The Men at Her Feet – Extra 6

Extra 6: After Marriage Series – Helping Until The End.

Fu SiNian poured his heart out to her (walls), before standing up from the bed and moving away from the now-crumpled bed.

The sudden loss of balance caused her to instinctively wrap her arms around his neck and her legs over his strong waist, as if she was a crawler plant growing and tangling all over his sturdy frame.

At this point, her twin mountains were delicately pushed against his broad sweaty chest, causing her solid aroused beans to constantly rub across his muscles as he devoured her while standing.

Both of his palms were placed steadily against her full buttcheeks, as it was easier for him to control the pace. He would lift her away from his intimidating hardness, before allowing her to fall back onto it, causing her to cry out from the impact every single time.

She could vividly feel him spreading her walls apart and ramming against her deepest sections each time she fell onto the awaiting beast. Her sweet nectar streamed down his abdomen and legs in waves, before finally resting on the floor of the room.

“Little monk, it seems that your body fits the description of the nirvana that this lord has been searching for my entire life, should we hold more sessions like this in the future?” Fu SiNian moved towards a nearby desk slowly, grinding her insides with each steps before placing her gently onto the surface of the desk.

“E…En…… Mm…” Prince QingLuan had absolutely no intention of replying to the burglar’s vulgar way of speech, as though his lips were honeyed and sweet, he was quite the evil person down there, which was why she had hidden her face into the crook of his neck and keeping her silence, except for the low moans that she could seem to contain.

But her actions had instead, sent him into a good mood, as he instantly buried himself deeply within her, before rubbing the tip of his hardness against the walls of her cervix.

“A…Ah!” She gasped in shock as she tried to escape from the intense sensation, causing her legs to flail desperately while she rubbed her face against his neck.

“Little monk, shouldn’t you be keeping your voice down? In case your Buddha hears you…” Fu SiNian growled deeply into her ears, teasing her once again.

As for the poor monk, whose eyes were wide in shock at the sudden reminder, remembered that she was still on holy grounds, and the thought itself was enough to make her body tense up in shame, while unintentionally tightening her walls as stress filled through her entire body.

He’s right! I cannot allow God to hear such a vile noise! She thought in horror, and without any other means to control her voice, she clamped down her teeth onto his shoulders, hoping that it will silence her.

Meanwhile, due to her sudden tightness, Fu SiNian had been trying his best to control his urge to release his seeds within her, and her unexpected bite was almost the culprit to his failure as a man.

Knowing from her contracting walls that his precious princes is almost at her limits once again, he picked up speed as he finally allowed himself to loosen the control over his beast.

Princess QingLuan noticed his change almost immediately as she felt the hot burning sensation spread throughout her entire body, before crashing down on her in a huge wave as she once again reached climax.

Fu SiNian wrapped his arms around her back, pressing her body tightly against his chest as he pulled back for a final thrust, before burying himself deep within her uneven walls and releasing everything he had directly into her holy womb, causing her to let out a shrilled scream as she felt her womb burned from his scorching hot seeds.

Fortunately, her screams were instantly muffled as he clamped his lips over hers tightly before swallowing every single sound she made.

Both man and woman stayed as still as a statue for a few minutes, slowly recovering from the intensive climax they shared.

Fu SiNian’s muscular chest was stained to the brim with their combined sweat, causing it to glow alluringly, and in addition to his handsome face, she could not help but admit that this infamous burglar, was in fact, quite seductive.

But she quickly averted her perverted gaze from him as she felt her cheeks burned, “That’s enough for now, leave quickly…” She murmured nervously as she tried to push his too sexy body away from her view.

But he would not release his grip on her waist and he gazed at her with his deep dark eyes solemnly, while his momentarily weakened beast, which was still buried deep within her, awakened to his call once again.

Princess QingLuan was not a virgin who knew nothing of these sorts, hence she had immediately understood the sudden changes she felt within her. And in her panicked state, she struggled against his grasps desperately as she tried to escape from his fierce weapon.

But her attempts were to no avail, as he already had her locked within his palms, “Little monk, since you’re already trying to purify this lord’s sins, how about helping me thoroughly, since this lord had lived an extremely sinful life and a single session is obviously not enough……” He rasped deeply into her ears before clamping his lips over her slightly swollen lush lips.

Princess QingLuan: “…” She could not even refuse because her lips were already sealed shut by him……

And it seems that tonight would be yet another restless night for her… *cries*

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The Men at Her Feet – Extra 5

Extra 5: After Marriage Series – Expiating The Sins Of Mankind.

Truth be told, Fu SiNian had actually came prepared today, he had taken great care to settle the other monks living near her place and had made sure that their surroundings were free of people.

But, Princess QingLuan had no way to know that. All she knew was that the other monks might notice her rude and suspect full ways. Tears filled her eyes as she imagined the horrified and ashamed looks on the other monks when they find out what she had done.

She stared at him with her wide tear-filled eyes, begging silently for mercy, hoping that he would stop his advances. She did not mind adhering to his needs, but not here, not at this holy place.

