Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands – Chp 43

Chapter 43: The Grape-eating Mouth.

“So beautiful…” He sighed softly, as if her beauty was incomprehensible, nothing in the entire world can compare to her, she was so mesmerizing, so perfect. His eyes darkened significantly as he felt a deep burning within his crotch.

A woman like her… She was born to be his…

Leaning towards her body, he took a deep breath before landing his scorching tongue on her collarbone, slowly savoring the wine from her body.

Her body trembled furiously under his delicate care, she felt somewhat scared, but his lips had already clamped over her perky beans before she could think further.

Her twin bunnies, which were softer than the softest tofu, bounced slightly upon contact. He lapped greedily at the wine on her bunnies, before going back to her pinkish beans and began suckling madly.

“I don’t have milk, why are you sucking like that!” She cried out in shame as she tried to push his head away from her chest, but to her dismay, he had merely grinned at her slyly before turning his head back to its rightful place.

“No milk, hm? But still, they smell horribly enticing and brother was unable to control the urges.” His lips curved up in a grin, though she could see some wine stains on the side of her lips, but that did nothing to hide his stunning but cunning smile.

Without another word, his tongue traveled throughout her trembling skin, leaving not even a single drop of wine behind. He raised his head up before examining her snow-like body thoroughly, the scarlet stains were long gone, now replaced with love-marks.


Meanwhile on the other side, Yan Dao, who was obsessed with the overflowing nectar, was thrilled as he tasted the spilled wine between her legs. The wine, now mixed with her natural nectar, contained a taste so enticing that he felt as if he might go crazy immediately.

“Ah! Ah! S…Stop licking~ I…I can’t take this anymore~ En~~” She felt as if her mind and body were overflowing with senses as they teased her without end. That was the case especially for Yan Dao, as his tongue was truly messing up her insides, and without long, her back had arched into an impossible curve once again as an explosive wave of nectar spilled out from her.

And to her horror, Yan Dao had caught them within his mouth and swallowed everything, leaving behind not even a single stray drop.

“I cannot believe that Ah Luan’s nectar taste even better than the wine~ Do make more, brother is in love with your taste.” Yan Dao smacked her round buttocks firmly before staring lovingly at her shaking petals, which were glowing from his residual saliva and swollen to the brim.

As for Yan Luan, she could only lie weakly on the bed as she tried to catch her breath from the explosive climax. Her cheeks were burning hot and she felt as if every single hair on her body was upright. She could clearly feel the warm tongue still lingering near her belly-button and the sudden sense of loss and emptiness within her walls.

“I…I w…want…” After a few minutes, no longer able to stand the wait, she finally opened her lips slightly apart and whimpered her words softly as she wiggled her buttocks desperately, hoping that they could feel the empty void within her.

Yan Jing grinned deeply at her cute and helpless expressions, “What does Ah Luan wants? Say it out bravely, like a good little girl, and we’ll satisfy your needs, en?”

He was like a seductive teacher, slowly inducing her inner desires and patiently waiting for the little girl to break through her own line of defense.

Yan Luan felt like crying, as she could not make herself speak such shameful words. She tried to rub her legs together, hoping that it’ll ease her discomfort, but they were firmly pressed apart by Yan Dao, who was also teasing her sensitive bud cruelly.

Her entire body was shaking, but she pursed her lips tightly together, as she was sure she would fall apart and begin begging the moment she let her guard down.

“You won’t say it? No matter, then,” Yan Jing was not in a rush, he would enjoy each and every single moment of this, and making her beg was part of his controlled plan.

He made his way to the nearby table once again and picked up a cluster of grapes from the fruit bowl before tossing one into his mouth, As expected of mother, the grapes she sent were of highest quality as usual.

“These taste really good, no wonder Ah Luan loved them so much, though, I wonder how many your lips can hold at one time?”

She blinked her eyes in confusion at his words, before staring at him in disbelief as it suddenly hit her, “No! Don’t mess around~ How could yo…” She yelped out in shock as she tried to crawl away from this hellhole, but Yan Dao stood up instantly and caught her within seconds.

“Ah Luan, make sure you take your fill, okay?” Yan Dao chuckled cunningly as he positioned and locked her on his lap, her legs were forced open and she was forced to face towards Yan Jing.

“Nonono! Don’t put things in so simply!”

“Really?” Yan Jing asked curiously as he pinched up a well-sized grape and rubbed it against her softness, but the sensation only caused more of her nectar to flow from her, “Cute little liar, you’re already drooling at the touch of the grape.” He chuckled softly, and with a soft push, the grape disappeared within her with a tiny plop.

“Ah! It’s cold!” She yelped out in shock immediately. The grape was cold, as it had been kept beside ice to preserve its freshness, and as it entered her burning walls, the contrasting temperature was too vivid to her.

“Indeed, it is somewhat cold, Ah Luan, warm them up nicely with your loving walls and make sure not to crush them, okay?” He instructed her patiently before popping a second grape into her, but it would not enter properly, as the first grape had not been buried too deeply.

Frowning slightly, he removed the second grape swiftly and pushed the first grape deeper into her with a long slender finger, before finally pushing the second grape in, he nodded in satisfaction as he watched the second grape disappear within her.

Finally, after a lot of hard work, Yan Jing had only managed to pop six grapes into her, with the last grape stuck halfway at the entrance.

