The Men at Her Feet – Chp 25

Chapter 25: A Landed Phoenix Can’t Even Compare To A Chicken.

Fu SiNian had heard news of the countess’s plans and he had hurried over to the palace in a rush, worried for her safety. When he arrived, he saw her tripped over her own skirt and Gu QingChen rushing over to her, filled with concern.

Right after that, Princess QingLuan had gazed at Gu QingChen with such tender eyes, eyes that she had never ever shown him before.

Rage filled his chest he watched the ongoing scene, hidden nearby. Fu SiNian needed to know what they meant to each other.

To his surprise, Princess QingLuan and Gu QingChen each went their own ways after exchanging a few words, this was a huge comfort to Fu SiNian.

His face soften as he watched her leave Gu QingChen without a pause, and he felt his heart ache as he saw her limping, but it would not be appropriate for him to carry her around. After quick considerations, he sent his servants to bring her a sedan chair.

Fu SiNian was standing near the palace entrance when she arrived, his heart clenched once again, as he noticed that her beautiful face was now filled with a tint of sadness. Dazed, Fu SiNian could not help but reach out his hand, intending to help her down the sedan chair.

Princess QingLuan, who wanted nothing to do with Fu SiNian, dodged his hand and managed to get down from the sedan chair without much issues.

Fu SiNian glared at her furiously, his face darkening like the storms as he stared daggers into her face. If daggers could kill, she would’ve died many times over.

“Minister Fu, this place is inappropriate for contact.” She explained quickly, fearful of his wrath.

“It is of a small matter, anyone who speaks out of place would be rod to death.” He replied casually, as if human lives doesn’t matter to him at all.

Princess QingLuan: “…”

She sighed deeply, controlling her agitation at his words. No matter how strong a dragon is, it would not win against the land snake if the dragon could not even land, not to mention a landed phoenix could not even compare to a chicken. This was, after all, Fu SiNian’s territory, and she was only a princess in name.
(TNote: She was a princess in name because her brother was not able to grab on to authority due to the three parties in court.)

“Minister Fu, were you waiting for me?” She asked gently, trying to turn the mood, “Shall we leave this place and discuss any matters in private?”

Fu SiNian’s face brightened up immediately, satisfied at her submission. Once again, he reached out his hand to grab her arm and pulled her towards his carriage.

“Minister Fu, this is not my carriage!” She cried out in surprise as she was forcefully dragged by the arm to his carriage.

She looked around and saw her own ride, blocked by Fu SiNian’s humongous carriage. She lifted her skirt as she prepared to walk towards her own carriage.

Fu SiNian slammed down his palm on her carriage and she stared in shock as her carriage disintegrated right in front of her.

“Princess, it seems that your carriage is no longer usable. Please bear and share a ride with this one,” He smiled gently at her as he dragged her onto his carriage once again.

When she regained her senses from the shock, she realized that she was already seated in Fu SiNian’s carriage.

Translator’s Notes:
This man has literally zero respect for other’s wishes tsktsk, I legit need more Gu QingChen and less Fu SiNian >:V

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