She tried struggling against his hold, but her limbs were weak and her body was burning. She could imagine her own reddened face, as she could not help but drown in the pleasure.

It was of no doubt that she was, in fact, turned on by him. He was her husband, after all, and her body knew his, just as his body knew hers.

Fu SiNian’s gaze landed on her flushed face as she tried to escape from him, her attempts were too weak and too soft, as if she did not have the strength to retaliate at all. For a second, it made him feel as if he was, indeed, a burglar who was keened on taking the virginity of a holy monk.

“As you wish, little monk, this lord will stop fooling around…” He whispered softly into her ears, taking a deep breath as he inhaled her fragrance deeply, he had missed this scent so much during the sleepless nights without her.

He cupped his huge hand around her mountains, rotating between them as he squeezed them into different shapes and sizes, meanwhile adding yet another finger within her drenched softness before moving them through her vigorously.

“A…Ah… S…Slower… Stop moving around like that…” Princess QingLuan shook her head from side to side helplessly, her lush lips were slightly agape from her uncontrollable moans while her face flushed into an even darker shade of vermillion.

Fu SiNian’s eyes narrowed dangerously at her moans, they were soft and melodious to his ears, and it was enough to set his mind and soul on fire.

He leaned down his head slightly, skillfully catching her delicate beans with his tongue as his fingers worked through her uneven walls diligently.

Without long, her entire body was already trembling uncontrollably under his care, and as he bit down softly onto her hardened bean, her tremblings came to a sudden halt while her spine arched into an impossible curve, and with a shrilled scream, her sweet translucent nectar exploded from within her, immediately drenching his palm and the bed beneath her thoroughly.

He stared slack-jawed at the fully drenched bed below her full buttocks before landing his eyes on the collected nectar on his palm. It took him a few seconds to realize that the woman he loved had squirted right in front of him. To think that this could ever happen!

He had never felt such a sense of accomplishment in his life as he did at this exact moment. It was his hard work, and her willingness to accept his care. His gaze softened significantly as he, once again, landed his gaze upon her face, not realizing the conflicted look within her eyes.

Meanwhile, Princess QingLuan was actually gasping for air as she tried to catch her breath. Perhaps it was because she was exceptionally nervous and tensed at the fact that they were on holy ground, which was why her body had been much more sensitive to his touch than usual.

But still, she had to give this famous burglar credit for his skills too, it was definitely not something she could’ve accomplished on her own.

Though she loved it all, the remaining part of her was almost drowning in so much shame and embarrassment that she wished she could burrow deep into the ground and disappear forever, for she no longer had the face to meet with her ancestors even if she died and entered hell.

“Little monk, you’re definitely the embodiment of GuanYin PuSa! Your body is filled with such purity and innocence, so unsullied by sins that I feel as if I’ve been opened to a brand new world of nirvana. Was this your intention all these while, to try and purify this sinful burglar?” Fu SiNian raised her chin slightly while his lips curved uncontrollable into a smile.

Her eyes shot towards his face instantly upon hearing his words, her lips puckering up into a beautiful pout, How DARE he tease her like this at times of such an intense and serious internal conflict!? Her eyes flashed with a devilish glint as she clamped her lips over his fingers, biting down on them furiously, like a ferocious little kitten attacking its sighing mother.

He chuckled deeply at the ‘fierce and ferocious’ little monk, once again confirming the fact that his little princess is the epitome of cuteness when she was angry and ashamed.

After allowing her to attack his fingers for a while, he continued on his words calmly, “Little monk, do not be hasty. This lord will take good care of your bottom mouth before coming back to cate for your upper mouth, alright?”

Princess QingLuan paused in her attack the moment his words landed, immediately glaring at him before trying to push him away unhappily.

But it was to no avail, as he had both her legs captured, and was already putting them in place against both of his shoulders as he held his domineering hardness against the entrance of her drenched softness, casually slathering her sweet nectar around his beast before thrusting it deep within her in a single push.

She trembled slightly at the invasion, as her body was still sensitive after the recent explosive climax, and it had been quite a long while since her void had been filled with a man’s warmth, hence when his beast had entered her, there was close to no resistance at all from her, while her walls clamped down around him welcomingly as her nectar flowed unendingly.

“E…En~” Both man and woman moaned deeply as soon as they were attached intimately, his was from the unchanged bliss, and hers from the warm fullness within her walls.

Her walls were as tight as he had remembered, it was as if she was still the virgin he had tasted on their first night together. It was so hot and slick inside that he felt as if he might just die from the ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Princess QingLuan felt as if her mind was going crazy from his unending ramming. He had filled up her so thoroughly, just as she had remembered, and his beast was moving as if it knew no fatigue.

“Y…you… Don’t go in so deeply…” She whimpered softly as she placed her palms on his firm chest.

Fu SiNian wrapped his arms around her slender waist immediately, “Little monk, how can this burglar ever atone for his sins if we don’t go deeper into your teachings?” He groaned seductively into her ears, sending a tremble down her spine once again.

