The Men at Her Feet – Chp 35

Chapter 35: The Disembosoming Of Her Delicate Flower.

Princess QingLuan was dumbstruck with the appearance of Pei JingZhi. This man was unlike the other two.

Fu SiNian, even though he was a dominant man, he would still always be considerate when bedding her. Even though sometimes he would be rough, it was only get more response out of her.

You HanGuang on the other hand, was convinced that they’re both in love with each other, hence when he bedded her, he would always do it with love, often bringing her along for a wild ride.

But this man, Pei JingZhi, was nothing like the other two men. This man was addicted to her physically, and he was someone who liked to toy with others, it was as if it was a game of cat and mouse, and she was the mouse in this relationship. She would always drown in bliss while his expressions were always calm and poised, elegant even.

She flinched and tried to crawl away from his hands, even though she knew there was no escape from this man.

Pei JingZhi watched her trembling body with interest as she gazed at him with terrified eyes. She looked exactly like a well-grown sheep, waiting to be slaughtered.

His eyes flashed as he smiled, his hands reaching out towards her ankles and pulled her towards him. He then grabbed her by the waist and leaned down towards her neck, licking it softly as his tongue trailed slowly to her back, sending shivers up her spine.

Princess QingLuan whimpered desperately as the numbing feeling spread through her sensitive body. She felt her limbs loosing strength as he continued licking her neck, occasionally suckling her sensitive earlobe.

“Princess, what do you think of my de-stressing technique?” He whispered into her ear as she laid limply on the massage bed.

“Sir Pei’s techniques are top notched, but I’m not worthy of it,” She begged silently, wishing he would let her go.

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows curiously as he lifted up her buttock, leaving a few slaps on it. He grinned as her butt cheeks bounced from the impact and the way her body trembled as she stared at him, horrified.

His obsidian eyes darkened like the storms at her expressions and he flipped her over. Shocked at his sudden movements, she quickly covered her twin bunnies with her arms, trying but failing hard to block them from his view.

Pei JingZhi reached out and roughly grabbed both of her legs, spreading it apart forcefully and exposing her sweet softness, he noticed a slight dampness leaking out from her.

His heart clenched at the wonderful sight as he gulped thirstily, leaning his face towards her for a deep kiss. He spread apart her lips as his tongue moved masterfully around, sometimes licking, sometimes suckling. He would avoid her aroused bud intentionally and attack it roughly when she wasn’t focusing, sending jolts of pleasure and bliss through her.

She covered her face in distress and tears streamed down her face at the humiliation of being teased by his tongue in her filthy place.

“N…no,…” She begged as she moaned uncontrollably, struggling and squirming, trying hard to avoid his cruel grasp.

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