The Men at Her Feet – Chp 17

Chapter 17: Refusal Of A Bad Suggestion.

Princess QingLuan could not sleep, “I wish to shower,” she said quietly to the sleeping You HanGuang, pushing him slightly.

You HanGuang lazily left the bed and came back dressed. He wrapped her up with some blankets before carrying her over to the shower room.

A new hand maiden awaited them in the shower room, “NiShang greets Princess and General You,”

“NiShang?” She looked curiously at You HanGuang.

“Yup! I sent NiShang here to serve you, her martial arts are top notched and I believe she can protect you well,” He replied excitedly, eyes sparkling as if he was a child waiting for a praise, “Does my dear princess like my gift?”

Princess QingLuan was utterly speechless, he is basically challenging Fu SiNian.

“Yes, of course I like your gift.” She sighed weakly, knowing that it would anger him if she even tried to say no, and angering You HanGuang will only bring misery to herself.

You HanGuang grinned brightly in response as he stripped her off the blankets and placed her gently into the warm tub.

“Mmmm~” She let out a sigh of content at the perfect water temperature.

Everything would’ve been perfect if not for You HanGuang, who was squatting beside the tub, staring at her hungrily.

“Aren’t you supposed to leave now?” Princess QingLuan asked impatiently.

“Princess~ What’s your thoughts regarding bath sex?” He grinned cheekily as he leaned his face towards her.

“Get lost!” She cried out angrily as her face flushed, splashing him water

“Hahaha!” You HanGuang laughed out loudly at her reaction, his intention was only to tease her after all.

He leaned forward and pecked her on the cheeks, “I’m not even gone and I already miss you,”

Princess QingLuan, refusing to listen to his flirting, sank herself into the tub angrily.

He grinned cheerfully as he left, looking back at her as if waiting for her to stop him. She didn’t.

The word was finally quiet, she sighed as she showered peacefully.

She looked down at the love marks You HanGuang left on her chest, she felt depressed but there was nothing she could do.

In her past life, You HanGuang had stubbornly insisted to marry her after the fateful incident, but it had only angered her brother, the king, and he was thrown into the imperial jail. His whole family was hanged for his crimes.

Not this time, she thought, this time she would protect her brother well.

She stayed even after she finished cleaning herself, soaking her tired body in the hot tub, feeling her tensed body relax as she fell asleep.

She vaguely felt a pair of warm hands touching her as the water cooled. In her half conscious state, she felt herself wrapped up and carried out of the tub, she struggled to open her exhausted eyes but it only seemed to make her even more sleepy.

Where am I being taken to? She thought sleepily as she lost conscious once more.

Translator’s Note:
Something I’ve been wondering, how is the princess not pregnant after all this time?? They don’t use protection and they do it inside of her after all ಠ_ಠ

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  3. So basically he wanted to marry her in their last life also but the result is cruel to his family I think this man has some mental issues but same goes for other two. Thanks 4ur hard work translator even u r in a vacation u r working for this novel and 4 us.

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