The Men at Her Feet – Chp 34

Chapter 34: The Thousand Gold Parlor.

Princess QingLuan laid against the edge of the tub, her limp limbs hanged uselessly around her.

You HanGuang carried the limp princess out from the tub and wrapped her up nicely with a towel. He then ordered the handmaidens to prepare another tub of warm water and proceeded to wash her down, this time, he did not continued a third time as she was already half unconscious.

The dazed Princess QingLuan was brought into her living quarters and she fell into a deep sleep the moment her head touched her pillow.

One whole day had passed and it was already evening when she woke up from her deep slumber. Her whole body felt sore, like as if she had over-exercised. She touched her crucial parts with her still shaky fingers and found out that the man had already cleaned her up nicely.

Princess QingLuan laid comfortably on velvet chaise lounge with Furball in her arms, watching her handmaidens work.

JingShu was gently peeling fruits for her to eat while NiShang was massaging her shaky legs.

As she watched, a sudden sadness rose inside of her, Why is being a princess so difficult during this period of world peace? She sighed sadly.

LingYao entered her room with a bowl of medicine in hand, “Princess, are you interested in a full body essence massage by the famous masseur in town?”

Sounds like a good idea to loosen up these stressed-out body, she thought as she gulped down the horribly bitter medicine.

“We’ll do as you say,” She nodded excitedly at LingYao.

After dinner, Princess QingLuan took a carriage to the famous massage parlor – the Thousand Gold Parlor.

Due to her being a royal princess, she was immediately led to the innermost room in the huge parlor. It was the grandest room they had, usually reserved for VIPs.

The room is dimly lit, a huge bed was placed in the middle of the room and there’s was a bedside table nearby, filled with pots of different essence oils for massaging.

“Please strip and cover yourself with this blanket after laying face down on the bed,” The hand-maiden who led her to this room instructed gently, “Please be patient as our masseur will reach soon.”

Princess QingLuan laid on the bed as instructed after the handmaiden left, the incense used for the room made her really sleepy as she waited.

She was half unconscious when she felt someone gently pulling off her blanket, revealing her back.

Cool essential oil was poured onto her and a pair of warm hands landed on her back, evenly spreading the oil and firmly massaging her.

The pair of strong hands started with her her shoulders before slowly moving down towards her waist area, finally reaching her buttocks.

She squirmed uncomfortably as she felt the hands lingering around her buttocks area, “Aunty, please move on from that spot,” She rasped sleepily, “I do not need that place massaged.”

The pair of strong hands obediently left her buttocks, slowly moving up her body, massaging her back diligently before reaching out to grab her twin bunnies, squeezing them gently and trapping her aroused beans in between fingers.

Princess QingLuan, sensing something awry, sat up immediately and looked at her masseur. Her mouth went wide agape as she realized it wasn’t a masseur Aunty, but it was the gentleman-looking Pei JingZhi!

Pei JingZhi glanced at her face, his obsidian eyes staring intently into hers, “Princess, are you satisfied with this one’s massaging skills?” He asked with a voice so gentle and elegant.

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