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The Men at Her Feet – Extra 4

Extra 4: After Marriage Series – Mortal Desires!

Princess QingLuan jolted in shock at his actions, quickly pushing against his chest, only to feel his fast heartbeat through her palms.

When did he remove his garments? Her mouth went wide in awe as she stared at the naked man facing her.

He held her hands with a single hand, caressing her smooth skin with his rough thumb before raising them above her head, forcing her back to arch and her full bosoms to perk up right into his face while the delicious twin beans teased him cheekily, filling his entire body with a curious itch.

He clamped his lips over hers hungrily as he sucked in a sharp breath at the mountains that pushed against his chest. They were so close together, no gaps in between as their sweat combined, it was as if they would merge into one at any moment.

He released her unwillingly only when she almost ran out of breath, sighing as he couldn’t bear leaving her touch for even a single second. As his lips left hers, a silver string of saliva connected them, as if their bodies had not want to be separated.

Princess QingLuan was gasping for air as soon as he released her lips, while her chest moved according to her ragged breathing, making her enormous bosoms dangled seductively at him, momentarily dazing him with the wonderful sight and filling his hungry eyes with a beastly urge.

Fu SiNian released her captured wrists from above her before cupping her with both palms, caressing and squeezing them eagerly, “Little monk, your twins are so mesmerizing while your body is so alluring, I’m fairly certain that you’re not suited to stay in places like a temple… I believe that even the Buddha wouldn’t take you as his disciple, how about coming along with me…” He whispered deeply into her ear as his hot breath landed on her neck, sending thrills through her.

Princess QingLuan’s body, which was already weak from being teased continuously by him, was already reacting to his actions, and now his words.

“D…don’t say that…” She whimpered softly, like a little kitten with little to no threat to anything around her, while her words did nothing but to ignite his innermost desires.

His hands trailed downwards from her twin mountains before landing on her beautiful flat abdomen, his fingers circled her delicate navel hole a few times before slithering down her thighs and finally her drenched petals.

Her sweet nectar was already leaking from her long idle softness when his fingers entered her hungrily, and as if sensing the urgency within her, he began to move his fingers in and out of her furiously.

Before long, her tightly shut walls were already clamping down on his slender fingers firmly as her sweet nectar leaked out of her like a loose pipe, drenching his entire palm in her juices.

A woman’s soft moans and a man’s ragged breathing echoed through the quiet room while accompanied by a curious blush-inducing noise which sounded somewhat like water being pushed in and out of something.

Princess QingLuan knew her body well, and she understood that she was indeed turned on by him, but still, this was a holy temple and she could not condone dirtying this holy place with such mortal cravings.

Biting down on her lips, she forced herself to contain her rising needs as she endured his teasing with all her willpower.

Fu SiNian gazed at her adorable actions with glee as he felt the heat within his body burned, before quickly inserting a second finger within her walls.

“Mmph… En… Mn…” Her body tended up immediately at the new entry while her whimpered moans escaped her lips.

Fu SiNian quickly took the chance to bury his head within the crook of her neck, kissing her collarbone softly before licking all around her neck passionately, “Little monk, this lord has but touched you a little and you’re already drenched like a waterfall, could it be that you’re lonely after staying in this holy place for such a long time? Why do you torture yourself so, why not retire and embrace your mortal desires?”

His unrestrained lewd words sent jolt of thrills up her spine, while causing her walls to tighten up firmly around his fingers, as if reacting to him eagerly. She could distinctively feel both of his fingers moving within her, but still, she kept her lips pursed tightly together even though her face was so red and hot that it could be burning in lava.

Yo, such a proud and dignified monk huh? Fu SiNian’s eyes flashed with an excited glint before digging his slender fingers deeper within her while spinning his fingers around, knocking against her uneven walls as he searched for her sensitive spots.

She grabbed onto his muscular arm with trembling hands as she felt her endurance slowly ripped away from within her, “You… That’s enough… Stop fooling around…” She whimpered softly as she complained unhappily, even though her eyes were somewhat dazed from the entire situation.

What happened to being pounced on and devoured raw? Why has it turned into a slow and torturous simmering!!

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The Men at Her Feet – Extra 3

Extra 3: After Marriage Series – A Wild Burglar Appears.

Everything moved slowly and quietly in this secluded temple, as it was far away from civilization.

Tonight had been the perfect night to paint, as it was peaceful and cool. In fact, Princess QingLuan had her entire focus drawn towards her painting while her mind flew around like a little bird who was chirping happily at the freedom as she poured her passion onto her painting.

But it had all ended in a blink of an eye. Her painting had disappeared from her view and she was dragged gently towards the bed, like an innocent sheep trapped underneath a starving wolf.

She winced slightly as he tore through her humble garments, ripping it into pieces of cloths before tossing everything onto the ground with disgust.

Her days in the temple had been peaceful and slow, and the fact that the monks made it a point to take great care of this elegant and sweet princess, she actually seemed healthier than she had been when she was back in the city.

