The Men at Her Feet – Chp 28

Chapter 28: Sharing Of Burdens And Hardships.

“En~ En~” Princess QingLuan pursed her lips tightly together, hushing her moans.

“Baby girl, be good~ Don’t tighten up so much.” Fu SiNian cooed softly as he caressed her thighs, pushing them apart.

Upon hearing such vile dirty talk, in her annoyance, she gave it her all to shut her thighs together while covering her crucial parts with both her hands.

Fu SiNian grinned evilly and he leaned down towards her chest and took her hardened bean in his teeth.

As he bit down on it, a jolt went up her spine as she went into a daze, but she recovered quickly and hurriedly covered her bosoms from view.

This had left her lower body unguarded, Fu SiNian’s grin widened as he pushed her thighs apart and entered deeply into her before she noticed her mistake.

Fu SiNian moved with the vigor of a young man, he was fast and precise. He nodded in satisfaction as he felt her tightening up around him perfectly, her sweet nectar flowing in and out from his rough thrusting, covering his abdomen and thighs as it leaked everywhere.

A woman’s hushed moans and a man’s exhilarated panting could be heard from within the carriage alongside the constant sound of flesh banging against each other.

Princess QingLuan did not how many people passed by their carriage or who they were, all she knew was that she was one thin wall away from strangers and she was being bedded. She felt a wave of shame and humiliation flowed through her, but somewhere inside her, there was a tint of excitement, causing her to tighten up more.

Her response was like an encouragement to Fu SiNian, it was fulfilling to know that she was actually enjoying the process, unlike how she had acted previously when she expressionlessly urged him to finish the business quickly, he increase his speed, making sure to reach her deepest parts with every single thrust.

With a final thrust that went deep into her, he released himself with a deep growl, filling her to the brim.

Her back arched as she went into a daze, all she could feel was the large amount of warmth hitting her deepest parts. Her mind went blank and she cried out loudly as a wave crashed through her.

As he removed himself from her, he noticed that there was no sign of his hardness going limp. Fu SiNian sat down on a seat, and with a cheeky smile, he picked her up and placed her gently on his thighs. His gaze glued to her huge mountains that would bounce wildly whenever she moved. He ran a finger through her skin, outlining her bosoms as if he was drawing.

“Please have mercy on me,” she whimpered as she flinched fearfully at his touch, “I can’t go on anymore…”

“My dear princess, as lovers we must endure and share all hardships and burdens, just like how you shared your warm tea with me, I will reciprocate your love by sharing my warm liquid with you.” Fu SiNian whispered into her ear, his breath tickling her neck ever so softly.

Princess QingLuan: “…”

God is fair after all, even though she was bestowed a second chance in life, she was also bestowed many obstacles in the form of men…

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  1. this one made me kind of sad for her idk :I
    i want her to be with someone kind, who treasures her and respects her feelings, unlike fu sinian.
    i don’t like him >:I

  2. I’d love it if 3 great rivals appeared to show how much better they can treat than these three here.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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