The Men at Her Feet – Chp 21

Chapter 21: Hypocrite.

Princess QingLuan felt the dubious flirtations in Pei JingZhi’s tone.

Pei JingZhi was a highly educated man, he had the appearance of a gentleman and was polite to everyone, but a man like this had took her by force many times. What a hypocrite, she cursed in spite.

She felt the dubious flirtations in his tone, but she refused to give a reaction to a beast.

“Sir Pei, may I inquire why was I brought here?” Princess QingLuan scowled with displeasure, but her voice sounded like lustful melodies from the recent love-making.

“There are many secret paths in the palace,” he answered absentmindedly, as he stared at her white mellow ears.

Princess QingLuan stared at him in shock, secret paths that not even her or the king knows about, and this man does? Who exactly is he?!

“Why do you not have piercings?” He asked curiously as he whispered into her ear.

She jumped back, frightened at his sudden whispering. She thought about what to say, as this was a little secret that she shared with her brother and Yan Gui.

Princess QingLuan and her brother were born as identical twins. When they were younger, when it was time for the prince to study, she would always dress up as him and study in his place, while Xie Zhao would then dress up as her and run around the palace having fun.

When Yan Gui came to their palace, Xie Zhao would always find ways to bully Yan Gui while pretending to be Princess QingLuan, but Yan Gui, being her fiancée, would always see through his disguise. As time passed, her brother and Yan Gui became sworn enemies.

As for her, she got used to not dressing up with too many ornaments, and not having piercings as it would disrupt their identity switch.

“Too bothersome.” She answered nonchalantly, her back still facing Pei JingZhi.

Pei JingZhi, no longer able to control himself, leaned towards her and bit her ear. He nibbled on it softly, his tongue swirling around her earlobe.

Princess QingLuan felt a jolt run through her spine as he teased her ears. Her still sensitive body felt numb and somewhat itchy as she felt her strength leaving her.

She knew he would use her again, and she sighed sadly, bemoaning her cruel fate.

Pei JingZhi licked his lips with satisfaction and went for her soft slender neck.

He gave her love bites, as proof of his love for her, as he ran through her neck and then her back. Her pale face was fully scarlet once again, as he teased her unendingly.

He loved her, the way she looked and the way she acted. They had met twice, and she was still as lovely as ever even without makeup. He loved her purity and he loved her ruthlessness.

But still, the thing he loved the most is how she would stare at him calmly when he bedded her, with eyes so cold it could freeze entire kingdoms. He wanted to break her, to see her cold eyes turn into uncontrollable urges of desire.

He moved a hand to her chest, roughly clutching her huge bunnies, squeezing them into different shapes while his other hand reached down for her damp softness. He stuck a finger in and out of her while his palm applied pressure on her tiny aroused pearl. Her wetness, warm like the summer, flowed thoroughly down his arm.

Princess QingLuan was no longer able to control her moans, “N…no, don’t…” she gasped with what little clarity she had left.

“Don’t?” He grinned cruelly, “What do you not want? Do you not want my attention? Or do you not want me to fuck your tiny hole?” He teased her, feeling joy from her humiliation.

She glanced away, angry and in shame at his tasteless bed talk, but her softness tightened up regardlessly.

He raised his brows as he felt her response on his fingers, and without a pause, he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and entered her without a care.

She was forced into various humiliating positions, some she never even knew existed. At this single moment, she felt like she was a mere meat, and he was a sharp knife that she could never escape from.

Such cruelty… she thought as she let out screams of pleasure.

At long last, after what felt like hours, he released himself inside of her like an explosion, filling her up to the brim.

As the scorching heat entered her, her mind went blank at the sudden explosion from inside of her, for she had, too, reached climax.

Thank god it’s finally over, she thought in despair, as her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

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  1. Purity? What purity? 😂🤣
    Seriously, if she’s planning to enjoy this, I wish she wouldn’t get embarrassed. This ancient women are a trip. What’s the point of having men at her feet is isn’t throughly enjoying herself?

    1. Apparently chinese historical novels love this, they call it the “龙凤胎”, meaning the dragon and the phoenix. Almost every chinese novel I’ve read had this, where the Queen gives birth to a pair of identical twins who had different genders OwO

  2. Yep, there’s the true true colors of this dude. He’s worse than the other two by far. He seems much crueler though he acts like such a gentleman.

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