Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands – Chp 57

Chapter 57: Don’t Scream Too Loudly.

Their lower bodies were connected tightly together, and as the thick shaft entered her again and again, half-translucent liquid could be seen spilling out from her.

Meanwhile, Yan Jing merely observed her current state and enjoyed the whimpered moans that constantly escaped from her lips, before returning his attention to her enormous pair of bunnies, which were already swollen and fed from his constant squeezing, while the two pitiful aroused beans were coated entirely with his saliva.

“Little slut, the entire floorboard is flooding with your kinky juice!” Yan Dao growled deeply as he picked up his face and began to ram straight at the angle of her most sensitive parts, easily sending her into a climax spasm, plus the fact that he had always been known for his long-lasting performance, Yan Luan was quickly reduced to a subdued state.

Though the siblings were going at it wildly, no hints of their activities could be seen from the outside, as the carriage was still moving steadily as the roads were somewhat maintained.

But the peace was soon to be broken, as a single moan escaped clearly from Yan Luan, but she was quickly silenced as Yan Jing had instantly filled up her tiny swollen mouth with a clean handkerchief, even pecking her gently on the side of her lips before settling back into his seat.

“Be good, you shouldn’t scream too loudly.”


Having her voice taken filled her with an endless torture and frustration, and her eyes were quickly filled with tears, but Yan Jing had quickly clamped his palm over her eyes, instantly taking her sight too.

Pap pap pap! Pap pap pap!

Though her lips were silenced, her lower lips were still singing joyously, as the starving beast rammed her without stop, and before long, slushing sounds could be heard from within her, as her sweet nectar began collecting within her while continued his ferocious conquest through her walls.

“To think that even having one of your lips silenced, you would still moan with such passion~ Ah, it’s so wet and warm inside!” Yan Dao groaned deeply as he pressed down on his beast through her slightly bulged abdomen, he was certain that the noseblood-inducing music was coming directly from within.

“Mmph! Mmph!!”

Her body’s sensitivity rose significantly after her sights were taken from her, and she could clearly feel the pressure of his hands, as they pressed down directly on her most sensitive parts of her walls from the outside, while the tip of his beast pushed from within, and she could do nothing else but shaking wildly within Yan Jing’s arms as her lower body trembled uncontrollably.

“Ah! Ah Luan is really tight~ You’re sucking the life out of me!” Yan Dao knew he was almost at his limit, but as the warm waves within her crashed onto him again and again, he could barely control his urges any longer.

He gritted down on his teeth in strain, before mowing through his thickened huge beast through her in a crazed manner, instantly sending her into a frenzy as her explosive climax was forcefully extended.

Her flailing legs was strained while her toes curled as he rammed straight into her deepest parts, before releasing every single drop of his seeds directly into her womb.

“Mmph!!……” Her muffled scream slowly dispersed as she fainted from the ecstasy, while her fingers, which had been clawing and gripping at Yan Jing’s clothes, finally fell onto the seat limply.

Many days had passed when the traveling siblings finally arrived at MiYang.

After personally meeting the officials in her territory, Yan Luan settled comfortably into her personal residence.

like a holiday villa, it was huge and spacious, with the back of the house facing the beautiful Mt. Qiong, while the side faces the gentle Qiong Sea.

The entire residence was built on the foot of Mt. Qiong, hence allowing her to take in the entire scenery of her own territory, including the never-sleeping town and her people.

She could not help but clap for whoever chose this location for her residence.

“It seems that Ah Luan is really satisfies with this place?” Yan Jing asked gently as he lead her down the moss-lined stone path.

In fact, six years ago, he had personally designed the blueprints for this place, and had gathered many famous carpenters just to build this place for his precious sister, just so he could see her wonderful and happy laugh.

She glanced at the beautiful pavilion in the middle of the garden, as the bamboo leaves rustled from the gentle breeze, “I really love that bamboo fields and that flower fields.” She nodded fondly as she pointed at her two favorite places.

Her residence was extremely big, and it was a norm for nobles to build different houses within their residences according to different themes.

