Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands – Chp 6

Chapter 6: Yan Dao.

Yao Dao was the second son of Princess Yong Kang, but he was someone who had a really dark history. It was during the attack of the army of the south when the princess was pregnant with Yan Dao, there was war and death everywhere, even in Ye City, but fortunately, the princess managed to escape to Luo Yang City with a handful of servants, and Yan Dao was born during the traumatic escape.

He who should’ve been born with a golden spoon in his mouth, was accidentally lost in the war, the princess searched everywhere for him but to no avail. When the attack finally stopped, the princess was returned to Ye City but her body was not what it was before. Her body was weak after giving birth to Yan Dao and her mental health was never the same again after losing her newborn son, even when she was ill, she would still mutter Yan Dao’s name like a crazy woman. Fortunately, she cured by an imperial doctor sent by her brother, the king.

It was not until many years later that an old woman who claimed to be the princess’s hand-maiden showed up with a twelve year old boy and insisted that he was the princess’s missing son.

“The summer heat wave is has been really strong recently, you should not linger under the sun for too long as your body is still too weak.” Yan Dao said deeply, worried for the health of his little sister.

Yan Luan nodded as she smiled sweetly at him, “Thank you for the care, second brother, I will make my way back right away.”

Yan Dao was a really handsome man as he had inherited the good looks of their parents, but as he had spent his entire childhood in the harsh world outside, there always seemed to be a glint of hunger in his eyes, a glint that’s usually found in wolves and he emitted a strange sort of chilling air around him.

This man is dangerous… Yan Luan thought silently as she rushed back to her room, with the example of incest from her eldest brother, it would be wise to avoid the second brother altogether, plus the fact that this brother of hers looked malicious and barbaric no matter how she looked at him.

“Ah!” Perhaps it was due to her nervousness as she rushed pass him, her feet tripped on a hidden stone and she fell towards the ground, spraining her ankle.

“Weng Zhu!” The servants screamed in horror as they rushed towards Yan Luan, only to be halted by calm Yan Dao.

He knelt down beside her slowly and his brows furrowed deeply together as he realized that she was badly injured, and without any hesistation, he lifted her in his arms and carried her all the way back to her room.

“Second brother! Y…you… Please release me…” She stuttered nervously as she tried to struggle out of his arms, only to be held even tighter.

“Stop moving,” He answered coldly, “Your ankles had been sprained badly, I will carry you back to your room.”

Upon hearing his words, Yan Luan shut her mouth as she kept her eyes downcast. It was not that she was THAT afraid of him, but it was because she wouldn’t be able to walk even if she tried. Plus her second brother was stronger than the average peers, as his childhood had been really rough, hence carrying her, a thirteen year old girl, should weight as light as a feather to him.

Both of them reached her living quarters, Fang Hua Hall, in mere minutes and he laid her down gently on her bed as she stared nervously at him, Why is he still not leaving?

Yan Dao stared coldly at her ankles before commanding his men to fetch him some scorching wine, “We need to settle your sprained ankles quickly before it gets swollen…” He explained quickly, grabbing her leg firmly and resting it on his lap before taking off her light green-colored shoes and her white socks, all the while ignoring her cries.

“Second brother, isn’t it better to wait for a doctor!” She asked in shock as her second brother revealed her naked feet in mere seconds. It was common sense that a woman’s feet should not be seen by any men other than her husband, hence why her own brother should be in such close contact with her feet. Furthermore, Yan Dao’s breathing had obviously sped up as soon as his gaze landed on her delicate feet.

This is BAD.

Noticing the air of alienation in his sister’s voice, he stared coldly at her as he grabbed onto her feet firmly, as if afraid that she would run from him, “Do not be scared, Little Sister, I am sure the imperial doctor would not be as effective as me as I grew up with injuries like these.” He said coldly, “Please endure the pain, it will recover soon.”

Yan Dao turned his intense gaze back at her delicate feet, so small and tiny, the skin too pale and too smooth to be real. Such an alluring foot, he thought fondly as he dampened his dried mouth.

“Second Brother, please hurry up, it is hurts a lot.” She whimpered softly, trying to avert his weird gaze that on her foot.

