The Men at Her Feet – Chp 40

Chapter 40: For Eternity.

In a blink of an eye, it was already the day of her birthday. Princess QingLuan was pulled out of bed by JingShu in the early morning and was dressed up while she was still half-asleep.

She finally cleared her head as she ate her breakfast. She sighed as she realized how at eased and relaxed she had been, unlike ministers like Fu SiNian, who are used to waking up too early in the morning.

Thank the gods that there’s only one birthday in a year, she shook her head tiredly, she would rather die than to wake up so early everyday. She quickly finished up her food and rushed over to her carriage as she didn’t want him to punish her for being late.

Fu SiNian, who was already waiting at the city gate, watched as her carriage stopped next to him, her long slender fingers flipped open the curtains as she gazed at him with her bright almond eyes. She’s as alluring as ever, he thought with satisfaction as his heart skipped a beat at the view.

She rushed down her carriage and strode towards him, “Minister Fu, I’m not late, am I?” She asked worriedly, her palms pressing down on her chest as she breath heavily.

Fu SiNian chuckled happily, his eyes twinkling at her facial expressions.

Princess QingLuan was stunned by Fu SiNian, who had always worn a stern face, as his smile felt like the warm sun after a horrible storm.

It was surprisingly… eminent.

To think that she would call him eminent… She wondered if she was still half-asleep after all.

“You’re a little late, but we can still make it before the sunrises,” He smiled at her question as he reached out, gently taking her small hands in his.

Both of them entered Fu SiNian’s carriage and thus began their journey up the mountains. Along the way, she dozed off from the constant soft shaking, her head resting on his broad shoulders.

The carriage had to stop midway and Fu SiNian, who wanted her to sleep a little bit longer, carried her up the steep mountain with hushed footsteps. As he reached the top, he pinched her cheeks softly, waking her up from her deep slumber.

It was almost breaking dawn as they rested on a mat, but due to the extreme cold, Princess QingLuan ended up shivering and she curled herself up in his arms, intending to warm herself with his body heat, causing Fu SiNian chuckle at her action.

He’s so out of character today… She thought as she gaze at his smiling face, surprised at how gentle and kind he was today, Is he being nice because it’s my birthday today?

But either way, it was a good thing for her.

The sun rose, shining its light upon all darkness on land, bringing warmth to everything and everyone, as if it was a new beginning.

Both man and woman gazed as they smiled at each other. Fu SiNian reached out a hand to stroke her soft and silky hair gently, smoothing out the messy parts.

“Princess, this one would soon travel to the southern borders to end the war, ” He sighed as he touched her puffy cheeks, “I’ll no longer have much time to spend with you so I really hope you’d enjoy this scenery and remember this day.”

“I love you, but I am also a love this country.” He whispered softly to her, “I don’t know if I will return from war this time, but I will do my best to protect this country, to protect your home. Please believe in my utmost loyalty to you, for it is like the sun, unending and for eternity.”

Princess QingLuan stared at him in a daze, her round almond eyes wide and her heart skipping quickly as if it will burst out of her chest any time soon. To be honest, she was very shocked and surprised by his sudden confession, there was no bullying or teasing from him, no mean words or being forced to satisfy him.

They left the mountaintop as the sun grew hotter, hand-in-hand they walk as she insisted to not be carried. But she was, after all, a weak princess and her legs began to feel sore after a while. He said nothing as he picked her up with his strong arms and proceeded to carry her down the moutain.

As he laid her down on a seat inside his carriage, he grabbed her legs and laid them on his thighs, his calloused fingers gently massaging the parts that went sore. She had tried to retract her legs but it felt to comfortable that she shut her eyes after a while to fully enjoy his service.

Fu SiNian’s slowly moved upwards as he continued massaging her legs, reminding her of the incident in Pei JingZhi’s massage parlour. Her eyes shot open as she shakily stopped his hands, “Not here!” She whimpered soft, her face turning red.

But she had indeed mistaken his intentions, for he was actually serious about soothing her sore legs, but gazing at her bright scarlet face, he suddenly felt like teasing her.

“If not here, then where?” He breath onto her neck as he whispered in a husky voice.

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