Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands – Chp 46

Chapter 46: Shattered Jade.

“Wang AnZhi! Let go of me!” She screamed in horror at his relentless advances, only managing to break free one of her suppressed wrists when he began pulling off her outer coat. Without a second thought, she had pulled out a sharp golden hairpin from her hair and proceeded to stab the madman in front of her.

Wang AnZhi, who was kissing her between her bosom grunted in pain as the hairpin pierced through his right shoulder while his blood spewed out from his injury, staining his sleeves instantly.

“Hm, you wish to kill me?” He turned his head to his right and bit the hairpin out of his flesh, he glanced at her grimly with an inscrutably look on his face before raising up the pointed edge above Yan Luan’s face.

“WengZhu, I love you, I really do, but why won’t you reciprocate my feelings!?” He was already mad with fury and rage, there was no longer a speck of humanity left in him. He clutched her tightly on the cheeks and trailed the blood-filled hairpin across, leaving behind his blood on her pale skin.

And under her terrified gaze, he chuckled madly as he threw the hairpin away before leaning towards her and began licking her face clean of the blood he had painted on her.

Yan Luan felt a wave of nausea filled through her once again and she pushed against his solid chest desperately, while keeping her eyes shut just so she could avoid staring at his perverse actions.

There’s no escape! She thought in despair as she prayed that her two brothers would save her from this hell, but this was not a fairytale, and they had no way to know the danger she’s in right now…

“Why are you crying? What am I lacking? Rest assured, WengZhu, after today, you’d officially be the madam of WuAn HouFu, tsk, look at you, such a pretty girl… To be able to sooth my heart just by crying~”

Her face was pale with terror and disbelief, while the side of her eyes were stained with her tears. She was so small, and so helpless… The view itself was enough to send any man into a frenzy.

“Release me at once, otherwise, I would rather be a shattered jade than become a complete rock!” Her lashes trembled pitifully as she glared at him in defiance.
(TNote: “宁为玉碎不为瓦全” means something like – I’d rather die with honor than to live with disgrace.)

“Haha, nice one! Though, I really wish to see how you would keep your word?” He laughed hysterically as he reached out his demonic hands towards her skirt.

“No!” She screamed hopelessly as she prepared herself to bite off her own tongue in an attempt to commit suicide, but before she could do so, the mountain-like demon was gone from atop her suddenly.
(TNote: It’s already proven that biting off your tongue doesn’t work for suicide, and even when people do, it’s always due to loss of blood. Though Yan Luan is from our modern world – and I’d assume that she knew about this, there really wasn’t any other way to go about killing herself other than this method ;w;)

She opened her eyes shakily and instantly burst into tears as soon as she saw the men standing beside her, “Elder brother! Second brother!” Her voice was hoarse as emotions filled through her.

“It’s alright, Ah Luan, you need not be afraid anymore, we’re here.” Yan Jing pulled her into a tight hug while stroking her back gently in comfort, as if trying to disperse the shadows of trauma from her stiff body.

Meanwhile, the rage filled Yan Dao had already rushed towards Wang AnZhi and had began to kick his fallen body with vengeance, “LaoZi will kill you!!!”
(TNote: “LaoZi 老子” means father, but in cases like this, it’s usually used to refer to ‘I / me’, it’s really disrespectful for Chinese people as claiming to be one’s father is a big disgrace to the the person as it is humiliating to his family name and ancestors.)

And though Yan Jing had not rushed towards Wang AnZhi, his face was equally red with rage, unlike his usual posture. If it wasn’t for the report from the servants in the villa, they would never had known that their dear sister was held captive in WuAn HouFu! They had rushed over here immediately as soon as they had received the news, only to witness this horrifying scene!

She was almost gone! Had their arrival been delayed for even one second, she would’ve definitely been gone from their lives!

There was only one single thought in their minds, and it was to kill the man responsible for their sister’s distraught and burn his bones to ashes!
(TNote: Again, not leaving a full corpse is really disrespectful to the dead person in question, burning bones to ashes means that the family of the deceased could not even have a body to pay respect to.)