Yan Luan did not dare to move, as she was stuffed to the brim with grapes, her walls began tightening up from the cold and was squeezing down onto the grapes. Not long after, a trail of reddened liquid began flowing out from her, which was due to an unfortunate crushed grape.

“Elder brother, please~ Take them out~ They’re too big!” She sobbed pitifully, her insides were sore by the forceful intrusion of the grapes, and to her dismay, Yan Jing began pressing against her abdomen from the outside.

With each press, she would subconsciously tighten herself up, which resulted in more and more grape juice to flow from her.
(TNote: Fruit juice machine YUMMY)

“Tsk, it seems that Ah Luan had crushed them all, let brother have a taste.” Her perverted second brother, who had been holding her down on his lap while keeping her legs spread apart, raised her up into the air immediately before clamping his mouth onto her softness once again.

Everywhere his tongue went, grape juice would disappear. He did not release her even when he had finished them all, as he had begun leaving soft kisses against her swollen petals.

“Ah!!” She yelped out in horror as she felt his tongue swiped across her backdoor, He did not just!!

Her legs were trembled uncontrollably as the head between her thighs shook madly, If he continues like this… I will!!!

“That’s enough, second brother, release her. Ah Luan needs to remove the grapes inside her.” Yan Jing’s voice sounded up right on time, causing her to recover from her dazed state, but before she could sigh in relief, his next actions caused him to almost faint on the spot.

He placed the fruit bowl on the ground beside his feet, before flashing her a handsome smile, “Ah Luan, crawl over here and let it out.”

“I don’t want to!” She whimpered in horror, this was no different than peeing right in front of other people, how can she do something so humiliating!!

“Be a good girl, and be rewarded with our beastly shafts, or be a naughty girl, and brother will stuff every single grape into you and wait for a drink~” Yan Jing said nonchalantly with a faint smile on his face, his voice was calm and casual, but she knew he wasn’t joking as his sharp eyes said otherwise.

“Go on, Ah Luan, listen to elder brother, I’ll help you.” Yan Dao murmured softly as he released his grip on his sister before patting her in comfort.

Knowing that she did not have a choice, she bit down on her lips and trying hard to not burst into tears as she crawled sluggardly toward the bowl, but her movements only seemed to push the crushed grapes further in.

“Come here, Ah Luan, spread your legs apart here and push, slow and steady.” Yan Dao had been steadying her from behind, and quickly assisted to position her on top of the bowl as soon as they reached it.

“Push it out, Ah Luan, it’s almost out, you can do it~”

Translator’s Note:
It’s like she’s giving birth to grapes 🙁 Though I really like how her walls were so tight she could make grape juice with it, but I really wanna know if it’s possible in real life *asking for education purposes I swear*

Enjoy~! (´▽`)

Characters list:

Yan Luan – Title “Mi Yang Weng Zhu”, the daughter of the imperial princess
Yan Jing – Eldest brother of Yan Luan, momentarily thought to be the ‘Legendary instant-cum’.
Yan Dao – Second brother of Yan Luan
Yan Fei – Elder sister of Yan Luan, vicious and revengeful towards her family due to her dead mother, who had been a mistress to Yan Rong. Hated Yan Luan due to her engagement to Emperor QiLing.
Princess YongKang – Aunt of the current emperor, mother to Yan Luan, Yan Jing, Yan Dao and Yan Fei. Holds dominance of the HuaiYin Hou.
Yan Rong – consort of Princess YongKang, father of Yan Luan, Yan Jing, Yan Dao and Yan Fei.
Bian Shi – Childhood friend and illegitimate wife of Yan Rong, mother to Yan Fei. She had been kept in his personal villa for many years as a secret lover, finally given the title of a mistress only after Yan Fei was born. Princess YongKang had somewhat allowed her into HuaiYin Hou, but she had, instead, tried to cause a rift between her husband and the princess, finally resulting in her imminent death on the hands of Princess YongKang.
Emperor QiLing – Current emperor of the dynasty, his full name was Yuan Jun and he was kept in position as a puppet-emperor by his overly-ambitious mother. He had a very weak and sickly body. Yan Luan’s fiancee.
Queen Dowager Chu – Her maiden name was Chu MiaoZi, mother to Emperor QiLing and sister to Lord Chu. She was a manipulative and ambitious woman who seeks to grab the entire dynasty within her palms.
Lord Chu – Title “Guo Jiu”, brother of the current Queen Dowager
(TNote: Guo Jiu means “uncle of the country”, usually bestowed to the emperor’s uncle.)
Lady Chu – Legitimate wife of Lord Chu after his previous legitimate wife passed away
Chu YunShang – Title “Xian Zhu”, daughter of Lord Chu, pampered and loved by the queen dowager
Chu Meng – Brother to Chu YunShang, husband of Yan Fei and fiancee to Princess Hanna.
Jiang FuYuan – the other girl who had drowned together with Yan Luan on the day of the feast.
Lord and Lady Jiang – House Jiang was bestowed the title “Heng Guo Gong”. It is a title of nobility and authority. (TNote: From what I’ve seen, there are usually 4 of these Guo Gong in each country, the position is pretty high, I think it’s right under the Wang title if I’m not mistaken…)
Princess Hanna – youngest princess from the northern country, likes Emperor QiLing but is engaged to Chu Meng (Yan Fei’s husband).
Zhao Yan – Princess YongKang’s loyal personal hand-maiden, sort of like a butler who handles all of her daily affairs and orders.

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