And of course, Yan Jing had made sure of that, as every location was decorated meticulously.

As they continued their stroll, Yan Luan’s she’s lit up in excitement as she noticed the tiny waterfall at the side of the the flower garden, it was a man made waterfall, but it was obviously crafted onto a part of the actual mountain, and the water from the waterfall was so pure and refreshing that she knew immediately that they had put in a lot of work to manufacture a trail from the actual water vein of the mountain.

“Elder brother, let’s just stay here forever and never return!” Yan Luan wrapped her arms tightly around his as she mumbled softly.

No one can ever understand how in peace she felt in this wonderful place.

Yan Jing rubbed her head tenderly, as a curious light flashed through his eyes, “Silly girl, mother is waiting for us to go back, and she will miss us greatly if we never return.”

Her shoulders sank slightly in disappointment at his words, but she knew it to be true.

Thankfully, in two days time, it was time for MiYang City’s annual festival, and the siblings had arrived at the middle of the busy streets early in the morning.

They were dressed casually, as they had intended to walk among her people, and she was gleefully examining the objects from every street shops as her brothers escorted her on both of her sides.

“Elder brother~ I want that fox mask!”

“Second brother~ Mm, I don’t want this anymore, it’s too sour, I prefer something sweet~”

They call this 糖葫芦, and it’s known to be quite sour (it’s an acquired taste heh)

Though she had covered her face with a silk veil, only exposing her bright eyes, her voice was extremely pleasant and sweet, and it quickly drew the curious attention of many by-passers, and their eyes always gleamed with surprise as they observed her.

“I regret taking you out here.” Yan Dao huffed unhappily as he did his best to portray his chilly demeanor, instantly making many men to turn away their gazes from Yan Luan.

Yan Luan stuck out her tongue cheekily at her second brother, before noticing that Yan Jing was the one receiving more stares from the people here, especially women.

It was to be expected, as he was tall and well-built, and dressed in gentlemanly blue, plus the fact that a tender smile hanged from his rarely softened face as he kept his gaze on his precious sister.

The sight of him was enough to catch the gazes of many women, as they would always freeze in their tracks before ogling at him and whispering among themselves.


Yan Jing smiled gently at her jealousy, before wrapping his hand over hers, “Ah Luan, what’s wrong? Didn’t you mention wanting to check out the famous Buddha Statue, let’s go there now.”

Though his face stayed the same, he was, in fact, beaming with glee inside, as his sister’s jealousy was proof that she had finally recognized her feelings for him!

The siblings made their way to the temple, but Yan Dao halted in his footsteps as he glanced into the busy crowd, his eyes were sharp and focused, like a lone wolf who was warily searching for a hidden enemy.

“Second brother, what’s wrong?”

Yan Jing, too, had realized that something get wrong, he waved a subtle signal at their bodyguards hidden among the busy crowd before tugging onto Yan Luan softly, “Ah Luan, let’s return home for now, there’s too many people here, we can always come back another time to see the statue.”

They began to retreat as the casual outfitted bodyguards surrounded the siblings, but suddenly, an arrow was flying straight towards Yan Jing’s face.

“Elder brother!” Yan Luan yelped in shock as she finally noticed the arrow inches away from Yan Jing’s face.

“Clang!” The metal arrow crashed loudly against his white wooden fan, but though he had successfully blocked the arrow, the wooden fan was broken into pieces, such was the strength of the metal arrow.

Yan Jing’s grin widened as he threw the broken fan onto the ground, “They’re seeking death.”

It took only a split second for Yan Jing to swat the arrow away, but in that second, one of the bodyguards had already released another arrow towards the direction of the threat, instantly hitting a man dressed entirely in black on the roof of a tea house and causing him to fall straight towards the ground.

“Ah! Murder!” The citizens screamed in panic and the busy street was turned into a mess.

Realizing that they had been exposed, the assassins began shooting more arrows towards the siblings as they showed up one after the other.

Yan Jing quickly retreated with Yan Luan hidden carefully within his arms, while Yan Dao pulled out his sword before rushing towards the assassins, instantly cutting through the faceless enemies with a chilling smile.

