The Men at Her Feet – Chp 37

Chapter 37: Death From Extreme Bliss.

Pei JingZhi grabbed her towards him and spread apart her legs before sitting her down on his hardness.

Their faces were so close to each other that she felt drunk with his masculine breathe on her face. He kissed her softly and carefully, as if she was a fragile figurine.

Her eyes went into a daze as her face flushed bright scarlet, her eyelashes trembled and her supple lips opened slightly in a tiny moan. He grinned as he stamped his mouth onto hers, his tongue reaching deep inside, tasting her sweetness.

He hugged her tightly as he moved violently, making her bounce with each thrust. Her palms were stuck firmly on his solid chest, for a moment she wasn’t sure which she would like more, if she wanted push him away or to lean onto him forever.

She felt her walls tightening dangerously around his enormous hardness, and being on top, she could feel him reaching her deepest parts.

Pei JingZhi thrusted deeper and deeper into her, entering roughly into her cervix with every thrust as she bounced wildly on his lap. Tears streamed down her face as she cried out loudly, helpless to the numbness and pain of his movements, but her body was somewhat addicted to this feeling.

Her sweet nectar leaked onto their thighs like a loose pipe as he continued his beastly acts, her tight walls contracting wildly in response.

Seeing her seductive reaction, he leaned towards the side of her face as took a small lick of her earlobe before tasting it properly like a main course.

She felt a jolt of bliss spreading through her from her sensitive ears, reaching her abdomen violently. Her slender body trembled and her back arched as a wave crashed through her.

Pei JingZhi hugged her tightly as he felt her exploding climax, sweat streamed down his face as he controlled himself from her trembling and tightened walls.

As her insides calm down after the violent storm, he turned her body facing outwards and began another round of conquest.

He reached out a hand towards her face and held up her chin, “Princess, would you open your eyes?” He growled seductively into her ear.

Princess QingLuan, who was still in a daze from her recent climax, slowly opened her eyes, but what she saw was a full body mirror right in front of her.

She could see her naked self, her body red from the bruises the men gave her, and worst of all, Pei JingZhi was sitting on a chair and she was sitting on his hardness, as if HE was her chair!

Her face flushed bright scarlet at the lewd view in front of her, as she could clearly see the lust in her dazed almond eyes and her supple lips was swollen from all the kissing. Her tongue was somewhat hanging at the side as she could clearly see her drool leaking down her chin.

Her throat clenched at the view and her eyes teared up immediately at the humiliation as Pei JingZhi reached out his hands and grabbed her twin bunnies, squeezing and moulding them into different shapes. Her pinkish beans were played around too, sometimes clamped between his fingers, sometimes pulled to the side, sometimes pinched.

Her legs were wide open, spread apart and hanging from his thighs. She could see her pink and swollen softness reflection in the mirror. And… his enormous hardness moving in and out of her, bringing out her nectar and flesh, and pushing them back in with each thrust.

Princess QingLuan, who was a few a days away from her adulthood, was struck dumbfounded and traumatized by being forced to see herself bedded.

But as she watched her own lewd actions, it somehow aroused her as her body began reacting to her shock. She shut her eyes close as her naked view appeared in her brain, along with his violent thrusting.

Her walls clenched as she replayed the scenery in her mind, suckling tightly onto his hardness.

Pei JingZhi gasped as her walls once again grabbed him tightly, even with his self control, he was no longer able to even tease her with words.

His gaze turned towards her reflection in the mirror, watching her squirming body moving according to his tune. Her beautiful almond eyes still closed and her lush lips wide open as she moaned to her heart’s content.

No longer having the patience to slowly tease and torture her, he grabbed her tightly around her waist as he kissed her neck violently.

Princess QingLuan, who was lost in heaven, sucked in a deep breath as her sensitive neck sent an electrifying shock down her spine, quickly reaching her crotch and ending in a huge explosive wave.

Pei JingZhi, who had felt her climax clearly once again, did not hold himself in this time. He growled deeply into her ear as he released his huge load into her.

“A…am I d…dead?” She asked weakly as the explosion in her head faded slowly, her eyes still in a daze and flecks of tears could be seen hanging on the edge of her eyes.

“Princess, what you’re feeling is the death from extreme bliss.” He explained patiently as he softly wiped her tears away with his finger.

There’s only one woman in this world who can make me feel like this, he sighed deeply to himself, To make me feel so willing to please her.

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