But when Yan Jing finally saw the countless bruises upon her pale skin when he was dressing her up decently, he felt his self-control break apart as his fingers trembled slightly as he caressed her ever so softly. And as his fingers caught her tears, his heart was filled with deep regret for not arriving faster.

“Don’t be scared, Ah Luan, everything’s going to be alright.” He murmured softly.

“I’m fine, elder brother…” Yan Luan whispered softly as she wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, and as his warmth spread through her, she felt a sense of ease and comfort as the uncontrollable trembling within her found peace momentarily.

Yan Jing’s face was grim, this was the second time he had failed to protect her, the first time being the fall from the tower. He had promised that he would not let anything bad happen to her, but now… He had failed her.

“Second brother, that’s enough for now. Please sent Yan Luan home this instant.” He carried the trembling Yan Luan gently and pushed her into Yan Dao’s arms before turning his gaze onto the grunting man on the ground, “Bring her home before anyone comes, quickly!”

This tea-party was filled with various members with high statuses, if anyone were to realize what had happened here, it would do nothing but destroy Yan Luan’s reputation entirely.

“Elder brother! Let me kill him!” Yan Dao reported in anger, the usual cold and nonchalant man was no where to be found, as he was replaced entirely with a fiery rage. He had already kicked Wang AnZhi to the point of vomiting blood, but still, it was not enough to cool his rage.

“I will settle this, go quickly and take good care of Ah Luan.” Yan Jing glanced at the whimpering man on the ground, Kill him? He did not deserve such mercy.

Yan Luan had not understood their exchange, as she could not keep her mind from the traumatic events that happened just moments ago, though, she could somewhat feel the terror within her heart fade slightly as Yan Dao carried her away from this demonic hellhole. His tender voice did not stop even as the wind blew away most of it, and she felt safe even though she could not make out his words, hence she had merely buried her face against his chest and nodded to his soothing voice.

She could vaguely hear Wang AnZhi’s scrutinizing scream, but that might just be her imagination…

Meanwhile, Yan Dao’s footsteps halted for a split second as he steadied the woman within his arms while suppressing the rising rage within him upon hearing the scream, “Let go home, don’t worry, second brother will definitely kill him tomorrow!”

Yan Luan had fallen sick that very night, causing such frenzy that even the Royal Doctor had been called upon, thankfully, her high fever was entirely due to the traumatic events she had suffered today, which caused the brothers to sigh in relief.

“Young Masters, please rest assured. It’s a normal fever, this old one will prescribe her a list of medications and she would recover in no time.”

“You have our thanks.”

Yan Jing was seated on a chair beside her bed, he was damping her scorching forehead with such tenderness that everyone in the room went slack jawed in surprise, while Yan Dao followed the doctor out of the room to personally prepare her medication.

When he returned with the bowl of medicine, Yan Jing was whispering soft nothings into their unconscious sister’s ear before stroking her cheeks with feathery touches, as if she might break apart upon contact. But somehow, when he noticed the overwhelming adoration and love for their sister within his elder brother’s eyes, he felt an unexplainable clench within his chest suddenly.

“Elder brother, the medicine is ready… You should feed her, I’m too clumsy for it.”

“Put it down first, I have to discuss something with you.” Their eyes met momentarily before he continued on, “The country is on the brink of war, while our king is but a puppet to the Chu witch, and her power and authority came from Wang Yong, the current prime minister. How that we had broken his only son, I’m afraid that the old man would not be satisfied with settling things peacefully.”

Though it might seem that Wang Yong technically held the entire country within his palms, he was actually famous for being a henpecked. He had one wife throughout his life, and she had only been able to birth him one child throughout their entire marriage, hence he had put in everything to raise Wang AnZhi into the perfect noble, someone who was capable of inheriting his position as the ultimate lord of the country.

But now that he had destroyed Wang AnZhi, together with Wang Yong’s dreams, the coming carnage is imminent.

Yan Dao nodded slightly, though his face show no hint of fear, “So what if he would not settle this, there is no way that our house would be intimidated by a him! Elder brother, what do you wish to do, I’ll follow your plans entirely.”

Yan Jing glanced admirably at his second brother, before a glint of blood-thirst flashed through his cruel eyes, “My plan? I only wish to let him know that the world does not revolve around House Wang.” He sneered lazily.

