The Men at Her Feet – Chp 30

Chapter 30: To Capture The Tasty Deer.

Princess QingLuan did not know how long she was knocked out cold, but she vaguely remembered that she was wrapped tightly in a cloak by Fu SiNian before she was carried to her living quarters.

“Leave the countess to me, princess.” He had whispered into her ear when she was half unconscious, “Anyone who sought to be your foe will be find themselves MY enemy.”

For the next few days, Princess QingLuan stayed in her palace quarters, not leaving it even for a second, as required by Xie Zhao, as she was supposed to be critically ill for them to break off the engagement with Yan Gui.

Except that it was not an act for her, as her whole body had ached for many days, almost disabling her from any movements. All she could do was to lie down quietly on her bed to pass one.

She shook her head as she recalled Fu SiNian’s vitality, Isn’t it a bit too much? She thought angrily as she clenched her teeth.

As she was wondering what happened to the imperial doctor that was supposed to visit her, a shocking news spread from the royal palace.

Apparently Countess PingTing had tried to poison the king and was caught red-handed. Voodoo objects, with the King’s name carved on, were also found in the Queen Mother’s living quarters.

Strict punishments had been bestowed to the Queen Mother and her family. This is wonderful news to Xie Zhao and her as the Queen Mother would no longer pose as a threat to them.

Her brother must be jumping with joy now, thinking about seizing real authority and power now that he’s no longer under the Queen Mother’s control.

But one thing bothered her, was this really done by Fu SiNian? If so, that man is really powerful in this country. Once again she was reminded again about her helplessness in front of him.

And perhaps Fu SiNian was really the one behind this conspiracy against the Queen Mother, as for many days he had been too busy to visit her.

Princess QingLuan, after confirming that Fu SiNian was indeed busy and would not visit any time soon, fully relaxed herself from the stress of dealing with this troublesome man, unknowingly forgetting the other two.

Night fell, and Princess QingLuan was in her shower tub, enjoying a long hot shower.

Footsteps suddenly appeared and as she turned her head towards the sound, she saw You HanGuang striding tiredly towards her, and upon seeing her gaze, his face lightened up brightly, as if she was his only hope in life, as if she was the only flame in his dark and empty world.

“My dear princess~ Do you know that each day that passed without meeting you feels like three seasons to me?” You HanGuang complained sadly as he strode over to her tub, “That means we have not meet for tens of years!”

Staring at the enlarged face right in front of her, Princess QingLuan blushed furiously as she realized that she was fully naked inside the tub. She quickly sank herself to prevent him from sneaking a peak.

As she turn her head towards him in a glare, she noticed that there were two new fresh scars on his face, “General You, what happened to you face?”

“Oh, you mean these two scars?” He answered cheerfully, happy that she was concerned with his health, “I was cut while trying to capture the Queen Mother’s nephews, namely Cui Rong and Cui Yao, and the second scar was from the fight with Fu SiNian. But no matter, don’t you think these scars enhances my masculinity? Don’t I look even more handsome now?”

“But then again, when was I never handsome?” He chuckled and gaze down at her body through the water, “I’m even more handsome when I’m stark naked~ Don’t you agree, my dear princess~”

Princess QingLuan: “…”

She was absolutely speechless, how can this man be so thick-faced? She intended to change the topic hoping that You HanGuang would forget his food.

“Why did you fight with Minister Fu?

His cheerful face suddenly sank as depression filled him, “Ah Princess, this one isn’t sure if it’s possible to receive your hand in marriage anymore.” He sighed sadly.

Princess QingLuan let out a sigh of relief, it seems that Fu SiNian IS useful once in a while after all.

But before she could jump with joy, You HanGuang followed up with another sentence.

“But then again, who is to say that the deer will definitely be caught by both senior brothers?” He chuckled lazily.

Princess QingLuan was thinking about the deer he mentioned, when it suddenly occurred to her that she was the deer!!!

She might have to pay respect to her poor fate as the deer who would be caught by these beastly men… She sighed tiredly.

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