Her skin was as smooth as ever, while her bosoms perked cheerfully while half-hidden by her loose undergarments and her waist was still slim and slender. Fu SiNian knew that he would never get tired of gazing at her dreamlike body.

He caressed her skin gently, rubbing through the pinkish patches on her skin that had been caused by the horribly rough and dirty garments from before.

Fu SiNian felt his heart ached slightly, a woman so precious like her, who had grown up and lived her entire life comfortably and in luxury, had to spend her days in this horrible place.

Such a capricious action! Planning and conspiring all of these just to avoid her own husbands, how could they forgive her for treating herself so harshly and irresponsibly?

He squinted his eyes at her.

“Minister Fu… Stop fooling around…” Princess QingLuan muttered softly, intending to convince this man to stop his actions after realizing that her struggling were to no avail, “This is a holy place, don’t fool around simply…”

“Minister Fu? Are you talking about your consort?” Fu SiNian twirled a stroke of her hair around his finger before lifting it up towards his nose and breathing in her sweet scent.

“En?” Princess QingLuan stared at him in confuse, unsure why he would ask her such a confusing question.

“I am not ‘Minister Fu’, as I am just nothing but a wandering burglar, who had decided to stay the night in this temple,” He said calmly while releasing her stroke of hair from his fingers, before caressing her cheeks adoringly.

“They say that a monk lives for the human race in general, humbly saving us from our sins… I wonder if this little monk is willing to save me from my sins?” He whispered gently into her ear before gazing deeply into her eyes with a burglar-like cunning and slyness.

Princess QingLuan felt her heart skipped a beat at his words, What exactly is he up to?

“I really can’t do it today… Please wait for my return…” Knowing that something isn’t right, she answered his question nervously while her soft voice trembled slightly. She had a feeling that even though his words seemed confusing and random, she knew that he would definitely get his way from the firm light that flashed within his eyes.

Immediately, he reached out a his hungry paws and cupped her twin mountains within his palms, “Burglars don’t have a special lucky date when we rob or kill, may as well just do it right now, since it was probably destined for a little monk like you to appear in front of this lord…”
(TNote: because Chinese loves to choose specific “lucky/prosperous” dates for everything, like marriage/launching of a new shop/etc, some people like my parents even insisted to choose a good day to take the plane hahaha, but it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry I guess eheheh)

Princess QingLuan: “…” She did not know whether to cry or to laugh at this exact moment… This man may look stern and firm, but he is definitely You HanGuang’s true senior brother, as expected of students taught by the same master…

Her face was flushed bright scarlet with a slight shyness as she pouted unhappily at his nonsense, not knowing that her current facial expression was actually fanning his restrained urges, which was a tiny flame, straight into a huge forest fire.

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he leaned his head downward, clamping hungrily at the lush lips that he had missed so dearly.

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Extra 4 >

The Men at Her Feet – Extra 2

Extra 2: After Marriage Series – Pounced.

At the top of the tall mountain lays a beautiful temple shrouded in clouds and mist, making it seem like the heavens where the gods live.

The monks, who had spent their entire lives serving the temple, rushed around busily as they prepared for the arrival of the princess, cleaning up her room nicely and setting out exquisite desserts and tea before gathering up everyone to welcome her at the entrance.

To their surprise, Princess QingLuan was not as aloof as they had thought, for she was kind and gentle, with no traces of the arrogance usually seen in nobles and royalties. To their surprise, the princess had even requested that they view her as their own and allow her to mimic their traditions in terms of attire and food.

The young female monks had all taken a liking to this graceful and elegant princess, but what they love most about her were her clear eyes, which were overflowing with sincerity and kindness.

She was exactly like the summer wind, bringing warmth and comfort to everyone near her.

Princess QingLuan spent her days in the temple peacefully like the monks, living a simple and clean life. As days past, her six husbands began fading from her mind, and she had entirely forgotten about her husbands entirely!

She ate her simply prepared rice with some vegetables and tea, it was unlike the glamorous meal she was used to from the palace, but this slow life somewhat calms her down and she felt entirely at peace with herself.

Meanwhile, the men she had left behind in her residence, were all starving in desperation after their lovely wife escaped to live a clean life. Even though their faces don’t show it, they were all making plans in the dark to meet with their lovely wife.

As night fell, as Princess QingLuan was spending her slow evening drawing the beautiful scenery of the mountain, her actions fell into the eyes of Minister Fu, who had visited the temple in secret.

He had, in fact, rushed over to her residence the moment he reached, but was held mesmerized by the beauty of her focusing on her drawing. He had not known that she was skilled in illustrations, but it wasn’t that she had hid this information from him, it was mainly because of the fact that she had never been given a chance, or the strength, to showcase her skills when faced with these men.

The candle glowed dimly against her pale skin as her hair flowed loosely on her back, her face was clean of any decorations and she had no jewelry on any parts of her… But the simpleness did not lessen her beauty, in fact, it had somewhat enhanced her elegant posture and gave her the feel of an unreachable angel.

