The Men at Her Feet – Chp 10

Chapter 10: Plum Blossom Rain Breaks The Soul.

She could feel her nectar spraying everywhere each time he rammed her. She bit down hard on her fingers, preventing herself from moaning. She didn’t want anyone to know what was happening here, not even her personal hand-maidens, if only to prevent suffering the same fate as her past life.

Fu SiNian, the minister of military affairs. Rumor had it that he was one of the clean men in the city and that he was never one to play around with women, he did not have a wife, not even a bed-servant. Looking at him now, he was the epitome of pride and extravagance, the perfect rapist.

Without knowing it, tears starting streaming down QingLuan’s cheeks as she stared at him. Fu SiNian, feeling her sight on him, glanced down at her, only to see her weeping silently, she looked so weak and helpless. Her tears streamed down endlessly, just like the plum blossom rain he once saw, it hurt his soul now, just like it did before. Her vulnerability triggered his masculine instinct to protect the weak and he searched desperately for a way to distract her.

His sight landed on her ear, tiny and cute, almost hidden under her glossy hair.. Fu SiNian leaned forward and suckled gently on her ear, his tongue flicking it ever so softly.

Her body started to tremble and felt herself tightening up as a jolt ran through her, she couldn’t even continue biting her fingers any longer.

Fu SiNian, noticing her trembling, sped up once again, she could feel him knocking each and every part of her inside.

She was lost in the pleasure in no time, unknowingly wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Her arousal-inducing moans escaped her without her even noticing it.

He grabbed onto her smooth bottoms as his hardness continued ramming through her. As she reached climax, he too joined her.

As Fu SiNian hugged Princess QingLuan tightly while preparing for another round, she started weeping uncontrollably. Fu SiNian was flushed as he had no experience with woman before QingLuan and tried comforting her. But this only made her weep even more.

Princess QingLuan wept in shame as she realized she was the one clinging onto Fu SiNian when she regained her focus, as if she was a hungry bitch in heat.

How can she hug him like this? How can they even be in this relationship?

Fu SiNian, being a man who spent more than half in the military camp, got irritated quickly. He could not understand why the princess was weeping. Both of them had enjoyed the whole process and now she weeps like as if he had bullied her so.

Young girls all over the city couldn’t even get a second of his attention and this princess had the nerve to dislike him so.

He was full of anger as he sorted out his clothing and sat down on a chair nearby. “My dear princess, your attitude has upset me,” He said coldly, “Think about the king, your very own brother, perhaps his position is too stable?”
(TNote: Fu SiNian apparently had a lot of authority as he controls the the kingdom’s army.)

Princess QingLuan stop crying immediately upon hearing his threat, this bastard really knows the weakness of others… she thought in anger.

“So tell me, princess, who do you belong to?”

He still doesn’t believe me even after all this? she thought in dismay as she replied nervously “I belong to no one…”

Clang! The teacup Fu SiNian was holding was crushed into dust. Princess QingLuan flinched as she could feel that he could definitely crush her just as easily.

“I’m… yours,” She finally answered with a shaking voice, tears filling up her eyes.

“And who am I?” Fu SiNian’s asked, as his face soften upon hearing her answer.

“You are Fu SiNian, one of the great pillars of our kingdom, the minister of military affairs.” She answered shakily.

With this, his anger finally cleared up. He smiled as he walked towards her and leaned down near her face.

Princess QingLuan turned her head to the side to avoid his kiss. But that was not Fu SiNian’s intention, he was returning her the hairpin she dropped the other day, clipping it firmly on her hair.

“One more thing, maybe you can consider telling the Queen Mother that she didn’t have to trouble herself with poising us with aphrodisiac. To me, my dear princess, you are the strongest aphrodisiac poison,” Fu SiNian whispered into her ear dangerously.

He landed a kiss on her ear as he stood up and left her living quarters.

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  1. “he was the epitome of pride and extravagance, the perfect rapist” this line πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ srlly none of them care about her feelings just so enchanted by the beauty that even forget her status and theirs life risk.

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    Hey, I took a look at the raws and I think there us a mistranslation and that instead of men, it’s supposed to be person. 😊 (… whose person are you/ I am no one’s person/etc.)
    Thanks for translating!

    1. Yeah i agree that the sentence was weird :'( I’ve been thinking maybe “Whose side are you on / Who do you belong to” because I’m not sure if he was asking about her position in the power struggle or her position as his woman ;w;

  4. Awww, I feel sad for her. She didn’t ask for any of this and is just being used. I do really like the story so far!

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