He frowned upon hearing her words, seemingly annoyed at the interruption, but nodded slightly in respond. He poured some wine on his hand before reaching out to her sprained ankle, massaging it gently but firm. It was clear from his actions that he was really experienced in handling sprains, but Yan Luan could only scream and was almost in tears from the horrifying pain.

“Ahh~ S…slow down… Ah! It hurts…” She sobbed in pain as he handled her sprain professionally, “Ah! I can’t h…handle… En… this anymore, p…please stop!” She begged weakly, her eyes tearing up as she gazed pitifully at her second brother while pushing him on the arm.

The words that came out of her supple lips were enough to leave him burning in flames, and as she reached out to push him, he sucked in a deep breath, causing his entire nose to fill with the alluring sweet scent of a young girl.

He could feel the object between his legs hardening in response…

In his nervousness, he accidentally squeezed down on her ankle with too much strength, causing her to let out a shrill cry, “Alright, it is done, try to walk a bit but you should be fine now.” He said calmly, hiding his nervousness from before as he returned her feet and reached out to lift her up from the bed, but his kind gesture was avoided swiftly by Yan Luan.

She quickly jumped away from the bed and pounced around, “Eh? The pain is really gone! Thank you so much, second brother~” She grinned cheerfully as she thanked him sincerely, accidentally neglecting the look of hunger on his face as he stared expressionlessly at her feet.

It was until a long time later that Yan Luan found out about something called feet fetish, but it was already too late by then as she would be held down forcefully by him while he licked and suckled her feet passionately…

After Yan Dao left, a rare visitor appeared at her Fang Hua Hall, she was told by the servants to wait at the living room as Yan Luan changed into something more presentable.

When Yan Luan appeared, the young visitor was slowly sipping her cup of tea, her poisonous eyes cold and impatient.

“Yo, if it isn’t Sister Fei~”

Her half-sister, Luan Fei, was an illegitimate daughter born to Bian Shi, a mistress of her father. Luan Fei is currently eighteen years of age and was a widely known beauty in the city who was able to charm any men, but unfortunately, she was also a malicious beauty.

When she first came to this world, Yan Luan had not known about how evil her elder sister was due to her beautiful and weak looks, but she later found out that this sister of hers was a good friend of Chu YunShang, her greatest rival. She also found out that Yan Fei was probably the reason why Chu YunShang pushed her into the pond at the party…

In fact, it was actually unusual for the husband of an imperial princess to keep a mistress, but Marquis Huai was an exception. This was mainly because he grew up together with Bian Shi and when he bestowed the title of a Marquis, he fetched her to Ye City to be his wife, before finding out that the imperial princess had chosen him to be her husband and he gladly accepted the princess’s offers.

So the Princess ended up being the legitimate wife of Marquis Huai, unintentionally stealing Bian Shi’s position, hence when Marquis Huai mentioned that he would like to take Bian Shi as his mistress, Princess Yong Kang, although filled with anger, allowed him to take his childhood friend as a mistress. But Bian Shi, who had grown up in a poor village, was not an intelligent woman. Taking advantage of being the Marquis Huai’s first love and childhood friend, she tried to create countless misunderstandings between the princess and her husband.

Finally angering the Imperial Princess, Bian Shi was chase out of their residence and Marquis Huai, who was afraid of her authority as the Imperial Princess, secretly kept Bian Shi in a house that he owned.

A year later, Bian Shi gave birth to a little baby girl and given no other choice, the princess invited her back into her residence as the child is of Marquis Huai’s blood.

But the actual incident that caused a dispute between them actually happened during the attack of the army of the south.

Characters mentioned in this chapter:

Yan Luan – Title “Mi Yang Weng Zhu”, the daughter of the imperial princess
Yan Dao – Second brother of Yan Luan
Yan Fei – Illegimate first born daughter born to Bian Shi and Marquis Huai
Bian Shi – Mistress of Marquis Huai, Bian was her initial surname but her name was replaced with “Shi” after she became a woman of Marquis Huai
Imperial Princess – Title “Princess Yong Kang”, favorite sister of the current emperor
Marquis Huai – The husband of the imperial princess, the father of Yan Luan, Yan Jing, Yan Dao and Yan Fei.
Chu YanShang – Title “Xian Zhu”, daughter of Lord Chu, pampered and loved by the queen dowager

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