The Men at Her Feet – Chp 14

Chapter 14: Warm Nights And Cold Hearts.

You HanGuang walked towards her slowly, and looked into her eyes while pressing both his palms on her shoulders, “Princess, this one can remove the paralyzing touch if you stop your useless struggling and submit yourself to me,” He said in a husky voice.

Princess QingLuan’s face turned bright scarlet, so red it almost seemed like blood, as she wondered how can he ask this of her so directly.

Without hesitation, she shook her head in a rush, “Young General You, please reconsider, this is not right!”

He smiled in respond to her answer, “We will get married one day, Princess~, this one is only rushing the love-making process, what’s wrong with that?”

She paused from his answer, confused as to how a reputable family could had raised such an unreasonable man?

Truth be told, You HanGuang had followed his father, the general, to battlefields from a young age at twelve. Growing up in a military camps, he spent his days watching the army seniors play around with the military sluts as he was forbidden to touch one by his father.

She was his first, but his heart had already been twisted from years of suppressing his desires.

“Marriage?” She cried out in shock, is this man trying to make this a long term thing!?

“Absolutely, this way we would have a valid reason to do this, and I would no longer be raping you, only giving love to my wife,” his eyes flashed dangerously as he grinned.

“That’s not possible, I already have a fiancée,” she cried out in exasperation.

“That’s not an issue~ I’ll enter court the first thing tomorrow to force the king to annul the engagement.

“Ah no, no. I’ll tell this to the king myself,” she cried out, no way she would let this crazy man hurt her brother.

“Ahh~ so Princess fell in love with me so deeply that she’s already willing to break off her engagement with the fiancée~” He laughed as he picked her up and spun her around the room in happiness.

Princess QingLuan felt not just her head spinning, but her brain too from this mad man.

As she recovered, she noticed she had already been laid down on her bed, and You HanGuang was already trying to strip her down.

“I’m not in love with you!” She cried out loud, shy and shameful.

“Princess, your response does not suit your words~” He grinned as he took her lips, swallowing any objections she was about to voice. He tasted her hungrily, like a starving man walking into a forest filled with fresh plump fruits.

At this single moment, You HanGuang felt like all the years of suppression was to prepare him for meeting this princess.

His hands did not rest as he this tongue searched her mouth, he tore at her clothings urgently, waiting for the moment the clouds disperse and reveal the beautiful moonlight.

Princess QingLuan, still paralyzed, could not move or struggle. She was stripped bare in no time, like an eggshell, as he pressed her down towards her bed.

Her skin shone lustrously like a pearl under the moonlight, seducing everyone and everything in sight.

He stared at her, suddenly releasing her from paralysis as he wanted the weak little princess to struggle a little as it excites him.

As she felt her strength returning to her, she grabbed the sheets nearest to her, trying to cover herself up, but alas the other half of the sheets was held down by him. She could only try in vain to cover her crucial parts with what little sheets she had.

The night was warm, but her heart was cold.

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  1. No doubt japan is cool when it comes to technology, being an electrical engineer I also want to go in japan someday to see all their coolest inventions and technologies.

  2. Ahhh! I’m so jealous! I want to go to Japan again but currently jobless right now. ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

    Anyways thanks for the new chaps! Poor princess! If I were her, I’d use that Fu guy (not good at remembering names) to help keep away the other rapists and get my revenge when the emperor get enough power. She’s so pitiful!

  3. The story is inconsistent. Last chapter You Hanguang didn’t know the girl he raped was a princess but a few chapters ago he clearly stated that his older martial brother kissed the princess and teared off her clothes. So that indicated he did know she was the princess.

    1. From my understanding I think the timeline goes like
      Rape day (YHG doesn’t know she’s the princess) -> you hanguang searching for the the woman (YHG doesn’t know she’s the princess) -> fu si nian found princess and kept her in the house (YHG still hasn’t know) -> YHG found out the older brother was hiding the woman they raped and the woman was the goddamn princess -> FSN raped princess (YHG should know about it already) -> current chapter.
      I think in the previous chapter he was talking about all the effort he spent looking for the girl ever since chapter 1?

      1. On the chapter after the princess escape and the 3 MLs left, they were in the carriage speaking about what happened and you hanguang clearly stated that the first martial brother kissed the princess and forcefully rip off her clothes. Oh well, either way, love the story so far.

    2. No, earlier chapter’s use of ‘princess’ when they referred to her in their carriage talk was for us reader’s sake, for ease of understanding. While the characters themselves didn’t know her identity yet (for FSN it was until he saw the hairpin).

      What’s inconsistent is, however, is that YHG says here that she is his first but previously it was implied he’s had many others before. (He said he’d tasted many women in his life)

  4. It’s so awesome you got to travel Japan!

    Yeah, I was a little confused too since I thought they all knew who she was during that first time.

    Either way, obsession has already begun.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  5. I’m kinda confused. In chapter 3 it says You Hanguang was experienced in women but here it said the princess was his first woman?

    Thank you for your translations! I just started reading this novel 😊

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