The Men at Her Feet – Chp 15

Chapter 15: The Madness Continues As The River Flows.

You HanGuang could no longer wait as he watched her squirming. He stripped himself down in an instant, revealing a body so perfect that any woman would stare at and tore apart the pitiful sheets covering her. He then laid down on top of her, his burning hot skin fully covering her ice cold body.

She squirmed and struggled desperately and tried in vain to push him away. You HanGuang grinned excitedly as he grabbed both her wrists with one hand and held them above her head. His other hand trailed her slender waist, moving slowly to the front, reaching her soft pale bosoms.

She felt a jolt and goosebumps ran though her as he pinched her aroused beans with his rough fingers. Squeezing and caressing her huge and full softness, he rotated between the two of her softness, enjoying the process and the view as each of them turned red from all the roughing up.

He felt a deep flame forming under him as he teased her.

Princess QingLuan was panting, her chest was hurting so much from the rough handling, but surprisingly, she could feel a tingle forming in her abdomen as the pain continued. Her face flushed bright red and tears filled her eyes as she panting got worst uncontrollably. Filled with shame, she bit down hard on her lips to prevent letting out anymore disgraceful noises, not knowing that the expressions she made by enduring the teasing further ignited his need of conquering her.

He leaned down and domineeringly took her mouth, forcing it open with his long and insistent tongue. He attacked her sweet little tongue, teasing and playing around with her tongue.

She could not resist even when he released her hands from being held above her head. She was panting heavily and her limbs, who had lost all their strengths, laid uselessly on her sides.

You HanGuang moved his now available hand and reached for her crotch. He pinched her shy bud, revealing it as he teased and rubbed it.

“N…no…” She cried out in panic and started squirming around, trying to leave even though she knew it would be in vain.

As he was on top of her and his naked body was crushing down on hers, her squirming only set his whole body on fire.

Princess QingLuan desperately reached out, wanting to cover it with her palm, but it was to no avail as he would not let her. She shook her head from side to side, weeping at how helpless she was in front of this man.

Satisfied with her response, he stuck his fingers in and started exploring her walls, he could not understand how it was still so tight and narrow as she was no longer a virgin. His fingers teased her violently, creating streams and streams of nectar. He nodded to himself happily, he had prepared her perfectly.

He grabbed his twitching beast and stuck it into her in a hard thrust, not moving an inch as he started relishing the feeling of being crushed by her warm walls.

Princess QingLuan opened her eyes in disbelief, she felt her climax dispersing as he froze without warning. Rage filled her and she clenched herself tightly in vengeance.

You HanGuang felt his blood rushing to his head as he feels her walls clenching down on him. He moved immediately in respond, thrusting aggressively as he punished her rebellion. He watch her tofu-like body trembled while her huge and wild bosoms looked like rabbits playing, knocking against each other violently with each thrust.

She could no longer think as she felt him turning her insides out, she was not allowed to even moan as he silenced her with his tongue.

It was truly madness, the way he moved and the way her river flowed.

It came suddenly, catching her off guard with the intensity of the waves, she back arched up high as she screamed.

He smirked as he watched her go limp, her eyes still unfocused as she panted heavily, her chest moving up and down violently as she tried in vain to catch her breath.

He shut his eyes and with a final thrust, he released his load deep into her.

Translator’s Note:
This whole chapter is crazy!! OwO I had to read the raws many times before translating it to make it perfect (I totally did not read it that many times because I liked this chapter uwu *sweats nervously*)

Please like and comment if you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did <3

A big thank you to the readers who would always voice out their emotions and questions at the story, it fills me up with happiness knowing that my translations are decent enough to ignite emotions among the readers <3 I love you all and I will definitely finish this project. See ya in the next chapter ;D

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    thanks for your efforts for translating this novel hope u have a good time in japan☺

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