The Men at Her Feet – Chp 24

Chapter 24: Tranquility And Indifference.

Countess PingTing was quickly wrapped with sheets by her hand-maidens and they helped her return back to her house.

The hero Xie Lang, on the other hand, was surrounded by men who was teasing and congratulating him.

Princess QingLuan looked around, trying to look for the flash of green who had saved her, she had not seen the face of her savior, but she had someone in mind.

“Did a man in green saved me just now?” She asked NiShang in a hushed voice, wanting to confirm if it was as she suspects.

“Yes princess, it was a man in green. This slave had wanted to help but he was a lot faster and stronger than me,” NiShang replied, upset that she was of no use to the princess.

Princess QingLuan’s narrowed her eyes as she found the man in green at a corner, trying to leave. She and NiShang immediately started stalking him from afar, but in her nervousness, she cried out as she tripped on her long dress, but fortunately NiShang was able to steady her properly.

The man in green turned his head at her cry and rushed towards her, “Princess, are you hurt?” He asked in a worried tone, as if she was a precious gem to him and that he would never want to see her hurt.

Princess QingLuan’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at the gentleman in front of her. He was so kind and so nice to her even though he had an air of indifference surrounding him. The man was Gu QingChen, the prime minister.

She thinks she might be in love.

Her memories and understanding of Gu QingChen were not deep, but she recalled clearly in her past life on how he had held her limp body in his arms after she was caught red-handed during the incident, how he had looked so sorrowful and the unending cold tears that had dripped onto her face as she stared blankly into nothingness, numbed and depressed by the pain and confusion.

It was also him who recommended to the king to exile her after she was locked in the temple for two whole years.

They called it exile, but she knew inside that Gu QingChen and her brother was trying to save her from having her leave the country.

In her past life, after the incident, her brother had fallen ill critically from the intense shock. The whole country was in major danger due to Yan Gui’s rebellion, which lasted two whole years.

It was not until then that Yan Gui declared that he would stop the war if they return her to him.

Her brother knew that he was on death’s bed and was worried that she would be all alone after he passed, hence he had made plans with Gu QingChen to send her away from his country, into Yan Gui’s arms, hoping that Yan Gui would treat her well.

But her body and health were already wasted from her two years in the temple and hence, passed away on a chilly night during her travel to the North.

She knew that as she took her last breath, a gentle voice called out her name and she tried to see who it was, but sadly, she was no longer able to open her eyes by then.

“Princess…?” Gu QingChen called out to her uneasily as she stared at him in a daze.

She shook her head quickly, clearing her thoughts, “I am fine, thank you so much for saving me,”

“It is fortunate that the princess is well,” He smiled gently at her, “If there is nothing else, this one would like to take his leave,”

“Oh please do,” She nodded politely in respond, watching his strong and gentle back as he left behind a soothing breeze.

NiShang helped her to her feet and they slowly walked towards the entrance, “Princess, your ankles are hurt, please allow this slave to request for a sedan chair to carry you to the entrance.”

“It is of no big matter, it’s just a few steps to the entrance, by then we could take my carriage home,” She said calmly as she rejected NiShang’s idea for it was too bothersome. She wanted to leave this horrible place as soon as possible.

As both princess and servant walked slowly, a sedan chair was placed in front of them. Princess QingLuan and NiShang looked at each other, confused, as no one requested for one.

“Princess, Minister Fu commanded this one to fetch you to the palace entrance,” One of the servants who was carrying the sedan chair said respectfully.

Minister Fu? Fu SiNian? She thought as she looked around for him, but he was no where to be found.

Gazing at the sedan chair in front of her, Princess QingLuan knew she would not be allowed to refuse, and her ankles really do hurt.

She entered the sedan chair with a deep sigh.

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