Fu SiNian, who had never before seen her like this, froze in a daze as he stared at her silently. A sudden thought flashed through his mind, where he would press her against the praying cushion right underneath the statue of the buddha and tear off her simple garments easily before kissing through her neck and pinching her round and full buttocks that he missed dearly. He would strip her fully and expose her secret parts, holding her down and preventing her from escaping before entering her with his starving shaft. He would fill her walls fully and remind her of his love, he would make her little lush monk lips squeal and moan uncontrollably as lust and bliss fill her to the brim.

His fantasy ended abruptly at the sudden pain from his crotch, and with a growl, he pushed open her door urgently, allowing a wave of the night chilly wind to enter before making his way towards the unassuming princess.

Princess QingLuan, who had been entirely focused on her drawing, jumped in a shock as she heard footsteps in her room, accidentally knocking into the hanging candle stand while the dim light danced on her smooth skin.

The dim light lit up her forehead and her ears in a coat of red, while her round almond eyes danced with the reflection of the flame, she looked exactly like a mussel, so clean and empty, that could be eaten immediately right after a slight dip in some soy sauce.

Before Princess QingLuan could question his intentions, Fu SiNian narrowed his eyes dangerously at her like a starving wolf while shutting the door with a huge bang, before pouncing towards her direction suddenly.

Ahhhh! My Minister Fu pounced on me!

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The Men at Her Feet – Extra 1

Extra 1: After Marriage Series – Introduction.

In normal cases, newly-weds would usually be awfully clingy towards each other and the sweet flirting would usually be hated by on-lookers.

But not for Princess QingLuan, as her after marriage lives were absolutely indescribable.

Her six husbands, all of them strong martial artists, had too much strength and stamina within them, and they rarely contain or hide their desperate need for her love.

Which is why after only a mere one month, Princess QingLuan was extremely weakened and tired from being bedded at least once everyday.

Running out of ideas to avoid her crazily strong group of gigolos, Princess QingLuan escaped towards her brother’s palace in the early morning to escape the grasps of her men.

“Big sister, shall I give you the command to pray for our country at the temple on the top of the mountain nearby?” Xie Zhao pondered about his sister’s issues while asking for her opinions.

“But our country is peaceful and prosperous, what is there to pray for?” Princess QingLuan asked worriedly.

“Do not worry, no single human would complain about excessive luck. We could just let the country know that you’ll be praying for the health and prosperity of the entire country!”

Princess QingLuan nodded slowly after thinking through her options.

When she returned to her own residence in the evening, she gathered up her men and told them about the news.

“This princess would take a short holiday in that mountain temple to pray for every citizen’s health and prosperity. During my time there, I will survive entirely without meat, physically or sexually, as the temple is the most sacred place…” She began nervously as she paid attention to everyone’s facial expressions, “Furthermore, please do not visit me and take this time to rest up your bodies and health and finally, wait for my return.”

To her surprise and relief, all six men were very supportive of her decision, and she left the place quickly with her hand-maidens in tow, intending to pack up her things and leave this tiring place as soon as possible.

Entirely missing out the dreamy look on all of the men’s faces as they grinned at each other subtly while gazing at her leaving figure.

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The Men at Her Feet – Chp 82 (End)

Chapter 82: Everything Is Wonderful. (End)

Every woman would at one point in her life, imagine the scenes of her own unique wedding, as it was a one time thing that would stay in her memories forever. Princess QingLuan was no exception.

She looked forward to her own wedding, even though this lifetime was unforgettable, she hoped that she would not endure the same thing in her next life…

Days ago, when He YuXiang flew handsomely over the rooftop with her on his back, screams of admiration could be heard from the palace servants no matter where they went.

Though they were still stopped by the relentless You HanGuang, who immediately attacked He YuXiang the moment she was placed safety on the ground.

Fu SiNian and Pei JingZhi arrived soon and joined into the one on one fight, quickly turning it into a three on one fight.

The three men were actually still filled in rage from the events that happened, where He YuXiang, taking advantage of his family and parent’s authority and power, forced a political marriage proposal upon their princess. What was even more annoying was that Country Zhou could not even reject the proposal because it that was to happen, Country Zhou might not even exist in the future. And in their anger, they were definitely not going easy on He YuXiang, as they intended to release their pent up anger and stress.

Yan Gui, who couldn’t bear to see the three shameless men ganging up on one person, joined in the fight immediately, taking He YuXiang’s side and intending to assist him in retaliating to the attacks from the three men.

It was obvious that the fight would not be ending any time soon, and it was not until Gu QingChen lead the royal guards to this place that the fighting men separated unwillingly from the intense duel.

Causing even someone as powerful as Gu QingChen, who had stepped into the fight to in order to stop it, to be slightly injured, while the other five men all were all similarly injured and equally dirtied.

Emperor Xie Zhao, knowing that if he doesn’t solve this problem soon, the entire wedding would be ruined, decided to just slap on the wedding head scarf onto all six men and send them on their way to exchange the marriage vows with Princess QingLuan.

