The Men at Her Feet – Chp 32

Chapter 32: The Emulsion Of Liquids.

You HanGuang straightened his legs in the already filled tub, minimizing the already limited space and Princess QingLuan had no choice but to squeeze against him.

Water splashed as his hardness spun inside her as he moved about, she was unable to steady herself from his heavy thrusting as there was no handhold on the tub. In her desperation, her gaze landed on his muscular shoulders and she wrapped her arms around it, exposing her bouncy bunnies right in his face.

You HanGuang immediately leaned forwards and took both of her hardened beans in his mouth, suckling them like as if they were the tastiest candy in the world.

Princess QingLuan’s overly sentivive body, which was unintentionally trained all these while, trembled as she felt jolts of pleasure running throughout her body. She moaned deeply as she struggled against his conquest, but he held her firmly in place as he continued teasing her with soft licks and nibbles.

Her lower body felt sore and numb as his unusually thick hardness rammed against her uncontrollably, the pleasure had a tint of pain in it and she felt her body burning up.

You HanGuang watched as her half-shut eyes went into a daze as her whole body turned scarlet. Unable to control himself from her charms, he grabbed her buttocks, squeezing it roughly a few times before spreading both cheeks apart.

With a hard thrust, he went into her deepest parts, reaching even beyond her cervix. She flinched from the sudden invasion as she tightened up intensively from the shock. “En…. Ah~ N…no… pl…please,” She begged as she pushed against his check with limp hands, “Too deep… Ah~”

He ignored her pleas and slowly lowered her body as he thrusts. Not wanting to drown, she reached out both her arms to hold onto the edges of the tub as she wrapped her slender legs around his waist.

Her neck was now filled with water droplets from her wet hair, her perfect brows were furrowed together, her eyes were in a daze, half closed with bliss.

You HanGuang could not take his eyes off her facial expressions, she was so beautiful.

Warm bath water splashed against her twin bunnies and it bounced around wildly as he continued taking her which his burning hardness. She felt waves of heat moving throughout her whole body, her blossom pink lips were gaping as she moaned uncontrollably.

Suddenly, she cried out as she felt a huge explosion in her head and her sweet nectar splashed from deep within her like a loose pipe, but it was unable to leave her plugged oasis as he was blocking the entrance.

Tears flooded her eyes at the discomfort of her bloated abdomen, but luckily, with each of his thrust, her sweet nectar would leak out slowly from the sides.

As You HanGuang felt the different liquids blending together and wrapping around his hardness, he slowly lost his mind to the bliss. His mind stopped thinking as his body continued on furiously.

He could not stop his panting as her twitching and clenching walls wrapped itself around him tightly, as if it was trying to milk him dry.

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he pulled back quickly, and before she could react, he thrusted it back into her as deep as possible as he let out his huge load of warmness.

Princess QingLuan, who was already limp from her recent climax, screamed as she felt his load poured into her. Her back arched as her softness clenched once again and her nectar splashed out like the waterfall, uncontrollable and unstoppable.

She panted deeply, trying to catch her breath as her limbs lie uselessly beside her, her arms too tired to move. She could barely resist when the man in front of her reached out towards her chest and took a hard squeeze.

He leaned towards her ear, “My dear princess~ Was my little brother handsome when he entered you?” He whispered teasingly into her pink ears.

Princess QingLuan: “…”

One day, if her ears ever got pregnant, it would ultimately be this man’s fault…

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  1. I think he is little likeable than those 2 and maybe his first time is indeed princess and obviously in his last life also he wants to Marry her like this time so he is serious but 1st rapist his more stronger than this 2 when it comes to authorities and position and 3rd rapist power is still unknown in terms of authority and position I m curious bout 3rd one how he is going to blackmail princess to be with him.

  2. Admittedly, he seems far sweeter than the other two, though I still like our gentle prime Minister the most.

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