The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess

Gu Lian thought she was thrown into a power struggle when she accidentally transmigrated.

But why is it that she picks up a lost princess every time she goes out??? Did she transmigrated here just to show the princess the way home!?

Princess: LianLian is so cute!! I want to marry her!

Gu Lian: W..wait!

Prince: OK!

Gu Lian: ……

What happened to the rumored sis-con elder brother? How could you agree to let your precious little sister turn gay!?

This is a story about extreme pampering!


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Chapter 9

5 thoughts on “The Imperial Doctor Belongs To The Princess

  1. Hey! just to double check if you are going to continue translating this story? it has been almost a year since you have updated anything. i am thinking of trying to take over and translate this story(it will be my first time though) Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Feel free to pick it up, this project is currently on hiatus for me and honestly, I would love to see it continued C: I just can’t muster up the motivation to continue a GL because I’m really much more interested in smut (yelps)

      1. Cool thanks! I am new to translating so I will be translating 5 chapters in one go, once i’m done, i will send you a link if you would like to read it 😀

  2. Looks like the TL from HeftyChonk was already here, that’s pretty cool. Thanks for all the hard work you did Smoggy, happy to see that you’re still doing well, and thanks HeftyChonk TL for picking it up 🙂

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