The Men at Her Feet – Chp 33

Chapter 33: Brewing Storms On Calm Rivers.

You HanGuang fingers flicked through her as they rested in the tub, sending tingles up her damp body. He felt himself hardened once again as caressed her smooth skin.

Slowly flipping her over, he rested both of her hands on the edges of the tub, spreading open her bottom cheeks and entering her deeply with a single thrust.

He moved quickly and roughly, gasping in bliss as her walls devoured him, he growled as he went deeper and deeper into her.

“Ah~ H…HanGuang… S…softer…” She gasped weakly as he continued his rough conquest inside of her, her face flushed bright scarlet as she let out moans of pleasure, triggering him to slam down even harder.

He frowned at the tedious work as he pulled her back once again, quickly deciding to lean against her smooth back. He reached forward and grabbed her twin mountains in his large hands, squeezing it hard and occasionally pinching her hardened beans.

There was almost no distance between them, they were attached so closely like as if they were one being.

He grinned with satisfaction, as this new position allowed him to reach her deepest parts.

Princess QingLuan flinched as she felt his hardness touching the entrance of her womb. Her walls twitched and spasmed in response as her nectar leaked uncontrollably down her thighs.

Not wanting her to climax so quickly, You HanGuang slowed down abruptly as he felt her insides twitching. He straightened his back and watched himself going in and out of her.

As he watched his shaft, who once again almost pulled her inside out, he felt his muscles clenched from the view. Growling deeply like a starving beast, he rammed her fast and hard, like a bull in heat.

Her insides, which had calmed when he slowed down a moment ago, began tightening once again from the stress. Her walls wrapped itself tightly around him as it milked him ferociously.

How is it possible for someone to be so beautiful and so tight? He thought as he gasped from her grasps, My love for her increases every time I meet her, could I be addicted to my princess?

Princess QingLuan’s brows furrowed uncomfortably and she moved her waist to his rhythm.

You HanGuang smiled as he saw her efforts, grinning mischievously as he reached out a hand towards her crotch and softly pinched her aroused bud.

“N…no, p…please,” She begged as her voice croaked from her continuous moaning, “N…not there!” Tears filled her eyes as she felt a numb sensation spreading throughout her abdomen as he rubbed her swollen bud.

“N…no! P…please have mercy…” She cried out weakly as she struggled against his clutch, trying desperately to avoid his fingers, “S…stop!”

You HanGuang ignored her pleas as he continued his endless teasing while slamming her roughly. Sounds of flesh hitting one another could be heard echoing through the whole room.

He leaned down towards her face as he grabbed her chin, turning her face slightly towards him as he bit down softly on her trembling lips, roughly spreading open her reddened lips with his tongue as he tasted her sweet mouth.

She whimpered desperately as he took her mouth, begging silently as her limbs were already too weak to even struggle against him.

You HanGuang felt his blood rushing to his head as he watched her helpless whimpering. No longer able to contain himself, he made a final thrust deep into her and released his load fully into her.

Princess QingLuan screamed as her insides burned with his love, her back arched in respond and her eyes rolled back as her nectar burst out of her violently.

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