were still not fully sorted out. Her recurring headache made her wondered if she had unlocked a hidden scenario.


A notification like noise sounded in her head as she felt the intense headache subsides.

[System is downloading, please be patient.]

Is this… a cheat? She thought in surprise and her eyes grew wide as a bright blue screen popped out and floated in front of her.

As an ex-NPC who had gathered informations from players about their real word, Gu Lian understood clearly what this meant, and having her stats showed in numbered form was a also big relief for her.

This was previously the system that’ll only be bestowed by the master brain to players, happiness bubbled out of her as she tried stroking her system page.

[Player, please choose a sect]

A notification popped out as she fiddled with her system page, followed with information about the thirteen available sects.

She glanced at her system fondly, as she skimmed through the information provided.

Without hesitation, she chose to join the poison sect as she was well-versed with it. She wasn’t sure where she was, she had doubts that this was another game world when she first reached this place but the lack of players made her believe its real life more. Maybe an alternate historical universe, but real life nonetheless. And she had to prepare herself as she would soon be thrown into the family’s power struggle and she believe that taking her old field would be easier.

Gu Lian was an NPC in the “Five Poisonous Guild” in her past life, it was a guild filled with doctors who enjoyed playing with and experimenting with poisonous materials, mastering the art of poison. She had spent her entire childhood working hard, learning the poisonous arts from her guild.

After that, when she had mastered her art, she began adventuring as her NPC backstory was a traveling poison master. She had met many different people, the naive child gradually evolved into an experienced woman.

With the system in place, she no longer had to worry about the old Gu Lian’s problems. She nodded in relief, as she watched the old Gu Lian’s life flashed past in front of her like a movie on the screen of the system.

More days passed ever since she had been transmigrated into this world. A soft knocking sounded through her room door and Mei Xiang’s voice came from the door, “Eldest Miss, have you awaken?”

“Yes, please enter,” Gu Lian nodded slightly at door, allowing them entry. Mei Xiang entered with three other hand-maidens in tow, each holding an item with them, the most obvious being the pot used for cleaning herself up in the morning.

“Good morning, Eldest Miss,” Mei Xiang greeted her with a grin as she passed Gu Lian a cloth to wipe her face with, “Madam aunt is returning today, Lord had demanded that all young misses to accompany Madam Aunt today, we should hurry as to prevent scoldings from the main mother.

Madam Aunt was actually the youngest sister of her father, Gu ZhiMo. Her grandmother had given birth to madam aunt at a very old age and hence, she was pampered as the youngest child. She is only three years older than Gu Lian.

Gu Lian, who had recovered from her splitting headache, imitated a weak smile used often by the old Gu Lian, “No matter, I’m used to it.”

Mei Xiang led Gu Lian to the main house after dressing her up. As they stepped into the garden of the Main Mother’s quarters, Yan Shi’s hand-maiden, Yu Lan, walked up to them.

“How is the Eldest Miss doing? Main Mother had been worried ever since you went into a coma from the concussion.” She exclaimed with a big smile on her face. “Main Mother had given her consent for Eldest Miss to return and rest if you are feeling uncomfortable. Eldest Miss had just recovered after all!”

The old Gu Lian, being too naive, would’ve thought that Yan Shi was really worried about her and accept her kindness, but the current Gu Lian knows better.

Gu Lian smiled in respond, “Please help me thank main mother for her concern, but I’m feeling a lot better now… Actually I’m more worried about second sister, I heard she was sick, how is she now?”

Yu Lan’s eyes gleamed nervously, “Second Miss had already recovered, thanks for your concern. Let me lead you inside, we wouldn’t want Main Mother to wait too long,” she changed the topic quickly as she step to the side of the door.

Mei Xiang, aware of her position, did not follow her in. But she glared subtly at Yu Lan every now and then, angry that Yu Lan tried to get Gu Lian into trouble.

“Greetings mother.” Gu Lian said sweetly as she curtsy before Yan Shi.

