The Men at Her Feet – Chp 12

Chapter 12: The Good Ol’ Years.

Princess QingLuan and her brother, Qing Zhao, inherited not just their parents’ look, but also their weak bodies. King Qing Zhao grew up eating medicine like candies, the Queen Mother had already started to search for a replacement for the throne as Qing Zhao is as good as dead in her eyes.

And as a princess herself, she would be used as a political tool, was to be married off to the North. The only reason she was still lingering here in her own country was because her fiancee, Yan Gui, had to fulfill his years of vigil*.
(*TNote: when a parent/grandparent passes away, the children has to stay clean for a certain amount of time, chinese calls it “守孝” where you shall not marry anyone in that period, because they believe that the red, including marriages and celebrations, clashes with the white, the mourning of death. In ancient times, when the king/any other royalties passes away, the whole country will be decorated in white and citizens are prohibited from marriage for a period of time.)

The Queen Mother had intended to marry her off to He YuXiang, the prince from the South, as a gift in exchange for support for her court. Princess QingLuan had refused the idea, claiming that the late king commanded her to take Yan Wang as her husband. But this wouldn’t stop the Queen Mother from getting more ideas.

Could it be that the Queen Mother had tire of convincing her and had decided to use up her remaining value before dumping her? this thought came to her suddenly, So I went from a political gift tool to a one-time use tool?
(TNote: Princess was used in the conspiracy to kick minister Fu SiNian from court, please refer to her past life story in Chapter 2 if you need more information.)

It sounded possible.

“Princess, would you like this one to arrange for your meal?” JingShu asked politely as she entered the bathing room.

Princess QingLuan massaged her hurting temples as she felt her rumbling stomach, she nodded in respond.

She sat upon the dining table, staring in shock at the food served. Expensive and rare food ranging from vegetables to meat are spread out on the table, and they were all her favorite food.

“JingShu, I could never finish these food,” She exclaimed loudly.

“Princess, Minister Fu’s intention was not for you to finish them but to taste it all,” JingShu replied politely with her head still bowed.

“Minister Fu?” She asked, confused.

“Yes, princess. Your daily meal will be prepared by the chief sent by Minister Fu starting from now.”

“How nice of him,” She muttered, confused. What is this? Is he courting me? Treating me well after being so cruel to me before?

Her thoughts were right on point, as Fu SiNian continued to court her seriously. Everything in her living palace, from the decorations to the smallest details, was changed to top quality.

Included in his gifts were a white persian cat and a singing parrot, she glanced at JingShu with doubt in her eyes.

“Minister Fu sent these animals here as he doesn’t want princess to feel bored inside your living palace,” JingShu explained patiently.

Princess QingLuan understood her words, Fu SiNian didn’t want her to leave her living palace…

“JingShu, send my thanks to the minister for his thoughtfulness,” she nodded slightly at JingShu, accepting Fu SiNian’s request.

She spent her days cheerfully in her living palace as she read books, practiced her handwriting, hanged out with the cat and sometimes teased the parrot. Locked away from the power struggle in court, she enjoyed her days without worries.

She was lazing on a sunbathing bed in her garden stroking the cat that was on her lap when Fu SiNian arrived.

His eyes narrowed as he saw the cat, he rushed to her and grabbed the cat away from her before throwing it to somewhere. He laid down on the bed and rested his head on her warm thighs, “Massage my head.” He commanded her with a deep voice as he shut his eyes closed.

Princess QingLuan frowned slightly at his command, one would had mistaken her to be a hand-maiden from the way Fu SiNian spoke. With no choice left to her, she reached out her slender fingers and massaged his temples gently, rubbing in a circular motion with her naturally cold fingers.

He sighed, contented. He could feel his headache leaving him.

He had been really busy for days, looking for the culprit who had poisoned him. He had suspected Xie Lang (An Wang) and the Gu QingChen (Prime Minister), but he remembered them toasting and drinking the alcohol offered by the Queen Mother too, if it wasn’t him who raped the princess, those two would’ve been the one doing it. Furthermore, they has no reasons to set him up in a trap too, as it will only benefit the Queen Mother.

But after days of observing the Queen Mother, it appeared that she had not known about the incident. Plus she had wanted to send the princess off to the prince from the South. It made no sense.

The princess would not be safe if he doesn’t solve this quickly.

The comfort from her cozy thighs and cold fingers made him sleepy. Before he knew it, he had dozed off.

It took a while before Princess QingLuan realized that the man fell asleep. She stared at his calm sleeping face and sighed. This man is really handsome, she thought fondly as she too, affected by the peaceful atmosphere, fell asleep soundly.

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