The Men at Her Feet – Chp 20

Chapter 20: The Ability To Adapt.

Pei JingZhi sat up slowly as he ended the long kiss. He stared fondly at the woman underneath him, satisfied at her panting. Her face was tinted with red and her big round eyes were hazy, confused. Her plump lips, which was slightly agape, shone from his lingering saliva.

She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath, and her twin mountains were moving accordingly, her beans hardening due the arousal.

To Pei JingZhi, her arousal was enough to be treated as an invitation.

He released his bulging hardness and aimed it at the opening of her soft twitching hole, enjoying the feeling of the slight trembling as he rubbed it around the area.

Princess QingLuan, unable to handle the constant teasing, was very frustrated and uncomfortable. She arched her back slightly as she moved her hips, trying to convince him to enter her.

Her sweet juice flowed like water, in respond to her need, in mere seconds, the tip of his hardness was already soaked and sticky.

She groaned at his inactivity, her pearly white teeth bit her lips angrily as she tried to hide her moan of need, unknowingly turning the moans into hushed whimpers.

Pei JingZhi stared at her alluring facial expressions and grinned as he split open her lower lips with his fingers and went in deep with a single hard thrust.

Princess QingLuan flinched as his huge object entered her suddenly, tears filled her eyes at the sudden jolt of pain as he did not loosen her up properly.

She let out a cry, it was like a weak whimper filled with pain, and Pei JingZhi felt himself hardening at the sound.

He hugged her tightly with all his might as he began his rough conquest, each thrust going deeply into her. He could feel her tightening up nicely, his hardness was fully covered by her damp warm walls.

Princess QingLuan could not think, it was as if her brain got thrusted out of her brain, her sweet juice flowed uncontrollably with each of his thrusts. She felt like she was in a pot of burning water, waves of flames burning her hard, she thought she would drown in pleasure.

His strong arms, who had hugged her tightly before, was now on her shoulders, pushing her down every time he thrusted. He owned her and he would not let her escape, ever.

He loved her. Like an eagle who had captured a fledgling, he would cage her under his wings and never let her escape. He would love her cruelly and she would accept his love.

He increased his speed as he growled, his bloodshot eyes staring deeply at her face as he leaned down to take her lips. His rough thrusting did not stop, still going in deeply into her.

She felt like her body was falling from the clouds, jolts of pleasure streaks through her entire body. She shut her eyes close, and in the darkness, she gave in to the joy and pleasure of being conquered.

Her heart was confused but she was accepting, if she could not escape she would enjoy it all.

Both man and woman reached climax easily, breathing heavily as he slowly removed himself from her and watch his load flowed out of her.

She opened her wet eyes slowly, her lashes trembled ever so slightly as she watched him lay down beside her.

She did not speak as she turned her naked back towards him, he would only see her smooth back and her intended silky hair flowed down, drawing him attention.

Pei JingZhi did not react, for he already knew that his little princess is a cold-hearted ruthless woman.

He reached out to stroke her glowing hair, always so smooth and silky no matter the activity. “This one is love struck with the princess’s ability to adapt.” He whispered softly, to himself or to her, it was not known.

Translator’s Note:
Personally I hate this guy a lot, it’s like he acts all calm and cool but in the end he’s still a nasty man tsk

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  1. All 3 of these bastards are in love with her. So that either means they will compete for her or share her. Being that this is smut, I can see them sharing her while threatening her brother.

    Love ur blog, btw. I reading the chapters via the WordPress app, so I don’t see ads. Thank u for ur hard work and PLEASE KEEP IT UP! 🙈🙈

  2. Yeah, of the 3 Pei JingZhi seems like the biggest bastard. The minister, Fu SiNian seems like he wants to pamper her. The general, You HanGuang wants to dominate her physically. Our scholar here wants to conquer her emotionally. While the generals physical dominace upsets her he isnt trying to change or hurt her. The scholar seems like the type to play psychological games almost like he wants to break her. He’s definitely the creepiest.

    1. Honestly, im shookt at the ads at first , like, am i at the right site? Lol xD but im good, i came from another smut blog mentioning you were gonna tl mo yan 🙂

  3. It’s like he’s playing mind games with her. Not sure if I like this guy or not no more….thanks for the trans.

  4. Other bastard. Is not that she is cold is that you are taking her in that way. I just put myself in her shoes, it is very frustrating. Even in our bodies react and feel pleasure but inside is to feel powerless. She can’t say no and even if she says no they won’t mind.

  5. Ugh, knew something was wrong with this guy from the beginning. Like he’s always scheming and hiding while the others are pretty straightforward.

    Thank you for the chapter! 😊

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