Princess QingLuan throughout the entire commotion: “…”

But it was not all horrible, because it was agreed that her body needed a lot of rests to recover, she had finally earned a relaxing wedding night, where she did not have to worry about bedding any men.

Princess QingLuan was also relieved that the men, now her six consorts, seemed to co-exist somewhat peacefully… At least there was not a single fight outbreak ever since all of them became her husbands…

Years later, Princess QingLuan was already filled with a big and wonderful family, her children were many and though they took up a lot of her time just like how their fathers did, she was happy. Most of all, she was truly glad that the men became a lot more mature and responsible after becoming a father.

One sunny day, when she was taking a walk through her residence, Princess QingLuan decided to visit her daughter’s room. After entering her room, she found a curious novel on top of her daughter’s table, and after flipping through the book, she realized that it was the exact story that her brother, Xie Zhao, had told her in order to convince her of the prophecy.

She had spent years wondering if it had all been a lie, as there was no proof that what he said was true.After reading through this book, she realized that there were many arcs to the novel.

All of the previous arcs were filled with women of different names, who were all foretold to be a very powerful goddess from the heavens. In each arc of the story, all of the women would encounter seven men, which would be known as The Big Dipper, and the main character of each arc would encounter a similar situation, finally causing her to end up with all seven men.

And to her shock, the latest arc was filled with her names and the name of her husbands, the book had everything written down, from how it all started to how it all ended. It was accurate to the brim.

Her eyes widened in shock as she tried to flip towards the back, only to find the words blurring and jumbling up together before she could read anything. Finally, the entire book would explode silently into a handful of golden dusts which hovered in midair a few seconds before forming into a set of words, and finally disappearing entirely in a big poof.

“The secrets of the future shall not be revealed easily.”

Her eyes widened in awe as she stared the the disappeared warning, at this exact moment, she realized that the stories she had read just moments ago could’ve been her previous lives!

“Mother, why are you in a daze?” A little voice sounded up adorably nearby as her daughter pounced cheekily into her arms.

“Mother is thinking what man my little princess should marry next time.” Princess QingLuan giggled softly as she poked her daughter’s little nose.

“Mother, I hope my future husband would be a gentleman, he needs to be a caring, absolutely heads over heels for me, obedient and listens to my request, never talks back to me or hits me, and most of all, he needs to be here by my side whenever I need him the most…” Her little daughter began listing out a list of requirements for her future consort.

Princess QingLuan silently prayed for her little daughter’s future, as the man she wanted sounded exactly like the cannon fodder in the love stories her brother used to read, a man like that would usually be used by the main character only to be thrown when she finds her prince…

But still, if she could, she would choose a man like this too, but regretfully, she had not met someone like this.

Princess QingLuan pondered for a moment before a grin spread over her face. No human can ever predict the future, or choose who to meet or not to meet in their many lifetimes, so what’s important is to just live your current life to the fullest.

As for the issues in my next life, I’ll deal with it when I reached my next life.

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The Men at Her Feet – Chp 81

Chapter 81: Serve You Right To Starve.

With her eyes shut, Princess QingLuan’s brows furrowed deeply together while her cheeks flushed scarlet, “Y…you, are you done yet?” She gasped weakly.

“Loosen up and let me go deeper, then perhaps we can end this quicker!” He YuXiang grinned cheekily at her question.

Innocently wanting him to finish up quickly, Princess QingLuan tried her best to calm down her body while squirming closer to him, hoping that he’ll reach her deeply and be done once and for all, not knowing that she had been tricked into entering a wolf’s lair.

Feeling her walls loosening slightly, He YuXiang’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he slammed into her violently, entering deeply into her warm and welcoming walls. No longer able to restrain his needs, he moved with a crazed like speed and strength while ignoring her trembling and cries while she begged for mercy.

He raised up her reddened face firmly with a hand before clamping his lips onto her trembling ones, silencing her sobs and moans. He bit down on her lush lips softly, suckling passionately as his beast took her other mouth between her thighs.

It was not until her sobbing subsided that he cupped his hands around her butt cheeks and lifted her onto him and buried himself into her deepest parts.

He sighed in pleasure at the sudden tightening of her trembling walls while his hands gripped onto her buttocks urgently as his burning load sprayed into her, as if an earnest gardener spraying nutrients onto his precious flower bed.

Princess QingLuan laid in his arms weakly, gasping for air as she tried to catch her breath. “Pretty princess, was it comfortable, hm?” His husky voice sounded near her ear, while the “hm” at the end sent goosebumps up her spine.

“M…my butt hurts… Let me down…” She sobbed as she finally realized the slyness of this man and the danger of answering his question. She knew that if she answered ‘no’, he would work hard to make her ‘comfortable’, but on the other hand, if she answered ‘yes’, he would still work harder to make her ‘comfortable’…

“Eh? Why is it painful? My palms had stayed on your buttocks the whole time to prevent it from scraping against the wall!” He chuckled deeply before groping her full buttocks cheekily.

