Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands – Chp 4

Chapter 4: The Final Dream.

In a blink of an eye, a month had already passed. Xu Wan had given in and gotten used to the nightly wet dreams but it had also taken a huge toll on her work. Her mistakes, just like her drooping eye bags, were unending.

“Xu XiaoWan, are you really okay? You look ready to collapse anytime soon…” Jiang ShaSha asked worriedly as they left the workplace in the evening.

Both women took a seat at a nearby restaurant. Jiang ShaSha, who had been reading the menu, lifted her head and gaze towards Xu Wan, only to see that was already in deep sleep.

“What exactly is happening?!” Jiang ShaSha stood up angrily and grabbed onto her arm, waking her up roughly, “Didn’t you went to bed early these few days? Plus you’ve been late to work recently too, still not enough sleep? Are you the goddess of sleeping?!”

“Please let me take a short nap…” Xu Wan sighed tiredly as she begged her best friend, “I won’t be able to sleep at night…”

“Hmph! I’ll definitely find out what’s up!” She huffed angrily as glared at her best friend, deciding to have a sleepover at Xu Wan’s house, “I’m sacrificing my ladies nights out for you, be grateful!”

Xu Wan fell asleep at around nine o’clock, but Jiang ShaSha, who was used to nightlife, could not sleep and hence spent her time on her phone.

At one o’clock in the morning, strange noises could be heard from Xu Wan’s room, it sounded like a woman’s moaning, filled with desperate need of lust.

“Xu XiaoWan, what’s happening?” Jiang ShaSha asked nervously as she opened the door to her best friend’s room, only to see her fingers digging into her sheets while her face flushed scarlet, her delicate lips gasping for air as moans filled the room.

Just how sexually deprived was she! She thought in shock as her face flushed at the sight of her best friend’s facial expressions, both terrified and in extreme bliss, she was obviously having a wet dream!

“Oi! Xu Wan!” Jiang ShaSha cried out, trying to wake Xu Wan, but surprisingly, she was in an extremely deep sleep, and was impossible to be woken up. At her last resort, she pinched down hard on Xu Wan’s nose, hoping that she would wake up from suffocation.

Meanwhile, Xu Wan was once again in her dream world, continuing nightly the 3P action, which was for some reason, extremely wild tonight. She was on a crawling position, her buttocks and cheeks lifted up by strong arms, both being rammed crazily into her.

It happened in a flash, when the person behind her rammed deeply into her continuously and she cried out in shock, her mouth was filled with another thick and solid object, reaching deeply into her throat with each thrust.

She whimpered in pain as tears streamed down her face, but to her dismay, her weeping only seemed to excite the men even more.

“So wet and tight!” A deep voice growled.

No longer able to think straight, Xu Wan was unable to differentiate whose voice it was. Lustful fluids streamed down her thighs and her unending drool streamed down her chin as she was filled to the brim with the two shafts.

But suddenly, to her dismay, Xu Wan realized that her nose lost its ability to breath. “Ah! Mmphh!” She struggled hard against the huge shaft inside her mouth, trying to escape it just to take a breathe of air.

The man in front, as if sensing her reluctance, gripped tightly onto her hair as he shove himself deeply into her throat while the man behind her, as if not wanting to lose to the man in front, rammed himself fully into her deepest parts.

Just before Xu Wan fainted from suffocation, the thick shaft that was stuck in her throat released a load of warm liquid deep into her, forcefully making its way down her esophagus.

At the same moment, Jiang ShaSha released her fingers from Xu Wan’s nose as she took a step back as Xu Wan reached her climax while trembling uncontrollably on the bed while gasping for air. It was so outrageous that even Jiang ShaSha, who was very experienced on bed, could only blush in shame.

Finally, Xu Wan drowsily opened her eyes at one thirty sharp, her eyes opening wide in shock as she noticed her best friend beside the bed with a weird expression on her face.

“What did you see? Why aren’t you asleep at this time?” Xu Wan asked nervously, her voice still husky from the dream.

Her throat felt sticky and she covered her cheeks with her hands as she recalled how the man from her dreams forced her to look at her lower body. She remembered the scene as clearly as if it just happened moments ago. (TNote: it did actually OwO)

Her inner thighs were red from the constant ramming and she could see the half-translucent liquid leaking out unendingly from her swollen parts, which was still filled with the man’s long fingers as he helpfully scrapped out the liquid from her insides while filling her ears with kinky words.

“Xu Xiao Wan, you’re amazing…” Jiang ShaSha muttered in awe, poking a finger at Xiao Wan’s forehead, “I can’t believe that a life-long virgin like you could have such an intense wet dream!”

Xu Wan blushed in shame at her words, “Uh… Y..you… how did you know?”

“Hmph! Answer me honestly, was the man handsome? Was he super vigorous?” Jiang ShaSha asked curiously, her eyes shining with excitement, “Judging from your screams, I bet he’s humongous!”

“N…no! Stop sprouting nonsense! It was just a dream, I wasn’t able to see anything…” Xu Wan answered shakily, “Anyhow, it’s really late, come up here and sleep,” She said softly, avoiding her best friend’s question while patting the side of her bed.

Jiang ShaSha immediately covered her chest with her arms defensively, “Hell no! You’re so deprived to the point of having such an intensive wet dream. What if you land your hands on me, I’m such a beauty after all~”

Xu Wan: “…” Can anyone please explain to this happy-go-lucky friend of hers that she’s dying of exhaustion after experiencing such a wild 3P?

Xu Wan woke up in the morning after a dreamless night and made breakfast diligently. Jiang ShaSha arrived at the kitchen just when she was scribbling a letter “49” on her calender.

“What is this for?” Jiang ShaSha asked curiously.

“Ah, this? You’ll know when you come along with me to a place tomorrow.” She said tiredly.

After the events that happened yesterday night, Xu Wan had decided to let her friend in onto her secret. Tomorrow was the fiftieth day and she would bring Jiang ShaSha along tomorrow when they visit Auntie Li, her best friend was smarter than her after all.

“En? Where to?” Jiang ShaSha muttered as she glared at Xu Wan, “Listen here, Xu XiaoWan, if you dare to fall asleep during work today, I will kill you with my own hands!”

“I know, I won’t fall asleep today,” Xu Wan chuckled in respond, wondering why she was feeling so refreshed today, “Let’s finish up quickly and grab a car to work,”

The sky was unusually grim today and the clouds were dark and gloomy, as if preparing for a huge downpour.

Both women got into the car and as they reached a traffic light stop, Jiang ShaSha cried out in shock, “Ah! I left my phone in your house! Let’s go back to retrieve it!”

“Didn’t I already remind you to take your phone just now?” Xu Wan sighed in exasperation, “Mister, can you please…”



At the exact same moment, in a worn down house in Tang Le Chun, the flame on a white candle was suddenly extinguished. “There’s no escape from it, hopefully it’s a blessing and not a curse…” The old woman who had been reading nearby sighed deeply as she stared at the strange candle.

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