The Men at Her Feet – Chp 16

Chapter 16: Hearts Skipping Like Deers.

You HanGuang had never felt so satisfied, both physically and mentally, in his life.

“Princess, this one feels like dying,” He muttered huskily, his hardness still inside her long after he released his load into her.

Princess QingLuan clenched her teeth, she was the one dying under his rough treatment, ok?!

You HanGuang ignored her protest as he buried himself deeper inside her, drowning in the immense pleasure and enjoying her body warmth. His actions made her feel really uncomfortable as she could feel him twitching inside her, his hardness felt like it was choking her insides and she started to struggle, trying to push him out.

You HanGuang’s eyes shone in excitement as she struggled, unknowingly rubbing her body against him, he felt his hardness expanding inside her to a size even larger than before.

Still inside her, he flipped her over roughly and pushed her face into her sheets as he grabbed her slender waist, forcing her round buttocks high up.

The doggy style, this was You HanGuang’s favorite position. As the dominant male in this position, he could control his thrusting perfectly, and the woman underneath, who was pressed down forcefully, would seem small and helpless. This gave You HanGuang a sense of dominance as the woman beneath him would not be able to resist him.

He moved, slowly and deeply, each thrust reaching her deepest parts. Princess QingLuan felt like exploding from the pleasure and torture.

He trailed her sweating shoulders, slowly reaching to the front, cupping her bouncing bunnies. Her huge bunnies would knock against his hands wildly every time he thrusted.

“Princess~ It was love at first sight for this one ever since I first met you. My heart skipped like as if there was a deer running around aimlessly inside. Do you feel the same towards me?”

Princess QingLuan, who was panting heavily from his rough thrusting, had her tongue hanging outside. Saliva ran down her tongue as struggled to breath, as he would knock the breathe out of her with every thrust.

Even if my heart too, had a deer inside, it would’ve been long gone, knocked out of me with all these illogical thrusting… She thought to herself as tears ran down her cheeks.

You HanGuang noticed her panting and drooling like a dog in heat, it filled him with a sudden rush of intensive pleasure. His hardness grew even larger, twitching like a demon inside her, as he buried himself even deeper with each thrust. Princess QingLuan felt really sore, he was too huge for her vulnerable spot, she felt nauseous as it felt like he was pulling her insides out, with her wetness spraying out like waterfall from all of this.

With a last thrust, he forced himself deep into her, his tip reaching the entrance of her womb, and released his second load into her. She let out a shrilled cry as she felt her surroundings slowing down as her mind went blank from the sudden explosion.

Princess QingLuan, with her face still facing down on the sheets, was trembling hard. She could not move at all.

He removed himself and watched as his seed flowed out from her swollen parts, as it convulsed crazily.

With a satisfied nod, he flipped her over and hugged her tight, smirking at her still limp body and her rolled back eyes.

“Princess, this one wants to be with you forever. I can no longer wait to marry you, I’ll force your brother to give me your hand tomorrow…” He muttered lovingly as he ran his finger through her hair.

Princess QingLuan, who was half unconscious, woke up in a shock. There’s no way she would let him near her weak brother!

She took a deep breathe as she purred him name seducingly, “HanGuang~”

Her voice, still hoarse from the weeping and screams of pleasure, sounded like pitiful begging to him. He went into a daze as he felt like melting under her lovely voice.

“I like it as it is now,” She continued shamelessly.

You HanGuang let out a loud chuckle, “To think that the princess is such a submissive~ Do you enjoy being raped by me so much that you’re requesting it now, en?”

Princess QingLuan lowered her head in shame, this was extreme humiliation to her but what else could she do? She must protect her little brother, he’s the only kin she had left.

“En, don’t you think it’s really stimulating~?” She buried her face into his chest and answered shakily.

“Ahaha, in that case, this one will gladly accept your request!” You HanGuang laughed heartily, once again going on top of her. He held her face in his palms as he stared intimately into her eyes and he leaned down.

Hot lips ran over her body in a rush, sucking and kissing her aching skin. Her body, now sensitive to the rim from reaching climax twice, was soon trembling uncontrollably as she moaned. Her whole body was soon covered in red marks and she felt her now filled softness twitching, her now expanded spot opening and closing as she panted, demanding for his intrusion.

Just when Princess QingLuan thought he was going to dominate her a third time, he stopped his teasing all together and hugged her tightly toward his chest, “Close your eyes and sleep,” He commanded.

Feeling extremely confused and deprived, she shut her eyes obediently as tears filled streamed down her face at his refusal. Her body was aching for more as she tried miserably to fall asleep.

He watched her whimper silently, her body trembling ever so slightly. He loved making her cry, her bullied face looked so enticing that he wanted to swallow her whole. What a perfect woman, he sighed contently and hugged her tightly as he fell asleep.

Translator’s Note:
Can I say that this chapter is absolutely amazing? The original author described the whole scenario so vividly(≧∇≦)

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