Having lived through two lifetimes, this wasn’t Yan Luan’s first experience of an assassination, so she had retreated together with her elder brother in a rather collected way, though she could not help but to turn her gaze worriedly onto the bloodthirsty Yan Dao.

“No need to be scared.” The amount of assassins grew quickly as they blocked the siblings’ only path of retreat.

Yan Jing clamped a hand over her eyes before taking hold of a sword offered by his bodyguards, and in a blink of an eye, bloody corpses littered the ground near his feet.

Translator’s Note:
I bet they were sent by that annoying prime minister Wang Yong UGHH 😡😡😡 can’t he just leave the siblings in peace! It’s a damn vacation 🤦🏻‍♀️


Characters list:

Yan Luan – Title “Mi Yang Weng Zhu”, the daughter of the imperial princess
Yan Jing – Eldest brother of Yan Luan, momentarily thought to be the ‘Legendary instant-cum’.
Yan Dao – Second brother of Yan Luan
Yan Fei – Elder sister of Yan Luan, vicious and revengeful towards her family due to her dead mother, who had been a mistress to Yan Rong. Hated Yan Luan due to her engagement to Emperor QiLing.
Princess YongKang – Aunt of the current emperor, mother to Yan Luan, Yan Jing, Yan Dao and Yan Fei. Holds dominance of the HuaiYin Hou.
Yan Rong – consort of Princess YongKang, father of Yan Luan, Yan Jing, Yan Dao and Yan Fei.
Bian Shi – Childhood friend and illegitimate wife of Yan Rong, mother to Yan Fei. She had been kept in his personal villa for many years as a secret lover, finally given the title of a mistress only after Yan Fei was born. Princess YongKang had somewhat allowed her into HuaiYin Hou, but she had, instead, tried to cause a rift between her husband and the princess, finally resulting in her imminent death on the hands of Princess YongKang.
Emperor QiLing – Current emperor of the dynasty, his full name was Yuan Jun and he was kept in position as a puppet-emperor by his overly-ambitious mother. He had a very weak and sickly body. Yan Luan’s fiancee.
Queen Dowager Chu – Her maiden name was Chu MiaoZi, mother to Emperor QiLing and sister to Lord Chu. She was a manipulative and ambitious woman who seeks to grab the entire dynasty within her palms.
Lord Chu – Title “Guo Jiu”, brother of the current Queen Dowager
(TNote: Guo Jiu means “uncle of the country”, usually bestowed to the emperor’s uncle.)
Lady Chu – Legitimate wife of Lord Chu after his previous legitimate wife passed away
Chu YunShang – Title “Xian Zhu”, daughter of Lord Chu, pampered and loved by the queen dowager
Chu Meng – Brother to Chu YunShang, husband of Yan Fei and fiancee to Princess Hanna.
Jiang FuYuan – the other girl who had drowned together with Yan Luan on the day of the feast.
Lord and Lady Jiang – House Jiang was bestowed the title “Heng Guo Gong”. It is a title of nobility and authority. (TNote: From what I’ve seen, there are usually 4 of these Guo Gong in each country, the position is pretty high, I think it’s right under the Wang title if I’m not mistaken…)
Princess Hanna – youngest princess from the northern country, likes Emperor QiLing but is engaged to Chu Meng (Yan Fei’s husband).
Zhao Yu – Princess YongKang’s loyal personal hand-maiden, sort of like a butler who handles all of her daily affairs and orders. (Used to be Zhao Yan, but the author decided to change her name midway through the story)
HaiYun Hou – The lord of a ninth grade HouFu, this name was never mentioned (up until now), the prime minister initially had plans to marry the 3rd miss of this family to Emperor QiLing, as he believed they were “a match made in heaven” due to one being a puppet emperor and the other a mere woman with no strong backing.
Han Wang – One of the strongest lord belonging to the Saimo Banner from Bei Jiang (the northern continent). Han Wang and the Saimo Banner that he belonged to had always been a threat to the king of Bei Jiang, and now, he is to be suspected as the father of Yan Fei’s child.

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