The Men at Her Feet – Chp 3

Chapter 3: Beauty’s Hole, Hero’s Grave.

Before she was able to see the man who pulled her away from Fu SiNian, she was pushed face down and forced to kneel, with her round and full buttocks held high.

Her knees hurt from the sudden roughing. “Ahh… it’s painful~” crying out in a soft moan as she bit her lips from the pain.

“Pain? Master will love you immediately.” A voice, sweet as nectar to the ears, teased her from behind. You could tell immediately that this man is experienced with women from the way he spoke. (TNote: “η–Ό” usually means pain in chinese, but sometimes people use it in the context of love. In this case the rapist is using it as a punny bed-talk i guess tsktsk.)

Any other man, upon seeing a woman in such a pathetic and weak position while moaning in pain, would’ve released her immediately and love her properly, perhaps even giving her some comfort. But not Yu HanGuang (TNote: playboy sole son of the military general), he liked his girls like this. The more they cry out in pain, the more he wished to bully them hard.

He looked down on the woman on the floor as he held her arms behind her back, the full and round buttocks held high, the slender waist that looked breakable upon impact, and the rich black messy hair that flowed down to her waist. The sharp contrast between the blackness of the hair and the whiteness of her skin looked so beautiful and alluring to him at this moment.

He felt his blood rushing to his both his heads. He growled uncontrollably like a wild hungry beast who was released from its cage as he grabbed her slender waist and thrust his full hardness into her sore abyss.

Princess QingLuan, after the initial baptism by Fu SiNian, was still wet to the brim when she felt a new intrusion entering her. One single thrust and You HanGuang lost his breathe, he had tasted many women in his life, but this one… This one is of highest quality. To him, it felt like he entered the clouds and became the king of the heavens, ruling over a beautiful garden filled with blooming blossoms.

Unable to contain his lust, You HanGuang immersed himself in this battlefield. Carelessly and blindly thrusting, no holding back.

Princess QingLuan, due to her overly sensitive body, felt it all. The pleasure was amplified a thousandfold as she couldn’t see his face, she felt was his urgent need to conquer her. She felt his hardness reaching her deepest parts every time he entered and every single thrust caused her to tremble.

The messy and unorganized thrusting was reaching every single part of her, it was enough to make her faint. She was moaning so much, unable to even think, that if he were to ask her to speak, her words would’ve came out slurred and gibberish.

Pap pap pap pap sounds, along with her moaning, and sometimes sharp screams, filled the whole room. A small part of her remembered the other two men inside the room and burned with shame, but it was quickly replaced by the mind-consuming pleasure.

Even as he was confident of his abilities, but her response thrilled him so. He leaned down and smacked a hot kiss on her shoulder-plates as she cried out. He caressed her back with an urgency and moved his hands to the front to grab her 2 huge softness, softly pinching and pulling the aroused and hardened pink beans.

He cursed himself for not having more hands, unable to caress every single part of her at once.

He moved her hair to the side as he suckled her shoulders erotically and, regretfully, released one hand from her pink beans to grab her chin, forcefully turning her face to him. He would taste her sweetness, with force.

She felt like she was going crazy, her upper mouth is being violated by a steaming tongue and her lower mouth is twitching from the violent intrusions. She could no longer think.

Rough fingers filled with calluses caressed her, sweeping through her body hungrily, exposing all of her secrets and lighting up her body in fire. He slowly lead the flame to her lower abdomen.

You HanGuang could feel her tension rising, with a smirk, he retracted his hands and held her waist, denying her of relief. He sped up, making sure to knock her budding bean with every thrust.

Princess QingLuan, too weak to even move, could only feel herself tightening up uncontrollably, all the tension that had been built up all these time exploded. She went limp as her wetness sprayed all over his hardness and legs.

You HanGuang, who had planned to continue for another hour was taken by surprise by the sudden tightening and the explosion of sweet nectar, released himself in respond.

The ancient ancestors don’t lie… A beauty’s hole is really a hero’s grave. I would gladly die for her… You HanGuang thought as he hugged her limp body tightly from behind, gasping for air while passionately rubbing his face on her spine.

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