The Men at Her Feet – Chp 36

Chapter 36: Infinitely Frustrated.

Her constant squirming ignited a flame inside of him, he stuck out his warm tongue as he swept through her wet softness, sucking and drinking her nectar as if it was the most delicious beverage in the world.

Princess QingLuan felt like she was burning in molten lava as he started nibbling on her aroused bud with his teeth, causing her body to tremble violently. She cried out helplessly as her toes curled up by the stress, her legs struggled desperately to escape him.

Pei JingZhi looked up from his feast and licked his lips once again, cleaning up the stray nectar on his face. He purses his lips as he went deep into thought, gazing intently at her scarlet face, “Princess… Do you really not want this?” He asked with a deep seductive voice.

She almost cried out in despair at his question, her insides were starving for attention but she would not give him the satisfaction of begging. “I don’t want it!” She whimpered firmly as she held her breath, trying hard to control her urges.

He thin lips curved upwards in a grin at her answer, her whimper sounded like music to his ears. It felt as if she reached out a finger and strung a love song on his heartstrings.

His facial expression was so pleasant that she let down her guard, thinking that he had accepted her refusal and would release her soon. As her shoulders relaxed from the tension, he spread opened her legs suddenly and pointed the tip of his hardness against the entrance of her softness.

He did not move an inch after that, “Do you want it? Or not?” He asked her again, his voice filled with a tint of gentleness that she had not realized possible.

Princess QingLuan stared at him angrily, he was teasing her once again! She felt empty and at the same time, unfulfilled, it made her so frustrated she felt like screaming.

But still, she would never beg this man for anything, even though her insides were leaking like a waterfall, screaming for his hardness to ravage her.

“N…no, I… d…don’t w…want it…” She whimpered weakly as she bit her moistened lips, preventing herself from giving in.

Pei JingZhi raised an eyebrow as he grabbed her chin, “Really? Do you want me to die from unreleased stress?” He growled deeply as he stared at her with his intensive obsidian eyes and entered her in a swift thrust before ramming her roughly.

She stared at the man on top of her, dumbfounded, as she realized that she had not been given a choice from the start.

As he took her forcefully, his hands did not rest. His fingers flickered softly and firmly throughout her whole body, lighting up flames of desire all over her. Princess QingLuan, under his magical torturous fingers, was quickly reduced to a daze.

“Princess, now tell me, do you want more?” He whispered into her ear as he rammed into her once again, so deeply that her back arched in respond.

Her wet walls clenched onto him tightly as her body responded lustfully to him, causing him to frown ever so slightly as he almost reached his climax.

“Ah~ En~ Ah~~” She moaned uncontrollably as her fingers grabbed tightly into the bed sheets. In her dazed state, she vaguely heard his lewd question once more.

“N…no, ah~!” She gasped insistently as she let out yet another moan.

Pei JingZhi, who had been ruthlessly rejected by the same woman countless times in a row, let out a small chuckle, as her helpless refusal somewhat amuses him.

“You don’t want more?” He grinned coldly, as if she had awakened a beast in him, “But princess, you WILL take whatever I provide, what you want does not matter!”

He rammed her ruthlessly as he spoke, holding her down firmly and making sure she could feel every inch of him.

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Way to go, Princess! Dignity > Needs ( ̄∇ ̄)

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  2. Princess is getting varieties of men, plot wise hoping these men help her in securing her position and not just use her for pleasure

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  3. Peoples says”don’t treat a book from it’s cover page” it’s indeed true by looking this Pei man his appearance can deceiving but from inside he is simply cold n cruel out of 3.

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