The Men at Her Feet – Chp 39

Chapter 39: Staying Cool And Calm No Matter What Happens.

Noticing that his sister was still gloomy, Xie Zhao decided to change the topic immediately, “Big sis, it’s three more days until our birthdays. I’m celebrating it with Mo LiLi this year, but don’t fret as I have already prepared a present for you.” He patted her shoulders gently, “I have buried it under our favorite osmanthus tree, be sure to visit it soon, I’m sure you’d be amazed.”

Xie Zhao left in a hurry as he scurried towards the direction Mo LiLi went previously. Meanwhile, Princess QingLuan, who could not control her curiousity, hurried over to the imperial garden in a rush.

The imperial garden was a beautiful place, it was filled with various plantations, different types of trees and flowers coexists in the huge garden. Her gaze wandered towards the osmanthus tree that she had planted with her brother when they were mere children, it was now a full grown tree filled with tiny golden flowers. She smiled and inhaled deeply as the wind brought its pleasant scent towards her.
(TNote: ya’ll are still children right now!! 15 year old kids smh… but then again in ancient china, children reached adulthood during their 15th birthday, men are considered an adult whereas women are considered an adult after the adulthood ceremony, after that, they will be considered of age to marry a man…)

Princess QingLuan walked slowly towards the tree from her memories, she could vaguely see someone there, the man was staring up at the tree.

Upon hearing her footsteps, he turned towards her slowly, his expression gentle and his bright eyes was clear as glass.

“Greetings, princess.” Gu QingChen bowed slightly as he greeted her gently.

Princess QingLuan stared at him dumbfounded as she realized this was the gift her brother mentioned, but she was already filthy and she doesn’t deserve a man this perfect, but it would not do to ignore him, “Nice to meet you, Minister Gu.” She replied politely.

Both man and woman stared at each other silently, until Gu QingChen let out a soothing smile, “I’m assuming princess was invited to come here by the An Wang too?”

Ah, so my brother is collaborating with An Wang to match-make us? She chuckled, “No, I’m just here to see the tree that my brother and I planted when we were kids~” She replied gently with her melodious voice.

She turned her gaze onto the tree, she pointed at the scarred tree-bark as she recalled the past, “We planted this tree five years ago during our tenth birthday, Yan Gui made this scar according to our height, so that we could come back many years later to see who grew up faster.”

Her fingers caressed the scarred-bark gently, staring at the line which is the same height as her now. Yan Gui had personally carved this line for her, he had told her that when she reaches this line, he would ride to the city and finally marry her.

Though now, her height had finally reached the line, and Yan Gui is indeed on his way to the city, but it was not to be after all.

Gu QingChen stared dreamily at the beautiful woman in front of him, her white gown flowing elegantly in the wind. Her silky hair was tied into a simple chignon and her unpainted face made her look fresh and clean. He would’ve thought she was a perfect picture, if not for the sadness that flickered through her big almond eyes occasionally and the slight smile that she was used to wearing.

“Princess, are you recalling someone special from your memories?” Gu QingChen asked, his voice soft and gentle.

“Yes,” She nodded, “But unfortunately it’s no longer a fond memory, and the person was no longer what they used to be.”

She paused and curtsied before him, “I will take my leave as I’m feeling slightly unwell today, let us meet again soon for a chat.”

As she turn to leave, she accidentally tripped on her long white gown. AT the shock of losing her balance, she did not react in time and fell towards the ground. She shut her eyes as she braced herself for the impact, but instead, she fell into a warm embrace.

She looked upwards, gazing intently at his handsome face. For some reason, she felt that this man looked similar to Yan Gui, the only difference was that each of them emits a different aura.

This man would always emit a cool and gentle aura, which will calm anyone down immediately, and he himself was always composed, as if nothing could make him lose his composure. Even now, with a beautiful lady in his arms, he was not at all affected.

Three men was nearby, watching the perfect scenery happening under the tree.

You HanGuang clenched his fists tightly as he muttered, “Elder brothers, was I mistaken or did I see Gu QingChen stepping on our princess’s dress?”

Pei JingZhi smiled, gentle and nonchalantly, but the sharp gleam in his obsidian eyes were not to be mistaken, “Yes he did.”

Fu SiNian, on the other hand, ignored the two men as his face blackened as if a storm was brewing, “Let’s leave this place!”

You HanGuang and Pei JingZhi followed him out of the imperial garden, gazing at each other silently as they realized that their eldest senior brother was really angered.

The three of them had heard from the handmaidens they left at Princess QingLuan’s place that the king had left a birthday present for her, hence they decided to secretly follow her to check out the gift, so that they can get some ideas on what the princess might like for a gift.

Unknowingly finding out that the king had actually presented her with a man! The three men were filled with rage at the young king’s actions.

A bitter thought ran through their minds as they recalled the princess’s face of longing, probably for Yan Gui, and her current feelings for Gu QingChen. It was as if the three of them was insignificant, as the princess is not affected with their presence or absence.

So many rivals… They thought as their face turned cold, “We need to think up a plan as soon as possible,”

Princess QingLuan, who was now back in her living quarters, laid comfortably on her chaise lounge with Furball in her arms. She believed that Gu QingChen and her brother would understand her intentions well. Reaching out for another man to avoid other men was not something her pride would allow.

Moments later, her three hand-maidens entered her room one after another, with a letter of invitation in hand.

She tore opened all three invitations and froze as she realized that the three men would celebrate her birthday with her.

Fu SiNian will be taking her to a nearby mountain in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise, while You HanGuang invited her for an afternoon horse riding session, meanwhile Pei JingZhi will be taking her out for a luxurious candlelight dinner.

Princess QingLuan sighed and her heart sank as she stared at the three invitations, knowing that she was not given the choice to reject any of the invitation. She gaze up at the clear sky helplessly, as she wished that her fifteen birthday would not reach quickly.

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