The Men at Her Feet – Chp 13

Chapter 13: A Thorn-Filled Path.

Princess QingLuan fell into a deep slumber, not waking up even when Fu SiNian had to bring her back to her room. She mumbled in her sleep, hugging his arm as she mistakes it for a pillow.

He inhaled sharply, if he wasn’t preoccupied with work, he would’ve taken her right on the spot.

He had no choice but to forcefully replace his arm with a pillow, he was sweating uncontrollably while holding in his urges as he caressed her rosy cheeks, What are you hiding from me? He thought to himself.

He was convinced that she was hiding a secret. On that fateful day, after they raped her, she escaped too fast, seconds before Xie Lang and Gu QingChen appeared. It was as if she knew what would happen next, was it her premonition or does she has the ability to see the future?

Princess QingLuan’s long lashes trembled ever so softly as she dreamed, Fu SiNian, unable to contain himself any longer, leaned down and landed a heavy kiss on her lips. I shall find out all your secrets one day, he thought as he stuck his tongue in to taste her sweetness before leaving.

Princess QingLuan woke up in the middle of the night, breathing a sigh of relief as she realized Fu SiNian had not stayed the night.

Suddenly, the Persian cat hissed threateningly as he arched his back, facing towards the ceiling.

As she followed the cat’s sight towards the ceiling, she could barely see a shadow hiding there. Someone is hiding there!

You HanGuang, who had been sitting on the side of the ceiling, had been there for a while, observing her ever so alluring face as she slept.

Seeing that he was exposed, he shrugged as if it didn’t matter to him and revealed himself to her.

“Greeting, princess,” he grinned widely as he stood before her.

She could feel the strength in You HanGuang’s words, it exerted an aura of dominance. Her face flushed scarlet as she recognized this voice, she recalled how she was forced into a submissive pose, unable to escape and unable to see him, as he conquered her from behind.

Truth be told, Princess QingLuan was actually surprised at his appearance. She wondered how the military camp could had cultivated someone so handsome. He had the look of a studious man, clean and confident, with a pair of large round eyes complimented by thick long eyelashes. His teeth glimmered under the moonlight as he grinned cheekily at her, it was the type of grin that makes your pores stand but at the same time also makes you excited in a strange way.

She could see You HanGuang’s overflowing need for her. Unlike Fu SiNian, who would at least try to disguise his evil intentions to her, this man in front of her did not care for that. It’s almost as if he wanted her to fear and submit to him.

You HanGuang did not even try to cover up the look of hunger in his eyes as he took in the view of her half covered in sheets. She felt as if she was naked and exposed from the way his eyes scored through her, watching her every movements.

A chill ran though her.

She considered calling for help, but before she could, she saw him pointing a finger at her. She was paralyzed. This man can hit her acupuncture point through range! she thought in dismay.

“This one is strong in martial arts and could easily killed eight or ten kings in a blink of an eye. This one suggests princess to give in.” He said cruelly as he threatened her, easily speaking out the his ability to assassinate her brother. She could not help but tremble ever so slightly.

Princess QingLuan could feel the hidden rage hidden under his cruel grin, but she could not understand how or when she angered him. She felt tears rushing up her eyes as she felt that it was unreasonable. She was supposed to be the victim, she was gang-raped! Why were they coming to her one by one, filled with rage, as if she, herself, was the rapist?

You HanGuang heart skipped a beat as watched her eyes sparkled from the tears and her rosy cheeks stained damp. He felt a flame rising beneath him as the woman in front of him wept submissively.

The reason why Princess QingLuan didn’t understand his anger was because it was actually directed at Fu SiNian. You HanGuang had gave him the hairpin in hope that he would find the woman they all tasted, but this eldest senior brother of his had not given back any news at all.

So he had no choice but to search the living quarters of every women in the whole city, one by one, until he found her, lying beside Fu SiNian.

His anger rose further as he found out that Fu SiNian had actually found her weeks ago, but took the first step to secure and capture her, taking her as his own.
(TNote: Secure and capture her was used metaphorically, like “secure and captured a flag”. In this scenario, he “secured” her with threats and “captured” her to use as he wished.)

This selfish eldest senior brother, You HanGuang thought in spite.

What angered him even more was that the woman he spent so long looking her, was the current royal princess! If she were a commoner or a noble he could just visit her family and demand for her hand in marriage.

Plus this little princess has a goddamn fiancée, meaning she would soon be someone else’s woman! How can he even allow that to happen!? He thought, anger rising up quickly as he wondered what he could do to escape this thorn-filled path of love and reach light?

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