“Do you mean… You wish to get rid of Wang Yong?” Ideals were fine, but they had to deal with the old witch before they’re able to get rid of the men of House Wang, and that is easier said than done.

“No need to be surprised, second brother, I would personally discuss this issue with mother when she arrives. The Wang Family is but a poisonous tumor that should be removed as soon as possible.”

At the same time, unbeknownst to both of them, a hint of scarlet blood flashed unnoticeably through the crystal white jade bracelet around Yan Luan’s right wrist.

Translator’s Note:
Lowkey glad that she’s fine!!! I legit hope that when Yan Jing said he had destroyed Wang AnZhi, he meant that the pervert was castrated entirely!

I wonder what that glow at the end was? I’m legit reading this novel as I translate it (apart from the last chapter), so I’m just as curious as you guys eheheheh xD

At the same time, please forgive me for the all-too-many TNote throughout the chapter, there seemed to be a lot of ancient chinese cultures and customs (´▽`) so I figured I would just include what I personally know ;D

Enjoy~! (´▽`)

Characters list:

Yan Luan – Title “Mi Yang Weng Zhu”, the daughter of the imperial princess
Yan Jing – Eldest brother of Yan Luan, momentarily thought to be the ‘Legendary instant-cum’.
Yan Dao – Second brother of Yan Luan
Yan Fei – Elder sister of Yan Luan, vicious and revengeful towards her family due to her dead mother, who had been a mistress to Yan Rong. Hated Yan Luan due to her engagement to Emperor QiLing.
Princess YongKang – Aunt of the current emperor, mother to Yan Luan, Yan Jing, Yan Dao and Yan Fei. Holds dominance of the HuaiYin Hou.
Yan Rong – consort of Princess YongKang, father of Yan Luan, Yan Jing, Yan Dao and Yan Fei.
Bian Shi – Childhood friend and illegitimate wife of Yan Rong, mother to Yan Fei. She had been kept in his personal villa for many years as a secret lover, finally given the title of a mistress only after Yan Fei was born. Princess YongKang had somewhat allowed her into HuaiYin Hou, but she had, instead, tried to cause a rift between her husband and the princess, finally resulting in her imminent death on the hands of Princess YongKang.
Emperor QiLing – Current emperor of the dynasty, his full name was Yuan Jun and he was kept in position as a puppet-emperor by his overly-ambitious mother. He had a very weak and sickly body. Yan Luan’s fiancee.
Queen Dowager Chu – Her maiden name was Chu MiaoZi, mother to Emperor QiLing and sister to Lord Chu. She was a manipulative and ambitious woman who seeks to grab the entire dynasty within her palms.
Lord Chu – Title “Guo Jiu”, brother of the current Queen Dowager
(TNote: Guo Jiu means “uncle of the country”, usually bestowed to the emperor’s uncle.)
Lady Chu – Legitimate wife of Lord Chu after his previous legitimate wife passed away
Chu YunShang – Title “Xian Zhu”, daughter of Lord Chu, pampered and loved by the queen dowager
Chu Meng – Brother to Chu YunShang, husband of Yan Fei and fiancee to Princess Hanna.
Jiang FuYuan – the other girl who had drowned together with Yan Luan on the day of the feast.
Lord and Lady Jiang – House Jiang was bestowed the title “Heng Guo Gong”. It is a title of nobility and authority. (TNote: From what I’ve seen, there are usually 4 of these Guo Gong in each country, the position is pretty high, I think it’s right under the Wang title if I’m not mistaken…)
Princess Hanna – youngest princess from the northern country, likes Emperor QiLing but is engaged to Chu Meng (Yan Fei’s husband).
Zhao Yan – Princess YongKang’s loyal personal hand-maiden, sort of like a butler who handles all of her daily affairs and orders.
Wang AnZhi – sole child / son of the prime minister, tried to force himself onto Yan Luan but was ultimately punished by the brothers.
Wang Yong – the prime minister of the country, the ultimate masternubd behind Queen Dowager Chu’s power and Emperor QiLing’s fate as a puppet-king.

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