The Men at Her Feet – Chp 29

Chapter 29: A One Man Army.

Fu SiNian watched as the woman on his thighs went limp while panting softly, her eyes were still in a daze, but somehow he felt like it was a one man army, he needed more reactions from her.

Without a pause, he laid down and he positioned her nicely, his hardness pushing against her already leaking parts. And with a thrust, he went deep into her as he pushed down on her shoulders.

Princess QingLuan was clear-headed once again, but this time it was from the shock of his sudden invasion. He took her hands and held them in place on his abdomen and he knocked her up into the air continuously.

She could only feel his hardness reaching deeper and deeper into her every time she drop down on it, but the force would always bounce her back up into the air. Her humongous twin rabbits swinging wildly and inconsistently as she bounced up and down.

Unable to stay in balance, every bounce terrified her as she did not want to fall. She grabbed on to his hands tightly, trying to hold herself steady. Her face was filled with insecurity but her scarlet face and her half-closed eyes showed that she was in bliss, she cried out every time he knocked against her womb.

He felt her insecurity but still he continued knocking her up and watching her fall back onto him, the view was so majestic that he felt himself enlarging even now, causing the inexperienced rider, who was no longer able to steady herself while holding onto his hands, to swing and fall towards the sides with each of his thrusts.

“Hug me tightly!” Fu SiNian growled into her ear as he sat up and grabbed her on the waist.

Princess QingLuan wrapped her arms around his neck and held on to her dear life as he started a new round of madness.

She was already fully stripped since the start, her silky hair flowed down her shoulders and her buttocks bounced with elasticity. Her little pink lips were forced to take in his enlarged hardness and was stretched to its maximum as he continued on without giving her any rest. Her sweet nectar were spraying wildly everywhere, leaking down onto her thighs and buttocks, the whole carriage looked like a warzone.

“No… no… You’re too deep inside,” She screamed as she felt a deep sensation running through her entire body, “Take it out! Take it out!! I’m going to die!”

“It seems that my dear princess does not have good stamina,” He licked her neck as he teased her, “I should take the initiative to train you, eh?”

She felt her face burn upon hearing his words, but there was nothing she could say or do as her strained softness was already twitching and tightening up uncontrollably.

“AH~!” She let out an ear-piercing shriek when a huge explosion sounded in her head, her brain went blank and her eyes rolled back as her sweet nectar splashed out like a waterfall.

As she fell unconscious, her arms went limp as she fell backwards but Fu SiNian, who had noticed her outburst, caught her by the waist in time.

She laid her head on his chest gently and he pulled back for the finale. Her head rocked backwards as he gave a final thrust and released his huge load into her.

He grinned as he saw her face flushed red and burned hot even though she was already unconscious, it shows how strong he is in this field.

He laid her down on a seat, and removed himself from her, unplugging her filled hole. He watched happily as his thick and almost translucent load flowed slowly from her as her over-stretched and over-strained part spasms uncontrollably.

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  2. I was enjoying this while cussing the bastard out at the same time🙈 How many chapters is this novel? If this whole novel is full with the Princess being dominated and humiliated, the damn author needs needs to explain how the men are at her feet. Especially when she’s at their mercy. Will this princess every get any power so that it will be finally as the title of the novel says.

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