The Men at Her Feet – Chp 4

Chapter 4: Respect Your Seniors.

Princess QingLuan did not dare to move, even when the man on top of her started rubbing his sweaty face on her back, she kept still. She did not want to unintentionally ignite unneeded sparks on the beast that was still inside of her.

But even so, there were signs of it recovering. The heavy breathing behind her seemed to grew stronger with each passing moment.

To her disappointment and dismay, the man flipped her over and put her on her back as gently as he could. He glanced at her flushed face, eyes moving throughout her body and at last stayed on her beautiful bosoms.

They were the most beautiful bosoms he had ever seen. They were full and round, huge and perky with pink-colored beans on top. He swallowed, intoxicated by them.

He pounced on her with a wild look in his eyes and lifted her around her waist. He leaned down towards her bosoms slowly. Chomp! He bit down on her roughly.

Princess QingLuan stared at the man biting her with dismay, startled at his sudden animosity and at the pain and itchiness she felt on her bosoms. Her bottom felt sore and numb as his hardness was still inside of her. She was keeping herself sane with the fact that she was still alive.

Fortunately, she was snatched away from You HanGuang before he could do anymore damage to her. She felt his hardness leaving her and let out an unnoticeable sigh of relief.

“HanGuang, respect your seniors.” A calm and expressionless voice sounded beside her. She struggled to turn her head to see who this man was.

He picked her up and took her outside to the garden, laying her down on a huge warm rock beside the hot spring.

She blinked as she saw his face clearly for the first time, this was the man she saw sitting on the chair nearby previously, Pei JingZhi, if she recalled correctly. The champion of this year’s royal examinations. She stared at his gentle brows and deep obsidian eyes, wondering how he could look so oblivious to this, as if everything that happened to her just now did not affect him the slightest.

And it was this gentle and calm man, a man who is knowledgeable enough to be awarded the champion of this batch of young men, who stared at her with deep focused eyes, began inserting his fingers one-by-one into her. Pulling it out and inserting it again, turning and flicking it inside her without sequence.

He even had the nerve to look naive, elegant even, while his fingers moved like demons inside her.

Princess QingLuan, who had been used twice before this, could not endure this sort of stimulation at all, her legs began to feel limp and small moans escaped her puffy lips.

He took this as a sign of invitation as he removed his fingers from her. He lifted her leg up with one hand and inserted his hardness into her with the other.

He then lean down towards her face and tested her lips slowly, savoring her unique taste. Such softness, such silkiness… he thought to himself, just like what he felt the first time he witnessed a cherry blossom rain.

He shut his eyes, quietly experiencing the sensation of his hardness, which was clasped in a tight space and mixed with wetness. It felt damp but stimulating.

Clouds started dispersing and the moon shone bright. Shadows appeared underneath the flowers beside them.

He stared at her under the gentle moonlight, her skin glowed with a pearl like aura as the moon shone upon her, her well-drawn brows are as perfect as ever. Her alluring eyes, coated with lust, seemed to hold secrets untold.

Pei JingZhi took a deep breath as he recovered quickly from a daze. He let all thoughts leave his mind and let his body take over instead. With each thrust, the harder he do it and the deeper it went.

As he takes her, Princess QingLuan was bouncing to and fro in the air, but he would always hold her down on her waist and push her back down on his beast. As time goes by, she was not even given a chance to balance herself, as her legs dangle in mid-air. Not wanting to fall, she had no choice but to wrap her legs around his waist and wrap her arms around his neck. But as she did that, she became even tighter than before, and he went even deeper.

His eyes narrowed dangerously at her actions, he let out a small humph as he controlled himself.

As he was standing and she was wrapped around him, it was impossible for him make an error. He would distance himself from her and slam her down, hard.

He leaned her against an upright rock, warm from the hot spring as he continued his conquest. Before long, he could feel a huge amount of warm liquid flowing down his abdomen to his legs as she lost control of her fountain.

He laid her down on a rock as she went limp. He held her chin up and a pair of obsidian eyes, deep like the stars reflected on the sea, stared back at her. As she stared, lost in thoughts, his warm lips touched hers, gently.

She could feel the warmth on his lips, the flicking of his tongue inside her mouth. He nibbled her lips, not letting her escaped. She could even feel the hardness, still inside of her, growing bigger with each kiss.

A huge wave crashed down on her once again, as she felt the hardness, still inside of her, grew bigger with each kiss. Her sore abyss was so sensitive that any little movements would trigger her intensively.

His eyes sparkled as he felt her response to him, he growled into her ear as he let it all out, all those years of storage spilled into her, filling her to the brim. She screamed a silent scream into his mouth as she felt it all.

Translator’s Note:
Chapter 4 as promised ;D Enjoy!
I’ve read through chapter 5, it’s a no smut chapter ;D

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