The Men at Her Feet – Chp 18

Chapter 18: Blood Circulation.

Princess QingLuan felt really warm, it felt like she was basking in sunlight, soaking up all the warmth and happiness of life. She laid there with her eyes shut and the edge of her lips twisted upwards in content.

Furball, the Persian rubbed itself against her hand and gave her a small lick. She ignored the cheeky cat and continued resting under the sun.

It’s unusually active today, she thought, as Furball jumped onto her lap and walked towards her chest.

She felt her chest itch, as if it’s fur had tickled her. It felt surprisingly good, as she let out a few soft mmph.

She felt it getting close to her face and giving her lips a small lick, with her eyes still closed, she frowned as she tried to remove the heavy cat from her body. I can’t move? She thought in surprise, realizing that she could not move her limbs.

Her chest was starting to hurt as Furball’s paws dug deeply into her skin, she bit her lips to prevent herself from screaming. “Furball! Get down!” She yelled at last as the pain became intolerable.

And she woke up.

The garden, the sunlight, the warmth, the happiness, all gone.

She was inside a dimly lit room, a handsome face staring down at her.

The bed was really comfortable, so soft that she thought she was laying on clouds if not for the face in front of her, for it belonged to Pei JingZhi.

He was giving her a massage with his callous-filled palms, touching her everywhere. His movements did not slow even when Princess QingLuan woke up.

Her face flushed immediately, as his palms once again pressed down on her chest, “massaging” her. She was upset by these uninvited rude men, always visiting her one after another, as if there was no end to this.

She almost screamed for her hand-maidens when she realized her weird surroundings. This is not my living quarters?! She thought in shock.

Famous paintings hanged on walls and expensive looking decorations were placed all over the room. She knew at once that they were inside Pei JingZhi’s room.

She reached out and grabbed the troublemaking hand that was teasing her. He then shifted his gaze from her lustful body to her beautiful scarlet face, flushed with the redness of an innocent girl.

She pouted her plump lips, “Sir Pei, what are you doing to me?” She asked softly, her musical voice sounded like moan of pleasure to him.

“Blood circulation.” He answered calmly into her ear, the chill in his voice brought goosebumps upon her.

Translator’s Note:
No rest for the princess I guess, this poor girl (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ They really do use her one after another, these men… smh tsktsk

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  1. Srlly in reverse harem novels also girls have no chance for winning against such domineering mans it’s like in normal novels one man is ruling and in reverse harem novel many mans r ruling in the end the poor girl became more miserable.

  2. No rest for the princess I guess, this poor girl (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ They really do use her one after another, these men… smh tsktsk
    So funny 😂

  3. When the hell is she supposed to get some sleep? Or eat? Holy crap, when’s the last time she ate or drank anything?
    Thanks for the chapter!

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