The Men at Her Feet – Chp 19

Chapter 19: Resting While Enjoying Top Class Services.

Pei JingZhi grabbed her arm with eyes filled with innocence. She noticed his other hand holding a snuff bottle, it lets out a faint medicinal scent and it somehow relaxes her.

Princess QingLuan was stark naked. She gently moved further into the bed while trying to cover her crucial parts, unaware that her slim arm was not able to do the job well, as it only made her look all the more seductive.

She bit her lower lips in frustration as she looked at him in the eye, her eyes filled with determination. She wanted him to know that she was not willing to share her body with him.

Pei JingZhi watched her silently, wondering how the scorching determination and the freezing cold gaze could both, at the same time, exist in her shining eyes. She was like the perfect masterpiece, unable to be priced.

Rumors had that the royal princess, sister to the king, was gentle and kind, the epitome of a goddess. But Pei JingZhi knew that was not the case.

Strip her off of her protective covers and she’ll turn into the coldest creature on earth. The royal family is a proud family, and she was royalty.

Just like what he saw on that fateful night, eyes so cold and proud that it was as if she wasn’t the victim. He would never forget her gaze as she stared at him, eyes judging his every movements.

Such a wild personality, he wondered if he would ever be able to tame her.

A night of sexual bliss would be easy to achieve, but receiving a sincere smile from her seemed impossible.

But this is why he was attracted, no? Men love challenges, and a challenging woman will ignite their will to conquer her at all cost.

Pei JingZhi stroke her legs lightly with his fingers, teasing her slowly. She shivered slightly as she tried to retract her legs.

He grabbed onto both her legs in an instant and pulled, and in a single breath, she was stuck beneath him with both of her legs were split open against his.

Her hidden part was instantly revealed due to her wide open legs, directly underneath his crotch. She flinched as she imagined how he would torture her soul once again.

A light voice sounded near her ear, “Princess, please take a rest, this one will treat you with great care.”

She felt a gentle flitting touch on her legs once again, but this time it stayed around her thighs, slowly moving around as he caressed her. Her heart skipped a beat and her wetness flowed when his fingers moved near her twitching parts, but then he would always move away.

Princess QingLuan frowned in frustration as his fingers moved away once again, her body was numb with pleasure, but she was unable to reach her climax.

She reached out her hand, intending to slap his rude fingers away from her. But he would not let her disturb his pace, he grabbed her hand as he gaze ever so calmly into her eyes.

And he licked her fingers one by one, nibbling it softly with his teeth and sucking it gently while flicking it with his soft tongue.

Jolts of pleasure flowed from her fingers towards her spine, giving her goosebumps.

He smiled lightly at her reaction and he grabbed her smooth waist, pulling her towards him. He rested his forehead on hers, like a pair of lovers making an oath.

Her senses faded quickly from the sudden scent of masculinity and she unawarely let out a small whimper. But she was quickly silenced as he took her lips roughly, his burning tongue forced its way into her warm mouth and recklessly plunder away at her sweetness.

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