In her panic, she pushed him on the chest while escaping his embrace, but her weakened legs were not prepared to support her strength as a jolt of pain spread from her legs the moment it touched the ground.

Her legs gave way and she fell towards the ground swiftly, only to be held steady by her arm before lifting her up onto his back.

Princess QingLuan laid against his warm back in silence as she sulked the whole way back, as her voice were so raspy that she wasn’t even able to rant or give this man a scolding!

He carried her slowly towards her living quarters as the sun sets, having eaten his fill, he began complaining about his pitiful situation, “Princess, here I am alone in a neighboring country with no friends and family… You’re my only family now, and the only one I can depend on…” He began softly, “From now onwards, your home will be my home, and I will follow you wherever you go. You will be my phoenix while I will be your wings, so that I can fly you to anywhere you want to go.”
(TNote: 鸾 Luan is a type of mythical bird which is a close relative of a phoenix, while 羽 Yu means feathers.)

Her heart throbbed slightly at his words, It’s true, it’s not easy for him too, having his home burnt to ashes on his first day here…

But before she could react, a loud and familiar yowled echoed through the entire place, “ASSHOLE, release the princess this instant!”

Princess QingLuan turned her head towards the owner of the voice, only to see Yu HanGuang blocking their way. He was dressed in a bright red groom’s attire while glaring at He YuXiang in rage.

“He YuXiang! No wonder we couldn’t find her anywhere in the palace!” He began angrily, “How can you devour the princess secretly!”

“Hmph! Serve you right to starve!” He YuXiang grinned triumphantly at the raging man in front of him before holding his head up proudly.

You HanGuang felt like punching this terrible man in the face immediately, but he didn’t want to accidentally hurt his princess, “Let her down quickly before I rip off all your feathers! How dare you fly her away secretly today, this general will turn you into a pair of braised chicken wings!” Resorting to release his anger verbally, You HanGuang screamed in rage at the shameless man in front of him.

“Princess, hold onto me tightly, let’s leave now!” Not wanting to waste his time listening to the rantings of another man, He YuXiang steadied her carefully before jumping onto the roof of the nearby building.

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The Men at Her Feet – Chp 80

Chapter 80: Aiming At A Lower Target.

He YuXiang was extremely skilled in kissing, as she felt herself drowning slowly in the warmth he provided. She trembled uncontrollably as she felt the familiar warmth building within her abdomen.

“Mm…” A soft moaned escaped her lips while he carried her towards the man-made hill decoration in the garden. There were stone seats carved on the walls of the hill and he placed her gently on one of the stones was as high as her hips.

Princess QingLuan’s entire body was already weak from the intense kiss they shared just moments ago, and to prevent herself from falling from the stone, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck to steady herself.

But still, even though her mind was fuzzy from his teasing, somewhere deep inside her, she somehow knew that there was a high chance that this was a ploy played by this man, just to trap her within his grasps.

“Release me… It’s uncomfortable…” She whimpered softly as her brows furrowed deeply together, it was as if she was a confused and lost little deer whimpering in vain towards a starving tiger, intending to convince him to leave.

“It’ll feel comfortable soon,” He YuXiang whispered softly into her ears, chuckling at her adorable and comical expressions, before reaching out his hands to strip her of her gown.

Her gown was quickly stripped off while his eyes were glued immediately towards her two perky mountains that were protruding through her inner-wear. Leaning his head towards them, he kissed them gently through the inner-wear, before suckling and teasing her hardened beans with his warm tongue, sending jolts of burning waves up her body as she felt the warm and soft tongue moving sensually around her chest. His occasional soft bites gave her a numb pain and sent tingles straight into her heart.

His hands moved down her curvy waist, pinching her softly, “Such a slender waist, what shall I do if it breaks into two from my powerful ramming…” He sighed deeply, as if it was his deepest worries.

“N…no… Don’t say that…” She pushed against him softly as her face flushed bright scarlet at his words.

But he seemed extremely engrossed with her slender waist and smooth back, as his palms caressed them all over, “The aphrodisiac from before was my mistake, but I couldn’t control myself back then… It was my first time falling in love… I only had eyes for you and I was desperate for your affection…” He whispered into her ears gently, sighing deeply in regret, “That was very wrong of me, how can such a weak body handle all that aphrodisiac…”

His hands moved towards her exposed abdomen as he spoke, gently spreading apart both of her thighs and taking off her scarlet panties to reveal her drenched softness.

He quickly revealed big huge bulge from its cage and pushing it against her petals, before pulling her towards him by her waist.

“Mmph…” A small cry escaped her trembling lips while her face burned with redness, “Not at this place, take it out first…” She whimpered softly.

He gazed at her beautiful face as she whimpered softly, his heart softened slightly at her expressions, but his shaft, on the other hand, hardened and expanded in size at her feminine whispers. His breathing rapidly increased as he pushed himself deeper into her while her tight walls clamped onto him tightly and painfully, and surprisingly, her uneven walls seemed to be suckling onto him, pulling him deeper and deeper into her.

