The Men at Her Feet – Chp 31

Chapter 31: To Kiss When It’s Useful.

You HanGuang stuck a finger into Princess QingLuan’s tub as he tested the temperature, “The water’s just right~” He grinned at her cheekily as he started stripping himself.

“General You, what are you doing!?” She yelped as he threw his shirt on the floor, revealing the solid abs that compliments his handsome face perfectly. Eight of them! She gasped.

He was the perfect man every woman dreamed of, IF he kept his filthy mouth shut.

“To mate in water with my dear princess, of course!” He laughed heartily as her expressions darkened from his words, “Your cruel rejection last time had left me with insomnia for many days~”

What an unbelievable man! What makes him think I won’t reject him this time too? She stared at him, dumbfounded, as if he was an idiot, “General Yu, please stop joking…”

“My dear princess~ Do I look like I’m pulling your legs?” He said as he took off his pants, pointing his huge twitching beast at her, “I’m always serious when it’s about you~”

Princess QingLuan jumped at the vulgar sight and squealed as she covered her eyes, unknowingly exposing her wet bosoms.

But a few seconds later, her face flushed bright scarlet as she realized what she had done, water splashed everywhere as she dropped back into her tub and sulked, rubbing her warm cheeks with her palms.

You HanGuang laughed happily as he entered the tub, he was greatly amused by her comical expressions.

There as barely any space left between them as he sat down comfortably in her tub, he leaned closed to her with his burning hot body as he took her hands in his. Her eyes stayed downcast and her lashes trembled slightly as she realized what was coming.

“Princess~ Why are you hiding? Which part of you have I not seen before?” He grinned teasingly as he stole kisses from her, splitting open her pursed lips with greed.

He ran his palms across her back, caressing her softly, her skin, moist with bath water, was unusually soft and alluring.

He then grabbed her floating lumps and squeezed them slightly, occasionally pinching her aroused beans, sending jolts of pleasure through her.

His reached out his other hand and moved slowly towards her softness, “Princess~ You have no idea how much I had missed you~” He sighed softly, “Especially your huge bouncy twins and your tight water hole~”

At this point, Princess QingLuan only wished she could just shut her ears forever, “General Yu, would it kill you to stop being such a pervert?”

“But doesn’t the princess love perverts?” He grinned proudly, as if she had praised him, “See how a soft touch from me causes your pinkish beans to harden and your nectar to flow~”

Princess QingLuan: “…”

God, am I in hell? She thought as she fought the urge to scream, The reason why I was reborn was so I could be sent to the real hell, right?

Steadying herself, she clenched her eyes shut as she grabbed his cheeks towards her and kissed his filthy mouth, silencing his vile words for as long as possible. She would kiss him forever if it will shut him up for eternity.

You HanGuang’s eyes shone bright from her kiss and wondered if he was already dead and in heaven.

I knew it, I knew she loves me the most! He thought excitedly as he fist-pumped silently, Attention senior brothers, may I present to you guys, MY absolute win!

You HanGuang grabbed her snow pale buttocks in his hands and moved her to a comfortable position, he wanted to reciprocate her love for him (or so he thought).

Princess QingLuan, who was already wet and ready from all of his teasing and dirty talks, took him inside of her easily. But still, even though he slipped in smoothly, she flinched at his length and width and tears flood her eyes as his hardness knocked against her deepest parts.

He leaned towards her face slowly and gently licked her tears away as he waited for her to adapt to his intrusion. He hugged her tightly with his strong muscular arms the moment he felt her tension leaving her shoulders, and started moving, slowly and steadily, as he did not want to hurt the woman whom he loved (and who loves him back).

Translator’s Notes:
Omg this dude is like Denial lvl: 99, I’m literally dying from laughter, their interactions in this chapter are too comical imo (´▽`) You can actually see how much he had fallen for her from the way he treated her this time (´▽`)

A big thank you to everyone who commented their feedback in the previous chapter, I really appreciate it and honestly it made me really happy to know ya’ll enjoyed the translations <3 I read each comments like 10 times throughout the day and couldn’t stop smiling ヽ(^◇^*)/

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