Yan Shi narrowed her eyes as she looked at Gu Lian with contempt, prolonging the process. She would not respond so quickly as she enjoyed the view of watching the daughters of mistresses tremble with difficulty. Gu Lian understood immediately what Yan Shi was planning, she wanted her to tire of the curtsy pose and fall to the ground, shaking herself in the process. That would’ve been the case if she was not here, she ignored Yan Shi’s bad intentions as she stayed in position of a curtsy for a full 5 minutes. Gu Lian glanced at her stamina stat

[Stamina: 998/1000]

She chuckled to herself silently, she could do this all day and not even tire, let alone falling to the ground. Yan Shi’s plans to humiliate her would not work today.

Yan Shi stared at Gu Lian as she steadily stayed in position for 10 minutes. “Take a seat, Ling Er,” Yan Shi, not wanting to embarrass herself, finally opened her mouth, “It looks like Ling Er had recovered perfectly,” she added sarcastically, smiling but the smile did not reach her eyes.

Gu Lian, who refused to continue with the pointless idle talk, thanked Yan Shi politely and sat down to the side, she was unwilling to go along with Yan Shi’s facade.

Before long, her second sister, Gu Qing, arrived. Gu Qing was born by the Yan Shi herself, and hence she was the main daughter of the Gu Family. She grew up pampered and spoilt by the whole family.

Gu Lian continued drinking her tea as she observed this second sister of hers as both mother and daughter chat.

After a few minutes, tired of listening to useless talks, Gu Lian blanked out as she began recalling what she had done when she was Gu Qing’s age. It would seem that she had spent her entire childhood working hard, learning poison arts from her NPC seniors or took care of her eldest senior brother’s poisonous bugs.

She sighed, admiring Gu Qing’s relaxed childhood as compared to hers.

More footsteps echoed through the hallway as her remaining sisters started to arrive.

Lord Gu, her body’s biological father, was not a loyal man. Not only did he have many mistresses, he also have more than ten bed maidens, and this was excluding the ones that were killed by the Yan Shi!

According to the culture of this world, Lords of the houses could take an unlimited amount of women if they wanted to. Some arrogant lords would even kidnap commoner women and keep them as his bed maidens, basically a personal prostitute. But bed maidens who successfully bear a Lord’s child would be promoted to a mistress.

Gu Lian counted around twenty half-sisters. She did not see any half-brothers, except for Yan Shi’s twelve year old son, Gu ZhiShu.

Yan Shi, being the main mother of the house, would never allow any woman other than herself to bear a son. This was to fully prevent any possibilities of disturbance to Gu ZhiShu’s future inheritance of the House Gu.

Mistresses who gave birth to sons would always die a mysterious death. Some die of poison, some die to childbirth, some die to a fatal illness and so on. The only thing in common with the deaths were that the son would always follow his mother’s death. Her biological mother was one of the mistress that tried biting off more than she could, as she had refused to kill the son in her stomach as she trusted Lord Gu to protect her from Yan Shi. But alas, he would not waste so much time saving a mistress, even though her mother was one of his favorites.

Mistresses who know their places well were left alone by Yan Shi. Hence resulting in the large amount of half-sisters in front of her.

Gu Lian noticed Gu Qing shooting daggers at her viciously. It was pure luck the old Gu Lian managed to survive so long in this god-forsaken place. She understood why Gu Qing hated her so much and so she responded with a weak smile, filling Gu Qing with rage and disgust.

Ancient civilizations think very highly of the first born child and the main wife’s children. For Gu Lian, a mistress’s child, to occupy the first born slot, was actually a humiliation to Gu Qing, who was the main daughter of House Gu.

Gu Lian looked away nonchalantly as her sister raged. Gu Qing was nothing more than a spoilt little child to her, slightly pissing her off is more than enough.

Translator’s Note:
My take on translating the first chapter of a Yuri historical novel OwO This novel is surprisingly difficult to translate as there were so many redundant sentences. I had to draft it and then edit the sentences again to merge some together or rephrase it. The chapter was pretty long too, it took me quite a long time to finish this chapter 🙁

I think it’s at least decent enough to read now OwO Chapters of this novel would be slower as I plan to focus more on The Men at Her Feet though.


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