The Men at Her Feet – Chp 26

Chapter 26: Insatiable Desires.

Princess QingLuan was pressed onto a seat as soon as she was dragged into Fu SiNian’s carriage. The insides of Fu SiNian’s carriage was what even she, a royal princess, would call luxury.

“Proceed to the Yan Suburbs.” He commanded the coachman coldly.

“Minister Fu, what is the meaning of this?” Princess QingLuan asked nervously.

“Dear princess, you were the one who suggested that we should have our discussion in a private location,” Fu SiNian answered lazily while pouring her a cup of tea, “This one assures you that my carriage is safe from eavesdroppers.”

Princess QingLuan’s brows furrowed slightly at his words, but she kept silent after noticing that his eyes were still burning with rage, she did not want to stretch his patience any longer.

She took a deep breath as she calmed herself, “Please spare me, Minister Fu, as I am not feeling very well. I’m sure Minister Fu is also a man that would finish his job efficiently and fast, so let us quickly discuss the issues and then send me back to my quarters.”

Fu SiNian’s eyes darken further as she spoke, this woman said he’s an efficient and fast man, how dare she!

“Didn’t I tell you not to leave your living quarters?” He asked furiously.

“Yes, and I did follow your orders.” She nodded, “But today I was visiting my brother.”

“Is that so?” He eyed her doubtfully, as he continued on sarcastically, “Could it be that meeting your brother is an excuse that you used, just to meet up with someone else?”

Her anger rose as his tone changed, “Minister Fu, who are you to me? Are you my brother or are you my husband?” She snarled angrily at Fu SiNian, “So why are you speaking to me in such a tone, like as if I had committed adultery. Who do you think you are?”

This damn woman! His thought as his anger snapped. “Xie QingLuan! Let me tell you who I am to you! I had been investigating the culprit who had caused harm to you, hell, I have not even took a nap for days! ” He yelled at her as he finally lost his temper, “I rushed here in fear upon that you had entered the palace against my will, I was so worried that you would be caught in Countess PingTing’s trap! And now you ask me who do I think I am?!”

“…Countess PingTing?” She knew the countess was hostile to her, but she thought it was only to shame her, but upon hearing Fu SiNian’s words, she realized that the countess had wanted her life.

“But then, Minister Fu was late.” She said coldly, “The countess had been shamed and Gu QingChen had saved me.”

“Hm? So are you saying that you want to repay Gu QingChen’s debts by giving yourself to him? And here I thought you were loyal to Yan Wang, but I guess you’re just another loose woman.” He growled cruelly to her, “I will be the bigger man and forgive you this time, but do not test my patience. And I would suggest you to keep your cool in this matter as I will ask for you hand in a few days, I’m sure the king would not refuse my request.”

Princess QingLuan’s temper had already been on the edge due to Fu SiNian’s unending verbal abuse, and now this man dared to accuse her of being a loose woman and to threaten her with her brother. She picked up the glass teacup and threw it towards Fu SiNian.

There was no way Fu SiNian, who was a strong martial artist, would get hit by the cup. He moved his head slightly to the side and the cup flew towards the carriage walls, shattering upon impact. Even though Fu SiNian avoided the cup, his face had been hit by the flowing warm tea inside instead.

Fu SiNian calmly put down his own teacup as her warm tea dripped from his hair. He glared at her like a hunter watching its prey.

Princess QingLuan, who had came back to her senses, gasped as she realized what she had done. As she calmed herself down, she realized what Fu SiNian was doing all along.

This man had been triggering her and throwing verbal abuses at her, it was all a ploy to anger her beyond limit. He had wanted her to know that no matter how angry she felt, she had no way to revolt against him. He wanted her to know his strength, and most importantly, how helpless she was in front of him.

He wanted her to understand that he was, and will always be the one in control.

As realization dawned upon her, she silently took out her handkerchief moved towards his seat and she gently wiped off the warm tea that was still on Fu SiNian’s face.

Princess QingLuan is a smart woman, she knew that her will is meaningless to him, in that case, she may as well be good and submissive and hope that he would release her one day.

Fu SiNian grabbed her arm and pinched her chin with his other hand, making her face him, “Do you understand now?”

Princess QingLuan nodded solemnly with her eyes downcast. She knew there was no point fighting Fu SiNian as she is now, she had no power, no authority.

Fu SiNian sighed, troubled at her reaction. If she had continued to revolt against him, he could stop her with force, but he had no idea how to deal with a woman who appear dejected. Somehow it made his heart ache seeing her like this.

He took her in a big hug, “I know you hate me, but if you were holding a sharp object just now, would you had thrown it towards me regardless?”

She did not respond to his question, she could not as he would see through her lie.

“But still, even if you hate me, I would never leave you alone. I understand that you were not taught properly, as you parents passed away when you were still a child,” He said soothingly, “But as a woman, how can you desire for another man when you already have me? Did you really think what we have is temporary? Am I not enough to satisfy your lust?”

“Please pray that you will never think of abandoning me, for I don’t mind disciplining you in your late parents’ place,” He smiled at her kindly, as his eyes darkened further, “My punishments are harsh when I’m angry.”

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