The Men at Her Feet – Chp 38

Chapter 38: Selling Off His Sister For Fame And Glory.

When Princess QingLuan woke up, she realized she was already back in her own living quarters. Sighing deeply, she wondered if she would become the first princess in history to die from excessive sex?

I should visit my brother soon… She thought to herself, wondering if they should think up a solution about these three men….

As if reading her thoughts, Xie Zhao appeared suddenly with his personal imperial doctor, Mo LiLi, in tow. She was the daughter of the head imperial doctor, and the only woman Xie Zhao loved.

Mo LiLi was recognized for her extreme intelligence and her strong skills in medication. She had been taking care of Xie Zhao’s weak body all these years, so it could be said that the three of them were childhood friends, even more so with Princess QingLuan as they were both girls.

Mo LiLi gazed at her grim face silently before leading her to a room for a full body checkup.

“My king, please be assured, her body is of top-notched,” She grinned happily at the siblings, “I’ve heard that this was due to Pei JingZhi’s medicines. Maybe I should visit him for a deep conversation when I have time…”

Xie Zhao, who had stared lovingly at Mo LiLi as she spoke, face darkened immediately at her words.

Noticing his jealousy, Mo LiLi bit her tongue as she rephrased her words, “Ah but I guess his house is too far away~ Perhaps I’ll just request for the medicinal residue from QingLuan’s handmaidens, with my skills, I’m sure I’ll be able to discover the recipe.” She left immediately after saying that, partly to escape the king’s jealousy and partly to search for the residual.

As soon as Mo LiLi left their sights, Xie Zhao reached out his arms to grab her in a big hug. “Big sis! With the help of my three brother-in-laws, I’ve finally defeated the Queen Mother! This is all because of your efforts.”

Princess QingLuan, who had been listening intently while smiling, froze at his words. Excuse me? Three brother-in-laws?! She thought in shock.

“Little brother, so I assume that you are on their side now?” She pushed his arms roughly while glaring at him.

“Of course, I’ve had requested a solo audience with each of them after you left that day, and proceeded to call them ‘Brother-in-laws’,,” He laughed out heartily, “They looked so happy and ended up providing the much need help to finally defeat the Queen Mother!”

“How could you sell your sister for fame and glory!” She glared at him, once again, as she puffed out her cheeks.

“Nono, we were only cooperating, joining together our strengths. I would never sell my only sister!” He chuckled as he shook her head.

“But as a reward, each of them had requested for your hand, but your smart brother, of course, have not given them a concrete answer.” He answered proudly, “Since agreeing to any of them would cause a huge dispute among us, I told them that whomever succeeds in receiving your love in three months would receive your hand in marriage.”

“Oh my goodness!” She rolled her eyes at his words, “Why does it feel like you’re forcing the situation onto me? So I would need to personally choose one of them?!”

“Ah! But that’s where you’re wrong, it would’ve become a national danger if I was the one rejecting them, but if you’re the one doing it, it’s simply just a woman denying a man’s love,” Xie Zhao’s eyes flashed slyly as he grinned, obviously proud of his wonderful plan, “All you had to do is to reject all three of them in three months, it’s not like they could get angry right? Plus you could always extend the period, claiming that you need more time to decide.”

“Little brother, do you have a better plan?” She sighed tiredly at his horrible plan.

“Hmm… The alternative is that you choose a fourth guy that is similar to them in rank,” He grinned, obviously satisfied at his intelligence, “So he can protect you from them later on,”

“But it’ll not be Yan Gui!” Xie Zhao said quickly, anger flashing through his eyes, ”We found out that the reason why Countess PingTing wanted you dead was so that she could marry Yan Gui. As expected of him, this horrible flirtatious man, for his ability to attract women even though he’s so far away!”

At this single moment, Yan Gui was pretty much irrelevant to her. What she wanted to know was how she would even find a man that fits the criterias.

“A man with high authority, who is not the least worried about those three men and who wouldn’t mind my long gone virginity…” she thought hopelessly as she paced around her room, flustered. “Where can I find a man like that? Does a man like that even exist?”

 Xie Zhao grinned widely, “A man like that exists and is, in fact, quite near to us.” But he sighed tiredly as he noticed her sister’s confusion, “Don’t you remember Minister Gu?” He asked in exasperate, worried for his sister’s denseness.

“Minister Gu was personally promoted by our father, his loyalty can be assured. Furthermore, father had also told him to take care of us before he passed away, he’s the only person I trust in this big palace.” Xie Zhao explained with a serious look on his face, “I’m sure he would surely agree to take you as his wife if that’s what it takes to protect you. Plus knowing him, even if there’s no love between you two, he would also treat you with utmost respect for as long as he lives.”

Princess QingLuan lowered her head, deep in thought. “Let’s leave Minister Gu aside for a moment, so what do you have in mind to solve my engagement with Yan Gui?”

“Do not worry about such petty things, big sis, for your wonderful brother had already settled it,” He beamed proudly, “I have already passed down the official royal decree to cancel off your engagement and had sent capable people to look into Yan Gui and Countess PingTing’s relationship.”

“He’s probably making his way here now to prove his innocence, but no matter.” He shrugged as he continued, “Big sis, this is an awesome idea because firstly, I can show those three men that I’m serious about treating them as brother-in-laws by returning your freedom and secondly, you’re now free to seek out true love, since you’re no longer bounded by a royal engagement.”

“Little brother, breaking off the engagement with adultery as a reason will surely backfire on us,” Her brows furrowed deeply as she thought about countless possibilities of things going wrong, ” And what am I to do when Yan Gui enters our city?”

“Big sis, please stay calm,” Xie Zhao felt her hands firmly in his, “Leave these complications to us men, all you need to do is to relax and be yourself!”

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