His initial thoughts were to treat her gently, but his gentleness became his torment as her tight walls tortured him without mercy, as if intending to turn him into a beast.

“En… Y…you… Mm… S…slower… Ah…” She squirmed around as her moans escaped her uncontrollably at his vigorous ramming, intending to awaken him from the seemingly crazed thrusting.

“I’m sorry princess, it’s impossible to slow down the momentum now…” He rasped hoarsely into her ears.

“En… T…then go s…softer… Ah…” She whimpered, deciding that even if she cannot save the entire situation, she might as well aim for a lower target.

“Your insides are too narrow and tight, it hurts a lot if I go slow…” He rasped deeply, before taking her even more violently than before.

Princess QingLuan: “…” That look on your face looked more like extreme ecstasy than pain!!

Such a shameless man!

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The Men at Her Feet – Chp 79

Chapter 79: Keeping Her Safe.

Most people might not believe Xie Zhao’s words, but not Princess QingLuan, as she herself was a reborn… So that was why God gave her a second chance, it was all to assist her in completing her prophecy!

A few days later, the group stepped foot into the capital city. The entire city was decorated with red, as it was the symbol of happiness and prosperity for the princess’s marriage.

Emperor Xie Zhao was extremely happy, not only did the news of his sister marrying six men shook the entire continent, but the wedding gifts he had received, in place of Princess QingLuan, from the nearby countries were so high in numbers that the palace almost ran out of inventory space!

Furthermore, Xie Lang, who had replaced Fu SiNian’s position as the general in charge of the south border defense, managed to secure Country Zhou’s territory without losing a single man due to the political marriage.

As for Princess QingLuan, she was taken away by a group of hand-maidens the moment she stepped into her own residence to be cleaned and dressed up properly in her wedding gown.

“Princess, it’s bad! Prince He’s living quarters is on fire!” An eunuch servant cried out in alarm as soon as she put on her wedding gown.

She stood up in a panic at his cry, knowing that if anything happened to Prince He, Country Zhou would be razed to the ground by the armies of the South and East!

Picking up her long gown, she rushed out of her residence swiftly, almost tripping many times as she accidentally stepped on her dress.

When she reached his residence, He YuXiang was standing outside his room, leaning against the wall lazily with his head lifted towards the sky. He was dressed in a pale blue attire and his long hair was held up neatly with a white-colored jade hairpin while his eyes blinked at her seductively. It was as if he was the main character in a beautiful painting, so striking that no surroundings can ever compare to the slight smile that hanged from his lips.

He turned his head towards her upon hearing her footsteps and made his way towards her gracefully, “Princess wishes to see this prince so urgently?”

He YuXiang smiled at her dazzlingly, she was currently dressed in an extravagant wedding gown, the bright scarlet enhanced her pale and slender figure so perfectly, and because she had been running just moments ago, her reddened cheeks made her all the more alluring.

“Thank goodness you’re fine…” She patted her own chest in relief as she tried to steady her breathing.

Suddenly, she was pushed against the solid wall and his warms lips clamped tightly on hers. His breath felt like the hot spring, sending warm tingles throughout her entire body as he spread apart her lips and explored within curiously. She felt her face burned, but his lips were hotter, like lava, as it burned her passionately.

After what felt like forever, with his lips still clamped onto hers, he grinned slightly at her while his eyes sparkled brightly, “Pretty princess, I assume you’re willingly entering this trap then?” He asked deeply as he stared at her intently.

Princess QingLuan gazed at him in confusion, before checking out her surroundings, only to realize that they were currently at a secluded residence and there were no other people nearby except for He YuXiang. Should I assume that it was all his plan to separate me from my servants?

“We’ll be married soon, surely you’re not thinking of taking me now?” Her nervous words left her lips after moments of hesitation.

He YuXiang grinned lazily, as easy-going as he had always been while he stared at her deeply, “I did not intend to take you now, but I cannot control myself now, after knowing that you care for my safety so much!” He hugged her tightly as he tasted her lush lips once again.

Princess QingLuan: “…” She felt like saluting this shameless man right now and then. How shameless and brave is he to take me during the morning and in the garden of one of the residences within the royal palace!? I will definitely die of shame if anyone finds out, by then it wouldn’t even matter if we were married or not, we’d be disgraced by the entire world…

She pushed against his shoulder gently as her face flushed at the thought, “We’ll be spending the night together tonight, please think twice before acting!” She begged weakly as she stared at him pitifully with her tear-filled eyes, not knowing that her current expression, so innocent but so alluring at the same time, sent a jolt of excitement up his spine.

He took her urgently into his arms before kissing her vigorously, tasting each and every part of her sweet-scented mouth while his tongue teased her occasionally.

Her back leaned against the wall once again as they kissed, before long, she could feel his solid object pushing against the gap between her thighs stubbornly, “Even our wedding room is on fire, this prince thinks that since you’re already here with me, I should keep you safe until the end.”

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